Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Assad and Bush both claim Victory: Next Stage of Conflict Begins

The next stage of the Lebanon conflict has begun. Both Asad and Bush are claiming victory. Bush has turned his sights on Syria and Iran. He must limit their influence in Lebanon and attempts to rearm Hizbullah and rebuild it as an independent force in Lebanon. In the coming weeks we will see the Bush administration paint Syria as a force of evil that doesn't want peace and that is building dangerous nuclear and WMD programs.

Syria will try to paint Washington and Israel as the aggressors who don't want peace. His statement that: "Peace would involve Israel returning occupied lands to their owners and restoring their rights," is a first salvo. He is claiming that real peace means supporting international borders and all UN resolutions. He accuses Israel and the US of only wanting justice for themselves and of aiming to dominate the region in their own narrow interests.

Assad Accuses March 14 Forces of Inciting Strife by Asking Hizbullah to Disarm (Naharnet)

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Tuesday that Lebanon's anti-Syrian parliamentary majority is responsible for Israel's war on Lebanon and accused it of inciting strife in the country by asking Hizbullah to lay down its arms.
"Saving the present Israeli government is among the tasks of these (March 14) forces. After the failure of this war, these forces want…to provoke strife in Lebanon by trying to disarm the resistance," Assad said in a speech at the opening of a journalists' conference in Damascus.

He said that the March 14 forces "barely waited for the blood to dry before they started speaking of removing the arms of the resistance. But they have failed and their fall is not far away."

"They are the ones who bear responsibility for the war and the destruction," Assad charged in his hard hitting speech.

The Syrian leader, in his first major public address since Israel launched its offensive against Lebanon on July 12, said that America's plan for a "new Middle East" has collapsed after Hizbullah's successes in fighting against Israel.

He said the region had changed "because of the achievements of the resistance."

"The Middle East they (the Americans) aspire to ... has become an illusion," he said.

Assad also lashed out at Arab regimes, without naming them, who have criticized Hizbullah for kidnapping two Israeli soldiers and starting the war. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan -- all allies of the United States -- criticized Hizbullah's actions at the start of the conflict.

"We do not ask anyone to fight with us or for us ... But he should at least not adopt the enemy's views," Assad said.

He accused Israel of using Hizbullah's capture of two soldiers as a pretext for launching its massive assault adding that the Jewish state does not want peace.

"Peace would involve Israel returning occupied lands to their owners and restoring their rights," he said. "Israel is an enemy founded on the basis of aggression and hegemony."

"The peace process has failed. It has failed since its inception," he said.

Israel reacted strongly to Assad's speech warning Damascus not to intervene in Lebanese affairs or try to use Hizbullah to influence the Lebanese government.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, speaking in northern Israel, said after Israel's war against Hizbullah, Syria must "understand that Lebanon is taking off, or is at least meant to take off, in a different direction without them."

She said Syria would no longer be able "to influence (Lebanon) through such groups like Hizbullah.

Turning to the United States, the Syrian leader said Washington's participation was needed for a peace settlement in the Middle East, but he said peace cannot be achieved under the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush.

"This is an administration that adopts the principle of pre-emptive war that is absolutely contradictory to the principle of peace," he said. "Consequently, we don't expect peace soon or in the foreseeable future."

In the absence of negotiations, he said, resistance against Israel is a legitimate option.

"Resistance is aimed at achieving peace not war."

Assad defended Hizbullah and criticized U.N. cease-fire resolution 1701 for holding the group responsible for the violence.

"Israel is the one who is responsible," he said.

Assad said this war revealed the limitations of Israel's military power.

During the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, Israeli forces surrounded Beirut within seven days of invading, he said. "After five weeks it (Israel) was still struggling to occupy a few hundred meters."

"From a military perspective, it (the battle) was decided in favor of the resistance. Israel has been defeated from the beginning," Assad said. "They (Israelis) have become a subject of ridicule and have lost their credibility."(AFP-AP-Naharnet)
Commentary: The price of not trying to bring Syria into a Lebanon deal is renewed opposition from Syria and a determination on Asad's part to rearm Hizbullah. This Asad speech is the counterpart of Nassrallah's speech thanking the Syrians following their departure from Lebanon. Both sides are determined to bolster the language and stand of the other in order to present a united front to their enemies. Asad promises that the Hariri led government's "fall is not far away."

It is not certain whether Washington could have promised Syria enough to win its support in a deal to disarm Hizbullah. But by not having tried, Washington and Israel guaranteed the opposition of Syria. So long as Israel presumes to be able to keep the Golan Heights as annexed territory, Syria will do everything in its power to thwart attempts to win a separate peace agreement with Lebanon.

Syria has now rededicated itself to opposing the disarming of Hizbullah and the fall of the March 14 coalition in Beirut.

President Bush has come out swinging as well. He insists that Damascus can be thwarted and subdued.
U.S. President George Bush said the United Nations resolution to halt the fighting between Israel and Lebanon will stop Hezbollah from acting as a "state within a state" and deal a severe blow to the efforts of Syria and Iran to exert influence in the Middle East.
The US Calls Lebanon Peace Deal Strategic Setback for Iran, Syria. Farid Ghadry's Washington sponsored Syrian opposition party has begun spinning stories about Washington's fear of a revived Syrian nuclear program. Their primary evidence for this derives from Ambassador John Bolton's unverified claims of a year ago. See this article: Syria's Secret Nuclear Program and Long Term Threat.

In this article: "Israel Finds Evidence That Syria, Iran Arm Hezbollah With Russian Weapons" Israel explains that Hizbullah did not manufacture all its own missiles and anti-tank weapons, but in fact purchased them elsewhere. They came from Russia and Iran; some passed through Syria.


At 8/15/2006 08:59:00 AM, Blogger Ameen Always said...

" returning occupied lands "

Arabs still do not pay attention to the proper meaning of the language they use. The trick in the UN SC Resolution 242 was the omission of the Defining "The" before "Occupied territories", but Arabs will always be careless.

That "the" was the cause of all of problems that took place after 1967 war.

At 8/15/2006 10:35:00 AM, Blogger ugarit said...

The issue with the word "the" is only in the English version of the resolution's document. The other versions, French and Spanish have the definite article.

At 8/15/2006 10:42:00 AM, Blogger ugarit said...

The Arabs should rely on the French version.

"The French version of the clause reads:

Retrait des forces armées israéliennes des territoires occupés lors du récent conflit.

The difference between the two version lies in the absence of a definite article ("the") in the English version (so that it could possibly mean "from some territories"), while a definite article ("de + les" = "des") is present in the French version (so that it can only mean "from the territories"). An alternative formulation "de territoires" would have been equally French.

The absence of the definite article in the English version seems to have been the result of a deliberate amendment made by the US government. The drafting process was made on the English version, the French being a translation of the English final draft."


At 8/15/2006 10:46:00 AM, Blogger Atassi said...

As, expected, more of the same empty rhetoric’s, extreme and sharp language delivered for an internal Syrian consumptions, Dr Assad way of trying to capture the moments “ clear and obvious opportunistic behavior” and claiming victory in the name of national and Arab cause, Dr Assad offensive and sharp accusations against the international community, I see it as a clear sign that Dr, Assad’s believes that, The plan has been foiled to reengages in a peace dialogues with US\ Israel at the end of this war.
The regime has switched to the defensive mode now. Until they create a new channel of communications with the internal community. Unpredictable and adventures things will occur for sure!!!

At 8/15/2006 11:21:00 AM, Blogger Civicus said...

If Mr. Bush wants war, there will be war. No matter what.
The only thing that annoys me is that by this empty speach, we blew up the last bit of credibility that we had left. We will fight, as it is our land and home and we know no other. And we will be UNITED in our destiny. God have mercy on our country!

At 8/15/2006 11:34:00 AM, Blogger Atassi said...

Lebanese Pride, Are you a girl? Or Maybe a Bitch

At 8/15/2006 11:44:00 AM, Blogger HARBOOK said...

your country just got taken to the cleaners and the only person you can blame is the person who sheltered 1/4 of your population. pathetic attempt, tante lebanese pride.

At 8/15/2006 12:22:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

This is a golden oportunity,for Iran and Syria to re-arm HA,and provide it with anti-aircraft,anti merkava,and more destructive missiles,also HA needs training on these weapons,Isreal may complain,along with USA, it could mean attacking Syria,this will expand the war,ceratainly not to the advantage of Isreal,Syria may get hit hard, but more destruction of Isreal is sure to follows.

At 8/15/2006 12:36:00 PM, Blogger Inverse constant said...


Your preference for highlighting the syrian perspective often makes Syria more influential than it seems as has been clearly demonstrated on this blog over the last year. We appreciate your opportunism is a means to an economic end for you and your family - its just a pity that you are so week at it. If you were any good after-all, you too would be being published in world's established media.

Instead you ply your shameless trade on a blog to an audience of humiliated, and ignorant arabs, playing them, like a piano.

The only reason why you have any sort of audience is because your readers are lost, impotent, humiliated and incompotent. They are mal-educated by their criminal leaders, brian-washed in schools, the home and the media, into supporting beliefs that have made it acceptable for lives to be destroyed, in the name of the Arab glory.

You are either - truly are low life - a person with limited cognitive abilities or just another shameless little crook.

There are many books on the planet, the civilized worlds reads from all of them - you, you backwards people are stuck on a single page of a very small book indeed - humiliated, ignorant and locked in place by your backward culture of primitives - cheered on by a quack professor

At 8/15/2006 12:54:00 PM, Blogger HARBOOK said...

Inverse constant,

What words of woe you weave. I am the mal-educated you speak of, painted in overblown hues as a syncophant. But I voice belief when you spit nothings. Your post has no basis of thought...nice metaphors...a long night it must have been thinking on the dribble. We many talk of an issue, of an idea, of a belief. You speak as the antagonist, with only contrary words made from our own singular passionate letters.

At 8/15/2006 01:14:00 PM, Blogger why-discuss said...

The inept, short-sighted and divided lebanese goverment will NEVER be able to deal with the complex situation presented by the 1701. the same ay they could not deal with the 1559 and needed Israel with US and UK support to help it implementd with a total failure. The present lebanese governement will fall again into bickering and waste of energy. Instead on concentrating on helping to solve the root of the problem i.e occupied territories and Israel planned revenge, they will discuss endlessly removing Emile Lahoud and disarming the Hezb with no result. Thank God the only reliable people are the Hezbollah who do what they say and showed that intelligence and dedication bear fruits .
The US and France are dreaming when they think the 15,000 unifil on the border will help the lebanese governement. The worst we can expect is a renewal of another civil war? I hope the present governement is kicked out for their failure to protect the country and replaced by more balanced and pragramatic people, but I think this is also wishful thinking

At 8/15/2006 01:17:00 PM, Blogger SimoHurtta said...

Inverse constant your description of the blobs readers is rather astonishing. This blog is read by many people in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America etc. Most readers are not Arabs or from Middle East.

Professors Landis and Cole give to many people around the world hope that there is some sense left in “American establishment” and that there is a little hope that reason and rationality will some day return in US foreign policy. And that this cancer in Middle East will be solved in a peaceful way. The cancer is not the dictators or kings in Arab countries. It is that little bully over aggressive country which hundreds of nukes, that doesn’t want to make peace and believes that the only way of making politics, is to make Arabs fear them.

It seems that Inverse constant you have read very few of those books which the civilized world reads. If you had, you could argue your points with more civilized ways.

At 8/15/2006 01:17:00 PM, Blogger Inverse constant said...

Yes Harbook, we Arabs are pathetic little people - who understand little about what is need for our own betterment.

What we see here on this website today is a delusional, spiraling discussion about the Syrian state of affairs that propagates the Arab Nation. BULL - it is an excuse we make for ourselves to raise temporarily from our humiliation and ignorance.

Don't feel bad, or complain, or retaliate as we arabs like to do. Go and learn how to be useful to the world, contribute to art or science, or start a charity that upholds peace and freedom, earn your respect. Stop mulling on about it in this truly pathetic forum

One day it will creep into the back of your mind that - indeed you are a humilated person, incompetent, and mal-educated by our criminal ignorant people - So either chose modernity - or more of this gazing into your asshole that you do so well on this pathetic blog. Chose one, - but please, please, please don't come online and show the world how backward and ignorant you truly are -please.

H Al Sabah - Beirut

At 8/15/2006 01:29:00 PM, Blogger Civicus said...

Seize oportuity to arm?
Open the front?

Please have mercy! It took us 5 years to see the Omayad Square finaly finished! How many years do you think are needed to rebuild the whole country?
Ah, you gharbatlyeh bretheren! If you're so keen on "freeing" the country, why don't you come back and do so? Why don't you lead our avanguard army into the battle?
And what happened to Ghandi's Non-Violence policy? Didn't it give better a result than a thousand wars?

Sorry for the cinicism, I had a tough day...

(I DO agree with Inverse that we Arabs- not me, I should read less- should read more)

At 8/15/2006 01:33:00 PM, Blogger Inverse constant said...


Because the USA especially led by Bush junior is guilty of so much destruction of its own, doesn't justify you having to gaze up you asshole so incessantly that you lull yourself into a certain naivety.

It is probable that anyone who is not an arab who reads this blog is only looking for material to fill their very small newspaper columns - or small TV shows like the one the esteemed professor Landis appeared on.

You are fodder for the likes of those on FOX TV - you truly are another ignorant individual, brian-washed into supporting beliefs that have made it acceptable for the Arab world to remain a pit of poverty and repeated destruction.

Go and learn how to be useful to the world

H Al Sabah - Beirut

At 8/15/2006 02:12:00 PM, Blogger Ameen Always said...

" The Arabs should rely on the French version.

"The French version of the clause reads:

Retrait des forces armées israéliennes des territoires occupés lors du récent conflit" Ugarit

Sure Ugarit, but that is exactly where the prblem lies. The Isrsaelis and the US will maintain the interpretation of the English version, not the French one. Israel was given the legitomacy in not complying with that resolution based on the English version, and that some lands have to be negotiated between the two parties.

My position is that we should seek peace at all costs. It is time for the people there to start living a "normal" life.

At 8/15/2006 02:44:00 PM, Blogger SimoHurtta said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8/15/2006 02:46:00 PM, Blogger SimoHurtta said...

Inverse constant you seem to be totally incapable to discuss in a civilized way. Certainly the majority of us outsiders who read this blog are not reporters. If would be Professor Landis would have tens of thousands reporters around the world reading his blog (which would not be a bad thing).

By the way FOX TV can’t be seen in Finland. Thanks God we have still a media which tries to give a picture of the world problems in “civilized” and many sided ways. By the way the Finnish TV made a report that Israeli Arabs do not have bomb shelters or even sirens before it became more widely know. Even the animals in Haifa zoo seem to have bomb shelters as the picture text in Haaretz article shows. But not Israeli Arabs …

Go and learn how not to naïve and insulting.

At 8/15/2006 03:05:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I wonder how much of the presidents speech was a strategic move or a public show of frustration from the US/Israeli/Saudi alliance that cut him out of the deal? nevertheless HA has lost a lot compare to a little over a month ago. only time will tell how much it will lose.

At 8/15/2006 03:06:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I wonder how much of the presidents speech was a strategic move or a public show of frustration from the US/Israeli/Saudi alliance that cut him out of the deal? nevertheless anyway you look at it HA lost compare to a little over a month ago. only time will tell how much it will really lose

At 8/15/2006 03:12:00 PM, Blogger Inverse constant said...


You are just another individual, whose lack of education leads you to believe in the rubbish put out by opportunistic hacks (Professor Landis). Rubbish that supports people to believe there is any use in crying and moaning about their sad predicaments - instead of earning their respect in the wider civilized world. Belief that propagates support for a culture from the dark ages. Beliefs that make people backward, that make it acceptable to placate groups like Hizbollah in the name of Arab Glory

Run along - go smoke a mackerel or machawi - wherever you are from

At 8/15/2006 03:12:00 PM, Blogger HARBOOK said...

H Al Sabah - Beirut

I am where you wish to lay down after a long day. I am what you wish you were every twilight. And yet I will strive to better myself, while you troll here for a quip or too.

Are you trying to put people on notice? To tell us that the arab governments are incompetent and flawed?

I dont know your thoughts, because you speak nothing about politics. Your brush is a broad sociological one about "you people." That is blather, an indoctrinated sort. So you see I have a psychosocial solution;You despise other arabs and want them to anger you, to reinforce that hate. Hope it fulfills that thing which you miss.

At 8/15/2006 03:33:00 PM, Blogger Inverse constant said...


I dont despise arabs - I whish only that arabs give up their "them and us" attitude. Civilized people around the world earn respect from from honest work - not by cultivating fabricated information that lulls others into some temporary comfort from their ignorance - Nonsense that that supports beliefs that makes people backward, that make its acceptable to placate groups like Hizbollah in the name of Arab Glory. Give it up - you'll loose - Harbook

At 8/15/2006 03:39:00 PM, Blogger Philip I said...

Any one who insults others for their opinions is an inadequate attention seeker. Just ignore him and he'll go away.

At 8/15/2006 03:41:00 PM, Blogger Zenobia of the East and West said...

Inverse Constant,

it seems very implausible that your name is Hassan or that you are in Beirut. if that is true, you are really one of the biggest self-haters i have heard lately.

it is sooo very sad that you embody the exact thing that you rant on about and claim to be criticizing.

You are intollerant, nasty, insulting, aggressive, incessant in an obnoxious and narrow way. You keep assessing others in highly distorted and presumtous way. and you are completely disinterested in any actual reciprocal dialogue. you just want to dominate with your own relentless account of reality. Your arrogance bespeaks ignorance.
Hence, you are everything you claim to despise.

Please, CEASE and DESIST. why are you here on this blog? why bother. You have nothing to say of value here because you have only succeeded in antagonizing others...and alienating yourself.

At 8/15/2006 03:54:00 PM, Blogger Zenobia of the East and West said...

and.....Harbook, you poet

there you go with that voice again......

i am a big fan. send me some poetic words .......

At 8/15/2006 03:57:00 PM, Blogger qunfuz said...

I agree Zenobia. I tried to get him to talk earlier about actual issues, why he doesn't like Hizbullah, etc. He wouldn't. Like Philip, I think we should ignore him.

At 8/15/2006 04:59:00 PM, Blogger Pacta said...

Bashar's speech sounded like something from another time. Still trying to incite civil strife in Lebanon by pointing an accusing finger to the 14th March coalition. Does he expect that now that HA has "won" it will comply and do him the favour of immediately turning its guns on other Lebanese?

At 8/15/2006 05:03:00 PM, Blogger copy editor said...

Let's suppose that what Sy reports in the New Yorker is correct, that this war was planned (or at least theorized) long before the capture of those two poor soldiers -- who remain captive.

It would have been intelligent to have sought a reproachment with Syria before the military option was executed. More, this would have been so crucial to the strategic aspect of the military campaign, and to the broad troubles in Iraq, that reproachment with Syria should have been a necessary precondition to disarming Hezbollah and harming Iran's growing hegemony in the region.

I am left to wonder: if George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had the military credentials of a Chuck Hagel or a Wesley Clark, would they be able to better discern the differences entailed in strategy, operation and tactic. It seems, based on Condi's claim some months ago that trouble in Iraq was a result of tactical mistakes, that these "leaders" like to use these terms as mere synonyms for "plan". The nuance behind these terms is vital. Nasrallah points this out when he declares this a strategic victory. Militarily, Hezbollah would have lost though Israel would have been bloodied. Hezbollah's tactics were more effective than Israel presumed. Israel's tactics backfired and did not achieve the strategic goals of splintering the Lebanese along sectarian lines.

Assad's remarks concering the various Kings allied with America is quite interesting in its subjects:

"We do not ask anyone to fight with us or for us ... But he should at least not adopt the enemy's views," Assad said.

He implies those Kings should have been neutral, at the very least. One can anticipate this sentiment will resound in the Arab street. If this fight is going to be won by the West, we need to realize that the Arab street is the battleground and not the brutal intelligence services of despots.

At 8/15/2006 07:18:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

Asad Speach;certainly was a smart way to steel the vicory from HA,where was he during the war?who achieved victory HA,or syrian troops?, would he re-arm HA now?, his attack on the rest of the Arab leaders is well justified,and understood by the arab masses, but he was just a step better than Mubarak,or Abdullahs.the syrian army is just to protect him from his syrian people,and not to regain the Golan Heights.

At 8/15/2006 08:05:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

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قدر العالم العربي, كما يشهد عليه تاريخه, أن يبتلى بهذا النوع من قيادات الصدفة, التي تظهر على سطح الأحداث, وليس في جيبها إلا مفرقعات الصبيان, ومكائدهم, ونفوسهم المملوءة بالغل والحقد والحسد على الآخر مهما كان, جاراً, أو شقيقاً, أو حتى دولة برمتها وبكامل تفاصيلها.
العالم العربي هذا شهد بلاء في أول قيام دولة الإسلام تجسد بظهور مسيلمة الكذاب, الذي ادعى النبوة, وحاول تهديد أركان الإسلام وزعزعة قلوب المؤمنين, وزين للناس أوهاماً ظن أنها ستنطلي عليهم... مسيلمة هذا تزوج بامرأة مدعية للنبوة هي الأخرى اسمها سجاح بنت الحارث بن سويد بن عقفان, وكانت جميلة, وصباح ليلة الدخول بها قرر مسيلمة إلغاء صلاة الفجر لأنه قضى معها ليلاً مرهقاً لم يستطع بعده أن يستيقظ مبكراً, ولا سيما أن سجاح الجميلة كانت أيضاً نابغة, تحب العطور, وتحسن الملاطفة وشديدة الجاذبية... ومن أجل هذه المرأة ألغى مسيلمة صلاة الفجر, بعد أن حاول تدمير ثوابت الدين وأخذ أهله إلى الضلال. وقد انتهى مسيلمة بأن تركته سجاح مبكراً للنجاة بنفسها, وبتعرضه للإبادة هو وأنصاره على يد خالد بن الوليد الذي قاد حملة من المسلمين المؤمنين لم يرضوا بحضور الضالين في صفوفهم, والكاذبين في مجتمعهم, وأصحاب الفتن في بلادهم.
خطاب رئيس النظام السوري أمس, وإن كان لا يستحق التعليق, لركاكة موغلة فيه, ولصبيانية صعب عليها بلوغ سن الإدراك... هذا الخطاب ذكرنا بخطب مسيلمة الكذاب والتي قامت كلها على مبدأ إشاعة الفتن بين الناس, ودفعهم إلى الاقتتال والتحارب, خطاب الأسد لم يكن فيه شيء من السياسة, وفيه كل شيء من نوايا تصدير الفتنة إلى داخل لبنان, ومن نوازع الانتقام من الشعب اللبناني الذي طرده وطرد جيوشه من بلاده, وفيه شتى تلاوين الكذب بادعاء المقاومة وتبنيها في كل مكان شرط ألا تكون لديه مقاومة وطنية سورية تتولى التصدي للاحتلال الإسرائيلي في الجولان والعمل على تحريره على غرار مقاومة »حزب الله« في لبنان, والذي خاب هو الآخر بمجرد قبوله الاحتماء بمظلة النظام السوري, والالتحاق بخدمة أحقاد هذا النظام الخائف والمرتق.
لقد اعتمد الأسد في خطابه على تركيب الأوهام والاستنتاج على أساسها, فتوصل إلى نتائج وهمية أدعى إلى الشفقة منها إلى الاعتبار, كما رمى من وراء خطابه إلى إشباع نيران الانتقام الملتهبة في داخله من قوى 14 آذار في لبنان والتي قال إن إسرائيل قد قامت بعدوانها من أجل إنقاذ هذه القوى, وهو كلام يدخل في الهلوسة طبعاً ولا يرقى إلى مستوى الإفادة بالمعلومات, وخصوصاً من رجل يحكم دولة, كما ضمن الخطاب هجوماً صبياناً غير لائق على خادم الحرمين الملك عبدالله بن عبدالعزيز, وعلى رئيس مصر حسني مبارك, معتبراً أنهما عقلاء مزيفون وحكماء شكليون. ولقد تمادى الأسد في هذا الجانب في التطرق إلى المغامرة في معرض نفيها, وتسفيهها كقول ونظرية, وقال هل بالإمكان اعتبار يوسف العظمة وسلطان الأطرش وعبدالرحمن الكواكبي وسعد زغلول وسليمان الحلبي من المغامرين? إن مجرد سرده لهذه الأسماء التاريخية يكفي للرد عليه, إذ إن أعمال هؤلاء المجاهدين الوطنيين لا تنتسب أبداً إلى المغامرة وتاريخهم يشهد لهم بذلك, وبأنهم كانوا يقفون وراء حكام شرعيين, تدفعهم شعوبهم إلى مقاومة الاستعماري المحتل, وهذه الشعوب في الأساس كانت ثائرة ومجاهدة وتتطلع إلى الحرية والاستقلال, ولا تسمح لأحد أن يخرج من بين صفوفها ويستغلها, ويبدد أرواحها ويدمر مساكنها لحساب مصالح أجنبية خارجية لا علاقة لهذه الشعوب بها, ثم إن ذكر الأسد لجول جمال, واعتباره أول مجاهد انتحاري في تاريخ العرب, وهل هذا الرجل يعتبر من المغامرين أم من الأبطال, فإن جول جمال كان ضابطاً بحرياً بإمرة القيادة العسكرية المصرية إبان العدوان الثلاثي البريطاني الفرنسي الإسرائيلي عام ,1956 ونفذ عملية الانتحار بأوامر منها.
خطاب الأسد الذي قلنا إنه لا يستحق الرد إلا أنه خارج من بواعث الخوف والاضطراب ونوازع الانتقام, لا بد من التعرض له من باب الرغبة في كبح نوازع صبيانية تريد إشعال الفتنة في لبنان, ولا تريد الخير لا للعرب, ولا لسورية.
لقد تكلم الأسد بأفكار أخرى لا معقولة, سمحت له بسرقة إنجازات »حزب الله« إذا كانت له إنجازات, وبادعاء وجود خيارات أخرى غير خيار السلام, وبجواز قيام مقاومة حين تغيب المفاوضات, وينسى أن هذا الكلام ينطبق عليه بالدرجة الأولى, فلديه الجولان المحتل المرشح لأن يكون اسكندورن ثانية, أي لواء مسلوخاً, فلماذا لا يتفضل بالمقاومة من أجل استرجاعه وتحريره? ثم قوله إن الحرب على لبنان قد عرت العالم العربي وأظهرته بلا مساحيق, أليس هو أول العراة المفضوحين, كونه جزءاً من هذا العالم العربي, أم أنه في هذا الجانب لا يعتبر نفسه عربياً?
إذا كان الأسد يرى أن إسرائيل فقدت هيبتها في هذه الحرب الأخيرة, فإن في ذلك الأمر, إذا كان حقيقياً, فرصة ذهبية له لكي ينقض عليها, ويفتح أبواب الجولان ليكمل ما بدأه مغامرو »حزب الله«, وينتهى بما انتهوا إليه أي الانتصار على إسرائيل هذه وإلحاق الهزيمة بها.
وحين تجاسر الأسد على القول, وبكلام مغامر غير محسوب, بأن القرار الوطني السوري أعلى من أي قرار دولي ولو أدى ذلك إلى القتال, فإنه يفتح أبواب جهنم على بلده وعلى شعبه, تماما كما فتحها »حزب الله« على لبنان, وفتحا من قبلهما صدام حسين على العراق. إننا نعرف أن التيوس لا تستطيع مناطحة الصخر بقرونها لأنها ستتكسر, ونعتقد جازمين أن قرون الأسد ستتكسر هي الأخرى على صخرة العالم العربي الصامدة ضد مكائده وفتنه, والتي لن يلتفت إليها أحد بدليل, ردود الفعل الشاجبة لخطابه, والآتية من أربع جهات العرب من دون استثناء.
رحم الله الحريري إذ بدا شبحه مسيطراً على يقظة الأسد ومنامه, ودافعاً له إلى كتابة خطاب يخلو من السياسة ويمتلئ بشقاوة الصبيان ونزوعهم إلى إثبات أنفسهم وحضورهم عن طريق الأذى وإشعال الفتن.

At 8/15/2006 09:31:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

I have been saying for a long time that Israel only understand force ,their loss to Hizballa made them understand that they can not fight forever or winn all the time , I think now that Syria and Hzballa are victorius Syria should offer a final status negotiation between Israel on one side and Syria Hizballa and Hamas on the other side ,enough killing Israel can not fight forever and the Arabs only want what is rightly theirs ,so let us have a deal and a compleet peace .Any takers.?

At 8/15/2006 11:46:00 PM, Blogger BP said...

It's time to open your eyes

By Riad Ali

In February 2005, former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated. He was among the leading opponents of Syria and its tentacles in Lebanon, including Hezbollah. Hariri was a multimillionaire and served as prime minister for many years. Unlike any other Arab or Muslim leader, Hariri offered his fellow Lebanese a secular alternative. Under his baton, a different Lebanon arose among the ruins that were left behind by the civil war and the war with Israel. A different, colorful, vibrant, ambitious and politically and culturally pluralistic Lebanon was resurrected. A Lebanon whose daughters could paddle in bathing suits at Beirut's beaches. A Lebanon where the media spoke openly about corruption, incest and homosexuality. A Lebanon that encouraged open creativity, self-criticism and freedom of thought and expression.

And then came the assassination, which more than murdering an individual wanted to slay the alternative he had offered to his people. The assassination, to the grief and dismay of the assassins, brought hundreds of thousands of Lebanese hungry for life into the streets, and at the end of the day, they expelled the Syrian army from their country.

I know that many people in the Arab and Muslim world, including Arab citizens of Israel, believe with every fiber of their being in the conspiracy theory. According to them, the hand of Israel and the West is everywhere. Israel is the mother of all evil and the root of all the problems in our region. I am not among those who say that Israel and the West are as pure as the driven snow, but I ask "the blind by choice" in the Muslim world: Who had an interest in destroying Hariri's vision? Who was threatened by the rays of light that came from Lebanon? Who did not want Lebanon to be an oasis in the heart of the dictatorships, most of which had begun to be moldy and malodorous? Israel, the United States, France, Britain? Or rather Syria, Iran and Hezbollah?

It takes intellectual and moral courage to point to the thick line connecting the assassination of Hariri to the war in southern Lebanon. I know that the fact of the word "Israel" is enough to cloud the analytical abilities of many in the Arab and Muslim world. To them, I suggest trying to take the Israeli factor out of the arena and examining the situation in Lebanon on the eve of Hariri's assassination.

A vehement debate was going on at the time in the country between Syria's opponents and supporters. It was clear as day to many Lebanese that after Israel's withdrawal from the south in May 2000 - apart from the Shaba Farms, assuming they do belong to Lebanon - the time had come to eject the Syrian occupier from there. Yes, it is necessary to call a spade a spade: "the Syrian occupier." Hariri's assassination engendered the expulsion of the Syrian army from Lebanon, but not Syrian influence. Within this puzzle, Hezbollah supported Syria and "the covenant of February 14, 2005," and Hariri's supporters demanded the dismissal of President Emile Lahoud, a supporter of Syria, and the disarming of the Hezbollah. They wanted to continue on Hariri's secular path and build a Lebanon free of foreign influence, a Lebanon in which there is freedom of religion but which is free of the cult of religion and parochialism. In short, a democratic, liberal and enlightened Lebanon.

In the eyes of "the blind by choice," Israel is always to blame. If they were to open their eyes for just a moment, they would discover that in the eyes of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, the democracy that Hariri proposed is the mother of all evil, and not Israel. As far as they are concerned, it is better that Lebanon be bombarded with thousands of smart bombs rather than be bombed by one smart bomb of democracy. It does not take especially sensitive eyes and ears to determine that the first bullet that was fired in this war was fired on February 14, 2005, the day of Hariri's assassination.

The time has come to admit that the mother of all ills in the Arab world is the absence of a secular alternative that has the power to offer people a different way of thinking. An option that is an alternative to the one offered by political Islam. It is not the Israeli occupation that needs to be ended, but rather the fanatic religious occupation of the Arab-Muslim intellect, which is blocking the masses from the pleasure of thinking.

This is an occupation that makes astonishingly effective use of the term "Israel" as a wonder nostrum to neutralize the capacity for critical vision among the many who have frozen the clock of history at the picture of Kfar Kana, and pointed without thinking in the direction of Israel. The cancerous tumor from which the Islamic world is suffering must be initially sought in the bunkers of Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and not in the maw of the cannon on the Israeli tank. And no - I'm still not saying that Israel is as pure as the driven snow.

In one of his brilliant comments, Ra'am-Ta'al MK Ahmed Tibi said that Israel is a country that is "democratic for its Jews and Jewish for it Arabs." You know what? My life's dream is to see one Arab country that is at least "democratic for its Muslims, and Muslim toward its minorities." Amen.

At 8/16/2006 03:30:00 AM, Blogger True Facts said...

This is an excellent post BP. It is becoming clearer day by day that the draconian Syrian regime of the Assads is the greatest impediment to peace in the Middle East. More countries (add Germany to the long list) are getting convinced that there is no hope of reforming the behavior of this outlawed regime in a manner that conforms to the norms of the civilized world. A regime shunned by none other than those states called brotherly is getting isolated further and further into the inner web of its fascist delusional mindless state of a parasitic existence as an evil leech preying on its neighbors.

At 8/16/2006 07:11:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

English translation of Bashar al-Asad's speech. Excellent analysis. There are certainly areas like human rights and democracy where I would disagree, but this is spot-on. Rather unusual for a politician to be so frank. Even Robert Fisk (who usually lends his ear to little anti-Syrian birds) acknowledges this: In the face of Bush's lies, it's left to Assad to tell the truth, The Independent.

The truth was clearly too much for the German FM... Make no mistake about it, the German government has quietly joined the Bush camp and Merkel is firmly in the grip of the American president (so to speak)...

At 8/16/2006 02:28:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

Lebanese leaders of different factions telling Bashar to get lost

لفت عضو كتلة التغيير والاصلاح النيابية غسان مخيبر، الى أن اللبنانيين سأموا جميعهم العنتريات الكلامية للزعماء العرب وفي مقدمتهم سوريا.

وأضاف في بيان له ردا" على المواقف التي اطلقها الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد، ان هذه العنتريات تبني على تضحيات المقاومة اللبنانية الباسلة والمجتمع المدني الرائع في وحدته وفي صموده في وجه الغطرسة الإسرائيلية, في غياب أي عمل عسكري ضد اسرائيل لأي نظام عربي, بما فيه سوريا على حدود الجولان المحتل.

وأكد مخيبر ان ما سمعه من الأسد يثير العجب والغضب, ويزيد العزم على رفض عودة أية هيمنة وأي تدخل سوري في الشؤون اللبنانية الداخلية, ويزيد التصميم في دعوة سوريا الى افعال ايجابية، تخرج عن العنتريات الكلامية لتساهم في استعادة سيادة لبنان على مزارع شبعا، عبر توقيع بسيط على خريطة الحدود اللبنانية السورية في تلك المنطقة, والى افعال ايجابية تبني العلاقات الندية المتبادلة على أسس صحيحة ومتينة.

ورأى ان اللبنانيين جميعهم سئموا التهم الآتية من وراء الحدود والتخوين بإسرائيل التي نبذها جميع اللبنانيين كعدو, في محاولة لزرع الفتنة التي لا عودة اليها، وانه اذا كان من ملاحظات على أداء أي فريق من اللبنانيين, فليس لأحد من غير اللبنانيين ان يتدخل في شأنه.

وأوضح مخيبر انه اذا كان هناك من مساهمة عملية نطالب سوريا بها لمساعدة لبنان على تثبيت سيادته الكاملة في وجه اطماع العدوان الإسرائيلي, فهو توقيع بسيط مشترك مع لبنان على خريطة تبين الحدود في منطقة مزارع شبعا، على ان يبقى الترسيم والتحديد الى مرحلة لاحقة.

وانتقد نائب المتن الكلام الشفهي الملتبس, الذي يشير تارة الى لبنانية المزارع, وطورا الى نية تقاسمها بعد وضعها تحت المظلة الدولية، مشددا" على ان المطلوب من سوريا توقيع بالحبر يوجه الى الأمم المتحدة, فاذا لم تفعل, كان ذلك اعاقة لعمل المقاومة اللبنانية العسكرية والديبلوماسية في استعادة ما تبقى من ارض محتلة في مزارع شبعا.
وزير الاتصالات مروان حماده, أن القوى الحرة لن يخفت صوتها لا في مجلس الوزراء ولا في مجلس النواب ولا في الاعلام، وهي مؤتمنة على الديموقراطية العائدة في لبنان, ولن تتركه لا للاسد، ولا لغلمانه من مدمني العمل المخابراتي.

وجاء موقف حمادة في ندوة صحافية عقدها في مكتبه، علق فيها على خطاب الرئيس السوري بشارالاسد والمواقف التي اطلقها في افتتاح مؤتمر اتحاد الصحافيين العرب في دمشق.

ولفت الى ان الاسد خرج عن صمته ليعود الى هواياته: القتل والتهديد بالقتل, الشتيمة ومحاولة اهانة الشرفاء، والأدهى من ذلك محاولة ايهام الآخرين انه البطل الصنديد, وهو المتقاعس عن أي مبادرة جهادية او عسكرية او سياسية او ديبلوماسية من اجل تحرير ارضنا العربية في الجولان, يمسح عيوبه بدماء شهدائنا الابطال، يزورالتاريخ ليستشهد بعظمائه ويتظلل بهم وكم هو بعيد عنهم.

ورأى حمادة ان تهديدات الاسد للحركة الاستقلالية اللبنانية، تشكل منعطفا خطيرا في الازمة القائمة من خلال التهديد الجماعي والفردي بالانقلاب والتصفية والقتل، وطمأنه بأن الحكومة باقية, والاكثرية باقية, والوفاق باق, والشعب اللبناني باق بكل مقاوميه, لان مقاومة العدوان لم تقتصر على القتال وحسب, بل شملت التضحيات الجسدية في الاجساد وفي الحجر.

كما شملت ايضا صمود اللبنانيين ودعمهم واحتضانهم للمقاومة والمقاومين، وبكلمة واحدة, نقول للرئيس بشار الاسد: لا عودة للوصاية السورية على لبنان من باب اسرائيل, كما يظن.

واضاف انه اما في ما يتعلق بالادعاءات السخيفة والدنيئة, والتي يحملها عملاؤه الصغار الصغار عن الشرفاء في وطنيتهم اللبنانية وفي قوميتهم العربية على مدى عقود, فينفيها حجم نفاقها السخيف الدنيء, الذي لا يضاهيه الا فظاعة النية الاجرامية الكامنة وراءها.

وكشف حمادة انه حيال ذلك, قرر الادعاء امام مدعي عام التمييز في لبنان, ضد كل من شارك ويشارك، والاسماء معروفة والوثائق والتسجيلات محفوظة، في حملة اقل ما يقال فيها انه تتعدى القدح والذم لتبلغ جناية التحريض على القتل.

وأوضح انه كل الاحوال, فلدى اوساط كثيرة في التحقيق الجاري والسابق قناعات محددة فيه وفي المسؤولين عنه، وانه ابلغ لجنة التحقيق الدولية, التي ستواصل تحقيقها وصولا الى المحكمة الدولية التي بكل تأكيد وبعد الخطاب سيمثل امامها بشار الاسد, ابلغها وابلغ القاضي سيرج برامرتس بالامر.

كما شرح انه سيتقدم امام قاضي التحقيق في القضايا الارهابية في باريس جان لوي بروغيير بشكوى على هؤلاء، وعلى شركائهم الذين يستعملون الانترنت لاغراض اجرامية يعاقب عليها القانون الفرنسي واللبناني والدولي.

واكد حمادة انه لا يملك سيارات مفخخة ليرد على المجرمين، ولا مجموعات مخابراتية مجرمة وقاتلة، متعهدا" بالاستمرار بقول الكلمة بكل جرأة ومن دون خوف، وفي مواجهة آلة القتل, بالرأي والكتابة والتعبير وبجماهير الحركة الاستقلالية التي تعود الآن الى الاستنفار.

وذكّر بالتاريخ السياسي في صفوف الوطنيين اللبنانيين والقوميين العرب, في ساحات النضال التي تعود الى عقود طويلة, الى 17 ايار, وبالتحديد من دمشق اخرى غير دمشق اللصوص والقتلة, وبقيادة وليد جنبلاط.

وأشار الوزير حمادة الى انه الذي فقد اعز الاصدقاء والزملاء والانسباء, وكاد يفقد نفسه, يقول لهذا النظام القاتل: لن يتراجع لبنان, وهو يقول لك "لأ"، مستهجنا" عودة التهديد واختراع الادعاءات، ليس فقط في حق الاستقلاليين في لبنان, انما على العرب جميعا الذين وقفوا الى جانب لبنان, والذين امنوا له ولمقاومته ولشعبه مناعة سياسية، في معركة شرسة ديبلوماسية وسياسية واقتصادية.

At 8/16/2006 04:33:00 PM, Blogger t_desco said...

"This means, in the final analysis, that the world does not care about our interests, feelings and rights except when we are powerful."

A good reason to get rid of all those elements and aspects of the regime that are hampering development, I would say...

"Hence come resolution 1701 as a political lift for this group, aiming of course at granting Israel political gains that it failed to achieve by military means. The resolution came also as an international political lift, but why international? Because there isn’t anymore a national lift that can lift these people, and thus they were forced to find an international one. They will use this lift to start attacking the resistance, and we have already seen that. Before the blood of the victims dried, before anything else, and even before the displaced headed back to their villages, the May 17 Group members started to talk about disarming the Resistance Movement."

I don't agree with the notion that they are doing it to serve the interests of Israel. They are doing it to serve their own limited interests without taking the national interests of Lebanon into account. Why not integrate the army and the resistance into a new defensive strategy under the authority of the state?

At the same time it is clear that the US and its Western allies are indeed aiming at "granting Israel political gains that it failed to achieve by military means".

"In my belief, the real battle has just started but not in military terms. After the uncovering of the post-war positions, the real battle has just started in Lebanon."

Indeed. See below.

"We all, as Arab officials, want our countries to be stable, but such stability cannot be realized or continued under the constant contradiction between the official stands and the public stands. "

There is a remedy for that: it's called democracy...

BTW, Siniora just took the gloves off:

"There will be no more mentality of statelets, factional programs."
The Daily Star

He is, of course, echoing the words of the American president.

Speaking of Bush, Juan Cole quotes the following exchange:

' QUESTION: How can the international force, or the United States if necessary, prevent Iran from resupplying Hezbollah?

BUSH: The first step is -- and part of the mandate in the U.N. resolution was to secure Syria's borders. Iran is able to ship weapons to Hezbollah through Syria.

Secondly is to deal -- is to help seal off the ports around Lebanon.

BUSH: In other words, part of the mandate and part of the mission of the troops, the UNIFIL troops, will be to seal off the Syrian border. '

Cole thinks that Bush is clueless here, but he misses the fact that the mandate has not been clearly defined yet and that they are "aiming of course at granting Israel political gains that it failed to achieve by military means". In other words, Bush simply explains what he wants this mandate to look like: forget Lebanese sovereignty. Oh, and also forget any reform (or Western support for it) that would give Shi'ites their due share in the Lebanese political process.

At 8/16/2006 04:45:00 PM, Blogger Philip I said...

New post

Syrian Jingoism hits the stratosphere

At 8/16/2006 05:03:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

New Yorker's Diary
The City
Mighty Merkavas Fail In War Gone Awry: ‘Boom, Flames and Smoke’
Joshua Mitnick
1199 words
21 August 2006
New York Observer
(c) Copyright 2006 New York Observer. All rights reserved.
HAIFA—Cpl. Michael Mizrahi’s Merkava tank crew had given up. After an hour-long search through the warrens of the southern Lebanese village of Kila for a Hezbollah missile squad, the tank gunner awaited new orders.

Then the anti-tank rocket came bursting out of a nearby school, slamming into the tank’s right flank in between the gunner and his commander.

“There was a boom, flames and smoke,’’ recalled Corporal Mizrahi, the right side of his face peeling and shriveled from first-degree burns, his arm sewn up in several places from shrapnel and a bandage over the roof of his nose. “My whole face was covered in blood.”

Wheelchair-bound in the orthopedic ward of Haifa’s Rambam hospital, Corporal Mizrahi took consolation in the knowledge that the Merkava armor ultimately saved his life. Over the weekend, a four-man Merkava crew from his battalion was killed by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile.

Celebrated as one of the most heavily protected tanks in the world and the embodiment of the might of Israel’s ground forces, the Merkava tanks seemed to become practice targets over the last three weeks for Hezbollah anti-tank missile teams. And as a ceasefire went into effect this week, footage of smoke billowing from paralyzed Merkava tanks are likely to remain burned in the collective memory as one of the dominant images of a war gone awry.

“The tanks are a symbol in this war. In other conditions, 15 tanks could conquer a country,’’ said Eyal Hurwitz, a former infantry commando sent on special missions in Lebanon. “As an Israeli, I can’t bear to watch a tank exploding on live television. It kills us.”

At the end of a war considered by Israelis as a just fight for survival in which they were supposed to crush Hezbollah, the country turned inward with angry questions about why the army finished off a month of fighting in a disappointing stalemate.

In the middle of the war, Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz sidelined the general overseeing the ground war in Lebanon, marking the first time in more than three decades that a general had been so publicly rebuked in the middle of a war. With the war over, General Halutz himself is on the firing line.

Avshalom Vilan, a Knesset member from the dovish Meretz party, was one of the first politicians to call for a state commission of investigation like the ones set up in the aftermath of debacles in the 1982 Lebanon war and the 1973 war.

“I can’t call it a failed war, because most of the time there wasn’t even a war, except for the last four days,’’ he said. “There was an operation here, and there was an operation there.”

A week into the fighting, Mr. Vilan—a stocky veteran of Israel’s Sayeret Matkal elite commando unit—joked with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the military seemed to be taking its time.

“I told him, ‘Come on, I can’t remember a long war in the Middle East,’” he recalled. “There was an assumption that we are not limited in time, and that we have all the time we need.”

Among the myriad questions that await investigators is an explanation of just how the vaunted tank became so exposed to Hezbollah rocket fire.

Hebrew for “chariot,” the Merkava was first developed in the 1970’s by the legendary Gen. Israel Tal to ensure Israel’s superiority against rival ground forces from Egypt and Syria.

The tank was the first to be designed with its engine in the front, in order to absorb a head-on strike and protect its relatively small four-member crew. Today’s Merkavas come with a 105-millimeter cannon, two machine guns on the slab turret and a cruising speed of 50 miles an hour.

“Anyone who you talk to will say it affords greater protection to its crew than any tank in the world,’’ said Michael Oren, a military historian and senior fellow at the Shalem Center. “No tank is considered impenetrable, but it was considered Israel’s powerhouse. Here you have a tank that costs $2.5 million that is being taken out by a shell that costs $900.”

As the current conflict progressed, questions about the Merkava’s viability could even be overhead in the corridors of the Kirya, Israel’s Pentagon.

That’s partly because the tanks were operating in some of the worst possible terrain. At their strongest when dashing across flat sandy plains, the tanks in Lebanon were puttering around rocky slopes while navigating the back roads so as to stay off booby-trapped highways. And the slower the tanks, the more sluggish Israel’s ground operation against Hezbollah became.

It took Corporal Mizrahi’s crew about five hours to navigate the 15-mile trip from the Israeli border to the village of Kila.

“You always feel exposed, because it’s open territory,’’ he said. “There’s nothing much to do. They hide in these holes and jump out and open fire.”

Military experts say that Israeli intelligence knew ahead of time that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters had gotten shipments of Russian- and French-made Sagger missiles.

What isn’t clear is whether Israel’s army knew how many missiles they would face, and or about the ace firing displayed by some Hezbollah missile teams.

“They knew where to fire and how to fire,” said Corporal Mizrahi.

The Israeli army declined to provide numbers for the tanks that were hit or destroyed, though the Ha’aretz newspaper last week estimated Hezbollah had struck at least 20 tanks.

To be sure, military planners anticipated heavy losses in a ground war in Lebanon, a factor that probably played a role in the much-criticized decision to wait until last week to widen the offensive. Was the vulnerability of the tanks part of that calculation?

Rafi Noy, a former brigadier general who oversaw ground operations in Lebanon, said that the tanks became exposed because they were deployed in far too few numbers.

“When it’s one tank against one group of rocket shooters, the tank is going to be very vulnerable, and it’s going to be easy to hit,” he said. “If you send dozens of tanks in, the same tank might still be vulnerable, but at least you can smother the group of rocket launchers.”

Whatever the reason for the failures, the realizations came too late, after three weeks of devastating losses.

Back at the hospital, Corporal Mizrahi reflected, picked dead skin away from his face, and talked about his Lebanon curtain call—a march to an evacuation helicopter in a flak jacket, underwear and boots—and the unfinished business left behind.

“There are cells that we never caught. If we had more people, we could have caught them,’’ he said. “Soldiers went in there and got injured without reaching the goal. The kidnapped soldiers didn’t return. Hezbollah can rearm. And the next time, they’ll have a better knowledge of how we fight.”

At 8/16/2006 05:05:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Guardian Comment and Debate Pages
Hizbullah has achieved what Arab states only dreamed of: The sixth Arab-Israeli war, as some have called it, has ended in the first real setback for Israel's deterrent power
David Hirst
1155 words
17 August 2006
The Guardian
© Copyright 2006. The Guardian. All rights reserved.
There was nothing new about the broad objective behind Israel's war on Lebanon: through the destruction of Hizbullah it was to wreak fundamental change in a strategic, political and military environment that it had come to regard as menacing to its future. Nothing new about its methods either: the use of massive violence not merely against its military adversary but against the civilians and the infrastructure of the country in which it operates. Or about its official justification: seizing upon one single act of "terrorist" violence from the other side as the opportunity to strike at the whole "terrorist" organisation that was responsible for it. Or about the international support, even outright collaboration, it enjoyed, although in the case of the US and Britain this support was unprecedented in its partisan degree and in the perception of the vast dimensions, nature and menace of the "enemy" against which Israel was waging war.
For Condoleezza Rice the "root causes" of the Lebanese crisis lay not on the Israeli side but in the wider Arab and Muslim world: Hizbullah was but the cutting edge of "global terror", of the Islamic fanaticism that nurtured it, and of those states, Iran and Syria, that succour these forces for their own purposes, whether inspired by ideology or realpolitik.
Nor was there anything fundamentally unexpected about the Israeli campaign. For it grew out of very nature and dynamics of the Arab-Israeli conflict. For all the peace-seeking diplomacy it also engenders, that conflict remains what it was from the outset, one in which violence is always the ultimate arbiter. Ever since the 70s, when the Arab states lost the will and ability to fight classical wars, most of the violence has been confined to the main protagonists - Israelis and Palestinians. Basically, Israel seeks through violence to preserve all the gains, at Palestinian expense, that violence secured it in the first place, or at least as much of them as is consistent with its view of what would constitute a reasonable peaceful settlement. The Palestinians use violence in repeated attempts to wrest back enough of what they have lost, or simply to cause sufficient pain and alarm to make possible what, in their view, that settlement should entail. Most of the time violence has been low-level and attritional, but every now and then it escalates into something much larger.
What is new - and dramatically so - about this campaign is its outcome. Arabs soon dubbed this the sixth Arab-Israeli war, and for some of them - and indeed for some Israelis - it already ranks, in its strategic, psychological and political consequences, as perhaps the most significant since Israel's "war of independence" in 1948. For a state that relies for its survival not on the acceptance of its neighbours but on its repeatedly demonstrated ability to defeat and intimidate them by superior force of arms, it is vital to retain what it calls its "deterrent power". What, on July 12, made Hizbullah's seizure of two soldiers so unbearable was not that it was a "terrorist" act; it was that - allowed to pass without an appropriate response - it would have constituted a grievous blow to that "deterrent power". But with the extraordinary shortcomings of that response it has not only failed to repair its deterrent power, it has undermined it as never before.
Hizbullah achieved this in various ways. On the strictly military level, a small band of irregulars kept at bay one of the world's most powerful armies for over a month, and inflicted remarkable losses on it; the manner in which it did this - a combination of professional skills, ingenuity, intrepidity, meticulous preparation, masterful use of anti-tank missiles, brilliant organisation, labyrinthine underground defences - is only now fully coming to light. This was only possible because Hizbullah represented something else: the first non-state actor to single-handedly take on Israel in a full-scale war of this kind. Only such an actor could have secured the freedom of action to prepare for and conduct such a war. Yet it was Israel itself, through its earlier attempts to change its strategic environment by force, that did so much to create Hizbullah, just as, in Palestine, it did so much to create Hamas.
It is not just Hizbullah's performance in itself that has changed the balance of power at Israel's expense; it is the example it sets for the whole region. In his way Hassan Nasrallah is now an even more inspiring Arab hero than Nasser was; Hizbullah's achievement has had an electrifying impact on the Arab and Muslim masses that largely transcends the otherwise growing, region-wide Sunni-Shia divide; it will contribute to their further radicalisation and, if that is not appeased by the Arab regimes, to upheavals in the whole existing order. "Public opinion says to the regimes, 'If they are getting more on the battlefield than you are at the negotiating table, and you have so many more means at your disposal, then what the hell are you doing?' " says Mouin Rabbani of the International Crisis Group.
King Abdullah of Jordan, who - like Egypt and Saudi Arabia - made the mistake of publicly accusing Hizbullah of "uncalculated adventurism", and clearly hoped that Israel would punish it, admits that if things go on like this then new Hizbullahs will emerge, with his kingdom among the candidates for one.
Hizbullah has no intention of disarming, and it is improbable that anyone else can get it to do so. Never before, therefore, has Israel ended a war so persuaded that, sooner or later, it will only generate another. The only way to prevent that is to get Israel and the US to realise that those "root causes" out of which it grew lie on their side too. Israel may not have caused "global terror" and Islamic extremism, but with its own violence, especially that against civilians, it greatly inflames it. And Israel resorts to violence, at bottom, because it cannot achieve peace; and it cannot achieve that because the only peace it has ever offered falls so far short of what Arabs and Palestinians could ever accept. This is the conclusion a few Israelis, Europeans and even leading Americans are drawing. But there is no sign of the Israeli establishment or President Bush doing so. They should bear in mind, says Israeli commentator Nissim Kalderon, that "the difficult war imposed upon us obliges us to take greater risks for peace after the war. Because the risks of the coming missile war with the fundamentalists could be greater. Much greater."

At 8/16/2006 07:30:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

The days of Bashar are numbered:

ادت مصادر شديدة الاطلاع في العاصمة السورية ان ما بين سبع الى ثماني طائرات شحن عسكرية ايرانية اخذت تهبط في الآونة الاخيرة على مدرجات مطار دمشق القديم, الذي أصبح مطارا للشحن ولنقل الحجاج, وبشكل يومي منتظم.
واضافت المصادر ان هذه الطائرات تصل إلى المطار القديم محملة بالصواريخ من مختلف الاعيرة والمسافات, كان الحرس الجمهوري الذي يقوده ماهر الأسد شقيق رئيس النظام, يتسلمها ويضعها في مخازنه.
واعربت المصادر عن اعتقادها بان هذ الصواريخ لن تجد طريقها الى »حزب الله« في لبنان, في ظروف الحصار الجوي الاسرائيلي عليه, بل الى مخازن الحرس الجمهوري اذ تتوقع طهران ودمشق حدوث امر كبير من الان وحتى الخامس عشر من شهر سبتمبر المقبل, قد يستدعي استخدام هذه الصواريخ للدفاع عن النظام الحاكم.
وفي هذه الاثناء, كما تقول المصادر, انشأ ماهر الأسد وحدات عسكرية خاصة من الحرس الجمهوري مهمتها مراقبة سلامة النظام وحمايته. وقد تم نشر هذه القوات في جبلي قاسيون, وفي المكان المشرف على منزل رئيس النظام, وفي مداخل دمشق وخارجها.
على هذا الصعيد المتصل ابلغت شخصيات اميركية وفرنسية كبيرة جهات سياسية لبنانية ان النظام السوري الحالي سيتم اسقاطه بطريقة مختلفة عن الطريقة التي اسقط بها صدام حسين في العراق, وقالت ان اسقاط الاسد سيتم عن قضية اغتيال الحريري والثابت ان الاسد نفسه هو الذي أعطى الامر بقتله, وتم تنفيذه عن طريق ماهر الاسد وآصف شوكت بالتعاون مع جميل السيد مدير عام الأمن العام اللبناني السابق والمسجون حاليا . كما أفادت هذه الشخصيات انه في غضون شهر ونصف سيتم تشكيل المحكمة الدولية التي ستنظر في قضية اغتيال الحريري, وقالت ان هذه المحكمة ستصدر فور تشكيلها اللائحة الظنية التي ستتضمن اسم رئيس النظام السوري بشار الأسد كمتهم اول يليه اسم اخيه ماهر وصهره آصف, وبموجب هذه اللائحة ستستدعي المحكمة الدولية الاسد للمثول امامها والخضوع للمحاكمة.

At 8/16/2006 07:41:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

The Assads sold the Golan in 1967. They are the biggest hypocrites on earth:

في كتابه الذائع الصيت الذي صدر قبل سنوات "عرفت السادات" ترك د.محمود جامع الطبيب الشخصي للرئيس المصري الراحل أنور السادات والصديق المقرب منه جدا، جملة ناقصة لم يكملها ولم يكشف عنها إلا قبل أيام قليلة.
في جملته الناقصة قال "السادات أفشى لي بسر خطير يتعلق بالجولان" ثم سكت بعد ذلك ورفض تكملة هذه الجملة إطلاقا رغم محاولات بعض الصحفيين". أخيرا تخلى عن ذلك الرفض وباح بالسر لصحيفة الوفد المصرية، حين قال إن الجولان بيعت بملايين الدولارات لاسرائيل في صفقة بينها وبين النظام السوري في ذلك الوقت.
العربية.نت اتصلت بالدكتور محمود جامع الذي يقيم حاليا في مدينة طنطا (حوالي 90 كم شمال القاهرة) لتسأله عن حقيقة هذه القصة التي دارت عام 1969 – حسب تصريحاته الصحفية أثناء مرافقته لوفد ترأسه السادات زار دمشق بتكليف من الرئيس الراحل جمال عبدالناصر.
قال الدكتور محمود جامع لـ(العربية.نت): ما قلته كلام مؤكد وصريح. "لقد وضع السادات يده على كتفي وحكى لي عن تلك الصفقة التي أخبره بها الرئيس الراحل جمال عبدالناصر وتخلى بموجبها الجيش السوري عن هضبة الجولان في حرب الأيام الستة في يونيه حزيران "1967.

لماذا لم يسربه السادات للاعلام؟
ويستغرب د. جامع من عدم تسريب القيادة المصرية في عهد السادات لهذا السر الخطير رغم العواصف التي تعرضت لها العلاقات المصرية آنذاك والحرب الاعلامية العنيفة بين الدولتين التي وصلت حدا لم تبلغه من قبل.
ثم واصل قائلا "لقد سمعت هذه القصة من السادات عام 1969 وهو يكاد يبكي لأنه كان يرى أن سقوط الجولان في أيدي القوات الاسرائيلية لم يكن بالأمر السهل، لولا تعليمات صدرت الى الجيش السوري بالانسحاب فورا حتى لا تتم محاصرتهم من الاسرائيليين، والغريب أن هذه التعليمات بثتها أيضا الاذاعة السورية، وحسب كلام السادات لي فان الجيش انسحب بسرعة بناء على ذلك دون أن يطلق رصاصة واحدة بعد أن تم ابرام الصفقة بواسطة رفعت الأسد شقيق الرئيس السوري السابق حافظ الأسد الذي كان وزيرا للدفاع، وقبض الثمن الذي وضع في حساب في سويسرا. وكان رئيس الجمهورية في ذلك الوقت هو د. نور الدين الاتاسي الذي انقلب عليه فيما بعد حافظ الأسد".
سألته: ما هو الدور الذي قام به بالضبط رفعت الأسد فقال د.جامع "هو الذي قام بالاتصال بالموساد بالاتفاق مع شقيقه، وبعد ذلك أبرم صفقة التخلي عن الجولان".
وأضاف: "أخبرني السادات بهذا السر ونحن في سوريا ضمن وفد كلفه جمال عبدالناصر باستطلاع الموقف هناك حيث كان البعثيون يعيشون حالة انشقاق وكان ميشيل عفلق مؤسس حزب البعث موجود في العراق وقتها".

السادات خشي اسقاط طائرته
ويضيف: السادات خشي من ان تسقط اسرائيل الطائرة الحربية التي حملتنا إلى دمشق بناء على وشاية من البعثيين في سوريا، ولذا فقد أمر الطيار بأن يأخذ مسارا غير معتاد، وكانت الطائرة من نوع "أنتينوف" حيث أقلعت من القاهرة وأخذت مسارها الى اسوان ثم دخلت الأجواء السعودية حتى وصلت لتبوك ومنها إلى العاصمة الأردنية عمان ثم أخيرا حطت في دمشق بعد طيران مستمر لمدة تقترب من 8 ساعات، وكنت على متنها مع السادات وياسر عرفات وحسن صبري الخولي وهو من كبار المسؤولين المصريين في ذلك الوقت".
وأضاف جامع: قضينا في سورية ثلاثة أيام، وكان السادات حريصا على أن يبلغهم بموعد عودته إلى القاهرة قبل اقلاعها بوقت قصير، ولما سألته عن السبب، أجاب: حتى لا يكون عندهم وقت لابلاغ الاسرائيليين فيسقطون الطائرة".
سألت جامع: إذا كان السادات يشك في النظام السوري إلى هذا الحد، ويرى أن حافظ الأسد باع الجولان، فلماذا نسق معه في حرب 1973 ولماذا لم يخش أن يفشوا موعد ساعة الصفر التي كانوا يعرفونها بلا شك؟

جدل لم يحسم حول الثغرة
أجاب: هذه بالطبع أسرارعسكرية لا أعرفها، لكن المعروف أن هناك من أبلغ رئيسة الحكومة الاسرائيلية وقتها جولدا مائير بموعد الحرب، إلا أنها وأركان حكومتها وجيشها وفي مقدمتهم وزير الدفاع موشيه ديان سخروا من ذلك ولم يصدقوه.
ومن وجهة نظره يرى أن المعادلة في حرب 1973 كانت مختلفة عنها في 1967 فقد كان الأسد رئيسا وكان شريكا للسادات في قرار الحرب، وكان الاتحاد السوفياتي هو القوة العظمى التي تدعمهما بالسلاح والعتاد وبالتالي لم يكن من السهل استراتيجيا أن تقبل هذه القوة هزيمة أخرى لسلاحها في مواجهة السلاح الأمريكي الذي تحارب به اسرائيل.
طرحت عليه السؤال بطريقة أخرى: كيف يدخل الأسد في هذه الحرب لتحرير الجولان التي تقول إنه تخلى عنها بموجب صفقة مع اسرائيل؟.. قال جامع: أنا حكيت تفاصيل ما سمعته من السادات شخصيا وقد سمعه هو بدوره من جمال عبدالناصر، بمعنى أنني مسئول عن مضمون هذه القصة التي كشفتها ، بالطبع لا أعرف ماذا دار قبل حرب 1973، لكل وقت آذان. لكن المعروف أن الجبهة المصرية في أثناء الحرب حصل فيها اختلال شديد تسبب في حدوث الثغرة وقد دار حول هذا الأمر جدل كثير.

دمشق قررت اعتقاله ثم تراجعت
وكشف محمود جامع أن السادات خشي أيضا من ان يصدر حافظ الأسد أوامر باعتقاله عندما زار دمشق لاطلاعهم على مبادرته بشأن زيارة اسرائيل. وقال إن السادات أخبره فيما بعد أن قرارا صدر في دمشق باعتقاله، ولكن حصل اختلاف في القيادة السورية بين البعثيين حول ذلك وردود الفعل المتوقعة عليه، فتم الغاء القرار.
واوضح "أن السادات حتى موته لم يكن يثق في حزب البعث الحاكم في سوريا "لم يكن يحبهم أبدا وكان يرى أن الاسرائيليين أكثر اخلاصا منهم".

أشهد الله على هذا السر
كان د.محمود جامع قد قال في حواره مع جريدة (الوفد) الذي أجراه الزميل أمير سالم ونشره على حلقتين: يشهد الله أنني أذيع هذا السر لأول مرة، كنت في صحبة السادات خلال زيارته لسوريا بتكليف من عبد الناصر في 1969 بهدف إجراء مباحثات مع الحكومة السورية برئاسة نورالدين الاتاسي واصطحبني السادات إلي هضبة الجولان ووقفنا علي حافة مرتفع كبير بالهضبة ونظر إلي بحزن كبير وقال: "يا محمود سأذيع لك سرا قاله لي عبدالناصر.. الجولان راحت ضحية صفقة تمت بين النظام السوري وإسرائيل في يونيو1967 . الجولان اتباعت بملايين الدولارات التي دخلت حساب رفعت الأسد الذي كان وسيطاً بين إسرائيل وشقيقه حافظ الأسد واقتسم رفعت قيمة الصفقة التي أودعت في حساب خاص ببنوك سويسرا، وقد صدرت أوامر بالانسحاب للقوات السورية ولم يطلق رصاصة واحدة وتم إرهاب الجنود المرابطين بالهضبة بأنهم سيتعرضون للحصار والإبادة من الجيش الإسرائيلي.
وأضاف جامع: "وقتها نظر إلي السادات وقال متسائلاً: يا محمود إن إسرائيل مهما بلغت قوتها لا تستطيع السيطرة علي متر واحد في الجولان لو دخلت حرباً حقيقية، وقال: يا محمود البعثيون خونة، واليهود أكثر وفاء منهم، وأنا متخوف منهم قد يخبرون إسرائيل بموعد إقلاع الطائرة التي ستعود بنا إلي القاهرة، مثلما أخبروها بخط سير طائرة عبدالحكيم عامر التي تم تفجيرها في الجو بصاروخ إسرائيلي بعد "وشاية" سورية وتدخلت الأقدار لإنقاذ عبدالحكيم الذي لم يكن موجودا بالطائرة، وكانت الطائرة التي توجهت بنا إلي سوريا قد سلكت مسارا غريباً، حيث انطلقت من القاهرة إلي أسوان ومنها للسعودية ثم اتجهت شمالاً إلي تبوك ثم عمان ومنها إلي دمشق واستغرقت 8 ساعات كاملة دون توقف، ولما حكي لي السادات قصة "الوشاية" أدركت أن مسار الرحلة الغريب كان للمناورة و"التمويه".

At 8/16/2006 09:31:00 PM, Blogger Ameen Always said...

Is this regime really threatened by foreign powers?

Today, the military court sentenced Mr. Habib Saleh to 3 years in prison for having expressed his opinion in few articles he published on the Internet.

محكمة عسكرية تصدر حكما بسجن الكاتب حبيب صالح ثلاث سنوات الاخبار المحلية

أصدرت المحكمة العسكرية في مدينة حمص حكما بالسجن ثلاث سنوات على الكاتب حبيب صالح بتهمة "نشر أخبار كاذبة".

وكان صالح اعتقل قبل أكثر من عام من مكتبه في طرطوس بعد نشره مقالات على شبكة الانترنت ينتقد فيها الحكومة السورية.

وانتقدت عدة منظمات حقوقية هذا الحكم وقالت في بيان تلقت سيريا نيوز نسخة منه إن "التعبير عن الرأي والنقد السياسي هو حق لجميع المواطنين ولا يجب المساس به" وأضافت أنه "حين تدعي حكومة أن هذا النقد قد تجاوز القانون، فيجب إجراء تحقيق مستقل وشفاف، و أن تكون المحاكمة عادلة ومنصفة" ورأت أن هذا "لم يتوافر بالطبع في قضية حبيب صالح حيث المحاكمات العسكرية وحالة الطوارئ التي لا تتيح أدنى معايير العدالة والإنصاف".

يشار إلى أن الكاتب والمحامي حبيب صالح (59 عاما) تعرض إلى جانب تسعة أشخاص آخرين لحكم بالسجن ثلاث سنوات أصدرته محكمة أمن الدولة عام 2002 على خلفية ما يعرف بـ"ربيع دمشق".

يعقوب قدوري - سيريانيوز


At 8/16/2006 11:50:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

Take a peek at Syria:

عبد الرحمن الراشد

ربما يصعب علينا ان نفهم المأزق السوري الذي قيل إنه كان دافع خطاب الرئيس بشار الاسد الذي كال فيه التهم لكل الناس، وهو الذي لا يريد ان يتقدم او يتأخر، لا ان يسالم او يحارب ويفاخر بحروب غيره. لن نفهمه إلا اذا وضعنا سورية المعقدة على الأريكة الطويلة في جلسة مصارحة نفسية.

سيرى زائر العاصمة ان دمشق لم تتغير منذ ثلاثين سنة الذي يفسر وينبئ انها لن تتغير سياسيا. الحياة فيها متوقفة إلا من بضعة موديلات سيارات جديدة حيث ظل كل شيء على حاله منذ هزيمة عام 67؛ المباني والشوارع والحياة العامة والمشهد السياسي. سورية لم تتغير حتى عندما تغيَّر العالم. سورية وكوبا وكوريا الشمالية آخر ثلاثة بلدان في العالم تعيش في الفريزر.

المشهد السوري محزن لأهله، آخر العرب المحاصرين، حيث لا يستطيع المواطن العادي ان يعرف ما مستقبله ومستقبل اولاده لأن النظام السياسي عاجز عن فعل اي شيء وفي اي اتجاه. محزن ونحن نرى في الحي المجاور في دبي عددا من المباني الشاهقة بناها عدد من التجار السوريين، مثل العديد من السوريين خارج بلدهم، الذين ملوا من الانتظار ويئسوا من التغيير الايجابي ولو كان محدودا، وهم في قلق من تبدل الأوضاع الى ما هو أسوأ.

وهذا يفسر حالة البؤس السوري بأجملها؛ إن كل العالم من حولهم تغير إلا بلدهم. لقد تغير العالم العربي من أقصاه الى أقصاه بدرجات متفاوتة.

من يرى القاهرة بحرياتها الجديدة، واقتصادها المتنامي رغم ظروفها وضخامة سكانها. من يرى المغرب أيضا بحرياته وإصلاحاته الادارية الكبيرة. ومن يرى الشيء نفسه في الجزائر واليمن والخليج والأردن لابد ان يلحظ ان سورية باتت كأنها تعيش في كهف لوحدها. مست التغييرات كل العالم تقريبا منذ نهاية الحرب الباردة. موجة التحديث والتغيير لم تترك بلدا عملاقا او صغيرا إلا ومرت عليه من الهند والصين وروسيا وأوكرانيا وبولندا وبلغاريا والتشيك وسلوفاكيا وتركيا وكازاخستان وقازاقستان وازبكستان وطاجيكستان وغيرها.

ومن هنا نرى ان بلدا يخاف من ابسط قوانين التغيير الاقتصادية لا بد انه أعجز من أن يتقدم خطوة واحدة الى الأمام؛ وهذا يفسر التخندق السوري كما تخندقت كوريا الشمالية التي تضربها المجاعة بقسوة منذ ثلاث سنوات.

ولو ان سورية في حالة حرب لكان الجمود مبررا لكنها لم تدخل في معركة واحدة باستثناء استهدافها اسرائيليا في لبنان، ومعاركها الكلامية مع اللبنانيين وحروب بالنيابة يخوضها الغير عنها. ولذا فالنظام السوري معذور على عجزه الداخلي وبطولاته الكلامية، وهو ما لم يصلح مشاكله الداخلية ويشعر بالثقة فانه لن يتقدم خطوة واحدة الى الأمام.

*نقلا عن جريدة "الشرق الأوسط" اللندنية

At 8/16/2006 11:56:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

Bashar reminded by fellow Arabs of his delusional state of mind

إنها الجولان أيها الرجل الكامل

علي سعد الموسى
"نحن المعنيون بالحرب ومن لم يعجبه ذلك فليفسح لنا الطريق" بهذه الجملة انتصف سماحة السيد بشار الأسد في خطابه الثوري وأمام من: أمام من يفترض أنهم عمالقة الصحافة السورية الذين، بالافتراض، يعرفون أن الطريق للحرب أمام سيادة الرئيس سالكة لا تحتاج إلى فسح والمسافة بينه وبين الجولان أربعون كيلاً من الخط المعبد، فيما هي بالفعل أربعون عاماً من الصمت.
اليوم يحتاج الرئيس السوري لمن يقول له بكل وضوح: إن الطريق سالكة واضحة وإننا كلنا سنهتف له بكل حناجر الإعجاب إذا كسر هذا الصمت. أتابع خطابات الرئيس السوري، ربما في كل السنوات الخمس وكان في كل مرة يرد فيها على الحرب يقول: نحن الذين سنحدد زمن ومكان المعركة ولن نترك لأحد أن يفرضها علينا دون خيار أو اختيار.
اليوم هو بحاجة لمن يقول له بكل وضوح إن مكان المعركة هو الجولان ولا خيار ولا اختيار له فيه أما الزمن فنحن نعلم أنه في حساباته خارج الأجندة. وخلال شهر المعركة اللبنانية، شعر فخامة الرئيس بالحرج أن تمر ساعات الوغى حوله بلا تصريح فهدد بالدخول في الحرب إن اقتربت إسرائيل من ضرب الحدود اللبنانية السورية.
ولم يجف كلامه، وكلام الدكتور بشار بالمناسبة لا يجف، إلا وقد أرسلت له إسرائيل ثلاثين نعشاً سورياً لعمال يطلبون الرزق في بلدة القاع ولمن لا يعرف القاع فهي بلدة تنشطر ما بين البلدين فيما ما زال الرئيس يبلع تصريحه ويتوهم زمن ومكان المعركة. وفي مرة سابقة، حام الطيران الإسرائيلي فوق قصر فخامة الرئيس، وكرر الاستعراض في وضح النهار أمام الملايين من سكان العاصمة ويومها سكت صاحب الفخامة لأنه ربما مشغول بزمن ومكان معركة لا بد أن يحددها بنفسه ولا تفرض عليه.
وبالأمس لبس الرئيس الأسد ثوب صلاح الدين ثم نطق فلم يبق له إلا أن يقول: أنا حسن نصر الله. سكت شهراً ثم تلبس ثوب الانتصار ليظن أنه سيسرقه من الذين حققوه بالفعل وهو الذي مازال مسكوناً بمعركة لم تبدأ ولن تبدأ طالما بقي في مسائل الجبر والهندسة متوهماً معركة لا تفرض عليه وإنما يحددها بالمكان والزمن. نصف العرب لديه أنصاف رجال ونصفهم الآخر أنصاف مواقف. هذه هي الجولان. أربعون كيلاً وأربعون عاماً من الاحتلال فليذهب إليها الرجل الكامل.
*نقلا عن جريدة "الوطن" السعودية

At 8/17/2006 03:16:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

"True facts", why do you (at least sometimes) omit your sources?

The story predicting the "imminent fall" of Asad is from.... Al-Seyassah.

Well... Why am I not surprised? They have been predicting the "imminent fall" of Asad for years now...

Not many "true" facts in Al-Seyassah, btw, but Detlev Mehlis really liked it...

At 8/17/2006 03:45:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

Livni: War not over, we are fighting diplomacy battle

Livni: Israel wants UN to patrol Syrian border for weapons

Thanks for proving my point.

At 8/17/2006 10:31:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns: The task of the international force is to make it easier for Israel to invade Lebanon.

"He said the international force the United Nations is arranging to send to southern Lebanon will be strong and heavily armed. While it will not disarm Hezbollah — Burns said that is a task for the Lebanese government — it will keep Hezbollah from rebuilding its fortifications across the border from Israel."

At 8/17/2006 02:08:00 PM, Blogger yaman said...

I am very disappointed by the conspiratorial nature of the conclusion of this post.


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