Sunday, March 19, 2006

Damascus Declaration Leaders Confused by MB - Khaddam Front

Hassan Abdal Azim, a founding member of and spokesperson for the Damascus Declaration, the umbrella organization for the internal Syrian opposition, has distanced his organization from the new Khaddam-Bayanouni alliance which was formed in Brussels a few days ago. They announced the formation of a transitional government.

Azim said the internal opposition knew nothing of the new Front. It had taken them by total surprise, he says. This article in al-Ra'i, or as it transliterates its name, Arraee, quotes Azim to this effect. He says the internal opposition should lead, not follow the external opposition.

نفى حسن عبد العظيم الناطق الرسمي باسم التجمع الديمقراطي المعارض في سورية امس –أحد أعمدة إعلان دمشق- وجود أي تنسيق بين قوى "إعلان دمشق" الذي يضم معارضي الداخل ومؤتمر المعارضة السورية الذي عقد أمس الاول في بروكسل مشيرا إلى أن المؤتمر لم يحظ بموافقة المعارضة في الداخل.

وقال عبد العظيم في اتصال مع وكالة الانباء الالمانية إن المؤتمر عقد "خارج إعلان دمشق تماما لأنه لم يطرح على إعلان دمشق أي موضوع من هذا القبيل ولم يتم أي تشاور أو اتصال مع هيئة إعلان دمشق أو اللجنة الموقتة لإعلان دمشق".

But not all Damascus Declaration leaders are so put out by the new alliance.

The "Syrian Report" in a recent interview with Samir Nashar, head of Syria’s Liberal Party, member of the transitional council of the Damascus Declaration, and leading business and figure in Aleppo, asks him directly about the new front as follows:

Why did the Damascus Declaration not denounce the meeting between Abdel Halim Khaddam and Ali Bayanouni?
On February 18 the Damascus Declaration said it wanted to denounce the meeting between Khaddam and Bayanouni but I and other figures played a role in stopping this statement. Instead we just stood back from the meeting. I see Khaddam meeting Bayanouni as a political necessity to build a political framework that is an alternative to the regime. If the regime collapses what is the alternative? Change in Syria should be by stages, to reduce the damage.


At 3/19/2006 03:30:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

These past few articles bring flash back memories of guppy childhoods. Growing up in my youth a liveless city called Corona Del Mar (well you got the beach and nice looking youthful blonds, no complaint). This all brings back memories of the hundreds of meetings the Syrian oppositions in the United States and Europe gathered in the Seventies and Eighties to free Syria from Baathist control. Sort of like the poor Cuban exiles today, still meeting and preparing. The only problem, was and still is for both the Cubans and us Syrians is that the Congress members, CIA, Defense, White House and State just like today were screwing with the Baathists in Syria and Iraq and the Bushites on behest of the oil companies and Jewish bankers were screwing with the Bin Ladins scums in Arabia and laughing at our conglomerate. The poor Cuban always remembered at election time for Twenty minutes.

Someone needs to have a private chat with all these poor souls Abu Ghuraib Ghadri, Guattanamo Bayanooni, Solidare “Rafik” Hariri (Rafik denotes not the dead man but the Baathist term for commrad), Socialist Druze chieftain Heroin Junblat, all those Yehwe inspired Communists, Baathists rejects, Socialist Moguls in Damascus: YOU AINT GOT A CHANCE. Do you want me to repeat it again: YOU AINT GOT A CHANCE IN HELL, BECAUSE YOU AINT GOT ANY POPULAR OR MILITARY POWER OTHER THAN YOUR SILLY AND CHILDISH MEETINGS, CONFRERENCES, BAYANAT AND TAKARIRS.

The Jews are happy to see the status quo and Washington cannot over rules them. Besides, me the Agha, the one you all called IKTAI will much rather have Bashar Assad in power than some Guttanamo or Abu Ghuraib torturer agent, a Zionist agent, or the scum of mankind Judeo-Yehwe inspired Communist or Demonic Nasserite remotely, or in any way close to power in Syria, in the most faintest of proximity to it, and more close to bringing you to trial for your responsibilities for the crime committed against Syria and Syrians or the hideous crime that you all will be committing should you remotely come close to power in Syria.

Finally, I watched for the first time ever President Assad talk on TV and in English, thanks to someone inserting a link, (I don’t own TV- got sick of hearing all those bombastic speeches by George Bush, all those threats heralded at the world, and all those Jews brain washing everyone). What can I say, truthfully as usual, I love the guy, I really do, not sure if I love him, Shawkat, Khamenei or Nizhad more. It is his policy and corrupt, backward Baathist system that he insists on keeping it unchanged that I hate so much. Maybe because I know for sure, that what will in fact bring him down more than any other means. Not sure why the President, having all the army, security apparatus, Mukhabrat, Presidential Guards force can not just divorce himself from this party and it’s policy and become the Chung Hee Park and Chiang Kai-shek of Syria.

Metaz K.M. Aldendeshe
Syrian Republican Party

At 3/19/2006 08:08:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

He can not divorce himself from the Baath party because he knows that the attack on the baath party is just an excuse to destroy Syria and he still has faith in Syria,s abelity to reform without destroying it .The association between Khaddam and the MB indicate that the MB can forgive Khaddam who was in power for 30 years and resposible for Syria,s economic ills because he is Sunni while attacking Bashar Asad who has no blood on his hands and trying to reform Syria just because he is ironic how sad for Syria to have people like these as leaders.

At 3/20/2006 06:00:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

some interesting news, the fake witness in paris is gonna hold a press conference.


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