Saturday, June 26, 2004

Baradei poohpoohs Bolton's nuke scare

Syria says UN nuclear inspectors welcome
It looks like those pesky "diplomats" are upsetting Baradei and the State Department with their wacky allegations. ("diplomat can only mean John Bolton, who has been riding this dead horse for months) Baradei, who is leading the investigation into the Khan nuclear ring insists that nothing points to Syria having nuclear weapons and claims the "diplomat's" evidence is fishy. I guess Baradei is tired of being bullied by ideologues, who don't care whether they are right or not. Louis Charbonneau of Reuters is getting the dust up.

"The Syrians told me they would be happy if we go and verify whatever we need to verify," International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei told reporters on Saturday during a flight to Moscow for a four-day official visit. "But we haven't gotten any piece of information on why we should be concerned about Syria."

Last week, diplomats told Reuters that the IAEA considered Damascus a top candidate for being the fourth customer of the nuclear black market that supplied uranium enrichment technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya.

But ElBaradei said no country had provided any hard evidence that would implicate Syria as a customer in the black market set up by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan's atomic weapons programme. "This is something I read in the paper. Nobody came to us with any information (about Syria)," ElBaradei said. The IAEA, along with governments and intelligence agencies, has been investigating the details of Khan's network so that it can be dismantled. The results of the investigation are classified.

Syria, which has called for the creation of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, has denied any interest in nuclear weapons.

Last month, diplomats and nuclear experts told Reuters that an experimental high-tech intelligence technique developed by the United States had detected what appear to be operating uranium-enrichment centrifuges in Syria. Diplomats said the centrifuges, which spin at supersonic speeds to purify uranium for use as fuel for power plants or weapons, could only have come from Khan's network. But some U.S. officials -- as well as ElBaradei -- are skeptical about the centrifuges.

"We don't have super high-tech detectors, and if somebody detected something they'd better come to us. We are the ones who can clarify fact from fiction," ElBaradei said.
See Gordon Prather's article, "Casus Belli: High-Pitched Whine."
The China scoop
It seems that China was trying its hand at diplomacy in Shanghai several days ago and sought to arrange a meeting between Asad and the Israeli minister, Olmert, who was visiting at the same time. Haaretz has the story. Asad packed and went home. I guess China will have to try something other than jack-in-the-box diplomacy. It's a start though.


At 6/26/2004 09:28:00 PM, Blogger Robert Lindsay said...

I have noticed that you are delving into the issue of Syrian nuclear weapons, and whether they have any or not. I would like to weigh in with my 2 cents here. The dirty on Syrian nukes for some time now is that Syria does indeed have a low-level nuclear weapons development program, as does Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Japan and possibly other states.

Syria's nuclear development program, which I believe was intended to be both peaceful and nuclear, has an interesting history which does not make Syria look very good. Frankly, Syria's nuclear program appears incompetent! Now perhaps you can theorize on why this is. The word is Syria has had this thing going for decades now, and for some reason, they have made extremely meager progress over possibly ~20 years or so.

The word is that this program, without any dramatic new infusion, would take possibly 10-20 more years to even begin to show signs of getting anywhere. In other words, it is nothing to worry about. Now why the Syrian program never got off the ground I have no idea but I can guess. I assume that nuclear weapons development is an extremely difficult enterprise for any nation to undertake.

I assume that Syria is simply too backwards economically, and possibly educationally and infrastructurally, to have gotten anywhere with this program. Once again, you know more about this aspect (their possible backwardsness) than I do. The fact that Bolton et al are screaming about Syria's nuke program is really a joke. Honestly, they should be much more worried about the kid who built a nuclear bomb design in his garage!

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At 12/23/2005 05:50:00 AM, Blogger NWORival said...

You american ppl are so ridiculous. Syria has no nuke weapons to begin with. They r innocent. u just believe ur government. like wen they claimed tht iraq had wmd n they wer just takin over iraq's petrol supplies. Syria is an innocent country. It didn't murder Lebanese prime minster rafiq al hariri. Its a peaceful country. The U.N. claimed tht the syrian government should have known bout such an attack against the prime minister happening in lebanon. Well, if he claims the government shud hav known, then its like comparing it to the U.S. government knowing bout 9/11 and London knowing bout the metro bombings. The U.S. doznt give a damn who killed th lebanese prime minister. They just want to frame syria over false accusations, because they think tht syria lets in terrorsits to iraq through its borders. We dont support terrorists going into our borders to iraq. as bashar al asad said, no one can control his borders. Even the Mighty U.S. U guys get Mexicans sneaking to ur country every hour. We r innocent. We just want israel to leave the israeli occupied lands in syria.

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