Sunday, April 02, 2006

Secularists and Islamists demand that Khaddam Apologize

The formation of the National Liberation Front between Khaddam and Bayanouni continues to send shock waves through both the secular and Islamist camps. Both are angry that Khaddam has not apologized for his years of serving the state under Hafiz. This first story from al-Quds al-Arabi is translated by

“…Committee for Democratic Change does not recognize Brussels conference”

In its March 30 edition, Al Quds Al Arabi, an independent daily, reported that: “The opposition Coordination Committee for Democratic Change in Syria, stated it did not recognize the National Liberation Front, the establishment of which was proclaimed in Brussels during a meeting chaired by Mr. Abdel Halim Khaddam, the former-vice-president, and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ali Sadreddine Al Bayanouni, between Syrian opposition parties, and considered it to be contributing to creating sedition within the Syrian opposition.

“The Committee that is based in Paris, considered that the Syrian opposition still lacks a strong political structure that represents democratic nationalism, and that building such a structure is still hindered until this day despite the efforts and sacrifices made by the Syrian people during the last three decades. In its statement, the Committee accused the Syrian authority that it referred to as a generic oppressive regime, of bargaining with the American policy, fighting against the forces of liberation and democracy, [and of] continuing to violate human rights and starving and impoverishing the Syrian people.

“The Committee also wondered how Khaddam, after having contributed to implementing the policy of oppression, theft and impoverishment that was led by General Hafez Al Assad in Syria and Lebanon, and after being one of the biggest figures of corruption, had turned to the opposition side. It also condemned the fact that, because it sought a political role, the Brotherhood allied with Khaddam who supported the policy of genocides and political assassinations, without even requesting that he present an apology, whether it is accepted or not by the Syrian people. This came as a shock to all those who counted on them [the MB] to play a positive political role…

“In its statement, the Committee declared that with this alliance, it was as though the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood had withdrawn his signature from the Damascus Declaration and has placed himself as well as the MB outside of the Declaration’s democratic choices. It then reiterated its support of the Damascus Declaration, and stated it was one step further towards establishing a national and democratic opposition, that is free from the Western rules and circles of power, the first of which is the United States…” (Al Quds Al Arabi, United Kingdom; MEW Mar 31)
The second story is from Levant News or Akhbar al-Sharq, which is published in London and has close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Tarif al-Sayyid 'Iysa explains how the Islamist camp has been badly divided by the alliance with Khaddam. Many are outraged that he has only criticized Bashar. They believe that Hafiz's period was worse, especially during the time of Hama. They want Khaddam to explain his role during the period, to condemn what happened, and apologize.

رسالة مفتوحة الى السيد عبد الحليم خدام
طريف السيد عيسى

صدقت التحليلات التي كانت تقول أن بعض البعثيين سيعلنون أنشقاقهم عن نظام العصابة الأسدية، وكان في مقدمة هؤلاء السيد عبد الحليم خدام والذي كان يشغل منصب نائب رئيس الجمهورية اضافة الى مركزه الحزبي والسياسي في سورية.

وشكل أنشقاق السيد خدام حالة من الجدل بين تيارات المعارضة السورية، ويمكن تلخيص الجدال القائم ضمن المواقف التالية:

- قسم يقف ضد السيد خدام جملة وتفصيلا كونه كان جزء من نظام سام الشعب السوري سوء العذاب، ولن نقف طويلا عند أقوال بعض هؤلاء والذي كان مبتذلا ورخيصا ولايليق أن يخرج من أشخاص كنا نظن بهم توازنا في طرحهم ولكن ثبت أنهم متقلبين فهم ينتقدون السيد خدام كونه كان جزء من هذا النظام بينما نراهم يدافعون عن أشخاص مازالوا يقفون ويدعمون هذا النظام، وبعضا من هؤلاء ينتقد السيد خدام بينما يحاول التقرب من سفاح سورية رفعت الأسد ولا ندري كيف يتفق ذلك مع نقدهم لخدام وتزلفهم لرفعت الأسد، وقسم لانشك بوطنيته وحرصه فكان نقده موضوعيا نحترمه ونقدره لأنه نابع من أناس مؤهلين لأن يكونوا جزء من عملية التغيير في سورية.

- قسم متحفظ فلا هو مؤيد ولا هو معارض بل يطلب توضيح من قبل السيد خدام حول فترة حكم دكتاتور سورية حافظ الأسد، وبناء على هذا التوضيح يبنون موقفهم.

- قسم مؤيد لانشقاق السيد خدام ومستعد للتعاون معه طالما ذلك يساهم في تغيير نظام الظلم والقهر والأستبداد المتمثل بحكم العصابة الأسدية، وهؤلاء لايملكون صكوك الغفران ولا مفاتيح الجنة أو النار بل يتركون كل مانسب من تهم الى السيد خدام ليبت فيها قضاء نزيه وعندها يتحمل كل شخص ما أقترفت يداه بحق سورية بلدا وشعبا.


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