Saturday, January 21, 2006

Asad's Speech to Lawyers Union Jan.

In his much-anticipated speech today Bashar al- Assad refused to submit to UN's interview request in Hariri's probe. The President's tone was less hostile to the US and Lebanon than it was during his speech of November 10, 2005 at the University of Damascus, though he blamed Lebanese officials for the failure of a Saudi Arabian initiative to defuse tensions between the two countries. All in all, there was not much new and Asad hewed to the message he has been refining for months. Reuters called Asad, "down beat."

President Bashar Assad, invoking Syria's national sovereignty, indicated Saturday he would not submit to an interview request from the U.N. investigation into Rafik Hariri's assassination. In a speech to the Arab Lawyers Union, Assad pledged, however, to continue cooperation with the international probe the former Lebanese premier's assassination.

The U.N. investigation has said Syria has not been sufficiently forthcoming and the Security Council demanded full cooperation.

"The issue of national sovereignty is paramount, not the (U.N.) Security Council decision, or others," Assad said. The Syrian leader did not specifically address the request by the U.N. investigation for an interview with him and his foreign minister about threats Assad allegedly made against Hariri months before the Feb. 14 assassination. That left open the possibility that he might later agree to meet with U.N. investigators, rather than submit to an interview.

"We should not give up our national sovereignty even if the circumstance requires that we fight for our country. We must be prepared for that.”

In a swipe at the Syrian opposition he said: "Anyone who accepts ... something to be above his national sovereignty in any country or place in the world, should swap his nationality and sacrifice it and take in its place an international one from the United Nations." He called the UN panel "a condemnation committee, not an investigation committee.”

Kofi Annan tried to softened the international reaction to Asad's speech by stating on Friday that Syria will facilitate the UN probe, which suggests he will accept Asad's refusal to testify on grounds of national sovereignty as legitimate.

Asad returned to his indirect accusations that Israel was behind the Hariri murder by accusing Israel of murdering Yasser Arafat when he said, "Of the many assassinations that Israel carried out in a methodical and organized way, the most dangerous thing that Israel did was the assassination of President Yasser Arafat."

On Reform, Asad let down Syrians who may still be expecting something dramatic. He said very little other than that he would not be pushed into things by the West. "Reform begins with our domestic needs and we totally reject any reform imposed from outside under any slogan or pretext," he said.

"We are still at the beginning of a long road, but we will not let it be said that we have achieved nothing. Maybe the (pace) is slow ... but we are speeding as much as possible.”

Asad referred in a general way to moving ahead with the new party law that was recommended at last June's Baath Party meeting, as well as to the anti-corruption campaign that he has talked about since coming to power, and developing an independent judiciary. He said:
We are undertaking several projects that will boost public participation and help enrich democratic life, whether it be linked to the parties’ law or to election and local government laws."

"We are also working on strengthening institutions, the rule of law and judicial independence to activate political life, enrich our national activities and remedy some negative symptoms it is facing.”
Sana has published these paragraphs from the speech
In his address at the Arab Bar Association Conference, President Bashar al-Assad has stressed that the Iraqi issue is a political, pan-Arab and moral earthquake to the Arab Nation and has created a new reality in the Middle East, the tragic feature of which have begun to surface on the structure of its societies, and to shake the conventions and national and pan-Arab affiliation.

“ Phenomenon of terrorism has begun to expand threatening to sabotage the national and social texture of the countries in the region due to wrong international and regional pre-mediated stances regarding the Arab Nation,” al-Assad said, pointing out that terrorism phenomenon is being used as a tool by some forces that allege combating terrorism to terrorize the others…

President al-Assad indicated in his address at the Arab Bar Association Conference that all roads have been blocked before the Middle East peace process not only because the Israeli governments rejection to respond to peace requirements and continuous denial of the Arab rights, but the current international situation and influential forces are not ready also to push the peace process forward, in addition to non commitment of the international community to meet its requirements regarding the peace process and stability in the region…

The current events and circumstances have been the results of the past decades but have intensified in recent years and the Arab nation in paying high price for strange projects and settling the debts of others on its land from the blood of its sons and their stability, " Al-Assad stressed in his address.

In his address at the Arab Bar Association which is being held in Damascus President al-Assad stresses that the stage through which the Arab nation is passing requires high sense of affiliation and readiness for giving and honest work in addition to clarity of vision and direction…

President Bashar al-Assad expressed high appreciation Saturday over the sincere efforts of the Arab lawyers in advocating the right and defending the Arab nation’s causes.

He lauded the Arab lawyers’ solidarity with Syria in the face of dangers surrounding her.

Yesterday's news was the Syria and Iran – Joint Statement that came at the end of the President of Iran's visit to Damascus.

Syria and Iran have agreed to launch joint projects in oil and land and air transport, the official Syria Times newspaper reported

Israeli Defense Ministers Shaul Mofaz blamed Iran and Syria for financing and ordering the Tel Aviv bombing. The defense establishment has "decisive proof that the attack in Tel Aviv was a direct result of the Axis of Terror that operates between Iran and Syria," said Mofaz. "Iran supplied the money, and [Islamic] Jihad's headquarters in Damascus directed the organization's operatives in Nablus, giving operational orders and instructions."

Syria denies it was involved in the Tel Aviv bombing

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in Damascus Jan. 20 at a meeting with the leaders of 10 Palestinian movements. Among the leaders present were Islamic Jihad head Abdullah Ramadan Shala, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-GC leader Ahmed Jibril. The Palestinian leaders pledged to continue their armed struggle and expressed solidarity with Syria as well as Iran and its right to nuclear technology.


At 1/21/2006 03:05:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Sure Joshua. Never lose an opportunity to excuse Bashar el Assad.

Don't worry we're used to it by now.

At 1/21/2006 03:07:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Syria denies it was involved in the Tel Aviv bombing "

Here are other title in the press:

"Syria denies it was involved in the Hariri bombing also"

"Syria denies that there's torture against political prisonners"

"Syria denies that it supports radical Palestinian group"

and my favourite one:

"Vox P. denies that Joshua Landis is sincere in his analysis"

At 1/21/2006 03:15:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Joshua, I noticed that you published every weasel word that Assad uttered, but that you 'forgot' to mention the only part that was politically significant:

"Syria agrees to draw borders with Lebanon
DAMASCUS, Syria, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- Syrian President Bashar Assad said Saturday his country has agreed to draw up its frontiers with neighboring Lebanon in a written consent to Beirut.

Speaking at an Arab Bar Association conference in Damascus, Assad said his government agreed to the Lebanese request to demarcate the borders, but blasted Beirut's request to draw them up from the Shebaa Farms as being an Israeli request.

He said neither Syria nor Lebanon were in the Israeli-occupied farms, adding that "only Israel is there, so what does the demarcation mean? It's just an Israeli request to work against the resistance." "

I am really astonished that you forgot that, but I guess that this omission wasn't politically motivated, right?

At 1/21/2006 03:16:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/21/2006 03:16:00 PM, Blogger amr_usa said...

It might be instructive to compare Joshua's report of Assad's speech to an account of it given by Lebanese bloggers.

At 1/21/2006 03:35:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Joshua Landis: Disgusting! When will you stop? when will you become a human being?

To the regime supporters (Mukhabarat for sure) who post on this CS, you kept saying wait and see Bashar's historical speech this Saturday. Your man is incapable of rising above his pathetic self promoting special interests. Bashar is so much like his evil father. He is mentally sick, but in an evil way that is very sad for the people he was allwoed to govern.

At 1/21/2006 03:37:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...


Are you attempting to break JAM's record in multiple posts?

As for the speech I have not read it yet. But I feel it is unwise that there have been no set dates for any of the so-called reforms in the pipelines. While it might save the leadership of sticking to a strict deadline, the long wait will give everyone (including the avg Syrian) the impression that there never will be any reforms.

At 1/21/2006 03:42:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Innocent but criminal? Go play with your self.. I know you are always posting here, under EC name and others.

You are watched, you dirt!

At 1/21/2006 04:00:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

IC, I know the latest theory in town. Bashar couldn't reform Syria previously before because of Khaddam and Kanaan. Now that these guys have been 'reformed', Bashar can start working (after 6 years!). Yipee! Happy ending for Syria.

Oh, but wait! The thing is that Bashar had to use (hum, hum) 'unorthodx' means to get rid of his opponents and the free world is coming after him. You can't reform your country when facing international pressure because of your involvement in terrorist attacks. How unfortunate (but true).

Some say that Bashar can't reform, some say that he won't. It's irrelevant to me. Syria needs a real change.

At 1/21/2006 04:03:00 PM, Blogger Lebanese Pride said...

Joshua dumb PRO syrian faggot! IS your head still up Bashars ass that you can't write a unbiased response. You and Bashar AND all syrians dirty monkeys can go fuck your self.

Bashar trying to rally the dumb syrians behind him, so he can "fight" the securty! I was glad that he was defiant and dumb now the USA and UN have an even better reason to bomb you dirty syrians! ENJOY! HOPEFULLY JOSHUA LANDIS WILL BE THERE WHEN THE BOMBING STARTS, U FUCKER LANDIS!


At 1/21/2006 04:07:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/21/2006 04:18:00 PM, Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/21/2006 04:34:00 PM, Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/21/2006 04:38:00 PM, Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

The banner behind Assad as he spoke today read: "Defending Syria is National Right and Duty". (for picure go to
Who is Assad's sign writer? He should blow him up.
How credible are Assad's words if he says them under a flawed syntax.
I thought the tall-geeky-dictator was educated in London but then again he spoke of "treeessson" with Christiane Amanpour on CNN when he meant "treason".
His "I struck a deal with Kissinger and the Israelis to stay in power" dad stuck to Arabic, mini-Assad should instruct his mustachoid fans at the ministry of information to that effect.

At 1/21/2006 05:11:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Lebanese-Pride is a Syrian Mukhabarat. Syria's (Assad) agents work this way. they stir troubles, and wsih to make it a battle between Syrians and lebanese which is not. The battle is one for syrians and Lebanese and that is to fight the criminal regime in Syria headed by the Assad family.

They do the same in other sites, by attacking Alawi oppositions to the Assad regime, and equating Alawi oppositions with Alawi prponents of the regime, and in doing so, they stir a sectarian fight which the regime uses to show that its disappearacnce will mean civil war. The tricks the assad Mukhabarat work sometimes, but it is time all honourable people pay attention to them, and let these people bark with no responbse.

At 1/21/2006 05:32:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

By our hearts, by our soul, by our blood, we will defend you Bashar and defend Syria.

I love it, Dear President give the Jews and their puppets in Lebanon and elsewahere your best. Give'm a whole buch of Re-run episodes of the "BEST OF ASSAD"

We are ready to make you and Syria STRONG, We are UNITED behind you.

At 1/21/2006 05:42:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...


According to your ingenious observations, everyone on this forum is now Mukhabarat except you. Wow, talk about pathological paranoia. I suggest you seek help immediately, because we are watching you...

Regarding Bashar's speech, I must admit, it was very disappointing and pointless. Bashar didn't say much, but just rehashed the same old crap about putting the Syrian people on the line to defend his ass from the attacks by the US.

Meanwhile, the most anticipated patt of the speech, internal reforms, was quickly glossed over by Bashar in less than a minute of his hour+ speech.

Very very disappointing.

Oh, and that stupid sign behind him, what a bunch of idiots. Isn't there a single person in Syria/Egypt/etc. who can speak proper English?

At 1/21/2006 05:44:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

AASADARATHONE and ASSADAMENIA Please. It is the only language the Jews and their GOHYYEEM in the world understand.

At 1/21/2006 05:44:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

[[[[ By our hearts, by our soul, by our blood, we will defend you Bashar ]]]]

Same usual bark by those who know nothing else. Those barkers are the parasites that were shouting for every body who was in power in any Arab country. Once this leader leaves in humiliation, they will be shouting again, the same barks for the new power, or the new leader that will take his place.

Such are the Arab Barbarians of the 20th and 21st centuries.

No wonder, Arabs are way behind even other 3rd world countries, despite all of the wealth the oil is producing in their pockets and foreign accounts.

At 1/21/2006 06:01:00 PM, Blogger Pascal The Fucking Arab Barbarian said...

"Defending Syria is National Right and Duty".

At 1/21/2006 06:03:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

بالعربي نقول: حكى بدري..

القول عن المتسمي دماء دمشق

DB said : "Oh, and that stupid sign behind him, what a bunch of idiots. Isn't there a single person in Syria/Egypt/etc. who can speak proper English?"

No. They are all waiting for you to finish your education outside, in the West, I presume, to go back and to start speaking proper English in Egypt, Syria, etc... as you claimed.

At least, you are truly a dummy ass hole when you make such a claim about Egyptians. May be Syria has a shortage of foreign languages perfectionists, but for you to think you are any better is an insult to humanity.

Now, DB has said few negative words about his Assad. He does so between now and then so he may sound a "balanced' individual, or Neutral as IDAF put it; The oldest trick in the political books, but a dummy one here on this blog, for you are not that intelligent anyway when you do your pretensions.

I am shocked that you, DB are shocked of the speech of Assad. You know why? Because I really had no hope for you, and though I know why you did so, I am starting to think that may be, there is some hope after all. just may be, so don't count on it. More probably, your tail will always be bent no matter what you do.

At 1/21/2006 06:06:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

For the oldest capital in the world to be led by a man like this are an abomination and a massive embarrassment. He is inept, unqualified and dangerous. This is not a good combination. SRP wants to unite behind him. Unite behind what? Unite behind the man that will beat the Jews? What rubbish. I challenge him to fire a single bullet towards Israel. I challenge him to fly one single plane that belongs to his poorly fed poorly quipped army. Let me get this straight. His father is the defense minister who attacked Israel and lost the Golan. He then picked his son out of 10 million men and asked him to run the charade that he will be the one getting it back. It is a lie. This man is not even qualified to run a medial clinic, how can he possibly be qualified to lead a country of 20 million people? Please someone, anyone, put this country out of its misery and get this gang out of here.

At 1/21/2006 06:09:00 PM, Blogger Pascal The Fucking Arab Barbarian said...

I am an Israeli fagot in desperate need for Coptic Egyptian man, must be older, twice my age for committed relation and must be Ehglish perfectionist.

At 1/21/2006 06:20:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

[[[[ I challenge him to fire a single bullet towards Israel. I challenge him to fly one single plane that belongs to his poorly fed poorly quipped army ]]]]

Are you serious with this challenge?

he will not be dragged down to this low level. Bashar Assad, like his father before him, and over 35 years of "preparing" Syria for the ultimate battle have said at least 10000 times to people like you and others that "they will not be dragged to a battle the Israelis choose the time and place for", but it is they 'who will choose the time and place'. just remember that. That will definitely happen in some life time of some generations to come, but don't try to excite him, and make him make the mistake of starting a war "syria is not prepared for". that will be considered "treason". Some day, Hafez Bashar assad may fly a plane over Israel.

At 1/21/2006 06:39:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

It is just more stalling and in fact waiting till Bush is out and easy and willing lady Clinton is in. I know Bush still have a “Joker card, or Ace” under his sleeve (OBL) suddenly before November Congressional Elections or the U.S. Presidential Election is caught, out of the blue. Will not be enough, and will be forgotten in couple of days.

I seriously doubt anything will bale out Republicans in neither the Congressional or Presidential races.
1- The Iran conflict going to drive oil prices to 80+ Dollars. Any actual conflict, rather than threat of one, will push ppb over the $100 mark if not much more.
2- The DOW already, even before the Iran/oil problem surfaced, failed to break and hold the 11k mark It has attempted to push beyond this target number for sometime and failed. Yesterday we had the first drop over 200 points back to the low 600’s. a serious technical problem now.
3- This will translate into repeating the 2002-2005 cycle on the lower bell curve, down to low 10000, or worse back to 9800’s, a very serious problem for the economy and consumer sentiment etc..etc..
4- Real Estate bubble prices tapering down and it is also now on the 8 years cycle turn the downward arm of the bell. This will leave so many Americans with very high mortgage payment and loans and shrinking real estate value, dipping below these easy financing home prices that will leave American with high mortgage debt added to high consumer debt at just the time when Bush and his Republicans needs the economy to accelerate. This coincident which is more of a Cyclical nature than Bush doing is unfortunately going to coincide with the U.S Presidential election time. Sort of like his father, the elder Bush met the same 8 years Cyclical timing.
5- Bush wasted precious time and resources on every nitty gritty that is needed to be done and there is simply no time to do it now. So President Assad is counting President Bush, his Republican Congress, Republican administration, Neo-Con
Artists, Comicky Warriors and Sadistically Torturers all out.

Lets face it, Republican plundered the time, partly because of the greedy Zionists. We Syrians who are trying to make a change in Syria have only ourselves to do it. That is why I am saying that what we needed was Bush Political and Financial support to talk and negotiate with President Assad, to give him a confidence that this will be a positive change for everyone. It will be a win-win situation for Syrians and ultimetly, Iraq and Lebanon.

That was the problem, win-win for everyone, but not the Israeli, and that is why we never got that support. The greedy Zionists co-opted with greedy petro-insane and dreamed wilder dreams that are not attainable and are poorly planned and horribly executed. They should have settled for the sane plan that was introduced by SSPRS.

And the Winner is: President Bashar Assad of the Syrian Arab Republic.
Wish they will take that fucking 4 letters word out of my country name.

At 1/21/2006 06:43:00 PM, Blogger ActiveListener said...

Dr Josh, please, before you post another item, invest some time in cleaning up and moderating the comments sections on your site. You're leaving it to get out of control.

At 1/21/2006 06:49:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...

JAM, aka Pascal

why don't you stop your lame shell game? it's so obvious. Pascal calls people 'dummy', Jam calls people 'dummy'.

JAM, when you try to use all your pathological multiple personalities, at least try to make them sound different.


I agree with you, Bashar is inept and has proven that he doesn't give a rat's ass about the Syrian people. Don't you think I wished that a stray bullet found its way into his head yesterday? what's the end game? how will we ever remove this incompetent regime? I hate the American solution because it means bloodshed and division.

I think the only way to salvation is for the Syrian people to wake up and revolt. An unrealistic proposition, from what I've seen yesterday.

At 1/21/2006 06:52:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

SRP/Metaz/Lebanesegeek/Pascal the f* Arab barbarian

Stick to one username please and take some mutliple personnality disorder (MPD) medication.

Thank you.

At 1/21/2006 06:54:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...


""" I think the only way to salvation is for the Syrian people to wake up and revolt. An unrealistic proposition, from what I've seen yesterday."""

Look who is calling for a revolution!! This ass hole who supports Bashar when things sound good for Bashar, and who attacks him when things sound bad as if his fall is imminent.

At 1/21/2006 06:56:00 PM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

Yes DB I agree the speech from what I am hearing about is a huge dissapointment. (and the embarrassing for Syrians--it is symbolic) And I also echo Ehsani's words. Another missed opportunity for Bashar.

I am now worried how the UN is going to handle Bashar's refusal. Lets hope the peopel do not pay more for this.

At 1/21/2006 06:59:00 PM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

So in other words DB, we are stuck with Bashar for the time being. Unless the UN can come up with something that forces him to give up power willingly. Fat chance I know.

At 1/21/2006 07:05:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


Your support for Bashar is very much like Khadam's support for him and his father. the minute you see his ship is sinking, you jump out, but while supporting him, you get all of the benefits.

So, no wonder Syria is governed by the retarded selfish family of Assad. people like you, and they are a good percentage of the Syrian people have no principles, and always are looking for opportunities, in failure of the regime as in its successes, for your own private interests, and nothing else. Such is the commercial class of peple among Syrians. It is they who have committed the biggest treason against the Syrian people and against the country itself.

I also sense that Joshua Lndis, whenever he feels that Assad's ship might not be rescuable he starts to show some sense and criticise him, and he sounds less of a fanatic lover to him.

DB: Is the word dummy patented to me alone for usage?

I think you are unable to take criticism from others to the garbage you spew here.


At 1/21/2006 07:09:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


You speak like you know anything about the U.S. economy. Oil is going to $100, The Dow is going to collapse, the real estate bubble is going to burst and America is going to be on its knees while Bashar will be the winner.

What nonsense. Do you know what the current value of equities and real estate holdings by all American households is? Do you have any idea what the number is?

It is in excess of 38 Trillion Dollars. This is just what American “households” own. Do you know what close to 40 Trillion Dollar means? It is four times what their annual GDP is. When their economy grows by 4% a year, their already astonishing $10 trillion economy grows by another $400 billion a year. This is $400 billion additional wealth that got created. To sit here and suggest the imminent demise of America is nothing but silly. All you are doing is showing your ignorance. The NASDAQ went down by 50%. In the meantime, America fought two wars. It got hit by a number of massive natural disasters. Yet, its power and dominance has not even been scratched. Bashar is the winner? The winner of what, a winner of a sinking ship with 20 million on board?

There is no way out but for us to seek foreign help. We should not be ashamed to admit that we need it. Without outside help, this inept person will shove his son on us the way his dad shoved him down our throats five years ago.

At 1/21/2006 07:21:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

LOL, Ehsani2: What about Orontes corporation? Isn't it adding anything to the US treasury? Nothing at all?

At 1/21/2006 07:44:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Here's an article of the Washington Post on Riad el Seif

"Syria Frees 5 Political Activists
Released Opposition Leader to Create 'New Liberal Party'

DAMASCUS, Syria, Jan. 18 -- The government freed five prominent prisoners Wednesday, including a former parliamentary leader and activist who quickly announced that he would form a new political party in the hope of opening the way for immediate democratic change.

Riad Seif, one of the country's boldest and most charismatic opposition figures, was arrested in 2001 along with nine other activists in a crackdown on democracy forums that emerged shortly after President Bashar Assad came to power in 2000. The forums marked a period of ferment dubbed the Damascus Spring, in which Syrians gathered freely for the first time in decades to demand greater democracy and an end to corruption."

At 1/21/2006 08:01:00 PM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

Bravo Riad Seif! Nice article.

At 1/21/2006 08:19:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...


I don't know why I'm even conversing with you still. I'm not the one playing this lame game, which will hopefully be revealed once Dr. Landis starts logging IP addresses. Probably I'll just go and write a linguistic analysis program that will show lexical similarities b/w people here on SC, then we'll know for sure who's who. But in your case, JAM, it's too obvious.

As for my lack of support for Bashar, this is nothing new. I was just a little more optimistic than most, hoping that he will change, but apparently "danab al kalb a3waj" as they say. I never changed my positions on anything, I'm just trying to analyze things in an honest, somewhat optimistic manner. Obviously, you view the world from a very dark vintage point, seeing everything in black, not to mention your stupid paranoia and your lack of any real argument, except calling everyone who doesn't agree with you Assadist, Mukhabarat, or whatever crap you come up with.

I think that you suffer from the serial-troll-syndrome. That's how you get your high and you reaffirm your mental superiority to yourself. Godd for you. I will no longer feed your stupid ego, and I ecourage others to start ignoring this MP troll.

At 1/21/2006 11:53:00 PM, Blogger zobahhan said...

vox and jam are both bedouins

At 1/22/2006 01:35:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

Regarding the Shebaa Farms, UPI omits an important quote from President Asad's speech:

"Ce n'est pas à la Syrie de démontrer que ce secteur est libanais, mais au Liban. Comment pouvons-nous fournir des documents sur quelque chose qui ne nous appartient pas?", s'est-il demandé à propos de la demande de preuves formulée par des responsables libanais confirmant que les fermes de Chebaa sont bien libanaises.

La Syrie ouverte à tout effort pour rétablir les relations Beyrouth/Damas
Le Monde

At 1/22/2006 05:07:00 AM, Blogger Abou Fehmi said...

TO zadigvoltaire;

Don't be so critical please. You have to take in to account your audience. It is not the English speaking intellectuals such as yourself.

We spreak English the same way the Lebanese speak French. Both are helarious. in fact, there is a nick name for the those little boys in Beirut that keep on saying "comment on dit ca en arabe?". we calle them in Damascus "Francais Facile" in every sense of the word.

Here are some the funny Lebanese French expressions:
Prends sur tois: Khod 3aleik
Passes nous Voir: Mrok Choufna.

Abou Fehmi

At 1/25/2006 12:54:00 AM, Blogger tony said...

give us a break you are married to an allawi so does that give the right to join them with their hatress

At 1/25/2006 02:09:00 AM, Blogger shamee27 said...

I just came back from long visit to Syria... I noticed the following:

ordinary people don't give a damn about what is happening between the regime and the UN the majority whom I spoke to want the regime down ASAP.

Islam is on the rise, Islamic classes are held everywhere in mosques, homes....

The economic and social situations are getting worse ......

Rami makhloof still the guy who is controlling the Syrian economy .....

The mokhabarat still up and running in the same cruel way at the time of king asad the first the only difference now that they have bigger and nicer buildings....


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