Friday, August 26, 2005

Bolton Bashes Syria on Mehlis Report

I just wrote about the politics of the Mehlis report in my last post - but Bolton's most recent intervention to give the "American translation" of a recent UN statement indicates that the fight is on. America seems determined to take this fight to Damascus.

Bolton's behavior cannot please Condoleezza Rice, his boss, who is proving to be a good diplomat. But Bolton is Bush's private appointee now that he failed to get Senate confirmation and was given a recess appointed by the President.

Syria Thwarting U.N. Inquiry, Bolton Says
WARREN HOGE in the New York Times.
Published: August 26, 2005

The work of a United Nations team investigating the February car bomb assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri, is being obstructed by Syria, Ambassador John R. Bolton said after a closed door briefing of the Security Council.

Many Lebanese hold Syria responsible for the killing, but the council, responding to objections from Algeria and Russia, refrained from naming Syria in a statement urging the cooperation of all neighboring countries. Citing his disappointment at that outcome, Mr. Bolton said, "That's why I came out here to give you the American translation."


At 8/26/2005 09:34:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Viva Boltona!!!!

At 8/26/2005 09:45:00 AM, Blogger raf* said...


while i despise john bolton, here he is right on the mark. i am not saying that syria should cede its sovereignty to the u.n. (or anybody else) & thus, if the syrian laws prohibit a syrian official from being questioned by a foreigner, then a PRAGMATIC solution should be found - like having them being "interviewed" in switzerland. but up to this point the syrian gov't has just been stalling.

stupid, stupid, stupid politics that is ...

pride is fine & dandy, but if it means isolating your country it might not be the smartest thing to focus on. and any gov't's FIRST job is to do SMART politics.

at any rate ... i do appreciate that you try to be a "independent, non-judgemental observer" as much as you (or any other human being) can - but i am more & more unsure whether that is a tenable position. for you or for ANYone dealing with the situation.

i am all for pragmatic politics. but i am also calling the current syrian governing regime a bloody, illegitimate dictatorship.


ps: i am also suggesting you turn on "word verification" in your comments section (feel free to see my post on this) lest you be showered with blog spam.

At 8/26/2005 10:13:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

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At 8/26/2005 10:15:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Oh please raf, are you joking? law was never a problem when the regime had to bomb Hama, torture dissidents and racket buisnessmen. Even the constitution is a farce and was modified in 30 seconds after old Assad died. And now they have a legal problem? How convenient! Who are they trying to fool?

This is only a pretext to avoid cooperation. Anyway who could blame a criminal for not testifying against himself. US constitution allows you not to testify against yourself ; so shut up John Bolton! Bashar is only exercising his constitutional right! Like the NRA! If somebody still doubts about Hariri's assassination, well he shouldn't.

At 8/26/2005 10:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I am really so he or one of his clan now guilty or not? And is Hariri the only one they murdered? Is it not a daily piece of the death-cake people have to eat who live in poverty? Well, if they have no bread, then they could eat bisquit.

Anyways, he is a good leader, I am sure. New is, in Damascus they will get a World Trade Center, this the newspaper wrote today, paid by Emirates. Why not? Bin Ladin will be happy to hear that.
Syria can also be proud of its "family connection" to Osama bin Laden. His father, Mohammed bin Laden, went to the Syrian coastal city of Latakia in 1956 on business, where he met Alia Ghanem, a young woman from a local Sunni Muslim family, who became his fourth and final wife. They had a child, Osama. Alia moved with her husband to Saudi Arabia, leaving behind two brothers and a sister. Every year since Osama's birth, he would go with his mother to Latakia to spend the summer vacation with her family. They would invariably stay at the home of her brother Naji.

When Osama was 13, his father was killed in a helicopter accident, and left his son an inheritance of approximately $80 million. Osama waited four more years before entering the family business, and at age 17, having entered the business world and begun to study at the post-high school level, he ceased to spend his summers in Latakia. The Syrian side of his family did not benefit from Osama's wealth; his uncles and aunts there continued to earn their livelihood from agriculture, as they still do.

In 1974, when Osama was 18, he paid a visit to his mother's family in Syria to "collect" his intended bride, the 14-year-old Najwa Ghanem. Najwa, his first wife, went to Saudi Arabia and bore him 11 children, including Omar, who later on became head of the U.S. delegation of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. This organization operated freely under Saudi funding and inspiration and was at the same time under the scrutiny of the FBI. After the September 11 attacks, the Assad regime permitted FBI investigators into Aleppo to interrogate residents of the city who were suspected of having links with Mohammed Atta, the planner of the attacks.

On the other hand, over the years Syria permitted the activities of extremist religious leader Sheikh Mohsen al-Qaqa, who in the past two years has distributed his anti-America cassettes through the streets of Baghdad. It was recently reported that al-Qaqa was placed under house arrest as part of Syria's participation in the war against terror and in order to calm the American administration, which has accused Syria of failing to prevent the passage of terrorists from its territory into Iraq, and encouraging Islamic terror.

Al-Qaqa may be the most prominent extremist preacher and madrassa head in Syria, but he is most certainly not alone. It is estimated that hundreds of madrassas operate in Syria, some with Saudi funding. They are a substitute for the collapsing state education, and simultaneously serve as hothouses for radical education. One religious center now being watched by the regime is the Ahmed Kuftaro Institute, named for the previous mufti of Syria, who died earlier this year. Some 5,000 students are enrolled in the institute, 20 percent of whom are foreign citizens, and most are the sort of Muslims the regime fears, as they are liable to be a reserve force for activity against the regime or for international terror activity. Herein lies the inherent contradiction of Syria's policy toward religious organizations.

Syria is not a religious country in the formal sense. On the contrary, the ideology of the ruling Baath party is avowedly secular. According to the constitution, the president must be Muslim, but there is no pronouncement of Islam as state religion. A pupil in the state education system can fail his religious studies and still be promoted to the next grade (as opposed to what might happen if he failed Arabic or "cultural studies," which is primarily the study of Baath ideology). The grade point average that determines a pupil's chances for acceptance to university disregards religious studies, and in the final year of high school, students invest little effort in religious studies, as they know it has no bearing on their grade.

But the informal side may be more important. Cultivation of a "religious front" began during the Hafez Assad era. For example, after the massacre committed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Hama in 1982, in which his regime killed about 10,000 people, Assad began to build hundreds of new mosques so that he could later say he was not at all opposed to religion in general, or specifically to the Sunni. As a regime based on the Alawite minority, and as a leader who bore a non-religious ideology, Assad needed double legitimacy, both as an Alawite and as a secular Muslim. This need for legitimacy, expressed in the granting of relative religious freedoms and his regular appearances at mosque prayers, did not prevent the elder Assad from keeping on the books Law No. 49, which imposes a death sentence on any member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The religious legacy left by Hafez Assad to his son Bashar could now turn out to be a firetrap. Journalists who have visited Damascus and Aleppo relate that women wearing full veils are now commonly seen not only in the street, but also in the universities. Mosques may be found on every corner and the Friday prayers are a gala event that bring commerce to a halt. These are new developments in Syria, for which the ordinary explanation - such as discontent with the government, poverty or the search for an alternative to nationalism, which proved disappointing - provide only a partial answer.

Assad now faces a strong Islamic movement that is already asking itself if it can threaten his regime, or whether Assad would even be able to act against the Muslim Brotherhood, as did his father in Hama. For instance, in the past few weeks, a "dialogue of war," as it has been termed by a Syrian commentator, has been waged between the regime and the Muslim Brotherhood movement. If at the start of his presidency Bashar Assad treated the movement with kid gloves, releasing from prison many of its members and even inviting its representatives for conversations, to the point that one had the impression a new leaf had been turned in the movement's relations with the government, the tone has undergone a complete change of late.

The Baath party conference held this past January, which was supposed to weigh the abolishment of Law No. 49, essentially did the opposite. It defined the Muslim Brotherhood movement as a "non-national movement," in other words a traitorous group, and even accused leaders of the movement of conspiring with the Americans against the Assad regime. According to government "suspicions," representatives of the movement carried on contacts with the Jewish lobby in Washington, and it was they who were behind the verbal assault by the American administration against Syria in the matter of the democratic reforms.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not taking a low profile. In the face of these accusations, their Web site broadcasts direct attacks on the Assad regime, its pervasive corruption, its inability to make decisions, and the fact that the regime is losing legitimacy. But in the meantime, it is difficult for the Muslim Brotherhood to do much more than launch these virtual attacks. With the sword of Law 49 at its throat, and with the group's meetings under government surveillance, it is doubtful whether we might soon see mass street demonstrations along the lines of the Egyptian model.

On the other hand, since Syria's closest friend is Iran, and since Saudi Arabia is one of the largest investors in Syria, it will be very difficult for Bashar Assad to act as his father did and launch a direct attack against a religious organization, even if said organization is openly critical of him.

Evidence of this may be found in a gathering held this month by the Syrian Minister of Waqf Affairs, Mohammad Ziyad Ayyoubi, to which religious preachers in the Syrian mosques were invited. The preachers were requested to moderate the religious discourse, ensure that their sermons would ease tensions and even to not directly attack the United States. Given the fact that approximately 10,000 mosques operate in Syria, and that according to the minister's own data, some 12 million Syrian citizens (out of 18 or 19 million) listen to a religious sermon at least once a week, these clergymen wield much greater power than official government publications. For comparison's sake, official Syrian spokesmen report that the three government newspapers - Tishrin, Al-Sha'ab and Al-Ba'ath - manage to sell only about 60,000 copies a day, and there are only four national theaters, which stage a total of 27 plays a year. The government's ability to influence the public discourse is practically nil when compared to the immense power of the preachers.

In the past, preachers who "deviated from the straight path" would vanish into prison cells. Now the government is finding that if it wishes to fight the Muslim Brotherhood, and especially the extremist faction that plans and executes acts of terror, and at the same time maintain its religious legitimacy - in other words, not to clash with a public that is increasingly more disposed toward religion - it will have to compromise when it comes to ideology. This will be the true test of strength of Bashar Assad

At 8/26/2005 11:02:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Oh for god's sake! How many times do we have to dispute this propaganda that the regime has created? That the alternative to its existence is the Moslim Brotherhoods? That is totally a lie. It is hard to repeat facts in every thread and prove again and again that Muslim Brotherhoods are the toy this regime had created, and continues to play with.

Syrians are not religious people to that extent. The Saudis are of course the supporters of this regime since its inception, and as a price to pay for their support, the regime had started building not hundreds of Mosques, but thousands of them since 1970, and not since Hama as propagated in these threads. However, most Syrians love this mixture of boys and girls in Schools and elsewhere, and they will not ever accept the isolation of sexes that the Saudi Islam will call for, and therefore, these veils you are talking about are in fact only an appearance of a religious society, and this appearance is a well played game the regime is encouraging some people to do, in order to show the world that the regime is in danger of Islamists.

Islamists do not have Syria. If that is so, then why does this regime only imprison Secularists?

I am tired of repeating things, and some posters < I am sure the regime loves what they do, continue to bring articlces that also repeat the same BS.

Even Josh has brought few articles here showing what goes on in Bars and bordellos in Damascus> Is that a religious society?

Is Islam or being Moslem only obliges people to wear veils, or is it a way of life? Does being Moslem make people lie, and cheat? If the society is trulu a Moslem society, then, we should see some reflection on behaviour of the people People cheat, lie, steal, and do every thing that supposedly Islam is against, and that goes in every aspect of their lives. What Islam and Islamists? This is a mere lie.


At 8/26/2005 11:03:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

And when you copy/paste, please say so, and do not pretend that the article is yours!

At 8/26/2005 11:05:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

As the above BS was copied from an Israeli Newspaper:

At 8/26/2005 11:24:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

What is really so disgusting is this insistence the West and Israelis do every time, and for a long long time; they continue to insist that the regime iS Alawi. Well, let me tell you this :

Since the day Hafez Assad became the "president" of Syria, I knew that the real ovjective was to prepare Syria for a civil war. The insistence by the West that the regime is Alawi is a part of this preparation. We hear Dardari, for example, a Sunni AssHole speak in terms that no Alawi supporter of the regime speaks of, ever.. He says things that exceed by far any dictatorial mentality, and so did Tlas, and Khadam, and Shehabi, and Bukhtear, and Masharqah, and Kadah, and Shueibi, and Kadoura, and the Billionaire of Damascus, and so on...None of them is an Alawi, and no Alawi ever praised this regime in the great words they have used! and they all have enriched themselves to a great degree, all behind this propaganda that the real power is not with them, but with ALAWIS, and so their crimes are hidden from every lip. Dob't the speaches that Dardari is making now deserves him to be hanged for? But, no one will bother say anything to him, because he is Sunni, and as a Sunni, they all say: He is not the power. Well, even if he is an actor, nothing more, what he says is disgusting, and because of him, and people like him, this regime survives, and without him, and people like him, the regime will not last a day! However, it is convenient to insist that the regime is Alawi...while Alawis like Dr. Kheir, and Dr. Dalila suffer in their cells in the most horrible prisons in teh world, Sunnis like the above characters enjoy their great lives, not pointed at as thieves and criminals, but as "figureheads" in this regime. How long must we bear to continue to hear this great game? And why does the West insist that the regime in Syria is Alawi? The first thing Assad did when he assumed power was to kill General Omran who was Alawi, and retired from the Army and polictis. The people he jailed in 1970, and later on, even when he jailed MBS, were mostly Alawis, and Salah Jedid died in prison as well, and these people in addition to other Alawi leaders have their followers, and relatives, and people who love them, and they will never be Assaduists, but yet, all of these people, who constitute a great percentage of Alawis are regarded with suspicion, and mistrust, and enjoy no power, but prison terms, and killings, and yet, yes, yet, thieves from the Sunnis enjoy the wealth, the pwoer, the trust, and also, no lips speak about them ever!

So, fuck off!


At 8/26/2005 12:21:00 PM, Anonymous Orontes Defense Corporation said...

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At 8/26/2005 12:24:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A way to protect this regime is to present it as the defender of secularism in Syria to the world. There is nothing true about this, but the regime will play any card if that helps it to continue to survive! If being Islamists will save it, the regime will not hesitate to project its "islamic" image. If it is secularism, then the other image will do it good. This regime will implant all kinds of sicknesses in the society as long as that will halp it sustain its existence. What is not known to those people who continue to present it as the saviour of secularism, and as the victim of Islamists, or that show it as Alawi, therefore, by necessity against the Sunni (muslim) majority, and perhaps close to Christians, and a protector o\f minorities is that this is exactly what the regime loves to hear, and there is nothing further from the truth than that.

The problem with this regime is not that it is Alawi, or Sunni, or whatever else, but that it is corrupting the society, and inflicting a great injustice on the people of all backgrounds. The good of the regime for those Westerners is that it is called an Alawi regime, therefore, preparing Syria to what ever was designed for it, by the tensions that this sio called fact is creating among syrians, and what it might carry with it of seeds of future destruction. What is good for those who had brought this regime in the first place, is like that of Saddam of iraq, that they can pressure it to give them what they desire, and finally to bring Syria to the fate of that of Iraq. Saddam , like assad was the US guy, but now...they have accomplished all of the Zionists plans in his name, and perhaps there is a great percentage of Arabs who believe that because the US fought him, he must be a patriot. The real objective, again, of having installed regimes such as Saddam's or Assad's was a civil war, and a total destruction of both Syria and Iraq. They have achieved that objective tiotally. Syria is already a destroyed country, and will follow Iraq when they wish.

At 8/26/2005 12:26:00 PM, Anonymous Metaz K.M. Aldendeshe said...



Please guide me to the Peace group Harri Chrishna website and nearest temple. I am a former Moslem Brotherhood member and I hate wearing black. I am now apeace lover (because I want to wear Orange Jellabia)
Ohh lord shumbaya... oh loard shumbaya... they kingdom shall come on earth and in the heaven OHH LOARD GHUMBAYA.

At 8/26/2005 12:51:00 PM, Anonymous ausama said...

Viva Boltona what????!!!
Actually it is a mild statement coming from such a super-hawk whose views about Syria is a matter of public record.I loved the passage where it says "citing his dissappointment" with the outcome of Mehlis report -even the newsmedia is gloating over his dissapointment in a way!!!. In truth, I am looking forward to Bolton's Full,Total and Final dissappoimtment with many of the dreams he had, tarting with the lies about Iraq, going through his past craze about the WMD in Syria, and on and on. Actually, if the US Congress did not see fit to confirm him, why should "we" take his word for anything.
Still, things -the true state, direction and intention of the invistigation- are very murcky. Leaks, stories and "analysis" bits poping up in Paris and Bierut, If after so many monthes of invistigation, hundreds of witnesses interviewed, and also with the site of the detonation having been recently returned to normalcy, if after all this is completed and Mr. Mehlis is still not close to who has donnit; he either
1)has a serious problem uncovering the truth as he lacks the superior intuitive and invistgative talents availlable to Saad Hariri (shiekh Saad now) and Jumblat, or
2)he is trying to gloss over amd muddy geniune facts not pointing to Syria but at some one else, or
3)he is still going with "got feelings" and "hunches" basded on DC's convential wisdom and on the prevelant war-on-terror atmosphere about what a "bad regiem" the Syrian regiem is but failing to link those hunches to actual and verifiable evidence (clinging to such a beliefe and waiting for a heavens sent gift to confirm it),or
4)he is compiling enough "circumstantial" material sufficient to point the fingure at everyone and no one and then let each party draw it's own conclusions in accordance with its published and hidden agendas (at the time he releases his report of course).
Incidently, why is he not "publically" interviewing Mossad, CIA, MI-6 and others, as he is "publically" interviewing others. Or is he merely being "advised" and supplied "crucial" information by the former group only?
In full honesty, I believe if Syria wanted Harriri out of the equation, all Bashar needed to do was to ask him to go away to Paris or Riyadh for a while. Harriri would have done just that.If you do not believe that Harriri would have done that -i.e. taken such an advice-, then maybe some one can explain why he voted to extend to Lahoud at Syria's insistance. So he does take advice seriously!
And once again the "regiem" (as a lot of people "love" to call Syria those days), would have gained no benifit out of targeting Harriri. In criminal justice, one of the first principales of identifying a "murdurer" is to look at the "benificiary".Do you recall all those movies when the trial is over with the wrong person in jail, then cut -six months later- to the " young,pretty,innocent looking and "grieving widow" sipping a drink at a holiday beach somewhere enjoying a sunset drink paid for by a previously unknown about insurance policy taken out by or on behalf of- the murdered husband?
Have we really looked ???? Or as hapitually usual .... the blind leading the blind.

At 8/26/2005 01:07:00 PM, Anonymous Syrian Republican Party said...

I said the American will weel and deal, they done just that a while back. All this is a show, to close the curtain. Someone made and making a fortune of those jet fuel delivery to the U.S. army. An American entity of course.

At 8/26/2005 01:21:00 PM, Anonymous John said...

Can any one translate this for me, please?

" - رفيق الحريري محروساً بالشمع والياسمين
GMT 18:00:00 2005 الجمعة 26 أغسطس
. سلطان القحطاني

بضعة أوراق من دفاتر بيروت والريح والأفق(3):
رفيق الحريري محروساً بالشمع والياسمين

سلطان القحطاني من بيروت: خطوات قليلة تلك التي تفصلني عن موقع اغتيال رئيس الوزراء اللبناني السابق رفيق الحريري. لم تكن السيارات المتضررة قد رُفعت من محيط مكان الإنفجار،والمكانُ أيضاً لم يكن مفتوحاً، فلا يستطيع ولوجه العامّة أو الزوّار، والجميع ينتظرون تقرير رئيس لجنة التحقيق ديتليف ميليس ، ولم يكن فريق التحقيق أنهى مسحه لمسرح الجريمة . حراسة مشددة وشريط أصفر لاصق يعزلان مكان الجريمة عمّا سواه. زجاج مهشم، واجهات محال متضررة أعيد ترميم بعضها بينما لايزال ابعضها الآخر رهين الوقت والمال،إلا أن هناك رغبة عارمة في تجاوز هذه اللحظة الدامية نحو ضوء المستقبل الذي يقوده سعد الإبن الذي يتولى تركة الحريري السياسية. الفراغ الذي يُخلفه الحريري كبيرٌ كبير، ومن الصعوبة جداً أن يملأه أحد، وإن كان من أبنائه من يريد أن يقوم بهذا الدور. استطاع الرجل برحيله بهذه الطريقة البشعة أن يوجه أكبر صفعة في التاريخ إلى مناهضيه، وأولئك الذين كانوا يحاولون هزيمته أو حرقه سياسياً.وبالنظر إلى إنعكاسات إغتياله يظهر الآن كأنه يرفع من يده اليمنى اصبعين تمثلان شارة النصر. فقد خرج السوريون من لبنان ، وأنهى اغتيال الرجل ذلك الإستعمار السوري الذي بقي جاثماً على صدور اللبنانيين أكثر من ربع قرن، على ما يقول بائع خضروات لبناني في حديث عارض، فيما هو يشيرُ بكلتا يديه إلى صورة ملونة لابن الحريري سعد الذي حققت قائمته الإنتخابية نصراً ساحقاً في الإنتخابات الأخيرة.

وفي مناطق متعددة تتمركز صورة سعد الحريري، بحاجبيه الأسودين الفاحمين،ونظرته الوادعة والقافزة نحو البعيد،على العديد من الحيطان وواجهات المحلات، ويتنوع حجم الصورة وألوانها من مكان إلى آخر،حسب نوع الموالين ومقدرتهم الإقتصاديّة ومدى إيمانهم الأيديولوجي بجدوى هذه الطريقة في التعبير عن الإنتماء السياسي.
نسمات المساء خفيفة وعذبة فيما أعدل ربطة عنقي إستعداداً للقاء الفنان اللبناني راغب علامة. والحقيقة أنني تخليت عن ربطة العنق لاحقاً لأسباب استراتيجية. لقاؤنا كان في مكان فرعي في الوسط التجاري (سوليدير) . هادئٌ جداً هذا المكان وبعيدٌ عن الصخب.راغب يرتدي زياً كحلياً مرقطاً.يصافحنا بإبتسامته الثابتة والواثقة ذات البريق المربك.

الطاولة الخشبية تناثرت عليها أكواب أنيقة بيضاء تحمل في جوفها القهوة السوداء.أطلبُ عصيراً طازجاً من فاكهة البرتقال،بينما يطلبُ المتحلقون حول الطاولة قهوة وشاياً، لكأنهما الخياران الأوحدان هنا، في حين يتوافد بضع نساء يشعلن فلاشات التصوير في وجوهنا.

راغب مازالت تعتمل في داخله حُرقة متصاعده لاغتيال رفيق الحريري. لايزال مستغرباً كون أن يقضي محروقاً على الأرض بطريقة بشعة الرجل الذي فاض عطاؤه على جميع اللبنانيين بلا استثناء، وهو ككل اللبنانيين يتساءل عن ميليس وتقريره.

نتقاسم حديثاً طويلاً عن أشياء متفرقة،عن الشعر والغناء والموسيقى.أشياء كثيرة كانت فاكهة المكان. نغادر إلى الشارع النحيل الذي ينهمر بين مباني السوليدير كأنه فرع من جدول صغير.راغب يمضي إلى حيث يشاء عبر سيارته البورش البيضاء،أما أنا فأسير نحو "الفيرجن" حيث أرغب.

هذا هو المكان الذي يحوي حصة كبيرة من الكتب والأفلام والصحف، لكن الكتب العربية ليس لها إلا ركن صغير نسبياً ، بينما نصيب الأسد للكتب الأجنبية ، لا سيما منها الفرنسية والإنكليزية . ابتاع ماينقصني وأمضي إلى ركن الأفلام الوثائقية. التهمت كماً كبيراً منها بإعتبار أنني لن أجد منها شيئاً لدى عودتي.

أيضاً للموسيقى حصة من الولع. احتضنت أقراص موسيقى موزارت وبيتهوفن وباخ بكلتا يدي كمن يحمل ُ صيداً ثميناً وقفلتُ عائداً إلى حيث السائق.أعطيه مالدي وأكملت مسيري على أرضية هذا الرصيف الناعم، بينما تُشيعني نظرات أصحاب التاكسي ومطامعهم في زبون ينتمي إلى تلك الرقعة النفطية.

عندما علمت أنني على بعد خطوات قليلة من المكان الذي يرقد فيه رفيق الحريري قررت أنها اللحظة المناسبة لزيارته،رغم أن الوقت تأخر بعد تجولي المضني على قدميّْ. إنني أقبع في جوف هذا الليل الهادئ الذي ألفته وألفني.

خطوتان لا أكثر لتنسكب في أذني ترتيلة من القرآن الكريم بصوت عذب. وصلت ولم أجد أمامي سوى حارسٍ واحدٍ وشابين ينظران إلى الضريح الذي يحتضن رفيق في جوفه كأنه الرحمْ. كدت أجزم أن ملاكاً حارساً ذا جناحين أبيضين يُحلق حول المكان وينثرُ السكينة.

رفيق الحريري يرقدُ محروساً بالشمع والياسمين. كلنا بإمكاننا أن نوقد له شمعاً من جراحنا المفتوحة للملح الحارق،الذي تنثره الأعين غداة كل حزن أو رفيف ذكرى.صورة ضخمة تُظهر الحريري مبتسماً ذات صباح لطيف، بينما يداه في جيبي بذلته الأنيقة.

الفاتحة نُحتت من خلال مجسّم بني من الجبس، وهي تنتصب في مكان لا تخطئه الأعين مُطلقاً.في ركن آخر يرقدُ أيضاً مرافقو الحريري الذين قضوا في جريمة الإغتيال معه،وهم محفوفون أيضاً بالشمع والياسمين.هذا ليس ضريحاً بقدر ماهو حديقة، وهذا ليس موتاً بقدر ماهو حياة.

أخرج لأكمل ماتبقى لدي من شهوة المشي بينما ترتمي عيناي على الحيطان المجاورة لمسجد الضريح. حيطان تأدلجت وامتلأت بالشعارات. الكل ضد السوريين،والكل ضد تقسيم لبنان، والكل أيضاً يُحذر من "الطائفية" بينما يتشبث بـ"الطائفة".كتابات متعددة بألوان متعددة كانت بريد اللبنانيين البُسطاء نحو العالم. رأيت في بيروت كيف تحولت الحيطانُ حماماً زاجلاً.

أقرر العودة إلى الفندق.أرتمي على مقعد السيارة منهكاً،فيما يطيرُ السائق متجاوزاً كُل الإشارات الضوئية الحمراء أو الخضراءولا يرف له جفن. حين أصل ألقي التحية على ساهري الليل هنا وأتوجه إلى غرفتي. لم أشعل ضوءاً أو أحرك كرسياً. كانت هجمةً إنتحارية على السرير الغارق في البياض، إستعداداً ليوم آخر.

تتبع حلقة رابعة

At 8/26/2005 01:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John: You screwed up. I think you wanted to copy this instead:

رواية عن إغتيال الحريري
GMT 15:45:00 2005 الجمعة 26 أغسطس


إيلاف - باريس: تحدثت معلومات في العاصمة الفرنسية عن تطور جديد في قضية اغتيال رئيس الحكومة اللبنانية السابق رفيق الحريري ورفاقه. وفي المعلومات - التي تتحفظ "إيلاف" مرحلياً عن ذكر الأسماء الكاملة فيها- أن الأجهزة الامنية الفرنسية تحقق منذ أيام مع ضابط سوري منشق، هو الرائد زهير ص. الذي ادعى انه مدير مكتب رئيس شعبة المخابرات العامة سابقا في الجيش السوري اللواء حسن خ. وذلك بعد وصول ص. الى الاراضي الفرنسية طالبا اللجوء السياسي، بسبب ما ادعى انه خوف من القتل والتصفية على يد الاستخبارات السورية.

واستنادا الى المعلومات المتوافرة، سبق التحقيق الفرنسي تحقيق آخر أجراه نائب رئيس لجنة التحقيق الدولية الفنلندي ماتي راتيكسنت مع الضابط السوري المنشق حول ما ادعى انه تفاصيل عن عملية اغتيال الرئيس الحريري، اضافة الى شروح كاملة عن بنية أجهزة الاستخبارات السورية في لبنان وسوريا وآلية عملها والمتعاونين معها في لبنان من شخصيات وقيادات، إضافة الى تفاصيل اخرى مثيرة.

ورشح ان الضابط السوري قدم أدلة ثبوتية ومعلومات موثقة خلال التحقيق عن الإعداد عملانياً للاغتيال. وفيها أن مجموعة تشكلت للاشراف على التنفيذ، فتولى الضباط السوريون، ومنهم العقيد عبد الكريم ع. والعقيد حسن د. وضابط لبناني يدعى فؤاد (اسم وهمي) مهمات الرصد والاستطلاع والمراقبة. وجرى استطلاع المواقع المفترضة لتنفيذ الاغتيال مرات عدة.

وقال الضابط السوري ان محاولات عدة سابقة جرت لاغتيال الحريري زرعت في إحداها عبوات ناسفة عند جسر الاولي وكانت المواد المتفجرة من صناعة اسرائيلية، وذلك لتنفيذ الاغتيال عند دخول الحريري الى صيدا أو خروجه منها ، لكن قرارا غامضا اتخذ بإلغاء العملية في ذلك الوقت فجرى ابلاغ السلطات اللبنانية باكتشاف محاولة زرع عبوات عند جسر الأولي.وقيل انها كانت لأغتيال رئيس مجلس النواب نبيه بري لتضليل التحقيق.

وتلتها محاولة ثانية لاغتيال الحريري بواسطة أربع سيارات مفخخة جرى تجهيزها وكان يفترض تنفيذها عند المحاور المؤدية الى منزله، لكن العملية ارجئت أيضا. واستعيض عنها اخيرا بعملية الاغتيال الانتحارية التي قر الرأي على تنفيذها في منطقة الجريمة بعد درس ومراقبة طويلين.

وفي المعلومات أيضا ان الضابط السوري المنشق كان مديرا لمكتب رئيس شعبة المخابرات العامة اللواء حسن خ. قبل ان يتولى رئاستها اللواء آصف شوكت . وكشف انه بعد صدور القرار 1559 اخذت تصل الى مكتب المخابرات السورية وشايات متواصلة من مسؤولين ونواب لبنانيين تتهم الحريري ومروان حماده وغيرهما بصناعة القرار الدولي (...).

وعن التنفيذ قال الضابط السوري ان المخططين درسوا كل الاحتمالات: ممرات الحريري الإجبارية، طرق عبوره يوميا، وطرق نزهاته التي جرى رصدها. وجمعوا المعلومات كاملة عن المواكبة والسيارات وجرى التحضير لاصطياده في مكان الجريمة أو في حال مروره في اماكن اخرى . وقال ان الموكب كان مراقبا منذ لحظة صعود الحريري الى السيارة امام مجلس النواب، وخلال مروره عبر طرق بيروت وصولا الى مكان التفجير، وذلك للتأكد من عدم انتقال السيارة التي كان يستقلها من الأمام الى الخلف. ونفذ عملية المراقبة فريق سوري على رأسه المدعو عبد الكريم ع، في حين تولى الضابط ظافر ي. الاختصاصي في المسائل الالكترونية تعطيل عمل أجهزة الاتصال والتشويش والتنسيق. وجرى ارسال هؤلاء الضباط في دورة تدريبية للتمويه الى لبنان لكنهم تمركزوا في شكل دائم قرب مكان الجريمة . وأدت اجهزة التشويش وتعطيل الإرسال دورا رئيسيا في العملية.

وحسب المعلومات، قدم الضابط السوري معلومات عن تجهيز السيارة الانتحارية في منطقة الزبداني في سوريا وقال انها اشتريت من السوق الحرة السورية. وان "ابو عدس" الذي أعلن تبنيه تنفيذ الجريمة كان متوجها الى العراق للانخراط في العمليات العسكرية هناك، لكنه اعتقل وجرى اقناعه بأن الحريري أميركي وصهيوني وأنه متعاون مع رئيس الحكومة العراقية السابق أياد علاوي ويجب القضاء عليه. وطُلب منه تلاوة التصريح الوارد على شريط الكاسيت وبعد ذلك جرت تصفيته ووضعت جثته في البيك آب. أما سائق السيارة الانتحاري فهو عراقي يدعى نور الدين، وقد جرى انتقاؤه هو أيضا من المتطوعين الذين كانوا في سورية تمهيدا للانتقال الى العراق واقنعه الضباط المكلفون بالعملية بأن الحريري حليف لعلاوي وعلى اتفاق معه، وهذا يكفي سببا للقتل(...).

At 8/26/2005 01:46:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I thought the Haaretz article was very well written. i was quiet surprised that the author was israeli

At 8/26/2005 02:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop posting Metaz, everyone hates you.

At 8/26/2005 02:29:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

anon 10.35 your claims make me laugh

"Islamists do not have Syria. If that is so, then why does this regime only imprison Secularists?

do they?

Has it ever crossed your mind that the regime is building thousand of mosques not because they want foreigners to think that Islam is becoming stronger, but because the syrians want more mosques? The way the regime sees it, it's that they rather build the mosques and control them themselves than let extremists do the job.

At 8/26/2005 02:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are a shithead.

Your mind is out.

You fucking bastard, do not pollute Syrian sites. Go pollute your fucking sites.

At 8/26/2005 02:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You bastard, check your reply. You listed a point, and asked do they? What is your knowledge of who have been jailed or killed by the regime, especially the Bashar one in the last 5 years? Islamists? if you say so, then you are a son of bitch whoo knows nothing about Syria, and trying to be smart.

As for wanting to control them, that is not so. It is the Saudis that supported Hafez Assad coming to power in 1970 who asked for building thiose thousands of mosques, the Syrians did not even have the money to build them. If your point is the basis then, it is not by building thousands of mosques that the regime can control them. How can it control thousands of mosques? It has layed the ground for a religious grass roots that grew up in those mosques, and also I forgot to add that the regime also built hundreds of Quran schools for little kids as the ones in Pakistan to memorize the whole book of Quran in their heads at an early age. You fucking dumb, say something that is valuable, or shut up.

At 8/26/2005 02:45:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Incidently, why is he not "publically" interviewing Mossad, CIA, MI-6 and others, as he is "publically" interviewing others. Or is he merely being "advised" and supplied "crucial" information by the former group only?"

-And why is he not also interviewing the burundi secret service ? Maybe because it was Syria who was occupying Lebanon.

At 8/26/2005 02:46:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8/26/2005 02:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What truth, you bastard? All of those the regime has been jailing since 1980 are Secularists, not MBs. All of those he has jailed since 2001 until yesterday are secularists. So, get the fuck out of here!

At 8/26/2005 02:50:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

anon, how do I know? true, I never been in syria's jail. But did you?

Anyway, here's a place to start.

At 8/26/2005 02:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an idiot!

The Amnesty site you gave is a search page. Is this a trick? Fuck you.

At 8/26/2005 02:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you fucked up head, search on "syria prisons" and see that you get 25 threads that talk about Seif, Shagouri, and others, all non Islamists.

Fuck you again.

At 8/26/2005 02:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

None of them is an Islamist. So, shut up you bastard.

At 8/26/2005 03:01:00 PM, Anonymous Syrian Republican Party said...

No wonder why Syra is so backward, basically the only one that makes any sence is JAM and he is like us on the outside.

The rest all paid few cents to side with the regime. The hostility in here to ward Metaz like someone else said is FEAR, these Baathist subhumans are scared shittless. scare dthat one day those Cherriot of Fires will be rolling and they will dragged from their homes to streets of Syria and put to work in shackels, Soviet, Socialist style that they preached but never implemented.

Scared that teh oppositions will set up the Syrian Secret Service and chase them and bring them to justice, seace all bank accounts.

They are scared, you can hear it, you can feel it in the writting in the aggressivness, they are on the defensive and they are running scared with tails between teh legs like scared dogs.

The good news for the people pf Syria is that, thier fear is founded and what is awaiting for them is scary pathetic future, just like that of Saddam and his Baathist criminals.

They may think Iran, France, Bedouin Arabia or the United States and Israel is going to come to aid them. They are wrong, very wrong. The future for baathist is bleak and sad.

At 8/26/2005 03:18:00 PM, Anonymous Innocent_Criminal said...

Bachar is an innocent and brave man who did not know what his right hand was doing. He’s a young fella’ you know.


At 8/26/2005 03:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Beloved First Lady

To her many fans, she is nothing more than a brighter future for the Middle East. A bridge between two diverse cultures. The British born and educated banker is now devoted to aiding her husband as he attempts to lead Syria into the 21st century. While protests still echo around the country at Syria’s support for Islamic terrorists and the country’s alleged arming of Iraq, the image of her walking confidently beside Cherie Blair, casual in western clothes is being read as a positive symbol.

In just two years she has emerged as a most glamorous companion for her husband, a man more comfortable with books than people. As President Assad struggles to reform a nation stagnating both economically and politically, the legacy of his late father’s decades of misrule, his new wife is being portrayed as his most valuable aide.

The journey to First Lady of Syria and tea at Buckingham Palace began in the suburbs of Acton, where little Asma Akhras was born in August, 1975 to Dr Fawaz Akhras, a heart specialist and his wife, Sahar. The couple were both Syrian but had moved to the United Kingdom in the early 1950s so that Fawaz Akhras could achieve his goal of a prized British education. Although the couple would go on to build their life in Britain where Dr Akhras has excelled in his profession, their indigenous culture remained crucial to them. At home Arabic was spoken, as Asma recalled: "I didn’t realise until I was seven that they could actually speak English." While at home Asma spoke her parent’s native tongue, beyond the family’s standard semi-detached home, with its traditional white trimmed door and net curtains she was the epitome of the little English girl.

To her friends she was Emma and while raised Muslim, she attended a Church of England school, Twyford High, for two years before she began travelling to central London where she attended Queen’s College School on Harley Street. While other teenage girls frittered their time away in the pursuit of boys and make-up, "Emma" had little interest in either, instead she focused on hitting the books and devoted her leisure time to horse-riding and computing. As her old computer teacher recalled: "She was an incredibly bright and diligent girl and I have a clear memory of her staying behind after classes to do her homework." True relaxation would come during the family’s annual holidays back in Syria. Although her teachers felt she had an aptitude for the profession and even went as far as offering her a job, Asma’s goals were so much greater.

After successfully completing her A-Levels, she moved on to King’s College in London where she studied computer science before moving on to a job with Deutsche Bank. The world of international business was a strong draw to a woman who was as intelligent and determined as she was attractive and within the first few years of her new career, she swept through offices in London, Paris and New York where she worked on mergers and acquisitions for JP Morgan. Although there was no lack of prospective suitors, anxious to take her out on a date, Asma would always politely decline and it was not until she quietly left her job with the minimum of fuss before Christmas 2001 that the truth emerged.

The romance between Asma and Bashar had been slowly brewing for over twenty years since they first met as children during her annual holiday. As she recalled: "We have been friends for a very long time. I came to Syria every year since I was born. It is really through family and friends who know each other since childhood." The couple had started seeing each other in London when Bashar was training as an ophthalmologist in 1994. Yet the sudden death of his elder brother, which pushed Bashar into the role of successor, meant he had to be return to Syria to be groomed for power.

The couple were finally wed in a small low-key civil ceremony in Damascus on New Year’s Day 2001 and within a year she gave birth to their son, Hafez. Yet within the past two years any perception that she would take on the mantle propped up by previous ruler’s wives and be neither seen, nor heard was dispelled. For the first year of her husband’s presidency the couple had to keep a mandatory low profile during the traditional 12 month period of mourning. This allowed Asma to roam the country, not as the wife of a ruler, but as almost as a foreign visitor. "I wanted to meet ordinary Syrians before they met me. Before the world met me. I was able to spend the first couple of months wandering around meeting other Syrian people it was my crash course. I would just tag along with one of the many programmes being run in the rural areas. Because people had no idea who I was, I was able to see people completely honestly, I was able to see what their problems were on the ground, what people are complaining about, what the issues are. What people’s hopes and aspirations are. And seeing it first-hand means you are not seeing it through someone else’s eyes. I wasn’t to spy on them. It was really just to see who they are, what they are doing."

After decades of state oppression, ordinary Syrians would probably have had a heart attack if they had known they were inspected by the wife of their new ruler. Syria is a nation that under the previous president Hafez Assad, jailed dissidents and practised torture. President Bashar Assad has made it clear he wishes to move forward, dissidents have been freed, prisons have been shut down and access to the internet has been permitted. Critics argue other dissidents have been arrested and that those with internet accounts are still closely monitored, but if the First Lady is to have an influence, as many say she has already demonstrated, progress will be made.

At the end of one year’s mourning, Syrians were treated to their first view of the new Mrs Assad and seemed to take to the young woman with the honey-brown hair, cut in a stylish, flicked bob. The event was a state visit in March 2001 by the Bulgarian president and his wife and since then she has travelled to Tunisia and Morocco and was to have dazzled Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia during a state visit to Spain. Yet Asma has her own agenda to push and top of the list is education for women. In March this year she played host to an Arab business woman’s conference, designed to improve the training and access of women into senior business posts.

Journalists, government officials and critics of the regime all agree that Asma’s role will be a prominent one is shaping a new Syria. "It will not be revolutionary, but it will certainly be important," said one. Asma is aware of her potency. "I am British and I am an Arab. I am not one or the other. I am part of both worlds." While the success of her husband’s British visit is important to her, Asma’s greatest concern is the trouble brewing in Iraq. "It is not accurate to label the Arab world as one big block. It is not accurate to label Islam, the Islamic world, as one big block, as I’m sure that Europe is not labelled. We’re all human beings, we all wish for prosperity, we all wish for better education for our children; for better quality of life regardless of where we live, and that is what really unites us."

As the storm clouds continue to gather over the Middle East and the threat of war looms over us, there are many who hope that Asma Assad’s example, her bridge building between two diverse cultures, can bear such a load.

Asma’s growing popularity is as much to do with her familial roots as her political marriage. The Assads are members of the relatively small Alawite clan that for decades has dominated the military and political scene in Syria. Asma Akhras comes from the nation’s Sunni Muslim majority, and the marriage conveys a welcome image of sectarian impartiality.

Together the couple represent the new generation of young, powerful Arabs who understand the importance of international finance and the computer revolution. In a country with a population of more than 17 million, there are at the moment only around a few thousand internet accounts, a figure both the president and First Lady are anxious should rise.

Her new role and family has left her little time for her parents and siblings back in Britain. The sign that her allegiance has switched is that, instead of flying in to Britain using her British passport, as she is still entitled to do, she insists on sending her Syrian passport to the British embassy in Damascus for stamping.

Bridge Builders

ASMA Assad’s route from the London suburb of Acton to the presidential palace in Damascus wasn’t exactly a well-trodden one, but recent history has seen a number of western women successfully bridge the divide between Islam and the west.

King Hussein of Jordan became one of the most notable rulers to take a western bride. His first marriage, when he was 19, was to the eminently suitable Dina Abdul Hameed, the daughter of King Saud of Saudi Arabia. But following his divorce from the Saudi royal, King Hussein’s next wife was about as far removed from his first as possible. In 1961 the Jordanian heir married Ipswich-born, convent-educated Antoinette "Toni" Gardiner, who was barely 19. Despite fears over her background, the ruler decided to marry the pretty former telephonist - even ignoring the advice of the British government who feared the union could destabilise the kingdom.

The British teenager eventually converted to Islam and became Princess Muna al-Hussein, "Delight of Hussein". The couple’s marriage produced four children before foundering in 1972. In 1978 King Hussein took another western wife, American Ivy League beauty Elizabeth Halaby, above left. As well as producing four children, Queen Noor al-Hussein ("Light of Hussein") spent 20 years carving out a role for herself as a loyal Arab wife with the independent spirit of a former feminist radical. Another westerner to marry into traditional Islam is London socialite-turned-philanthropist Jemima Khan, above right, who married former Pakistan cricket captain and politician Imran Khan in 1997. The daughter of billionaire industrialist, James Goldsmith, Jemima Khan recently refuted claims that she converted to Islam under duress stating: "My decision was my own choice and in no way hurried."

At 8/26/2005 03:32:00 PM, Anonymous Baath Democratic Party said...

oh yeas we know, like he watched that poor Kurd sheik being tortured. roumers is that, one of the tourtures ran away to Jordan last week and his tale is coming out soon. according to him, Baathost dictator Bashar wa having sex with his old wife and another younger Alawite lady while the poor sheik is being tortured and screaming for his life. There are reports that a video tape will be coming out soon to prove this.

At 8/26/2005 03:40:00 PM, Anonymous Hint Siria said...

Not only Asma's friends in Britain believe that she can play her part in helping her country on the road to democracy.

And maybe she can. Not that I want to sound naive, or to underestimate the power of Syria's many security police, or the nasty things which Bashar will have to do—and is no doubt already doing—in order to keep them in check and himself in power. Syria's jails are still stocked with political prisoners. Syria's press is still censored. Until now, Syria has been one of the most closed societies in a closed part of the world, in many senses of the words: Bashar's mother appears to have spent almost her entire life inside the presidential residences.

Still, the choice of Asma tells us a few positive things about the about the little-known Bashar, his openness to the West, and the younger generation of Arab politicians. Besides, it is tiresome to always be the bearer of bad news. I am marking down Bashar's decision to marry a self-made investment banker—even one who "turned down the chance to study for an MBA at Harvard University in America"—as a good omen.

WOW. I like her.


At 8/26/2005 03:42:00 PM, Anonymous Metaz K.M. Aldendshe said...

Where you planning on publishing this op ed crap? in New York time? or the Fresno Bee with huge op ed cash under the table paymnet.

At 8/26/2005 03:45:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

anon, I posted the link so you can search yourself, which you did not.
I never said that there was no 'secular' dissident in jail, I said that your claims that all political prisonners in Syria are 'secular' is not true. Now here's a link, since you don't seem to know how to use a search engine:

Tens of thousands of people have been rounded up in successive waves of mass arrests targeted at suspected members of left-wing, Islamist or Arab nationalist organizations or Kurdish political groups, or at anyone engaged in activities opposed to the government and its policies.

At 8/26/2005 03:46:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Anyway, I am even more stupid than you since I took the time to reply to a guy like you.

At 8/26/2005 03:51:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

The message below was not posted by me. some wuss is posting things on my behalf now. as u can see Innocent_Criminal was in grey instead of green with a link to my blog.


At 8/26/2005 3:18 PM, Innocent_Criminal said...
Bachar is an innocent and brave man who did not know what his right hand was doing. He’s a young fella’ you know.


At 8/26/2005 03:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, Populi, you are.

Love you too. :)

At 8/26/2005 03:53:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

the message aboe is taken from my blog, it's intended to be ironic.

At 8/26/2005 04:01:00 PM, Anonymous Innocent Criminal said...

I am a Baathist faget and like to be fucked. I am depressed becaus eno one, not even my dog listen to me. Help me please.


At 8/26/2005 04:05:00 PM, Anonymous Ham said...

Hi Tarek,

brother...missed you.
I just got back from a night of partying in Amsterdam. I spoke to a nice pair of Israelis, and that got me thinking. About what? Well, nothing in particular. Anyway...can you help me get laid?


At 8/26/2005 04:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 8/26/2005 04:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody if Assad has appointed a new leadership after the conference? Is khaddam still there or not?

At 8/26/2005 04:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Vox stated this from Amnesty site:
Tens of thousands of people have been rounded up in successive waves of mass arrests targeted at suspected members of left-wing, Islamist or Arab nationalist organizations or Kurdish political groups, or at anyone engaged in activities opposed to the government and its policies.


Well, that is what I was saying. What was my question? I was saying that if Islamists are the danger, then why does this regime imprison secularists? In all fairness, the regime has not been imprisonning Islamists for a long while, and most of people it imprisnned since 1979 are secularists. Even at teh begining of the 1970 coup, and for 3 years, all prisonners were secularists.

Now, as for Khadam, and that question: The new guard is taking over. Dardary is one of them, and if the old guard was anything, this new guard is a lot uglier and consciousless.

At 8/26/2005 05:06:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

To Anon:

What you are saying is true. However, you could have been nicer, and proved your point easier.



At 8/26/2005 05:59:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

You could inverse your logic and say: if seculars are the danger, why is the regime is imprisonning islamists.

Both secular and islamists are a danger. But islamists have an ideology capable of uniting them while secular opposition is divided into many groups. Islamists are a bigger danger for the regime because they can easily unite which is not the case of seculars. Seculars are divided between democrats, communists, liberals, PPS etc...

At 8/26/2005 06:33:00 PM, Anonymous أسامة said...

To all of you nice guys, including Vox Pouli.... and the rest

We. the true People of Syria, Know that our "regiem" is not Perfrect, but we LOVE IT when "People" like you and Bush and Bolton ATTACT it. We are not BAathistas, we are not Alwaits, We are not Sunnies, but for sure vwe atre a people who love thier Country. Out loud, I am proud that we have Bashar as a president, We are proud that he is marreid to a Lady educated in the UK and who knows what the real world is like. If you hate socialism, if your land has ben confiscated by the governmenr for the benifit of the farmers, if the "regiem" has curbed your stronghold on Syrian politics and economy, too bad, but that is the way life is. We love the "regiem" because it is saying NO to the all mighty US of A, because we are a State or a Country that has its legitemate interests and its national security concerns. And if any one wants to mess up with our interests we are ready to stand up and SAY NO. We are not JORDAN, NOR are WE KUWAIT, NOR are wew Lebanon. This is SYRIA. READ your history books, and if that does not give you you the answer then start wondering why the US, Israel and (Junblat....!) are not attacking Syria. Because we know how to defend our land when everyone is selling thiers to the lowest bidder. That is why "Damascuse" still harbours and will continue to Harbour Hizbullah and Amal and Al Jihad and Hamas and the PFLP and the DFLP and all who stand up for ARAB NATIONALISM and the ARAB CAUSE. It does not not exisit in your minds and hearts, but it is prominiont in our hearts. If the US or YOU or Israel does not like it; tough shit. Enough is enough. Talk comes cheap, but standing up with your head high has its cost. WE the PEOPLE of SYRIA are ready to bear that cost. So either put up or shut up. Enough is Enough. You want money and free trade and "the type of democracy you exhibit in your posts" go seek it somewhere else. We, Syria, hold the strings in the LEVANT, you like to play along, come join us, you do not, come and attack us. Israel will give you some advice as to why not to attack us. You attack the BAATH: We all Baathists, you attack Assad: we are one and the same with him: You want DEMOCRACY, CIVIL RIGHTS, FREE TRADE, DEVELOPMENT...WE Want that also. But not with a gun barrel pointed towards us, not with scum like you who have a grudge against "every one and every thing" are being so vocal about "Liberty and Democracy" in Syria. Oh, my God. Are you even Arabs???? And Yes I am proud to be an Arab, and a Syrian ARAB, when all other unmentioned targets of your hatered are selling thier wives and daughters, let alone thier Principeles, for a "token" of US approval and a "certificate of good behaviour". We do not not seek such certificates, it is enough for us when some one says: Do you know?, "Syrians" are men!, they have a consistant policy, they are brave enough to SAY NO when everyone runs to kiss the feet of the aggressors. Yes we are with Hizbullah we are with Hamas we are with Fatih, we stand for Arabism and Nationalism. We were born and raised that way. You, who do not like it can express yoir own views as freely as you want, or you can all get your asses to South Lebanon or the West Bank and fight true aggression. Yes, you are right Syria would not launch a war to liberate the Golan hights now...but be carefull, Syria did Launch a war in 1973, and if it was not for the great Anwar Al Sadat, the outcome would have been different. BUT, BUT, if you push Syria into a corner, JUST BE CAREFULL. What you get is NOT what you MAY expect.Oh...hell, I have not seen such BS and defeatisem and opportunism on any other blog. You love SYRIA so much? Go and take your place among the masses and bring about change.Be it economic or political or social changes. Just stop lecturing us about the so called regiem mistakes and errors; we know them all and we can work out the changes everyone seeks in a better way. Far away from American guns, Lebanese political theatrics, Kurdish new-born NATIONAL aspirations?? and Alwai, Sunni, Christian Moslem stuff. Incidently?, since when did Syria have a Kurdish ethnic problem? Untill I left Syria to study in the good Ol' US of A, I did not know if I was a Sunni, a shieat or anything else. Maybe I was not as "opressed" as you all claim to be. But I trully did not Know what difference all of that made. Wake up smart guys. what is at stake is our National Identity not anything else. And keep in your brilliant minds that the "regiem" and "Syria" is targeted because it is, we are, SAYING NO, not because of anything else. You should be proud of being Syrians if you are, you should be looking for better ways to make Syria better rather than make us all feel ashamed of some of what we read in your posts. Dandashi, the Fyrian Republican Party, the asshole who is sending letters to the office of "Prime MINISTER Sharon" who is spying on him, Vox Populi who in like Alice in shit-land, Tariq, Anynomous A, B and C. Come on guys. I do not know any of you, BUT if you are a representative sample of the Syrian people who has an aspiration of changing the Status que in Syria, then I wish some one like Saddam or Dubbya was your president. You will be, people and ruller, on the same wave length.ل

Oh hell, I would love to say in Arabic: كما انتم يولى عليكم
بس المشكلة ان من هو ولي عليكم أصدق و أشرف و أكثر أدراكا منكم بمراحل

At 8/26/2005 07:28:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Who the fuck gave this inbecile Osama the right to speak on behalf of the Syiran people?

Do not insult us more by saying that we love this retarded regime. We hate you and the regime. So, get lost!


At 8/26/2005 07:31:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

This dummy said this:

" If you hate socialism,".

what an ass hole. Excuse my French, but I can't accept this BS ...

Who are the Socialists? The billionaires that were poor yesterday, and stole the treasure of Syria impoverishing the majority are socialists?

Get lost you retadrded Osama. It seems all of the Osmas are crazy!


At 8/26/2005 08:37:00 PM, Anonymous Metaz K.M. Aldendeshe said...

Sorry it was our fault that we emailed few hundreds of the SSNP members to come to this comment section. We need these fine Nationalist people because only them and the MB have military experience. I see that some of them showing up in here today with all these pro-Assad comments.

The SSNP members are dedicated people that one can rely on them. Th ebad side is that they are nuts and blind to teh regime of Assad. We are working on them daily to turn them arround. Recent comments on SSNP network discussion section is showing quite of support to our cause. It is heated debate ofcourse and you will get the violent and Nationalist tendancy showing up but Ignore it, rememebr they are SSNP brainwashed poor soul and you job is to debrainwash them and re-brainwash them okay.

At 8/26/2005 08:52:00 PM, Anonymous Metaz K.M. Aldendeshe said...

JAM you need to use advanced technique with these mentally challanged SSNP members. Tell them they are servant and sttoges for the Baathist. That there leader Saadeh wanted them to lead Syria into the modern Age and instead these party members has betrayed him and betrayed SSNP ideology because they became stooges and the underdogs of Arab Nationalist and teh Baath party (The prime enemy and oppressor of SSNP).
Mention how Arabs are far ahead economically than Syria and they are guilty of letting Syria and Lebanon becoming the whore house for Bedouin Arabs. It is non other than SSNP fault that these conditions exist in Syria and Lebanon becasue who else suppose to defend the motherland and Syrianism than them. Do they expect the Moslem to fight for Christian value and interests or vise a versa. They failed, they are a failure, Guilty as charged for bowing to the main enemy and becoming the little subbordinates.
Use these kind of lines.

At 8/26/2005 09:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ausma ,you do not have to socialist to be arab and syrian nationalist ,I agree with everything els you wrote.

At 8/26/2005 10:52:00 PM, Anonymous Suzanne said...

Is there a God? Is there God? Is there justice some how at a later day?

If not, then the oppressors are right, and they have gotten away with their crimes, and enjoyed their power.

The losers are those that were oppressed, and those who refused all privileges offered to them, and chose instead to stand for Justice, and principles!

Either the Assads and their likes are winners who will get by their crimes, or there is a real loving and Just God who will judge them some time, some where!

It is hard to believe that this life is it! It is painful to imagine that this is the truth, for without the sense of a Justice that really exists, it is despair that fills our lives. But for creatures like the Assads who do not find any thing that moves their conscience when they torture others, the question of Justice is irrelevant, and they probably laugh at it!

If there is God, I would ask him/her to hasten showing a sign of the ultimate Justice!


At 8/26/2005 11:07:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

You probably know that I am Korean. And we Korean, love our regime with our beloved great leader Kim Jong-Il son of the father of the nation Kim Il-Sung. We north Koreans are proud Koreans not like these south Koreans who sells their principles to free trade and capitalism. Maybe our great Leader killed millions of Korean, and other millions died of hunger but he's a great leader don't ya know? We prefer to live centuries under this great communist regime than live in a decadent western-like democracy.

By the way, stalinist Kim Jong-Il sends his regard to stalinist Bachar. They know each other since their childhood. Hafez used to take Bachar with him when he visited Kim Il-Sung and they used to let the kids play together.

At 8/26/2005 11:13:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Maybe Bashar's son and Kim's daughter will marry and join their two kingdoms! We will have the UAR, the A standing for something else than Arab.

At 8/26/2005 11:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re Jam:

Try to mind your own business. Bud out.

At 8/27/2005 01:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egyptian Author Tarek Heggy: The Muslim Brotherhood's Goal Is to Establish a Militarized Religious State as a Base for Waging War on the Infidel West
The "Muslim Brotherhood" Aims to Take Over the Islamic World

At 8/29/2005 04:33:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8/29/2005 09:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are those links?
It is chinese.I do not see any connection with Syria.


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