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Dardari on the Economy: Is it possible?

Here are Dardari's economic projections. The numbers can be seen in different ways. Some of the investment in real-estate projects is fungible, such as the Emaar project recently announced. There is promise of big investment, but for the time being all these large firms are actually putting down is the price of the land. It then takes years to get all the permissions to build and the extent of the actually building will depend on how well initial investments do. Big talk is cheap - we want to see the buildings on the ground. There is no doubt that Syria could grow at these rates and has great potential, but Dardari's plans for liberalizing the legal infrastructure and ensuring a safe investment environment (this requires an independent judiciary) must be accomplished first. To do this Syria must have two things - political stability and the will to make real reform.

Syria Maintains Hariri Probe Hasn't Affected Foreign Investment
The U.N. probe into ex-Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri's assassination has not hurt foreign investment in Syria, which is surging due to strong support from Gulf nations, a top Syrian official said in Malaysia Monday.
Foreign investment into Syria has risen to $1.8 billion through October, up 2 1/2 times from the $720 million for all of last year, said Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah al-Dardari, who is in charge of economic affairs.

Total private investment from all sources rose to US$6 billion ($5.1 billion) through the first 10 months, up from US$4 billion last year, he said.

"We have noticed an outpouring of Arab investment, especially from the Gulf, into Syria," al-Dardari told reporters after speaking at a business forum here. " Arab investors would like to see Syria strong and flourishing in the face of external pressure."

The government recently announced projects totaling US$ 5 billion (#4.23 billion) involving Gulf companies, and expects to unveil another US$ 1 billion (#847 million) worth of new Arab investment before the year-end, he added.

"Until now, we haven't seen any negative impact of the U.N. investigations and the political environment surrounding Syria on foreign investment in the country," al-Dardari said.

Al-Dardari said Syria has embarked on a new phase of economic reforms and liberalization, with plans to launch eight new industrial parks, new airports, infrastructure and technology projects.

"2005 is the turning point for private investment... after decades of centrally clamped economy with public-sector dominated activities," he said.

The government projects the economy will grow an average of 5 percent annually and accelerate to a 7 to 8 percent growth rate from 2010 to 2015, he said.(AP)

Naharnet: Beirut, Updated 28 Nov 05, 11:52


At 11/30/2005 03:39:00 AM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

quick comment (hopefully) on Vox populi's assertion that Israel does not have the capability to carry out a Harirri assignation.

Some quick questions:

T/F Israel has Mossad agents in Lebanon and had them there during the Hariri murder

T/F Israel has assassinated people in Lebanon in the past. Examples include elie Hobeika off the top of my head and if I remember correctly a Palestinian operative a little while ago.

T/F Israel's Mossad is a powerful agency--certainly more powerful than Syria's mukhabarat.

T/F Israel is enemies with Syria.

For me, the answer to each of the above is True. I don't see how a reasonable person could answer false to any of these questions. So if they are true, that gives Israel capability, criminal history, and motive.

So in my mind Israel is a suspect (and don't go back to the CD Ehsani give me a break--Israel is very cabable and its history of killings is enough to make it a suspect)

I don't think they can simply be ruled out. The actual people who did it maybe even didn't know that Mossad agents were actually ordering it.

And remember there is a problem when you say you already 'know' the truth and then act accordingly. See America 'knew' that Iraq had WMD--even I thought they had WMD and maybe even Saddam thought so too--yet we were all terribly wrong. I am sorry, there is just no such thing as 'knowing' something--especially with so little evidence.

But I restract my previous statement--Mehlis Report is not dead--I say its in a coma with a possible awakening come Dec 15!

Enough of my conspiracy theories--time for bed.

At 11/30/2005 04:13:00 AM, Blogger ActiveListener said...

All this investment - very intriguing!

No industries specified, no companies named. Nothing about job creation, tradeable goods, global links.

Just nice guys putting down billions for infrastructure, industrial parks and technology projects – things these saint-like Arab investors must have somehow made money on elsewhere, let’s hope. Because the Syrian economy is not in much of a condition to deliver returns, and the geopolitical risks are huge.

I hope the poor Deputy Prime Minister isn’t being conned.

At 11/30/2005 10:48:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

I was expecting an idiot to accuse Israel on this issue.

Israel can conduct small operations in Lebanon. Israel has cells in Lebanon, not a big Mukhabarat network, the kind you need to conduct Hariri's operation. Nobody, except Syria, can smuggle 1000 kg of explosives in Lebanon. And there's no way you Israel could find a suicide bomber (or it would be a first).

And where the

And why Israel would such a thing? To make Syria look bad? What a stupid argument. THe risk of getting caught is just too great, there's too much Mukhabarat in Lebanon. It's not worth it.

Oh, and I forgot. It's strange that Hariri's family and his movement do not believe in an Israeli involvement. Even the Hezbollah wasn' stupid enough to accuse the Israelis. You only find Baathi-educated Syrians to believe that.

Hariri was pressured and threatened by Syria, not by Israel. It was Bashar who threatened Hariri, not Sharon (unless even his son, Saad Hariri is lying because he's part of an Israeli plot to kill his father).

All the proofs show a SYrian involvement, not an Israeli one. Israel doesn't have a history of killing liberal leaders in Lebanon (only terrorists), the mobile and the capability. Case closed.

At 11/30/2005 10:53:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

And Elie Hobeika was probably assassinated by Syria you idiot. A few months before his death, he was removed from the government and an anti-corruption campagin was launched against his allies.

"In January 2002, an investigation was launched on two of Hobeika's deputies in the ministry of energy (Fadi Saroufim and Rudy Baroudi) for corruption. Corruption was open and widespread at the time in Lebanon and little was done to prevent this. The opening of this investigation meant that Hobeika's relationship with Syria had substantially degraded.

On New year's eve, Dr. Jean Ghanem, Hobeika's deputy and second in command in his party crashed his car into a tree. He died on January 14th 2002. Hobeika told several people that Ghanem's death was not accidental. A few weeks later on January 24th 2002, Elie Hobeika was killed, along with his driver and bodyguards, by a car bomb in Hazmieh (East-Beirut) near his house and a few hundred meters from a local HQ of the Syrian secret services.

At 11/30/2005 11:04:00 AM, Blogger Abu Arab said...

DO you mean because syria had Moukabarat in lebanon means they conducted all the dirty works there?

Do you agree that all the dirty works in Iraq are done by the Americans because they occupy Iraq and their CIA agents are everwhere??

At 11/30/2005 11:14:00 AM, Blogger Abu Arab said...

There is defenilty an Israeli link to this assassination, and if this case is going to be neglected by the international comunity as indications reflect this tendancy now, its only becasue some links to Israeli hands start to emerge?

Israel would like to shake the credibility of the Syrian government before launching any peace process over Golan Hights. They need to end the existence of Palestinian resistance Reps in Damascus & Lebanon and undermine the whole resistance idea in the face of the coming expansions in the West Bank and Alquds.

At 11/30/2005 11:15:00 AM, Blogger Abu Arab said...

I think Eli Hobika (IN Hell Inshallah) was killed by the Mossad.

At 11/30/2005 02:05:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11/30/2005 02:08:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

I think that whenever the relations between a Lebanese (disregarding if he was despicable or not) and the Syrian regime degrade, the guy get killed by the Mossad to make Syria look bad.
Just look at Hobeika, Chidiac, Kassir, Hariri, Hmade, not to mention the 1975-1990.

My free advice to the Syrian government: don't ever, ever have bad relations with a Lebanese politician. Because the mossad will kill this person in order to make you look bad. You don't want that, do you?

At 11/30/2005 03:32:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Dardari on the Economy: Is it possible? "

I dunno, but I know this basic economic rule: when you have massive investments coming to your country, your currenc rise.

Will somebody check the Syrian pound rate and tell us?

At 11/30/2005 09:22:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

This Investment story is very interesting. There is more to it than meets the eye. I am not sure if anyone is interested in reading the real truth behind what is going on

At 12/02/2005 12:30:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said... are trash

At 12/02/2005 01:31:00 AM, Blogger Yabroud said...


At 12/02/2005 10:00:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12/02/2005 10:01:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12/13/2005 02:19:00 PM, Blogger LoveLebanon said...

I think that Syrians needs to get their shit out of Lebanon and leave it alone. Lebanese people are sick of all the crimes committed on our Land by the Syrians.
Who is the sane person that can deny the responsability of Syrians in all the recent terrorist crimes?

The Syrians have built their whole entire economy out of the money they have stole from Lebanon.

You want examples. I will give you tones of them.

Enough is Enough.


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