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Why Lebanon Should Repair Relations with Syria

“Why Lebanon should accept Saudi mediation to end its cabinet crisis and repair relations with Syria”
By Joshua Landis
January 28, 2006

Many in Lebanon found my last post: “Hariri in US: What will he Get?" objectionable. Kais, who writes at “From Beirut to the Beltway,” said this:

I found Joshua Landis's commentary on Saad Hariri's visit to the US rather insulting. Joshua continues to interpret events through the Syrian regime's prism, which is unfortunate. This particular piece contained many presumptions and factual errors.

According to Landis, "Hariri wants to go back to Beirut. He will need Bush's help to do it, unless he is to accept the Jeddah formula and make peace with Bashar al-Asad and Hizbullah, which seems to be off the table for now. Junblat undercut that move quickly, but it looked as if Saad Hariri was ready to sign onto the Saudi deal and bow to Hizbullah."

Of course Joshua is conflating two separate things: the Saudi proposal to end the "crisis" between Lebanon and Syria and the Jeddah agreement to settle the cabinet crisis, which has to do with Hizbullah's status in the country. Saad may have backed out on the second after giving what could best be described as a conditional approval, but he never agreed to the Saudi proposal, which would have given Syria control of Lebanon all over again.
I appreciate Kais’ refusal to see the Jeddah agreement to settle the cabinet crisis in Lebanon and the Saudi attempt to broker a modus vivendi between Syria and Lebanon as being of a piece; nevertheless, I believe that the two are intimately related; one cannot be achieved without the other. Clearly Saudi Arabia sees them as two cars pulled by the same engine, meant to pull us out of the Lebanon crisis. Hizbullah does as well. So, undoubtedly, does Hariri.

To make peace with Hizbullah means accepting two conditions. First, Hizbullah demands that its "resistance" to Israel and its military status be recognized by the Lebanese government as legitimate national policy. Second, it “rejects agitation in Lebanon for any war against Syria,” referring to calls for regime change in Damascus.

These demands are also Syrian demands for they would have the result of undercutting UN resolutions 1559 and 1663, which target Syria. Resolution 1559 targets Syria, despite the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, because it calls for the disarming of Hizbullah (see Bolton's most recent demand that “Syria disarm Hizbullah” in compliance with 1559). 1663 targets Syria because it demands compliance with the Hariri murder investigation under threat of economic or military punishment. Hizbullah withdrew its members from the government in protest over Siniora’s demand to broaden 1663 to include all the recent assassinations as well as to establish an international court to convict the guilty. In order to end the cabinet crises and get Hizbullah to return its ministers, the March 14 alliance and Hariri are being asked to go easy on Syria. Syria’s main foreign policy goal is to get out from under these two UN resolutions, which could result in further economic or military harm to it.

It will be very difficult for Hariri to end the present cabinet crisis without consenting to these two Hizb demands (and also Syrian demands), both of which will put him at odds with the US, with his own followers, and with his conscience. I fully appreciate the difficult spot he is in.

I also do not believe that General Aoun is pro-Syria in the sense that he welcomes Syrian occupation. We all know of his long, and yes, honorable stand for Lebanese independence. On the other hand, his actions make it clear that he distinguishes between independence and accommodating Syrian interests. Now that Syrian troops are out of the country, he is looking for an accommodation. This is aided by his desire to become President, for which Shiite votes are crucial, being that he does not have the backing of either the Future Current or the US. In this sense, Aoun is seen to have become pro-Syrian by American authorities because he is proposing a "temporary" accommodation with Hizb, which puts him at odds with both Hariri’s and US policy. Syria appreciates Aoun’s position; the US does not. Hariri is the odd man out in this combination, hence the pressure on Hariri to come to an accommodation with Hizb and thereby push Aoun aside. Both Aoun and Hariri need to woo Hizb, Syria's ally, which brings us back to the connection between Saudi's two related attempts to patch up a truce between Hariri and Hizb and Hariri and Syria. Saudi wants its Lebanese ally, Hariri, to win by going back to Lebanon and dominating politics there. It wants Lebanon to prosper. We should not forget that Saudi Arabia is the country that will be footing the bill for Lebanon’s debt renegotiation and not the US.

Syria will not let Hariri return to Lebanon and dominate politics there unless Hariri separates himself from the two UN resolutions which target Syria.

Here we get back to Saad Hariri's dilemma. He has two choices. He can go back to Beirut if Asad is overthrown or placed in prison, or he can go back to Beirut if he accommodates Syrian and Hizb demands. In the first instance, he will have complete justice for his father's murder, in the second, he will not.

Now we must consider the likelihood of both outcomes. Will Resolution 1663 and the UN investigation of his father's murder result in Asad's downfall or imprisonment, which would be 100 percent justice? The probability is very small. Moreover, it is not clear that Washington is actually interested in Asad's downfall or imprisonment. Most analysts suggest Washington hopes only to weakening Asad, which - let us say - is equivalent to 70 percent justice. (By weakening, we would have to mean ensuring that Syria was not strong enough to threaten Saad on his return to Beirut and could not prevent the disarming of Hizbullah - both highly unlikely outcomes.)

What do the Saudis offer Hariri if he patches up relations with Hizb on the one hand and Syria on the other? They are offering him 50 percent justice. The UN investigation will go forward and continue to isolate, embarrass, and discomfort Syria, but President Asad will not be asked to testify and presumably he and his family members will avoid conviction, and Syria will avoid UN sanctions. This is what most Middle East states seem to be pushing for and what is most likely to be the outcome of the investigation. Let us suppose that Syrian security chieftains, such as Ghazale and Juma Juma, will be convicted. Hizbullah will also be allowed to keep its arms into the immediate future, and Hariri will have to write off the remaining articles of Resolution 1559. He will also have to soften his demand for an international court even though Western leaders believe, Mehlis has stated, and most Lebanese aver that Asad ordered his father’s death.

This may seem like scant justice to many Lebanese for Rafiq Bey’s murder, and they will argue that it is not equivalent to 50 percent justice. But we should also take into account that Rafiq was killed because he supported resolution 1559, which called for the complete withdrawal of Syrian troops and the disarming of Hizbullah and an end to resistance against Israel. Syrian troops are out of Lebanon and the country is no longer occupied, which is a lot. Rafiq’s death had a great deal to do with Syria’s withdrawal. It mobilized the Lebanese against Syria. Many see him as a martyr who gave his life for Lebanese independence, which in many respects he did. Syria paid a large price for Hariri’s death; it was not in vain.

Of course, some will argue that gaining independence from Syrian occupation is not sufficient. Why? Because Hizbullah remains armed, the resistance against Israel continues, and Syria retains residual influence over Lebanese politics through its Lebanese allies. Thus, Hariri’s goals were not fulfilled, they will argue.

The only response to this is that Hariri was never opposed to Syrian influence, as such; rather, he was opposed to Syria hindering Lebanon’s development and prosperity. That is why he worked closely with Syria during the 1980s, when Syria offered Lebanon a security umbrella and assisted its resurrection from civil war, and why he began to fall out with Syria during the 1990s, when Syria’s occupation became stifling.

It is clear where I am going with this argument, and we needn’t argue about percentages, no matter how distasteful they are in discussing justice. I don’t believe Lebanon will get 100% justice. I don’t believe it will get the 70% justice that some believe the US can deliver. I don’t think the US has a plan for getting Saad back to Beirut or for unseating Asad. I believe Bashar al-Asad is in a fairly strong position and will be ruling Syria for some time to come. One Lebanese said to me: “Washington is willing to fight Syria to the last Lebanese.” This is a glib summation, but it contains an element of truth. Some of the reasons the US is trying to weaken Asad have nothing to do with Lebanon or its present interests. The US did a tremendous favor to Lebanon by helping to push Syrian troops from its soil. It is not doing Lebanon a favor by pursuing the conflict with Syria ad-infinitum.

I think Saad Hariri should accept the 50% justice that Saudi Arabia believes it can attain. This will mean a big compromise on Hariri’s part, but it is one, I think, his father would have approved of. First, it will bring Saad back to Beirut where he is needed. Only the Sunnis can lead Lebanon now, but they must come to an accommodation with the Shiites. To do this, Saad must also find a way out of his war with Asad, which the Shiites insist he do. This will be the hardest part, but it can be done because Syria needs Hariri if it wants to get out from under the intense pressure of the UN, the threat of sanctions, and US cross hairs. Syria may have Hariri boxed out of Lebanon, but Hariri has Syria boxed out of world affairs. An accommodation does not have to be surrender. Syria will never control Lebanon as it did when its troops occupied the country. Hariri has bargaining power.

What is more, only Saad’s return and an end to the cabinet crisis will mean progress and prosperity for Lebanon, two things that Rafiq held higher than even his own welfare and safety. Those are the goals that Saad should be willing to sacrifice a hundred percent justice for. In the end, they are achievable and they are the ultimate recompense for his father’s death. The welfare of Lebanon is justice. That was Rafiq Bey’s goal and wish.

Some commentators have claimed that my suggestion that Saad Hariri compromise with Hizbullah and Syria is motivated either by a perverse love of Asad or hatred for Bush and American policy. It is neither. I do think that US policy is misguided because it is unrealizable. I believe that by pursuing confrontation and demanding 100% achievement of American goals, the US will attain much less, than the 50% it could get if it were willing to bend and compromise. Force is sometimes necessary. I don’t dispute that. But in this instance, it will fail.

By creating the sharp dichotomies between good and evil and by constantly relegating whole nations to catagories like the “axis of evil,” the United States has lost chances to reach accommodations that are acceptable. It has made perfection the enemy of the good. This was the case in Iraq with the disbanding of the army and demonization of Baathists. This uncompromising policy caused needless bloodshed and the likelihood of failure because it radicalized so many and created more enemies than America can defeat. Recent elections in Iran, Iraq, Palestine, and Egypt have demonstrated that the extremists have multiplied, not decreased. American militancy has provoked greater extremism. In all likelihood, Washington and Tel Aviv are now making the decision to cut crucial subsidies and funding to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, which will starve Palestinian society further. This will make a mockery of democracy. It will incite more radicalism. It will strengthen support for Hizbullah and Damascus and make them more certain of their success.

Sometimes, it is better to accept half a loaf than to insist on a whole one. Unilateralism cannot always work. That is why I believe the deal Saudi Arabia and Egypt are trying to obtain for the Lebanese and Syria is worth pursuing. I think the Lebanese who shoot it down are being unrealistic. They will not topple Bashar or disarm Hizbullah by fiat. Setting such goals is to court failure. Saad Hariri, I think, understands this. His supporters need to give him the maneuvering room to make a deal, come home, and continue his father’s legacy and vindicate his death by fixing an independent Lebanon.


At 1/29/2006 03:00:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Hizbullah should not be disarmed and President Assad should not deal with this fraud U.N.Investigation while the Syrian Golan Heights still occupied in violation of U.N. resolutions and International Agreements. Hizbullah should only be disarmed when the Jews are not occupying Syrian and Lebanese land, accept the return of Palestinian refugee back. Otherwise, we are in an official state of war with the Jews. No one under such a state should be able to make demand on Syria or Hizbullah to disarm.

Additionally, Israel need to stop it's belligerent and evil attack on the peaceful Iranians that are minding own business, trying to secure Iran energy future. Finally Israel needs to account for all it's nuclear weapon activities and surrender such to the International Community. Afterward peace talk should resume and be forcefully enforced on the parties, especially the Jewish Administration. Should they not comply with any of these agreements, then International Economic sanctions should be slammed and International Naval Blockade should be enforced until such legitimate and legal demands by the International community is met by the Jews.

At 1/29/2006 03:11:00 AM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

It is time for Syrians to stand up and demand from this evil, corrupt and immorally incompetent United Nation Syrian rights to the Golan and compensation for Sharon destruction of the city of Konaitra.

We need to start a massive program to mobilize the world against Israeli illegal occupation of Syrian and Lebanese land and the worthless U.N. resolutions. We must campaign to enforce implementation of internationally agreed upon 30 years old resolutions.


We should also focus on Israel Nuclear weapons. These weapons are threat to the world and Israel is in violation of 1000s of United Nation Resolutions. Israel must open it’s nuclear installation for inspection and be under control regiment to audit past, present and future operation of it’s nuclear reactor and the whole program.

The Human Rights violations are appalling and have been also the subject of 1000's of condemnations and resolutions by the United Nations, International Right Orgs and the World decent countries.

Many of Israel leaders faces Criminal genocide prosecution in several European countries and are on the wanted list of few of them.

Why are the world ignoring these violations by the Jews in Israel? We must work on highlighting and bringing these U.N. and International violation to the surface and forefront of our struggle globally. The Foreign ministry in Syria is not doing good enough job and neither the Ambassadors.

It is time for President Assad to prepare a campaign that is effective in securing worldwide support for the return of the Golan by imposing global economic and Diplomatic sanctions on Israel, until it fulfill these resolutions and address human right issues.

We must set up media and action funds to finance these worldwide campaigns and expose these Jewish transgressions on our Syrian People and Nation.


Metaz K.M. Aldendeshe
Syrian Republican Party
Committed to bring dignity to Syria

At 1/29/2006 03:20:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Report: US Deal in the Works With Syria
09:00 Jan 29, '06 / 29 Tevet 5766

( The American government is negotiating a deal with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad that would permit Assad to remain in power in return for Syrian compliance with American interests in Iraq.

According to the exclusive ynet report quoting a “senior source in Damascus,” Saudi intermediaries are working to broker the deal with would limit Syrian ties with Iraq as well as Damascus agreeing to tighten border controls to cut off the arm supplies to anti-American elements in Iraq. In return, America will back off, ending its pressure to oust al-Assad and/or seek international sanctions against Damascus.

Assad also agrees to hand over senior officials suspected of involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and America will no longer seek the arrest of Assad and his brother-in-law, both implicated in the murder.

According to the report, the Syrian ruler has fallen short of all-out cooperation, and he remains unwilling to comply with US requests to disarm Hizbullah in an effort to bring an end to attacks along Israel’s northern border as well as Hizbullah involvement in terrorism inside Israel.

At 1/29/2006 03:53:00 AM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Well Imad, that hum-intel report we got 3 months ago was very accurate. I remember posting here about it way back. Impressed that President Assad held his foot on Lebanon and Hizbullah, I thought he may, he is the one really holding all the leverage on everyone else. He knows that for sure. All those dumb pundits, predicting this and that!!!!

I guess you have to look at it from the upcoming U.S. Election point of view. November is coming soon and the Republican wants things as quite as possible. Even rosy a little is better, they need something positive to take to the voting public in November and this will give them a lot of time if Bashar keeps his promise on keeping Iraq quite. Don’t know about the Presidential election, I think Bush (Republicans) would even need a bigger favor from President Assad then. He will be holding even a bigger leverage then, when the Hariri act of god affair fizzle and so as the U.N. investigation. What incentive would Bush have for President Assad to keep the front quite at that time.

Looks like Assad will be in even more control then and hold better leverage. He can even decide to get even and give the Republican and their neocons a Democratic Victory treat.
That will be some back pay. Bashar may say paytime dudes.

My feeling is this scam U.N. investigation and all those opposition meetings in Washington will just drag one till the next Presidential election. Then Clinton the chick will repeat the same détente Clinton the man maintained with the elder Assad. Banning U.S. Officials meeting with Syrian oppositions and same o, same o.

See how smart I am, told ya this what will happened and ya all said “I am an OLD MAN”. “I am not in tune with time” and the other crap.

So satisfied that you fuckers are quite and mum now. I sleep better.
I should have listened to my Russian wife and saved this one entire year of my life for sex and play with the kid.

“Never trust a Yale grad” Vito my Atlantis Corporation marketing Vice President used to tell me. I was 24 and he was 57, you gotta listen to older , more experienced person, at least learn that please.

Night Night

At 1/29/2006 03:58:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...


Can you please make a stop of article postings on the comment section instead of just links? its quiet annoying. and also posting by different nicknames from the same ip address seems objectionable to me and I am sure more here in the comment section agree.

I also discussed, although not extensively, why Lebanon should initiate the mending of relations with Syria in my last post.

"I believe that the Lebanese need to be the better man so to say, and help the understandably paranoid Damascus with its worries. Especially when it comes to the very feasible possibility that Lebanon will become the breading ground for regime-change parties. Why shouldn't Syria be that better man? well they are getting a beaten and you cant think reasonably when you are being attacked."


At 1/29/2006 05:00:00 AM, Blogger ActiveListener said...

"I should have listened to my Russian wife and saved this one entire year of my life for sex and play with the kid."

Yes, yes, do what your wife says.

Good idea. Don't worry about SyriaComment, it will be OK.

At 1/29/2006 05:57:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/29/2006 06:11:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Joshua your post is outrageous. Syria is conducting a terror campaign in Lebanon and you write:

"Why Lebanon Should Repair Relations with Syria"

Shouldn’t you write "Why Syria Should Repair Relations with Syria"

Lebanon should not and will not do something simply because Syria is threatening its leaders. By the way, you never explicitly acknowledged Syria's responsibility in this terror campaign. You did wrote that Saad Hariri had to negotiate with Syria if he wanted to come back in Lebanon, admitting implicitly that Syria was somewhat related to these bombings.

Of course, this does not prevent you from publishing stupid conspiracy theory in order to give an alternative explication to these attacks. But quoting people like Idaf is really lame. You don't want to endanger your reputation as a scholar by developing stupid conspiracy theory, so you put these words in some idiot's mouth. This is the technique of an intellectual coward.

To say the least, it is strange that a person pretending to give an insight on Syrian politics never talk about this fundamental issue. Am I the only one who thinks that the question of Syria’s responsibility in these attacks deserve a clear answer? When it comes to the bombings in Lebanon you always write evasive sentences that sounds like this "Syria may or may not be behind these attacks but …".

Surely a man who pretends to be a scholar on Syria and who is frequently quoted by the international press on these issues has an opinion on the subject?

Please, I am going to ask you one question and I ask you not to ignore it. I know that you read the comment section because you sometimes quote these comments in your posts. Do you think that Syria is responsible for the wave of bombings in Lebanon? This question can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no'. Can you give a clear and explicit answer for once.

You also say that Lebanon should allow Hezbollah to keep its weapons, which is one of Syria’s officious requests. You don’t even given an explanation as to why does Hezbollah want to retain these weapons. You deliberately ignore the fact that Lebanon civil war was mainly fought by private sectarian groups armed to the teeth and that there can’t be a reason why one sect is armed while the others are not. Do you know any normal country that allows an Islamist party to keep a military wing that is roughly the size than the army?

I don't have time to reply to your whole post right now, but I'll come back later.

And by the way, I think that you earned the privilege to be called the American Baathist. Use this privilege if you want, but for your reader's sake, don't abuse it.

At 1/29/2006 06:19:00 AM, Blogger raf* said...

dear josh,

most of those who objected to your previous post did not do so because of its content, but because of its (i.e. YOUR) tone.

it seemed like you were (virtually) sitting on the same bench as bashar al-asad, smirking together at sa'd hariri's mounting troubles.

add to that your second "whoopie, the syrian economy is prospering!" part ... and you'll understand why some readers - and not just lebanese ones - where "somewhat puzzled", to use a euphemism.

on a not-quite-related note: whatever happened to the guy who supposedly is moderating this comment section? and why are "repeat offenders" not simply banned? do you want to risk a repeat of last summer?

it's not that hard to get an eager undergrad to filter out insulting comments on a daily basis.


At 1/29/2006 06:43:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I think what Josh is "advising" Saad to do is to a pull a "Junblatt" by mending relations with the people that killed his father. to be like Junblaat a political survivor. And even though things are now very different than they were in 1977, some things have not and will not. such as the syrian influence in Syria. Sa'ad has one hell of juggling act ahead of him. and he needs to set priorities straight very soon. His country's well-being or his father's legacy and justice for his death, i just dont see how he can get all of them.


At 1/29/2006 08:28:00 AM, Blogger Umm Kais said...


I can only emphasize what Vox has already mentioned. Your title alone, "Why Lebanon Should Repair Relations with Syria" is BEYOND arrogant. You're implying that Lebanon has "screwed up" its relations with Syria, not the other way around...WAKE UP JOSH.

Maybe Syria should stop murdering Lebanese on Lebanese soil--you know all those years of Lebanese being kidnapped, tortured in Anjar and various other locations, murdered, then perhaps left in the trunk of a car (those were the days, weren't they??) for DARING to criticize Syria. Or the recent bombing campaigns that just happen to target very outspoken critics of Syria. I mean, jeez, Lebanon really is at fault for all the kidnapping, torturing, and murdering by Syrians. First of all, it's amazing that you constantly ignore the horror Syria has caused in Lebanon over many years--you seem to think Lebanon should just sweep that under the rug and forget it ever happened. Second of all, you don't seem to mind that some of these horrible things have happened to Syria's own people by the same people in charge. Your main concern seems to be saving Bashar's face and "dignity".

I really can't read your posts anymore, as you've gone too far. As Vox said, you really just can't utter that Syria MAY have been responsible for the above-mentioned atrocities.

Oh, and by the way, it's "Sheikh Rafiq", not "Rafiq Bey", he was never referred to as Rafiq Bey--this small mistake reminds us how little you actually know and understand about Lebanon.


At 1/29/2006 08:30:00 AM, Blogger why-discuss said...

Josh, I agree with the essential point you mentionned. There is no way Lebanon can recover from the deep economical an political stalemate it is in unless something or someone breaks the deadlock with Syria. Syria's geographic and historical links to Lebanon cannot be erased with a UN resolution or the hatred of some Lebanese. Saad Hariri is in a dilemma and I wonder if the guy has the guts to take any step in one direction or another. Unfortunatly in Lebanon sudden acts of violence have been the only real triggers for changes and often in the wrong direction. With the emergence of Hamas in Palestine, the first democratically elected extremist sunni power, I am worried about its repercusision on Lebanon and Syria. Violent acts may happen that may change the situation again and bring Lebanon in a deeper desperation. What do you think?

At 1/29/2006 08:44:00 AM, Blogger Pascal said...

"" I love Assad".

That is what Joshua said in his previous thread.

So, everything else falls within these perimiters.

I think, the only thing people should be posting about from now on on his Comment is to just remind readers of this phrase again and again: "Joshua loves Assad". He is happy that people are using his comment section to reply, what every they say. In fact that is all he wants. He has become famous because of this Comment, and mentally sick at the same time, thinking that Humanity will remeber him well defending the indefensible cowardy killer regime, a regime that has done it all.., but " he loves Assad", and the good readers should just be reminded of this, and think seriously that Josh will switch all facts and events to defend his LOVE FOR ASSAD.

At 1/29/2006 10:14:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/29/2006 10:24:00 AM, Blogger Umm Kais said...

Read Kais' response to your post here.

At 1/29/2006 10:44:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/29/2006 11:04:00 AM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

On behalf SSPRS, the SRP posters and the Syrian Nationalist Committee, we express our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Landis for an outstanding analysis he provided in the past year on

He had shown a canny ability to see the "whole picture" and in many ways we are feeling that our position is close to his. We really started to respect him and his opinion, the political skills he demonstrated. I think he had the advantage of looking at the theater from a back row seat, while many of us are sitting in stage.

We also offer our apology for all past bad comment and epithets heralded at Mr. Landis, and only to him personally.

Thank you for your continuing efforts and for sure you are a valuable assets.

At 1/29/2006 11:45:00 AM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

Toubles ahead;
Josh is not touching the other possibility, and I am talking about re-arming the other groups, such as Sunni follower of Saad Hariri, Druzes, and christians, and keep the arms in the hands of Shiites, this arming will leads to assasinations of pro syrian lebanese, and could ignite civil war again, Syria can not return to Lebanon, and USA will not dare to send troups there, this situation will put pressure on Saudia arabia, and the USA to change policy and decide to change the regime in Syria,
Civil war in Lebanon, is the only possible outcome.
If we accept Joshua Landis Idea, we should never forget that Assad overcoming this crises, will definitely leads to Assad emerging more powerful, that he could influence american policies in the middle east, especialy in Iraq, where America could be defeated.

At 1/29/2006 11:51:00 AM, Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Attn. Kais, Ghassan & Co.

“This is not about vengence [sic] but about establishing the rule of law”

Yeah sure…and how about old-fashioned legal concepts such as “a suspect is innocent till proven guilty”, or “a judge shall not prejudge” [Mehlis’ “interim report” being made of the same high-octane innuendo as comrade Vichinsky’s Soviet-style jurisprudence], or “the prosecution shall not leak confidential information to the media” [Future TV’s staged infomercials passing for “revelations” communicated by UN inspectors and/or vice-versa]…

If you’re really sincere about “establishing the rule of law” in your country, how about prosecuting the boards of directors of Saudi Oger, Liban-Cell and Electricté du Liban who stole billions of dollars from Lebanese taxpayers and Western donors when the country who ruled by the Hariri-Khaddam duo (1990-2004)?

Why don’t you focus your highly biased legalistic zeal on corrupt warlords such as Walid Jumblatt and Samir Geagea who actually massacred tens of thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians, including hundreds of Ba’abda and ‘Aley’s inhabitants who were “ethnically cleansed” by Walid Beck, a fate that prompted Rafic Al-Hariri to reward him with the Ministry of the Displaced and Refugees?
It’s as if Adolf Hitler had been put in charge of the Ministry of Holocaust Survivors in 1945 Germany!

Not to mention the fact that, between 1991 and 1996, Rafic Al-Hariri & Sons illegally razed downtown Beirut, expropriating thousands of ethnic Lebanese in the process and handing the proceeds of their government-approved theft to foreign “investors” (Solidere SAL)?

Not to mention the Hariri-engineered cultural genocide and systematic destruction of the country’s ancestral culture cum massive brainwashing of the populace.
Today, the Lebanese prole public is busy watching enlightening programs such as “Star Academy” and Haifa Wehbe’s lingerie fashion tips, in between hateful sermons beamed live from Mecca: it helps that Saudi Arabia and its Beirut-based Oger Group strawmen own the Lebanese Broadcasting Company and Future TV, the former providing reconstructed fascist zombies such as Ms May Chidiac to run as the “personal appointee of His Highness Sheikh Saad” in the upcoming Baabda by-election!

And, for the more “highbrow” segment of the population, Saudi marketers have The Nahar and Al-Daily Star, which gives them a total of approximately 90% of Lebanese media be it audio-visual or print: not a meager feat for people who staunchly believe in the Orwellian concept of “Al-Haqiqa”!

Once pesky killjoys such as Gen. Michel Aoun and Hizbullah are wiped off, Sheikh Saad and his Saudi handlers will finally be able to aim at reaching a 99.99% market penetration, thus beating Hafiz al-Assad at his own totalitarian game!

Then, and only then, Lebanon will have become an authentic Arabian banana republic where the hapless admirers of Haifa Wehbe and the hateful disciples of Wahhabism reign supreme…

Dr Victorino de la Vega
Thomas More Center for Middle-East Studies

At 1/29/2006 01:08:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Thank you De La vega for this insight. Well stated comment for sure.

At 1/29/2006 01:08:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Victor, you promise me that you're not part of this SRP hoax right?

At 1/29/2006 01:12:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...


Ghassan Tueni said a clever thing two days ago.

He said that despite all the problems, there won't be a war in Lebanon because there's no stakes and there's no money.

People are fed up. Even HA won't go to war, because the Shia base is also fed up with war. There might be clashes, but that's all.

At 1/29/2006 01:23:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

And because they need each other even if they dont like each other. March 14 people need to HA & Amal to give their government legitimacy. And the pro-Syrian camp need the March 14 gang because they are the most popular and will continue to be for a while. maybe there might skirmishes between individuals (ie Aoun vs. Junblatt) but the overall equation will not change. a deal will probably work out and everyone will have to swallow their pride.


At 1/29/2006 01:40:00 PM, Blogger I rather born Syrian or a dog said...

For sure Majed. President Assad is really already a very strong leader. He was able to get the Americans, and the world in fact, down to his terms. As said before, they have no more leverage on him, his excellency can really give them trouble around the election time and afterward bargain with lady Clinton to extend his sphere to include parts of Iraq, if not all of it, with Iranian agreement. He can repeat the Lebanon game in Iraq and Jordan, sponsor various militias in Iraq and send the PFLP on a vacation in Amman. He can soon be the first President of the Federation of Fertile Crescent States.

Bashar Assad if he keeps playing right, can be the first Syrian President in modern time that will be able to unite Greater Syria. He can then give the Jews an ultimatum to hand over the Golan or take a walk to get it, while Israeli air and missile forces are vaporized.

President Assad should not, I repeat, “SHOUD NOT” play this international court game setup to deal with the Mobster Hariri car accident. (circulating information is pointing to the cause of Hariri’s motorcade explosion was in fact nothing more than a car accident. Apparently caused by the lagging last car in his motorcade accidentally rear ending a White Mitsubishi mini-truck that was laden with explosive and was driven by Iraqi insurgents enroute to Iraq, Hariri was not a target in any way). He must not hand a single Syrian Official to International Court, under any circumstance.

There are nothing the fabricators of this false accusations on Syria can do. President Assad hold all the leverage cards and the fabricators hold fabricated accusations and fabricated evidences. Surely in this day of age anyone with technical skills can Digitally “sample” any voice and used it in complete speech of another “Overlay”. Any Digital studio that is equipped with the latest technology can do that for cheap. I am saying this to insist that any evidences presented by this sham and Petro-Zionist backed U.N. Investigation and sham investigators be examined as to being an irrefutable proof, that can not be fabricated.


At 1/29/2006 01:50:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...


At 1/29/2006 01:58:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Taking into account this HAMAS victory, Looks like Zionists dreemers need to change the Zionist motto "from the Nile to the Euphrates" into "from Tulkaram to Nahariah"

Oh and I loved the new tone of statements coming out of the Palastenian leaders. They must have attended studied American elections or they are a YALE GRADS.

At 1/29/2006 02:23:00 PM, Blogger Joshua Landis said...

I have posted a reply to Kais on his site: "Dear Kais, I understand your moral objections to coming to an understanding with a country, responsible for killing your leader. My purpose is not to dispute those objections or defend Asad from guilt. I have not tried to do that.

What I am trying to figure out is a realistic and acceptable solution to the impasse that both countries find themselves in. You do not propose one. What I understand from your post is that you propose that Syria become democratic and somehow unseat Bashar.

I agree that this would be an ideal outcome if it could be realized.

But I think this is fantasy. Waiting for a popular uprising in Syria, a coup, or an American invasion - the three scenarios that could bring this about - is grasping at straws. There is no indication that any of these is likely.

Vox responds by arguing that Lebanon is actually stronger than Syria at this time and should press the fight home by continuing the fight to isolate Syria, which will lead to Syria's economic collapse. By this, I presume Vox argues that a popular uprising will ensue when Syria's economic indicators dip below some tipping point.

All of this is very logical. I believe it is the policy that the US is pursuing. See recent Washington initiatives to keep India and China from investing in Syria's oil modernization plan and get the UN to impose sanctions. Vox may also be right that 50% or more Lebanese will support this plan.

It is a plan. That is what I asked for. Syria is, of course, trying to counter this plan with Dardari's new 5-year economic plan. We will have to see if Asad has the courage to carry it through.

I added a section on the Syrian economy two posts ago precisely to demonstrate that I don't think the economic indicators suggest Vox's plan is a clear winner or that the Syrian economy is sinking. By cutting subsidies on benzene and cement, Asad is trying to staunch the drain on the national budget. He must do much more as Ihsani says. I am not confident he will, but he has started to do so. The country's economic plan calls for this and many other rational measures. Perhaps international pressure is actually good for Syria because it will finally scare the political establishment into making the hard economic decisions it has so far shied away from?

I did not insert the positive economic signs coming out of Syria in order to "smirk at sa'd hariri's mounting troubles," as RAF wrote; rather, I did so to suggest that Vox's logic is not persuasive to me based on the latest economic figures.

In pursuing a policy of crashing Syria's economy, Lebanon is also taking the risk that its own economy will crash first.

DB wrote two days ago:

"I quote from Forbes 2 days ago about Lebanon's economy:

Real GDP growth slowed to below 1% last year from around 6% in the previous year; the Lebanese government's gross general debt stock climbed to 727% of government revenue in 2005, the highest level of any rated sovereign globally.

Furthermore, this year's Debt Service (amount needs to get paid to the IMF) is $6.5 billion. The Central Bank of Lebanon says that it MAY be able to cover 1/2 of that amount (very optimistic).
[end of DB quote]

What we have here is a struggle to the bottom between two very overburdened economies. Lebanon may win in this game of chicken - but then again - it may not. I fear that both sides will grind each other down without coming to a decisive conclusion. Then everyone loses. Not a happy outcome.

At 1/29/2006 03:29:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Yes Mr. Landis , a little correction to your last statement.

Then everyone looses (but the Israeli), and that is exactly why they keep pushing this division.

At 1/29/2006 03:43:00 PM, Blogger Ms Levantine said...

Basically u are telling the Lebanese people to accept the mediation plan, a plan that hands them back to the syrians on a silver platter and takes them back 20 years. Have you heard of the film 'Dumb and Dumberer'..well that's you!

At 1/29/2006 03:48:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Vox responds by arguing that Lebanon is actually stronger than Syria at this time and should press the fight home by continuing the fight to isolate Syria, which will lead to Syria's economic collapse. By this, I presume Vox argues that a popular uprising will ensue when Syria's economic indicators dip below some tipping point."

Don't get me wrong, I think that this is a bad solution but I don't see any other solution. I don't want to sound like I want Syrians to die from hunger. A few months ago I was still favouring another solution. I was hoping that after the withdrawal from Lebanon, Bashar would focus on internal issues and reforms.

The thing is that I don't believe that Bashar can do it. He had 5 years and he did almost nothing. Now people are saying that he was actually a reformer but that the old guard prevented. Well maybe, but nobody can say for sure. Instead he launched an offensive on Lebanon, allied with the Iranian radicals and nobody knows for sure if he is still supporting the Iraqi insurgency or not. Bashar has declared war on US interests in the region.

Even if Bashar wanted to reform the country, would he be able to do it amid this of an international turmoil. How can he loosen his grip on the country when the system is cracking from all sides? Kanaan is dead, Khaddam has defected. God knows what the security apparatus is thinking concerning his management.

Whether he can’t or he won’t reform the country is irrelevant. The situation is deadlocked. He can’t deliver and should go away.

Bashar made huge mistakes. He should have supported the US in Iraq, or at least remain neutral. Hariri’s assassination was so stupid, I mean even a 12-year old could have predicted the result of it. He should have withdrawn from Lebanon after the 1559 and would have been considered as a hero in Beirut. Instead what could have been economic partners are destroying themselves into a non-declared war. Bashar is fighting his war inside Lebanon but Lebanon is striking back on the international scene which is also very damaging. He has lost so many opportunities, he didn’t make one correct decision; he is not fit for the job.

Because of this deadlock, Syria (and to a lesser degree Lebanon) is missing a HUGE opportunity. I read in the Economist that the oil income will amount to more than 300 billions $ for 2005 alone. There will be more next year. Can you imagine the amount of money that is going to enter this region on the next decade?

This means that despite the negative macro-economic indicator, there’s still a possibility of salvation. The Gulf countries can’t absorb this kind of money, so part of the oil income will have to be invested elsewhere. It is because of these investments from the Gulf that Egypt’s stock exchange experienced the highest growth in the world last year. Lebanon’s Solidere is booming, but we’re not achieving our full potential because of the crisis. And Syria is probably achieving a tiny fraction of its potential. That is because you can’t make a big investment in Syria if the regime doesn’t receive its cut. The investors ask for two reasonable things: an efficient legislation and decent law enforcement. This is soft infrastructure and is cheap to provide. But I just can’t see the political will.

Things must change. I don’t care if the change will come from the outside or from inside the regime, from the people or from international sanctions. I know that the current system cannot survive as it is.

And Lebanon will not make a deal that will affect its security. People have had enough of rackets, illegal arrests and daily humilation. Whatever it costs on the economical level, and whatever Hezbollah thinks that issue is not going to be negotiated.
And I am sure that the moderate Shias are not going to support HA for very long if Nasrallah doesn't adopt productive posistions.

At 1/29/2006 04:00:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"In pursuing a policy of crashing Syria's economy, Lebanon is also taking the risk that its own economy will crash first. "

The other alternative that is given to us, which is surrendering our sovereignty will also lead to a crash.

Lebanon is a micro-economy and don't work like big economies. The rules are more subtle. The state is financed by local banks and it can continue to work like that for some years because the banks assets are above 60 billions which is more than 300% of the GDP (that's an unusual figure). Moreover, the oil boom means that the bank assets is growing. The current trend is unsustainable on the long term, but could still last a number of years.

Last but not least, we have friends in the world and putting our small economy on its feet doesn't cost a lot to the US, France and the Gulf. Given the geopolitical importance of the region, economical considerations are not very important.

This is a lose-lose game anyway. But Lebanon is only waiting for Syria to stop its war against us.

At 1/29/2006 04:11:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Looks like they copied the same points for action plan introduced back in 1975 by the
Syrian / California based AL AHRAR Party (not to be confused with Hizbu AL Tahrir or Al Tahrir Al Jimai Party). Since then this exact daydream action plan was dreamt by about half dozen opposition parties in Europe and USA. At least the others got money and some even has guns and bombers, what the hell these guys have that the other did not? NEOCON SUPPORT, ABRHAMOF BACKING?


You can meet in the U.S. Canada, on the moon. You aint going nowhere. The only meeting you need to arrange for and strive for is in Damascus with President of the Fertile Crescent Federation, BASHAR ASSAD.

P.S. I understand you are all illiterate morons and you stole all these action points plan from other parties, but whose dumb idea is that to steal TAHIA SOURIA, the Nationalist Parties salute, was it this GURU of yours Mahishi, Mahiyoshi Bayanooni. Or that other GURU Mahishi Mahiyoshi Mahatma Abrhamof

اللقاء الأول للقوى الوطنية السورية في اميركا الشمالية – واشنطن

المرحلة الانتقالية
1- الخيار السلمي للتغيير و دون تدخل اجنبي بالقوة هو الخيار الوحيد الذي يرغب به الشعب السوري و المعارضة في الداخل و الخارج معا
2- أن تبدأ مرحلة سقوط النظام على الطريقة اليوكرانية و ليس على الطريقة العراقية و هذا يتطلب :
3- الدعوة العامة لكل الشعب و المؤسسات المدنية و النقابات و الهيئات و القوى الداخلية و التنسيق معهم لبدأ العصيان المدني و ذلك عن طريق النزول للشوارع و الاعتصام أمام مباني المحافظة و الساحات العامة في كل المدن و المناطق و الأرياف السورية و اعلان الاضراب العام حتى سقوط النظام
4- أن تبدأ المعارضة في الخارج تنظيم مظاهرات احتجاج و اعتصامات أمام السفارات السورية بالخارج و دعوة الشعوب العربية للتتضامن مع الشعب السوري و يواكب ذلك فترة العصيان المدني بالداخل
5- العمل على تهيئة غطاء دولي سياسي اعلامي و ليس عسكري و ذلك عن طريق تشجيع العصيان المدني بالداخل و حث الشعب على الاستمرار و الصبر و عدم الخوف من النظام الدكتاتوري و الاتصال مع الجهات الدولية المعنية بالملف السوري و راغبة بالتغييرو طلب الدعم السياسي لسوريا و القيام بتغطية اعلامية مباشرة للأحداث بالداخل و ذلك لتحذير السلطات القمعية بعدم محاولة قمع الشعب بالقوة فالعالم كله يشاهد ما يحدث.
6- العمل بشكل جاد و دؤوب لتجميع أقطاب المعارضة بالخارج و توحيد اهدافهم المرحلية و العمل بشكل جاد مع المعارضة بالداخل و الاتصال برموزها و أخذ توصياتهم لأنهم هم المعنيون بشكل كبير بكل أنواع الاضطهاد الذي يمارس عليهم يوميا من النظام القمعي السوري
7- تمويل المعارضة الداخلية بأموال نظيفة فهم بأشد الحاجة الى المال اذ ان المعارضة تعاني من فاقة اقتصادية كبيرة لدرجة انهم لا يملكون اجرة صالة لاستئجارها للتجمع او عقد منتدى سياسي
8- دعوة الجيش السوري و الأجهزة الأمنية و مناشدتهم بالوقوف الى جانب الشعب في هذه الظروف الصعبة و التخلي عن حكومة الاستبداد و ذلك عن طريق ترغيبهم بالأمان في حالة سقوط النظام المنهار و تخويفهم من عاقبة قمعهم لو لا سمح الله بدأ قمع الشعب اللأعزل بالسلاح
9- دعوة الدول العربية بأن تقف مع الشعب السوري في فترته الانتقالية
10- أن يستمر العصيان المدني حتى و لو تجاوز الشهرين حتى سقوط النظام ولا عودة للوراء
11- ابقاء المؤسسات الحكومية البلدية و اجهزة الشرطة فقط على حالها في الفترة الانتقالية و عدم المساس بها حتى ينتهي العصيان المدني الى حكومة انتقالية مؤقتة بحد أقصى سنتين للأشراف على انتخابات نزيهة و ذلك حتى لايترك فراغ حكومي كما حصل في دول اخرى مما قد يؤدي الى حالة فوضى في البلاد
كما ادعو الأخوة بأن يأخذو بعين الاعتبار بأن يعقدو مؤتمرا بغضون شهرين يكون مكانه كندا تورنتو و ذلك حتى نتمكن من توجيه دعوة لأكبر عدد ممكن من المعارضة السورية بالداخل و الخارج للحضور اذ ان البعض يتحسس من الولايات المتحدة كمكان للانعقاد او من الحصول على تأشيرة الدخول
كما اوصي الأخوة بأن يعملوا جاهدين على استقطاب أكبر عدد ممكن من السوريين في شمال اميريكا للعمل معهم و ضمهم لصفوف المعارضة
تحيا سوريا الحرة .. وان غدا لناظره قريب ..
عمار تسقية / عضو التجمع الديمقراطي السوري الكندي ..

At 1/29/2006 04:39:00 PM, Blogger t_desco said...

I'm not yet convinced that Bashar al-Asad gave the order to kill Hariri. I posted some rumors about "new evidence", but I guess that we will have to wait for the first "Brammertz report".

In the meantime,
Nibras Kazimi still thinks that Brammertz should investigate if al-Qa'ida was involved in the assassination of Hariri:

The recent arrest of an Al-Qaeda ring in Trablous, the northern Lebanese city that figures prominently in the planning phase of the Hariri murder, was also reported with a juicy tidbit: several members (most of whom were not Lebanese) were affiliated with Khalid Taha, a Palestinian jihadist who is cited in the Mehlis report as the person who had escorted suspected suicide bomber Ahmad Abu Ades to Syria two weeks before the Hariri assassination.

There is more here for Mehlis’ successor to investigate.
Al-Qaeda in Lebanon

Indeed. In my opinion, Khaled Midhat Taha is the key to solving the Hariri case.
Isn't it odd that the first Mehlis report doesn't say anything about his background or his family?

The Daily Star reported that he may be related to Sheikh Abdullah Hallaq

"The authorities located two of Taha's relatives, including Abdullah Hallaq, who was arrested with the ring in Sidon.

The sources said security forces raided the ring's hide-out based on Hallaq's confession."
Daily Star, January 21, 2006

It is unclear, however, if this information is accurate. In an earlier article, the Daily Star had only reported the arrest of his son:

Among the 13 suspects being detained are Amer Hallaq, the son of Sheikh Abdullah Hallaq, a member of Association of Muslim Scholars in Beirut.
Daily Star, January 16, 2006

In any case, Taha's relatives are somehow linked to the scholar.

Sheikh Abdullah al-Hallaq seems to be the founder of the Islamic Struggle Movement

The Islamic Struggle Movement (al-Haraka al-Islamiya al-Mujahid), almost 100 members: First appeared in 1987 under the direction of Sheikh Abdullah al-Hallaq, a Sunni influenced by Hizbullah and the Islamic Resistance. The movement aims to recruit Sunni and Palestinian fighters in the Sidon area to attack Israel.

Islamism in Lebanon: A Guide
A. Nizar Hamzeh
MERIA, Issue #3/September 1997

The group is said to be led by Sheikh Jamal Khattab in Ain al-Hilweh and suspected of having links with al-Qa'ida:

Another small, but important, al-Qaeda affiliate is Al-Haraka al-Islamiya al-Mujahida (The Islamic Struggle Movement), led by Sheikh Jamal Khattab, the imam of Al-Nour Mosque in the Safsaf neighborhood of Ain al-Hilweh. Khattab, an adherent of bin Laden's radical Wahhabi interpretation of Islam, functions as a spiritual guide and intermediary for various Wahhabi Islamist groups in the camp. He is also believed to be in charge of distributing at least some of al-Qaeda's funding in Ain al-Hilweh.

Ain al-Hilweh: Lebanon's "Zone of Unlaw"
Gary C. Gambill
MEIB Vol.5 No.6, June 2003

The article also mentions Abu Obeida and Ahmed Mikati who appear in the Mehlis report:

"On July 11, 2002, three Lebanese intelligence officers died in a botched operation in Sidon to arrest Badih Hamadeh (also known as Abu Obeida), a Lebanese Islamist believed to be responsible for a chain of bombings in and around the city. Hamadeh fled to Ain al-Hilweh and was given shelter by armed members of Esbat al-Nour and the Dinniyeh group at the residence of Abdullah Shreidi."

Ahmed Mikati is described as "prominent member" of the Dinniyeh group, also suspected of having links with Osama bin Laden.
In his trial, Abu Obeida testified that Ahmed Mikati
sheltered him in a mosque in Ain al-Hilweh.

Another Islamist group, Asbat al-Ansar, turned him in to the police. He was convicted to death and executed in January 2004.

first Mehlis report describes Abu Obeida both as "deputy to the leader of Jund al Sham" and as "the deputy leader of the terrorist group Asbat al Ansar":

80. ... According to Mr. Abdel-Al, he obtained information about Mr. Abu Adass’s background, including his address, the fact that he often went to Ein al Helwa, that he was a Wahabi, that he was well-educated, had probably studied computer science, and that he visited Abu Obeida (deputy to the leader of Jund al Sham). ...

197. ... the Al-Ahbash Security Service had seen Mr. Abu Adass before the assassination in the Ain Al-Hilweh Palestinian camp together with Abu Obeida the deputy leader of the terrorist group Asbat al Ansar.

In his summary of the Lebanese investigation, Mehlis also mentions in passing that Abu Adas had once worked for "a member of the Ahmed Miqati and Ismaíl Al-Khatib network":

81. ... The Lebanese investigation further revealed that Mr. Abu Adass had been employed at a computer shop in the summer of 2004, which was owned in part by Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sani, who was a member of the Ahmed Miqati and Ismaíl Al-Khatib network.

What Mehlis omits is that Ahmed Miqati and Ismaíl Al-Khatib "planned to car-bomb the Italian embassy in downtown Beirut simultaneously with other diplomatic and consular targets in a 'synchronized operation" designed to drown the Lebanese capital in a bloodbath.

The 10-man ring had rigged a car with 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of powerful explosives to blow up the Italian embassy building close to the Lebanese parliament at downtown's Star Square when they were grabbed by Lebanese security forces on Friday, An Nahar reported Wednesday. Italy estimated the explosives at 100 kilograms (220 pounds). ...

An Nahar identified the ring leader on Wednesday as Ahmed Selim Mikati, of Tripoli, who is on the most-wanted Lebanese list since his leading role in a blood-soaked Islamist revolt against the Beirut government that raged in North Lebanon's Dinniyyeh mountains during the first eight days of 2000.

Mikati, who goes by the nom de guerre of Abu Omar and had often been linked to Osama bin Laden's Al Qaida, had since been operating from the sanctuary of Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp of Ein El Hilweh on the southeastern outskirts of Sidon, provincial capital of South Lebanon."

This raises some interesting questions. Mehlis, however, does not deem it necessary to address them.

In a similar way, Mehlis also fails to mention that the UN Fact-finding Mission had
"established that approximately three years before, Mr. Abu Adas had changed from being a carefree teenager and became a religious fundamentalist."
Fitzgerald report

I hope that Serge Brammertz will be less biased in his investigation. These questions need to be addressed.

At 1/29/2006 04:39:00 PM, Blogger said...

Some gathering, with the exception of couple family surname, we never heard of any of these family names. Who is in Syria going to put their trust in unknown families and unknown people, these guys are dreamers, like some of the posters here, Innocent Criminal and Vox, hallucinating mental retards that waste their time dreaming that one day they will be elected to the Lebanese Parliament, with family history and surname like ABU KHARA.

At 1/29/2006 04:51:00 PM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

Article in Haaretz on Bashar, I never knew people were even suggesting such a comparison:
The Nasser of the 21st century?

At 1/29/2006 04:52:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Dr. Landis,

This is one of your best and most controversial postings for a while. A number of our Lebanese friends are going to be very animated and angry to read it. It will confirm to them how biased you are towards the Syrian regime. A number of Syrians who are waiting for the regime’s fall would most likely share the same feeling. As you know, I have always felt that your liberal political views and your disdain for the current Administration, and their foreign adventures is a significant factor that that has helped shape your writings over time.

Unlike many others, you do have strong opinions and you don’t fear articulating them. The most significant statement in your article relates to the fact that you think that the probability of Assad’s downfall or imprisonment as “very small”. You, moreover, claim that it is “not clear” that Washington is actually interested in Assad’s downfall or imprisonment.

I, for one, do not have the same confidence that you seem to portray regarding the future of Bashar. If you are right either because you are smarter than us (highly probable) or because you really believe these analyst’s forecasts, then what you seem to propose above is not as insane or as controversial as many people here seem to think.

As for whether the economic pressures on Syrian can lead to Bashar’s downfall, I don’t share or agree with this view. Syria’s economy has been built to think inward and to be largely self-sufficient. The Syrian people have endured years of sub-par growth, and I see no reason why the will not do so for longer. I have been one of the most vocal critics of this government’s economic policies. Yet, I share your view that the regime will not fall as a result of more economic hardship. This regime can only fall if Washington explicitly calls for its downfall. Barring that, and if you believe that Bashar will not be personally asked to face an international court of justice, then an Assad will continue to rule this country for years to come. One has to also add that if he does survive, as you seem to think, chances are that he will come out of this ordeal as strong as ever. Not only would he have been able to “get away with murder” but he would have also been able to stand up to America. If he can survive in office, he would solidify his standing in both his country as well as the Arab world at large.

In conclusion, I am not as confident as you are that Bashar will be personally exonerated. If you correct though, Saad ought to indeed take your advice and start repairing relations with Syria. His actions to date are more consistent with a man that places much higher odds than you do that Bashar’s days in office are numbered. Time will tell who is right.

At 1/29/2006 05:24:00 PM, Blogger ahnad said...

Whi said this? :""Assad, unlike Nasser, did not confront Israel or the West, except with talk and with destruction and explosions (that is, terrorist attacks that resulted in the assassination of public figures in Lebanon - Z.B.). Nasser was a real person, with a real person's pluses and minuses. All the rest, and especially those who emerged from the womb of the Ba'ath party (the ruling party in Syria, which also ruled Iraq - Z.B.) are impostors who have taken an inferior path. The comparison between Assad and Nasser is completely undeserving, unless it is in the same context as the comparison between Charlie Chaplin and Hitler in the film 'The Great Dictator.' But any straight-up comparison between Bashar and Nasser is an insult to memory and to history.""""

Totally right. The best is this: "Nasser was a real person, with a real person's pluses and minuses. All the rest, and especially those who emerged from the womb of the Ba'ath party (the ruling party in Syria, which also ruled Iraq - Z.B.) are impostors who have taken an inferior path"

Great statement.

And Josh will go dow the hole he has digged for himself as a supporter and in "love" with Assad as he stated.

At 1/29/2006 05:47:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

During the previous thread, I suggested that Hamas might surprise people and start to think more responsibly now that it is in office. One particular poster ridiculed me for making that suggestion. Today we find out that Khaled Mashaal suggested that Hamas be pragmatic when it comes to dealing with the Oslo accord. This is the first subtle hint that Hamas does not rule out direct negotiations with Israel. Hamas has a massive opportunity ahead of it. Let us all hop that they make the wise choice and grab it. Renouncing extremism and the crazy armed struggle will go a long way to solidifying Hamas’s recent gains at the polls and will help into making it a credible and positive force in the future of this region. Interestingly, Bashar had earlier met with Mashaal and congratulated him on Hamas’s win. Proving that external pressure works, Syria is reportedly going to announce the granting of the Syrian citizenship to 300,000 Kurds residing in the country.
Since the Iraq invasion, the breathtaking changes in the region continue unabated.

To compare Bashar to Nasser is preposterous. The head of the Arab lawyer’s union is a Nasser fan that has just lost his seat in the Egyptian elections. It was him that made the comparison. He made a total fool of himself during that conference in Damascus by repeatedly pounding on the table as he spoke. Perhaps he was looking for a job in Nasser junior’s office. For the record, Nasser also proved to be on the wrong side of history so no reason to be too fond of the man himself.

At 1/29/2006 06:11:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

Of course, people like you, Ehsani, would be against Nasser.

But remember that Nasser was truly the LOVE of most Arab people, the poor among the arabs, and he was the enemy of the Saudis, israel, and the West in general. Nasser lost, of course, and how could he have won when hee needed experience, and was fought by all of the money of the world provided against him by the Royal Saudi Family, and all the recationary Arabas like you, reactionary Arabs who, even after 36 years of his death continue to try to diminish the man, and criticise him unfailry.

Saudi Arabia won, and is still a retarded country guiding all arabs toward the despise they get across the world. It is those reactionaries like you who have won, and look at what happened to Arabs for the saudi win, and the death of gamal Abdel Nasser!

Arabs now have only monkey below them in their rank among the peoples of the world.

So, be happy that Nasser lost, and enjoy your attempts to destroy the man, even after 36 years of his death. Nasser will always be the LOVE of all Arab people, even secretly in theirhearts.

At 1/29/2006 06:50:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

I have seen what Nasser did in Syria. I can tell you that is wasn't pretty. I don't want to turn this into a Nasser argument. I think the topic has been discussed at length over time and people have strongly held opinions on the matter. You stated yours and it is indeed the case that a significant number of the Arab populace agrees with you. As you suggested, I respectfully disagree.

At 1/29/2006 07:30:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Nasser was a con-artist and child-instrument of the beast and excrement of creation Amen who dragged Arabs into humiliating defeat that they never were able to pull out of to this day.

Initially a CIA paid agent, supported by American intelligence agencies out of fear of rising Moslem Brotherhood. They thought his brand of secularism will stem the tide of Islam in the Arab world. When he is done with the task asked of him by the CIA, that is liquidating, killing and imprisoning tens of thousands of Moslem Brotherhood. The CIA finished with him and stopped helping him and his corrupt officers corp., including the Chief of this deity like persona (in homage to Amen style) General Amer.

Amer, It turned out to be was on Mossad’s payroll, they supplied him with cash, hash and whores in exchange for all of Egypt and all the Arab armies military secrets. He committed suicide by swallowing poison pills smuggled to him by Mossad agents thru water tab.

Nasser, after America came to his aid in 56’ and relied on American support in exchange to liquidating the Moslem Brotherhood switched sides when that job completed and was dropped in favor of American-Israeli strategic relation and that is based on Israel as the anchor of U.S. Interests in the Middle East. Angry, he spent the rest of his life literally barking in anger at Israel, the west, and anyone that disagreed with his demagogue idea and style, just like Amen would when he fails and no one respect what he says anymore.

The Soviet Communists thoughts this is the only window of opportunity they have to penetrate into the Islamic / Arab world and poured out support for Nasser for as long as he kept on barking on Imperialists and Zionists and the agents.

This false Arab messiah, like every false messiah sent by Amen, the garbage of creation, was humilitely defeated in 1967. His defeat not only effected Egypt, but the entire Arab world, which he barked at on the radio nightly. Arabs, never recovered from that defeat.
Nor they ever gained in any positive way while he was barking and marching the Arab masses against Imperialism and Zionism. All they got as result is Civil wars, from Yemen to Lebanon and the rise of the Baath Arab Socialist Party which without his support, will never attain power neither in Syria nor in Iraq.

Looking back at this demagogue Ammonite garbage , his image should be put into wet towels to mop up the dirty toilets of poor Arab masses that he craftily deceived.

Not one accomplishment, in political, economic or social accomplishment can be attributed to his rule in Egypt or any place in the Arab world. In fact all the trouble that the Arab world faces and especially the Levant region is because of his machiavellian shenanigan. The region struggled very hard to pull out of the rubbles of his false and idiotic Arab Nationalist ideology and bombastic dreams and plans that can only be found in his extra large idiotic brain and loud mouth, but not in any country.

He was the embodiment of deception, un accomplishemnts and humiliating defeat that Amen is so famed for.

President Assad would be better off shying away from the false image of this beast that is tainted with corruption and synonymous with defeat and cast his independent Syrian image, one that Syrian can look up to and remember of being the Leader, one that built a modern army and armed it with the latest up to date technologies, defeated Israel, liberated the Golan, secured the right of Palestinians. A Syrian leader that united all of Greater Syria parts into one great nation, economically and socially prosperous, and became the first President of Federation of Fertile Crescent States. A Negro Egyptian humiliated looser is not what a Syrians leader need to emmulate.

I hope you SOB Nasser will live in eternal hell and damnations, so as your children and their children and their children and their children and for 40 generations. Curse you and curses all that call upon your name dead, alive or yet to born.

At 1/29/2006 07:42:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Thanks to Nasser, EHSANI2 and Metaz finally find common ground on one issue. Clearly EHSANI2, however, lacks the same passion that is clearly portrayed above

At 1/29/2006 08:03:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

EHSANI2 said
"During the previous thread, I suggested that Hamas might surprise people and start to think more responsibly now that it is in office"

My earlier post clearely anticipated this, here is a quotes:

"I think I will eat red meat and eggs before you can convince Hamas to recognize the State of Israel. What a f... joke this optimists are. Sure they will lessen the blow initially, to soften the reaction and comfort the other parties, to get the recognitions, and what have you, any smart leader will take this highway initially as a smart plan. But they will be secretly drawing up with Syria’s and Iran’s help the new master plan. These are ideologue religious fanatics (no disrespect is intended) who are willing to strap bomb belts and martyrs themselves for the cause, these are not one of the Western corrupt Arab thugs like King Abdullah, Mubarak or Billionaire Arafat. They are after Jerusalem free of Jews, not Palestinian treasury free of cash as the PLO goal was."

At 1/29/2006 08:35:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Netanyahu, as I later quoted, would love you to be correct. Sadly, the strategy you describe has left us, and the Palestinian people in particular, in this desperate situation. Netanyahu and co. have been the only winner. How different things would have been had we cut our losses and took our chances since 1948?

At 1/29/2006 09:29:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/29/2006 09:33:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

EHSANI2, "have been the only winner. How different things would have been had we cut our losses and took our chances since 1948?"

EHSANI2, No doubt that 48' deal would have been the best resolution, that conclusion could be undisputable, until we reach this year. You will think that it could be un-disputably the best outcome for Syria and Arab future, so as Israel. You would have thought that has that solution been accepted and 48' war avoided, the region today could be the center of incredible rich societies. Rich in finances, morals and cultures, the commerce and education center for many in the world. No Nasser, no Baathism, no Saddam, for sure no Arab kings, no Al Qaida, and possibly, even no Islamic Republic of Iran.

But now, from what I know, from what I learned in the past 2 years, I can assure you that would have never permitted or allowed to happen by the Petro-Zionist plotters and Amonite deceivers/messiahs from AMIN HAFEZ to EDI AMIN.

They would have found a million other ways to ensue conflict after conflict between the various religious, ethnic, economic and political factions in the region. Just like they are doing now and have been in Lebanon as a microcosm of greater Middle East.

You see, what you don’t understand, or believe in, is the existence of Secret Societies having secret agendas, out to carry a predetermined plan that is not conceived by real humans but by Alien among us. They wanted control of the region physically and all resources from oil to cash. Someone is out to enslave mankind and put a number on them to be nothing more than working robots, statistically commercial consumers. Now this is not the forum for that discussion. “But this end in something called war in heaven”

What seem to be chaotic, random events in man history, wars, mayhems, plagues, atrocity, financial collapse, technology introduction, social development, is in fact a very well contrived and orchestrated plan of the Age. Nothing is random, it is all part of a timed plan.

So, my answer is no, 48’ deal would in fact changes nothing, the plans never changes.

EHSANI2, I assume you are a Jew, maybe you are not, it really makes no difference to me, I have so many Jewish friends, my best friends, are Russian Jews and even Israeli. They know that I am upset, they know why, and they work very hard on doing every possible thing to invite me to their homes and have refrained lately from visiting my home, because they know how upset at Jews in Israel and Washington. They are better than family to me. I am humanist and now setting up World Humanist Organization. I understand that we are all human.

At 1/29/2006 09:36:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

American officials in Iraq are engaging face-to-face talks with high-level Iraqi Sunni insurgents, Newsweek just reported. The talks are taking place at U.S. military bases in Anbar province, we well as in Jordan and SYRIA. According to the story, this is the first time either Americans or insurgents have admitted that “senior leaders” have met at the negotiating table for planning purposes. The meeting is due to the joint concern of both parties about domination by Iran of Iraq. The latest killing of a Sunni Sheik was because he was “talking to the Americans”.

At 1/30/2006 04:15:00 AM, Blogger annie said...

for news about the first opposition conference held in Va.

At 1/30/2006 09:31:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


I see all of the posters, nearly have joined forces along with their leader, Hoshua Kandis to support Bashar Assad and his cronies.

That is not not the true map of Syrians political affilitaions, but a one more indication of how the Assad regime's office of propaganda works. They have paid attention to this blog, and decided since its re-opening after his creator's famous event of closing it in a desparate attempt to express to his masters his unhappiness of the kind of repsonse he was receiving before. So, the said Office increased the number of their agents here, and some of them pretended to be "opposition".

At last we see them all together in their true original camp. All of the three of them, under 10 names.

Congratulations to Ehsani that Nasser has made him a new friend, the so called SRP. What is really funny and makes me laugh so much is the names Metz chose to post under, among them is Syrian Republican Party...LOL...I hope that in their next primaries they will beat the hell of their contrepart, the Syrian Democratic Party. LOL.

At 1/30/2006 09:41:00 AM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

I mentioned last night in a previous post, not sure on this thread or not, that those “Action points” drafted by the so called Syrian Opposition meeting that was held in Washington at Abrahamof Hall and expense were copy of a 1975 points issued by Al Ahrar.

Well what do you know, this morning I read on some blog this:

“…our first conference for the Syrian opposition groups in the US. The conference was organized by the Syrian National Council in the US, in cooperation with the Ahrar Movement and the Syrian National Council in Canada. It featured…”

I wonder did anyone in Washington (Americans) ever read the secret 600 zerox copied pages book that used to be distributed secretly to top members of Al Ahrar back in the 70’s!

In one “OP” to obtain a copy back then, I managed to pull a stunt and sleep a night at one member apartment. In the middle of the night, I found the copy well hidden.

It did not take past the first page of the document (it was about an inch thick of 2 pages up copy, on A4 size paper) to be shocked and turn red face. It was something Al qaida yet to publish, a diadrad of Anti Americanism, Anti Christian Crussaders. The Second paragraph state (and I am relying on memory here, warn you that I have very selelctive one and really bad, but something just sink in my brain and never lost) to the effect that it is wrong to just blaim the U.S. Government and congress for all the evil America is doing to Moslems, American Citizens must be held accountable, because, they elect the Government and they are liable so they must be held accountable and punished for all the U.S. Governement crimes on Arabs and Moslems.

I remember, turning red faces then, at that time that was outrageous statement to make. The prevailing thought at that time was that American are just happy people doing own things, enjoying life, ignorant of world’s affairs. And that, only few in the Administration controlled by Zionists are doing all the evil deeds to Moslems and Arabs.

My thought at that time after going few pages in that document is that either they were a fanatic, extreamest group, or a CIA operation under cover to flush radicals living and working in America. I concluded that it was an “op” and left them alone.

Now I see that they are dusting off the same 1975 points and promoting them. Still don’t know if they were CIA cover or Moslem Fanatics. Maybe someone can refresh me with any information about this AL AHRAR group since I lost track of them back in early 80’s.

At 1/30/2006 09:54:00 AM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

JAM, you need to stop playing fanatic and start playing politics. Go get some mail order book from YALE political Science school, Lear about American Presidential campaign modern day tricks. Will ya. Here tomorroe Tuesday is a good opportunity for you to start. Just have your recorder ready and record George Bush SOU speech. Reply few times and observe on each play one thing at atime. ie. acting, face, pauster,language, tone, response to specific words, phrases and staements. and the goals set that will raise the rating a digit or Two. Then wait a year and replayit again. See if one word out of it is put to action, or materialized. If one word did, then Bush failed. If none did, then Bush really rehersed this speech and is a hell of YALE grad. Soemone to be proud of and makes a good political leader.

At 1/30/2006 09:57:00 AM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


I highly doubt SRP will call EHSANI2 a friend. Even Nasser will make this hard to swallow for SRP. May be as time goes by, they will be pursuaded by EHSANI2'S political views and they will decide to one day become friends.

At 1/30/2006 10:12:00 AM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

EHSANI, forget the fact that I have concluded that you are an agent of sort. If you are Syrian, then let me tell you that your thinking and strategy are 30 years behind me. You got a lot to catch up. You are a GUPPY. No offense intended, I don't care if you are a Mossad agent. I am here, in this lab, to practice turning from fanatic and Nationalist dictator (a true leader that gives orders) into Politician (a Liar that suppose to get loved and his lies forgiven). You see I have to find a way to be able to express my thought and believe system, convert people into it and in the process not offend the, Kind of hard. But when I get all the data I need, you will see a remarkable progress.

At 1/30/2006 12:44:00 PM, Blogger Lebanese Pride said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/30/2006 12:50:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/30/2006 01:33:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

To that Atassi SOB, you will be paying for Louai and Nour Alddine crimes you SOB, and so as for Zuaiin for marrying into shit ass the dirt branch of your family .

Yes Asef pay big time for each post $400, How do you think I can afford to live like king in California you ideot Moth...F...
and his Excellency Mr. Shawkat does not care about quality except when he torture jack asses like you. You think you have it rough now with Bashar and Asef! oohh wish they will let me put my hand on you and your f... bad apple branch of the Atassi family.

At 1/30/2006 01:57:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Metaz, how many times will I have to ask you to use one nick?

Or at least try to change your style man, it's just too evident!

At 1/30/2006 02:04:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Ehsani, here's the transcript of Mechaal's interview. You can also view the video if you have cable.

"The Legislative Council is one of the Oslo Accords' political frameworks, but the Oslo plan is over. It is no longer effective, and no one follows it anymore, and I don't think our people will accept the revival of Oslo, after it has been buried and eulogized by all."

I think the guy is clear about it.

At 1/30/2006 02:27:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/30/2006 02:32:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


I just enjoy coming here and read what the "S Y R I A N -R E P U B L I C A N -P A R T Y" and his aliases say. I am glad he is finally (he/she/they...God knows!) openly allied with Hoshua Kandis, for they belong together.

SRRP? your post to Atassi is vague. Please tell us what crimes did Nour Al dine and Louai , and then Zueiin do. I think most probably they did not permit people like you of using the system to enrich themselves the illegal way contrary to what Your Ass-Ad did since 1970.

Those people you are criticising died in prisons, refusing to get out in exchange for telling Assad that he was right. They refused the offer from the Soviet Union to be exiled to Russia instead of being taken to Ass-ad prisons. They refused to stay in power by accepting UN resolution 242. They died poor, and their families are still very poor. What are you talking about you idiot?

Of course, you prefer the corrupts, and the thieves. you prefer those who sold the Golan Heights. You prefer those who have brought the most despised people up, and the most honourables down, those who threaten of trying the corrupts among their beloved friends who they have used and abused, while they forget about their own corruptions, and their own thefts and treasons.

Have a wonderful ass licking for the Assads will not even acknowldge your cries to be their servant. Oh, I know: You think you are a genius and that you can play with their minds, and infiltrate them to: " Tranform them into good human beings""", LOL..You have learned nothing from their 40 years of history in power. The Assads are much more capable at uncovering rats like you and will not even accept to use you. They are smarter than you are, dummy! They prefer American cheap professors such as kandis to use.


At 1/30/2006 02:58:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

SRP .. You are Just BIG El Hoummar.
if you need some education on the my Atassi branch check this site.. ) ..

You are just BIG El Hoummar

At 1/30/2006 03:04:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Sorry Josh .. No Deal " yet"

Brammertz sets sight on Syria interviews
Raed El Rafei
31 January 2006
Daily Star
Beirut -- BEIRUT: The new head of the UN investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Serge Brammertz, will be primarily focusing on interviewing Syrian officials, sources from the UN team said Monday. The sources said while Brammertz is still reviewing documents related to the probe, the chief investigator would "not be going into deep investigations with Lebanese witnesses."

They also noted that Syria has yet to provide a final response to Brammertz's request to interview Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as well as any other senior politicians or security officials.

Failure of the Syrian regime to agree to the UN probe's requests would likely result in Brammertz returning to the Security Council in mid-February to complain of a lack of Syrian cooperation.

Separate sources close to the investigation said Lebanese officials have conveyed to the UN their wish to convene an international court to try Hariri's murderers outside of Lebanon.

The sources added the court would probably be similar to the UN court created to try former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

The UN's undersecretary for legal affairs, Nicolas Michel, met with Lebanese officials about the nature of the international court during a visit to Lebanon last week.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut denied Israeli reports made public Monday that Assad was attempting to make a deal with the U.S. regarding the UN probe.

The spokesperson referred to comments made by Assistant Secretary of State David Welch during his recent visit to Lebanon that "the U.S. has not and will not make any deal with Syria or anyone else in the international community at the expense of Lebanon's freedom."

A spokesperson from MP Saad Hariri's office stressed the "investigations into Hariri's assassination are moving forward, no matter what," but refused to comment on the Israeli reports.

Hariri was in Washington last week for meetings with top U.S. officials, including a sit down with President George W. Bush in the Oval Office.

According to the Yedioth Group's Web site, "Assad is engaged in advanced contacts with the U.S. and France in a bid to work out an agreement that will allow him to stay in power."

Quoting an unnamed senior source in Damascus in an interview posted on Monday, the Israeli Web site said "the contacts are being undertaken through Saudi mediation and are meant to resolve the international crisis currently faced by the Syrian leadership.

"The deal being worked out is reportedly based on the following understandings: Two senior Syria officials, General Rustom Ghazaleh and one of his assistants, Jameh Jameh, will be incriminated in connection with Hariri's assassination. Meanwhile, Assad and his brother-in-law, Assef Shawkat, "will be cleared of involvement in the killing," it said.

The report claimed "the Syrians are expected to end their support for anti-American elements operating in Iraq and pledge to tighten border controls and act to end arms transfers into Iraq. The Syrians will also pledge to minimize their cooperation with Iran, which is funding and directing many of the groups fighting American troops."

However, the Israeli report noted that Syria is apparently refusing to meet the demand to disarm Hizbullah.

At 1/30/2006 03:22:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/30/2006 03:40:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/30/2006 03:44:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Ok JAHSHI-JAHSH, Thanks for the invitation to your stable, I will visit your site when I need to take a really big dump. Also have you got any pole there, LULU, my little white Eskimo Husky may want to visist too.

At 1/30/2006 03:48:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

JAM.. keep on barking, keep on barking. Bush may pay attention to you after all, maybe Ghadry, too bad there aint an oil well in your ass they would have fucked that too.

At 1/30/2006 03:51:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/30/2006 03:51:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/30/2006 04:00:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Oooohh I seeeeeee, You are just anti Assad, not Anti Baathists. You mother fucker, we like Assad because, like SSPRS, he is anti baathist, he just uses dumb shit baathists like you, Atassi, Khaddam, Shihabi and throw bones at you to get you all out of the way.

At 1/30/2006 04:06:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

In our Book, the crime was committed on Syria and Syrians on March, 8, 1963. Not in 1970 when the corrective movement launched by Hafez. GOT IT.

For us that date was the payback and judjement date on the Baathists.

At 1/30/2006 08:37:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

LOL, exactly!

Exactly, you and your ilks conpsired against Syria with Hafez Assad, sold the Golan Heights, Killed Nasser, killed the Palestinians, and governed in the name of Al baath. Of course, and I know that, howevere you telling others about it will make them now believe it as they were never aware of this. The Assad Generation does not know any of this, and to them, Hafez is baathy. I am glad people like you are here to tell others about the reality of who Assad was.

At 1/30/2006 09:07:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

to EHSANI,SRP,andMetaz,very short word

At 1/30/2006 09:13:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Thank you.
Care to elaborate why?

At 1/30/2006 09:20:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

He is a Nasserite shit. That is why. You can say all the tozzzz you want but I can assure you that the Agha live everyday dreaming of the day he will piss on the grave of Nasser and the courpse of Ramsis. In fact we took courses on how Douglas Faith planed the distruction of Iraq, we gonna need those plans. By the way, you better watch those Aswan dam doors, make sure they dont open up out of the blue, boom, all the suddun, it is spring time in the summer in MISR of AMEN.

At 1/30/2006 09:34:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Gee, I wish I killed that SOB Nasser. I will be living happy all my life. Never a day sad. He died out barking nightly on the radio forgot his bitching loudly every fricking night at 8 PM : "IZALAT ATHAR ALOUDOUAN"

Assad lost 10,000 Syrians liberating the Golan you ideot, it was sold by your KHATOOM,KHADDAM, NOUR ALDINE,ZUAIN that were down the street from my home in Homs hiding in the KABU and ordering all the SEFIHA and HUMMUS they can eat. I seen it delivered. All awhile the Golan being transfered to Israel. Did you ever read the book published in france by then the foreign minister that escaped and told the whole story about the deal he was ordered by Nour Aldin and Zuain to make with the Israeli. Now you blaiming Hafez Assad for that. You just lost your credibility totally. Now I see that you are just an agitator, that is all.

At 1/30/2006 09:40:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

First Nasser was a dictator, In Syria, in 1955-1958, we had freedom and democrasy, that led to union with Egypt, after Nasser came till now, we have dictatorship, started with Nasser, and now Assad,that led to Syria split away from Egypt, at Nasser time, and never unite again during Assad Time, the reason we do not unite is because the dictators who led us did not want to loose their seats, Assad was busy killing his opponents, and stealing the syrian people money,taken it away to Europe, never care how poor the Syrians are , lack of freedom the real reason why we did not get better,or unite, for Nasser I say tozz, for Assads I say Tozz, for whoever like either one I say toz, we need Freedom, we need to get rid of Assad,and all the dictators in the arabic countries, any other subject you discuss is tozz.

At 1/30/2006 09:47:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Ya Mr. Tozz Khaldoon, you come here and fart on everyone. Then you blow your big TOZZZZ {fart}:"I say toz, we need Freedom, we need to get rid of Assad,and all the dictators in the arabic countries"

Why don't you finish farting al lthat air in your head and tell us how you are planning on doing that? let us here that you want to be part of this plan too, not leave it to Westerners. Finish farting and we are waiting your tozzz free brain for answear.

At 1/30/2006 09:51:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Don't waste your time. He is just a tozzzzz Arab, he aint got any tozzzzz left in his brain. Just load of sh>>>t

At 1/30/2006 09:52:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe .. You El Houmar... BIG Houmar. form now on. I will only call you Mr" Houmar"

At 1/30/2006 09:55:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


The military was since 1966 in the hands of Assad. Assad was the one who got paid for selling the Golan Heights. Syrian borders with Israel has ben extremly quiet since the comedy of 1973.

Anyway, I am not going to argue a thing with you because it is futile. I am not going to defend baathies and I hate them all. However I can equate those Baathies that lost both in 1966 and in 1970 to the final winner who is Assad and his cronies.

Those who preceded him, although I am not fond of them because they were short sighted and not really understanding the power equations in politics, I am not going to place them in the same treason rank as despicable position I give Assad and his regime (Saudi regime for sure).

The ones who preceded him believed in idologies, those of 1966 , the doctors served volunteerily in the war in Algeria to help the algerian people, for free. They died without a penny, including Nasser. They were of a different make than all of those that came after them. I am not for the Baath part at all. I hated them when they were in power, though I do not place Zuein, Jedid, attassi, and their high ranking friends with the majority of little baathies who joined the Baath because they were opportunistic, for the leaders I mentioned truly believed in their ideology, and wanted to fight for principles not for personal gains.

I respect them, and hate the Baath party , all of it, because I have seen how small brained most of them were.

But Assad? He is a traitor, a thug, a criminal, and a dictator that exceeded all other dictators in his selfishness.

Have a great day.


At 1/30/2006 09:57:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Ok fine, from now on I will call you the bitchy whore from the Atassi farm animal house. It is a deal.

At 1/30/2006 09:59:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

send letters to the Syrian Embassy, daily, by everyone you can get, condeming Assad, calling for freedom, also arrange for demonstrations, next to several embassies, till he change, we know that if he changes, he will loose control, we all are very passive, what did we do?, nothing but talk talk talk,people met in Wahington D.C.,they end up with nothing but a piece of paper. and you are talking rubbish but no actions, that is why you all deserve what I said.

At 1/30/2006 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Nop, No deal. I don't make deals with " Houmar".. den-deshe-Houmar

At 1/30/2006 10:16:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

You should propably stop insulting each other and addres the Lebanese Syrian relation and at what cost to Syria ,for Lebanon and the Lebanese they should understand that Syria sarounds Lebanon from thre sides and Hizballa is on the fourth side so let us be realestic Lebonon needs Syria to survive and can not live with Syria as an enemy so Harreri sould swallow his pride and cosider his father as a hero who died for Lebanon not the one responible for death and destruction in Syria and Lebanon ,Syria and Lebanon should look for the future not the past as duell on their past will not have a future.

At 1/30/2006 10:24:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

The leaders of Syria at that time were not traiters they wre just stupid ,Israel was much stronger than they thought,it is like calling bush a sold out to Iran because he got rid of Saddam and now an islamist state simmiler to Iran is being established in Iraq simpley the American Govorment made abig mistake and now the American people have to put up with their blunder.

At 1/30/2006 10:32:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

JAM, all the trouble in Syria today, are not because of Hafez, Shawkat or Bashar. Okay. It was all started by Louai coup and before him as a starter by Faisal Atassi. I was a boy, when I went to visit Faisal at home when his father died and met him and had even at the ARBAEEEN day visit argument with him on the same subject you are arguing with me now. I placed all the responsibility on his little move that led later to Louai move that within 6 months led to the Baath move. They were all connected events, and have he and Louai did not make those moves the Baath party will have never made it.
Louai, was our neighbor at one time on the upper floor and had dsicussion with him too, I was in 10th. grade then with his son my classmate at Abd Alhamid Alzehrawe high school in Homs, street fought with these thugs all year long, before moving to Kuwait.On my side were the Alawite kids, just to let you know. They are the start of the problem, way before Jadid, Hatum and Omran and the other surfaced. Wish Landis can cover this part of Syria history in some essay or academic paper. The trouble that Syria faces today are not relating to anything Hafez did. It all goes back to the days of March 8, 1963 when they within days nationalized all the industries, ceased lands, disolved the constitution and a whole bunch of crap, they trashed Syria withing 6 months of taking over. Hafez came and in fact straighten the mess up. Why don't yo uadmit the truth. He did not loose teh Golan, He was still not powerful to do anything outside the Jadid-Atassi-Zuain gang. At that time Hafez was a quite man, in fact avery nice man. I met him once in person when he was a Defense Minister and I was very impressed by his demeanor. Basel was going in Damascus to the same school a cousin of mine was attending, they were good freinds, the freindship arised out of protection against teh Damascen kids who treated my cousin with inferiority because he was from Tel Kalakh, One day the shool, I dodn't remember why Kicked my cousin out of school, so we went with Basil to Hafez and asked if he can talk to the administrator. He made a call and scared the shit out of the administrator, cousin back in school the same day. He was a gentle man. He changed after teh MB started the attacks, after the rebellion over the Islam President in teh Constitution an dinsistance on Sunni President.

I don't know why you blaim him for all the trouble, he did not nationalize anything, nor cased anything. Forgot about other Baathist assholes from Homs, the Jundi SOB, the mukhabrat dude that was shot or said to have commited suicide, and the other assholes. Common JAM. stop being a fanatic meniac Alawites and start being a politician that is not blinded.
Are you hear to bitch or practice politic.

At 1/30/2006 10:53:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

I see the family tree of the Atassi. Looks like they abandoned and disowned the fourth branch of Atassi's family, the one that Nour Alddeen and the wife of Zuiin belonged to.

At 1/30/2006 11:19:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

How did this nasty fight with the Atassi's started anyway?

Imad Atassi

At 1/30/2006 11:19:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


You see nothing in the history of the world except the land you say you lost to the Agricultural so called reforms.

You base everything on your family problems, and I understand you very well.

However, you do not know shit of the history of March 8th, 1963. You know shit about how Hafez Assad was bought while he was in Egypt, how he managed to trick his friends, etc...

All you see is that Hafez Assad did not nationalize a thing after 1970. So did the first promise of the 1966 minsitry of Zuein, his first when the first thing he said on behalf of that ministry: NO MORE NATIONALIZATION.

Between 1967-1970, most of the power was Hafez's power in syria. He truly governed Syria, and his brother Rifaat committed many many crimes against teh military and the civilians, and no one could object because his brother protected him. In fact he brought him along and made him join the military sepcifically to prepare for their coup later. Rifaat Assad and Hafez Assad were responsble for so much of bad things that took place between 1967-1970, they screwed up and blamed Atassi for what that. The Atassi-Jedid should have resigned right after 1967, but perhaps they thought they still could manoeuvre assad and win, but this was really really hard, for Assad had already dominated the military. Not having resigned was a bad mistake, and in that way, I said they were short sighted. Atassi, Jedid, Makhos, Zuein, Tawil, Nueisseh, and few others were very honest and clean men. They were bright, they were civil, they were just, modest, poor, and had no material ambitions, as well as idologues. However, I hated all baathies, the smaller ones who were every thing contrary to what I have listed. Assad took advantage of the psychology of people. He understood people much more than those idologues, and he bought the majority by "being so nice", helping who ever sought his help. They were not helping any one, and applied rigid policies regarding anything, and they were hated becausse of their rigidity.

For the birth of March 8th, you seem to know absolutely nothing but what appeared to you , being the neighbour of Louai atassi. you know nothing what so ever about each of these men, and how they were divided, and what the position of Assad was in the 1963 coup that you are dismissing completly now.

Anyway. I also looked at the alatassi,org, and saw many things written about Nour Al dine. This man was a good man . He could have stayed the president, under assad doctrine, but he prefered to go to jail. he also refused to be exiled in the Soviet union. Show me any body else who does not dress like a woman and escape a coup, to exile or to the underground? Show me any one as brave as these men, Atassi, and his friends.

You are the one who know nothing, and your personal problem dominates all of your thinking.

Assad is an Israeli man. If you do not know this already, may be your grand sons will, for sure.

At 1/30/2006 11:34:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

You full of it JAM. Hafez came and straighten things out. All of Syria's trouble is from March 8 and the first year thereafter .Yes everything changed, including Hafez and his regime after the MB atatcks started. No one said Assad is not cunning, what is said is that he was well intentioned regarding Syria and it's development. In Opposit to the March 8 gang that took a nice country, free enterprise, free economy, constitution, Parliament...and nulled, ceased, confiscated, nationalized all.
Hafez, re-established the constitution and re-openned the parliament, although in adifferent form. Partly, so it will not revert to the March 8 gang, more than restricting Syrians.

At 1/30/2006 11:49:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Who posted this last comment Imad?
I am not going to waste my time with this idiot JAM, he is not being reasonable or truthful, just like said before an agitator.

I think Landis should discuss this in more details on his comment, or other web section maybe. Hopefully if he chooses to deal with this topic he will give us a chance to comment and state facts, not rely on someone else opinion like that of JAM.

And JAM, I know every freeking detail of Syrian political life, from 1958-1970. I admit to have weaker knowledge of events after that being out of the country and envolved with issue relating more to Syrian nationalism and teh Nationalist party. But I am for sure not ignorant. Finally, you bet, I want my land back and be compensated for every damm year someone else used it for free. Bashar can be kind and address this problem. Why let an SOB from the Atassi family rob me from my grandfather inheritance, this land been in the family for 400 years. I can ssure you that I do have other plans to regain it too, other than asking Bashar.

Not discussing anything, and I don't want any member to discuss anything or respond to JAM comments anymore. He is on Ignor list. Typical response should be: JAM%IGNORE

Good night

At 1/31/2006 12:09:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

She (think she) just came unto the comment and called the Agha names.
Just like that other luni-tozzz.

Not sure if bcs Nasser or What appear to them that we are Pro Assad.

At 2/02/2006 06:44:00 PM, Blogger LebaneseLION said...

Landis, I don't what your deal is man?
I expect the Syrians to back their coutry, btw there are only a few of them.
But how did end up like that?
Only thing I figure is that personal ties in Syria.
Financial, religous I don't think so, Syrian in laws?
what ever it is, you are deranged and so is most of your audience.
Your topic is:
You got to be kidding me.
After 30 years of hell from syria you want Lebanon to repair relations.
Obviously you know what those sons of bitches did..I can go on forever.
You must have spent some time in the maze for a while.
You are brain washed.
Any way man God help you. you need it.
And please dont make any more recomendation for Lebanon and its people.
I tell one thing I consider you a traitor to the american people and misguided individual to say the least.
And as for Syrian republican party....BUSH still got 3 more years of dealing with Bashar, Iran is under the radar for now but syria won't be forgoten.

At 2/07/2006 01:04:00 PM, Blogger Abu Lanjri Baker Al Farran said...

Yeah sure dude, it's all Syria's fault, even when the fingerprints of the Saudi terrorist regime are bigger than the proverbial elephant in the living-room!

Lebanon's new interior minister, a certain Ahmad Fatfat, holds dual Saudi/Lebanese citizenships and was a long time member of the Dannieh branch of the fascist Moslem Brotherhood youth movement: we can surely count on him and on his disinterested "Darak" police officers NOT to catch Harirista church-burners and other Wahhabi thugs!

Expect him to indict some hapless Syrian migrant workers instead...

Your fascist friend Tony Bad-Rat will no doubt write a self-righteous editorial titled "Leb Cops Caught More Baathist Thugs: Mission Accomplished Mr. President"



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