Sunday, December 12, 2004

Uri Savir Argues for Negotiations With Syria

URI SAVIR, Israel's chief negotiator with Syria from November 1995 to March 1996, says, "Say yes to Syria."

The war in Iraq, as well as the international struggle against terrorism, demands a fresh, strategic approach to the resolution of the conflict in the Middle East.

Incremental steps such as Israel's withdrawal from Gaza are important, but they will not fully reap the benefits that may result from the major changes taking place in the region as a result of the US's and Europe's (gradual) placement of the war on terror and political reform at the top of the international agenda.

This new agenda certainly puts pressure on Israel's neighbors.

Israel must thus take a new approach, one that emphasizes the Western demands of curtailing fundamentalism, terrorism, and totalitarianism in parallel with answering some of the legitimate demands of the Islamic and Arab world in relation to the end of the occupation and recognition of a Palestinian state.

Non-conditional negotiations with Syria would serve both to strengthen this approach and legitimize efforts for peaceful relations with the new Palestinian regime.

In addition, they would create a new atmosphere in the region that could translate into guiding principles for a second Madrid Conference....

There seems to be little doubt about the changing currents in Syria, yet many believe that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon cannot wage a peace offensive on Gaza and Syria simultaneously.

Israel has, in the past, won wars on many fronts. In the future it should attempt to make peace on all these fronts.

The Middle East has moved in recent months from despair to hope. It is in Israel's best interest not to miss this window of opportunity.


At 12/17/2004 04:54:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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At 12/29/2004 07:59:00 PM, Blogger Robert Lindsay said...

Josh, how much of this stuff do you actually believe? You are certainly a Pollyanna on the subject of the Middle East, that is for sure. Well, nothing wrong with being an optimist, but sometimes reality gets in the way. On the subject of Israel and the US, your hope forever springs eternal, but I think a dose of pessimism is more accurate. What makes you think, "incremental steps like withdrawal from Gaza are important" or that Shraon is waging a "peace offensive" in Gaza?

Don't be taken in by Sharon's games. Sharon is the master manipulator and this is all a scam. Read Uri Avnery or Baruch Kimmerling on what the "Gaza withdrawal" is REALLY all about. NOT peace, that is for sure. I have some news for you - Sharon has no interest in waging "a peace offensive" in Syria, ever ever ever. It is important to understand this. Can you please tell me why you are parroting Zionist propaganda that "The Middle East in the past few months has moved from despair to hope"?

Why? Arafat is dead? What else happened? Sharon is "withdrawing" from Gaza? The US and Israel are holding another phony election in Palestine, with their puppet Abbas due to be selected this time? Come on, man. And how does Sharon's PHONY "withdrawal from Gaza" "put pressure on Israel's neighbors, 2 of whom are sold-out lackeys of the US and the CIA, and 2 of whom are the last Arab nationalist holdouts against Zionist colonialism? Pressure to do what? To respond to Sharon's phony withdrawl with what? How about rockets, RPG's, automatic weapons, roadside bombs, Molotov cocktails, mortars and rocks? Sounds about right to me.


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