Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Asef and Maher will Testify

Sami al-Khiyami, the ambassador to the UK, told the BBC that "the president's brother Maher al-Assad - who heads the presidential guard - and brother-in-law Asif Shawkat, the military intelligence chief, would co-operate with the inquiry of their own accord.

"[President Bashar al-Assad] doesn't even have to make them, they will go and see the commission," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme."


At 11/01/2005 04:50:00 PM, Blogger Anton Efendi said...

Well, we'll see...

At 11/01/2005 05:13:00 PM, Blogger sam said...

Some suggest that syria must open up to the people, allows parties, freedom of speech and press,abolish emergency rule,this will only happen if they appoint one of the opposition as prime minister, such as Haythem al maleh, or Ryad seif, dreams dont always come true. to the regime solidarity means the people support the regime not the opposite.
Farooq al sharaa said his goverment cooperate fully, so how are we going to see more cooperations? his statement at the UN lacks rational in some part of it, he also presented a tirade full of denial and defiance.
Syrian goverment and the people are in DENIAL , they were not prepared for Mehlis report, this will be followed by anger, then depression, then ACCEPTANCE, this is a normal course.resolution 1636 is a very minor victory to US, Assad regime will think that he survived it, he will come out with great sense of victory, only to find out that another resolution will follow.
Who thought that Bashar is not going to be tested? who thought that the president job is for one who is spokesman for a committee?, compromise or settle difference, leadership is to be decisive in crisis.
What the USA is doing to syria, is by no means a very seroius bluff, USA has the ability to change the regime, their actions and words are to be taken very seriously.
the best way to defeat your enemy is to have them defeat themself, so if Syria hand over to the USA another iraqi,lives in Syria , supporting the resistance, or clamping down on palastinian leaders, or severs relation with hizb allah, or even to denounce arabism, all of which will lead to defeat the syrian regime, so RICE to say they need to strategically change their behaviors, is not possile, also syrian has heared this several time before.

At 11/02/2005 01:35:00 AM, Blogger Ausamaa said...

to sam,
1) For any opposition to take charge it has to have grass root support, a structure, an effective party..you know.. the works. Which for many reasons do not exist. Actually yor argument is bring some one -or a bunch of select people- smarter than the incumbent and put them in charge in Syria. Is that DEMEOCRACY? Coupled with learning-on-the-job? and anticipating a cahange in USA's policy towards the Middle East. The Greater Middle East I mean?

2) One should also examine the "Assumption" that USA has the "ability" to change the regime. If so why all this haggling and waggling at the UN???

3)Bottom line -unfortunately- is that the US and the smaller others are putting Syria in such a tight corner that Anything is possible now? Are the powers that might be; the brotherly chickens who are standing by watching ACT II and realising that there will be ACT III should ACT II succeed; are the lovely freedom and truth seeking merchant people of Lebanon who see no further than their nose willing to pay the price for their day dreams.
4) Do you "seriously" expect the Syrian leadership to "seriously" change it's political stands in the region??
Answer to all the above in my humble estimate is a big NO. Then, let whoever started the fire put it out.... Welcome to the Middle East in the cross hairs of Washingtons guns. Only, those guns did not achieve any good "victories" for the US in the last fifty years. All they achieved is a loosing war on a created enemy called Islam under the banner of war on Terror or do you really believe what the US rants about (given the fact that ex-Netenyaho's maniac campgain advisors are currently "directing" the US Middle East policy).
Talk about making sense of all this hoopla...... will we diagnose the desease before offering the perscription?

At 11/02/2005 02:04:00 AM, Blogger Ausamaa said...

Incidently Josh??

How much good would the great Sherlok Holmes get out of a testemony or a questioning of of Maher Al Assad, Asef Shawkat, Bahjat Sulieman.. and whomever else. Even if you go by the theory that they had something to do with Murder of the Century, do you expect an interview or a questioning by Metlev would result in thier "admitting" to this and that??? Nevermind where the interviews are held. Inside Syria or outside it. What does the great detective who presented an "incomplete" invistigation to the Security Council and then after naming the "suspects" enlightened us with the great remark that they should be considered inocent until.. bla bla bla. Could he not refrain from submitting his report and claim Syrians did not cooperate and then request a Security Council resolution to force Syria to cooperate???
Could the intention not obviously be a cheap attempt to humilate Syria by such steps. Maybe to draw and detain the "suspects" outside Syria and hold them hostages untill the regime collapses through this and other "dynamic" and "coordinated" activities.
I do not know, but do people look so stupid that they buy anything they hear from an administration that bluffed its way into the Iraq war at tremendous breaches to all what America should stand for.
If the current US administration lied to its citizens and decieved its own, is it difficult to imagine it planning and decietfully leading everyone up this road-to-hell fiasco.
Should we question the integrity of Mehlis, or should we question the intentions of those selling his new block-buster to us Arabs, or should we Arabs question the truth hidden in the pocket of usedcars dealler who wants to sell us the Cairo Tramway?

At 11/02/2005 05:00:00 AM, Blogger Ghassan said...

Al-Sharaa' = Tareq Aziz + arrogance + stupidity + eye on the throne! (At least Aziz was using logic to defend the Saddam regime)

Bashar Assad = Saddam - experience (At least Saddam had advisors representing diverse groups, although all were "Yes men" people! Experience is more important than 1.5 years in Europe.)

Maher Assad = Udai (But Udai was hoping to get the throne AFTER the death of his dad not before)

Asef Chewkat = Al-Majed's (They defected but returned back and killed within hours. But Asef has nowhere to go but will get the same punishment!)

Rest of the mafia Asad Inc. regime = Rest of the dictator Saddam regime!

I forgot, Majed Assad = Qusai but with a brain!


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