Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Bashar's Four Messages," by Fadi

Here is the English translation of Bashar al-Asad's speech Journalists Union 4th Conference on Tuesday, August 15, 2006.

"Syria Comment" recieved the following article from a Syrian named Fadi who works in the Gulf, but was in Syria during the war. He asked,

"I wrote this on the Bashar's latest speech. I thought you might be interested in my Syrian view on it from in and outside Syria. If you think it's worth postings then I would love to read other people's view on it.
Here is Fadi's article:

"Bashar’s Four Messages"
By Fadi (?)
"Syria Comment"
August 17, 2006

Bashar’s Four Messages

In his almost unprecedented speech in the Arab regimes recent history, Bashar came out of his silence with a vengeance in a way no one was expecting. He lambasted the Israelis, the US administration, the pro-US Arab regimes and the 14-March bloc politicians in Lebanon. His main message was simple: “Our camp won, yours lost, accept defeat.. here are my terms”. In a sense he was right, all the Arab regimes who were betting on Israel winning this war were defeated politically. The only winners (politically) in this conflict –beside Hizballah- were Syria, Iran, the gulf Shiites communities (mainly in Iraq and Saudi) and to a lesser extent the Qatari government. The US is yet to start calculating its political losses in the region after its failed “adventure” in Lebanon.

Despite the huge anti-Syria PR campaign launched by the Lebanese and Saudi media (who predominantly control the Arab media scene), the Arab masses are increasingly seeing Bashar as their “more skillful version” of Naser in the 21st century. According to my own research while traveling in many Arab countries during the last month, Bashar’s popularity in the Arab street now can only be eclipsed by that of Nasrallah.

For example, In Syria, it is very common now to find trendy college girls in mini-skirts and Christian youth having Hassan Nasrallah’s photos as screensavers on their mobile phones and his most catchy phrases from his speeches as ring-tones. I was sitting in a café in Aleppo inside a Christian school (used to be the American missionary) when one mobile phone rang on the table next to me with Nasrallhah’s voice and all the fashionable ladies on the table jumped with joy. Suddenly, the bluetooth and infrared devices were transmitting and replicating the ring-tone.
Bashar’s messages yesterday to the Arab street were so attractive and convincing that no matter what insults Junblat and co. can come up with, I doubt they would be able to shake his new positive image among Arabs.

His message has been on the minds of all Arabs for the last month. For example: “Why didn’t anyone ask for an international investigations or tribunal for the Qana massacre (and other Israeli massacres)”; “We need resistance to achieve just piece”; “no more need for defeatism”; “the new middle east is our [anti-US] middle east”.. etc.). In Syria, he’s now even more popular than a month ago. He’s not just the kid that stood-up to the US anymore, he’s now perceived by Syrians as someone that can really get them back their Golan.. somehow! Bashar had 4 main messages in his speech proclaiming the new middle east – the Syrian version :

1- Bashar to Arab regimes: “It’s pay day”! His main message to Arab regimes was: “no more mr. nice guy”. Their “anti-syria free ride” is over. Syria will not accept anymore being your punching bag as for the last 18 months. This means that Syria will not tolerate Arab regimes scoring brownie points with the neo-cons in Washington by throwing anti-Syria propaganda to the media. For example, from now on, Syria’s reaction to being falsely blamed on CNN by the king of Jordan (and other “half-men” as Bashar put it) if Al-Qaida strikes Amman would not be utter silence. The king would not be able to get a pat on the back by Bush for portraying Bashar as the villain. Arabs “apologists for immorality ” could not blame the civilian deaths in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon on Syria. Syria will not be the punching bag of the opportunists in the Iraqi government who used to get mediocre political gains by performing the rituals of coming out on the media and blaming Syria for the sectarian violence and the insurgency in Iraq. This show of power is only aimed at silencing the opportunists.

2- His second message was to the Lebanese pro-US politicians and warlords: “You bet on Israel winning, our allies won, roll over”. He’s empowering the pro-Syria camp in Lebanon (which now should at least count for more than 60% of the country.. 40%+ HA supporters plus the rest of the pro-Syrian camp and the not-anti-Syria Aounists). They have been waiting for this day for months now, and Aoun, Arslan, Franjie and the rest are already preparing the comeback. Hariri’s people are scared and they know that their popularity is in its worst state so they are asking the Lebanese people to “be loyal to the government” in every speech. If Israel does not “assassinate someone ” in Lebanon now, it pretty much seems that Syria would have its allies back in office in Beirut while the Israel-US preference; the pro-US/Saudi group would really have roll over.

3-Speaking to the Israelis, he said: We are not afraid to fight to get back the Golan”. This was wildly popular among Syrians. While many would argue that this is pure rhetoric, many Syrians see this as the first time a Syrian politician since 1973 has said publicly that he would fight to get back the Golan.. and meant it. When I traveled around Syria during the third and fourth week of the war, everywhere I went I found Syrians psychologically preparing for war with the highest of morale. People were really pushing the government to go to war with Israel to stop it from destroying Lebanon and to regain the Golan. Syria might get its own Hizballah soon , but either case, Bashar’s call seems to have worked. Peretz and a growing body of analysts, politicians and think tanks are arguing that Israel should start considering giving Syria its land back or more conflicts will be in the offing.

4-To the Syrian people, his main message was “I’m proud of you”. The Syrian people translated their anger over Israeli aggression on Lebanon magnificently. The Syrian civil society was revived in an astonishing way. While many Lebanese propaganda websites were busy inflaming people against Syria during wartime with ludicrous “journalism”, thousands of Syrians from all over the country volunteered to deal with the 200,000+ Lebanese refugees who were called “guests” in Syria. I witnessed first hand how the civil society rose from the dead after 40 years of systematic destruction. Self-organized charity groups and NGOs mushroomed. Tens of neighborhoods in Homs, Tartous and Aleppo and Damascus relentlessly organizing and distributing daily food packages all over the country for a month. Large groups of doctors in Damascus and Aleppo setting up mobile van-hospitals and running from a refugee place to another on their own expenses. Pharmaceutical companies around the country donating complete warehouses of medicines to be sent to Lebanon for free. People donating their hard-owned money in churches and mosques in millions like no time before in Syria. I met many Taxi and “service” drivers in Reef Dimashq, Tartous and Homs working day on and day off just to do tens of free-of-charge round trips to and from the borders on their off-days to get hundreds of displaced Lebanese from the border to Syrian cities. Thousands of families hosting as many Lebanese as they can in their homes. If you went to one of the beach or mountain resorts this summer in Lataqia or Tartous, you would have found -instead of the regular Saudi tourists- scores of poor Lebanese families housed in luxurious beach front chalets and panoramic mountain summer houses of rich Syrian families. The less advantaged Syrians were even more impressive. Syrian women selling their few gold jewelry pieces, men spending their life savings and families cramping in one room to feed and give space to “guest” Lebanese families. And by the way, if you are wondering about the mattresses and luggage the Lebanese refugees are carrying on their cars going back to Lebanon, those are all donations from the Syrian people. This is really impressive given that:

(1) this is no Saudi Arabia, it’s socialist Syria, with the poor economy. Many Syrians made a real sacrifice for the Lebanese.

(2) The Syrian people were furiousness with the Lebanese last year for their continued insults, anti-Syrian diatribes, and the way they treated Syrian workers over the last 18 months.

Syrians wanted to hear this “I’m proud of you” badly. It played very well with Syrian people, scoring Bashar lots of popularity internally. Syrians knew they did a great job in dealing magnificently with a national crisis. Many Syrians I spoke to are filled with pride that their civil society was able –and continue to be- hospitable to 1.5 million Palestinians, Iraqi and Lebanese during the last month (thanks to the US and Israel).

One possible positive outcome of this war might be a “magical healing” to the animosity between the Syrians and the Lebanese that thrived after the influx of insults to Syrians in the Lebanese streets and media and the many crimes committed against ordinary Syrians during the last 18 months in Lebanon. The hundreds of thousands of Lebanese going back to Lebanon with magnificent stories of hospitality and support would last with them forever and might heal whatever self-serving animosity the warlords and politicians on both sides created to achieve their political goals.

Israel’s (only?) way out
The only thing that Israel can do today to save face and give a blow to Syria is to re-launch its assassination network in Lebanon. If Israel still has remaining assests in Lebanon of its assassination network, which was caught by the Lebanese security a couple of months ago (and confessed of committing tens of political assassinations), then there have to be someone in Tel Aviv now thinking of mobilizing them to try to kill a Sunni Lebanese politician (or maybe Junblat).

If Israel succeeds now in assassinating Saniora , little Hariri or Junblat it will reshuffle the cards again and might be able to steal the victory from Nasrallah and Bashar. This is like the magic solution that worked every time for Israel in Lebanon and its sectarian system for years.. “You kill a critic of Syria, you automatically create a thousand in Lebanon”. The bigger the name of the assassinated person the more anger you could trigger at Syria and the more you’ll push the Lebanese public towards obeying Israeli demands (through the US). It’s a win-win situation for Israel, the neo-cons, the anti-Syria warlords in Lebanon and the pro-US-Israel Arab regimes. With each anti-Syria politician killed, you get a free chorus of Lebanese sectarian warlords inciting the public against Syria. You also get the Saudi-regime backed media to spin it for you in Arabic (as no one watches alHurra anymore in the Arab world).

This had worked magnificently in the past and the Lebanese kept falling for the same trick time and again. I think that it’s the only formula that could work for the Israelis now, unless the Lebanese people have learned the lesson?!.. we’ll have to see. For now, I hope Hariri junior stays in Paris, Saniora people tighten their security and Junblat sticks to his castle in Mukhtara.


At 8/17/2006 01:01:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I think the comment that Syria, Iran, HA and the Shi'a won the political battle is too simplistic and as far as i can see up till now is incorrect. In military terms HA did pervail over Israel but politically HA & Co. lost big politically. Less than 2 months there were no Lebanese army personnel in the south. And the pressure to disarm HA was much less intense than what we will see soon.

2nd, the popularity contest in the Arab street does not, let me stress this again, DOES NOT mean jack-shit. Its quiet depressing to say but that is the undemocratic reality of the situation.

I think the president’s public lashing reflects his frustration of being cut out by the Americans and their Middle Eastern puppets out of a deal during the war. Thus we see him calling all gloves off.

At 8/17/2006 01:09:00 PM, Blogger Ms Levantine said...

Is Fadi the pen name of Ghawwar el Toshey?

At 8/17/2006 01:18:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Let me ask Mr. Fadi a simple qustion, Will you and the Christian community in Syria be supporting other Islamic resistance with Anti-Syrian regime views? Do you believe that the Christians are supporting Hezbollah, but in their true mind, and deep inside, They supporting the survival and integrity of the Assad regime? If Hezbollah is an Anti-Syrian and a Full flagged resistance against Israel, will you ever find as many supporters for Hezbollah in the Christian community as you see now?
Let’s be open about it, most minorities, most Christian in Syria have been allied with the Assad regime for a long time, the Assad regime realized this fact and they took advantages of it..

I would give you a simple example, try to walk to the Syrian presidential palace, and you will be greeted by more christens staffers then any others!!?
A shortsighted vision for sure... But you can’t blame them; it’s all about Greed, Fear and power.
Too bad.

At 8/17/2006 02:18:00 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Atassi please don't blame the Christians for everything. They are only 10-12% of Syria. Most of the president's fans today are Sunni Muslims.

At 8/17/2006 02:36:00 PM, Blogger Philip I said...

Where did this Fadi learn his English?

It is curious how his perfect syntax and sophisticated expressions are peppered with child-like grammatical and typographical errors.

A piano master draws applause and laughter for deliberately playing popular tunes off key.

Fadi deserves neither our applause nor laughter, just sympathy for his sad and desparate soul.

At 8/17/2006 02:46:00 PM, Blogger qunfuz said...

Yes, perhaps a bit simplistic, and it is too early to say definitely who has won and who has lost, but this is a good posting from Fadi and i agree with almost all of it.

Saad al-Hariri made a few reasonable points today, but really ruined it when he defended the Saudis and talked about Bashaar's ingratitude to the client Arab states. Saad thinks we should be thanking them for defending Israeli positions, for being traitors.

Fadi's point about civil society in Syria meeting the challenge is spot on. Likewise, the crucial aspect of Hizbullah's rebuilding effort is not that some cash will flow from iran, but that ordinary people are going south to build. Glimmers of a better future - the people defending themselves, building for themselves, working in cooperation, instead of waiting for a government or state apparatus or leader to solve their problems.
Innocent criminal - I think the Arab street does matter, but we can't yet know how. There won't be revolution tomorrow, but in the medium and long term popular views of regimes' legitimacy do matter. If they didn't matter, regimes wouldn't bother trying to justify themselves in terms of religion or arooba or hereditary right or whatever. In the last month and a half, the client regimes have lost a few more of their remaining shreds of legitimacy.

At 8/17/2006 03:20:00 PM, Blogger why-discuss said...

The deployement of the (weak) lebanese army reinforced by the extended FINUL will bring to reality the most important of the 3 points requests made by Hezbollah to disarm. Lebanon has now an embryo of a national strategy of defense. The next point, return of the lebanese prisonners is being done quietly not to infuriate the israelis. The last point is the most complex: the liberation of the Shebaa Farms. It is complicated, despite the resolution that requires Kofi Annan to come up with recommandations, because it relies on Syria accepting officially that this land belongs to Lebabon, something they are not ready to do without something in exchange. Here are 2 solutions: Kofi Annan declares uniterally that the Farms are lebanese and they will be overlooked by the UN, or Syria's leaders are promised immunity in the Hariri report coming out end november, or something else... let's see.
But it clear that Hezbollah has won the war and has triggered some political dynamic in the previously apathetic Siniora government that may hopefully bring some fruits to Lebanon.

At 8/17/2006 03:22:00 PM, Blogger Arnie_in_NYC said...

"there have to be someone in Tel Aviv now thinking of mobilizing them to try to kill a Sunni Lebanese politician (or maybe Junblat).

If Israel succeeds now in assassinating Saniora , little Hariri or Junblat it will reshuffle the cards again and might be able to steal the victory from Nasrallah and Bashar. This is like the magic solution that worked every time for Israel in Lebanon and its sectarian system for years.. “You kill a critic of Syria, you automatically create a thousand in Lebanon”. The bigger the name of the assassinated person the more anger you could trigger at Syria and the more you’ll push the Lebanese public towards obeying Israeli demands (through the US). It’s a win-win situation for Israel, the neo-cons, the anti-Syria warlords in Lebanon and the pro-US-Israel Arab regimes. With each anti-Syria politician killed, you get a free chorus of Lebanese sectarian warlords inciting the public against Syria. You also get the Saudi-regime backed media to spin it for you in Arabic (as no one watches alHurra anymore in the Arab world)."

Dr. Landis, have you no shame? How can you put up on your site this blatant piece of propaganda? Would anyone doubt that the regime in Damascus is sharpening their knives for "Saniora , little Hariri or Junblat". Is not this posting the opening shot of an attempt to shift all blame for Syrian plans to the evil, scheming Israeli's? If anyone believes this drivel, then they must also believe that Poland invaded Germany in 1939.

I'm really disappointed in you.

At 8/17/2006 03:47:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

No blame my friend, most of my childhood and best friends are Christian, and I do respect faiths in Syria, I was only trying to reply to what Fadi was implying, and presentation of some Streets views of the christens community in Syria. This is not a fact for sure. I hope I did not offend you

At 8/17/2006 05:16:00 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Atassi, don't worry, no problem. It was just an observation.

AS for the president's speech and other positions that Syria takes; is it ok if everyone can apply the same criteria to everyone, not only Syria's?

For example, if Jumblat feels it is ok for him last year to tell David Ignatius: "America you must invade Syria and remove Bashar by force", then he should eb a bit more tolerant to Bashar's "interference" in Lebanese politics today ... either they are both Ok, or they are both not ok.

At 8/17/2006 05:25:00 PM, Blogger hanzala said...

Dear MRDear Mr.Atassi
You have to know that the christian people in Syria suffered from the Syrian's regime as the same as the other Syrian people
And it is not right to say that the Christian Syrian people are Al assad regime alliance
As an example you can't find achristian major general in the Syrian army or in the Syrian intelligence and that’s not right to say that the most of the people who work in the presidential palace are Christians

At 8/17/2006 06:08:00 PM, Blogger Fares said...

Dear Atassi,

It is not up to the Christians in Syria to decide who rules Syria. They support stability and they don't want to be unfairly targeted. But many people are fedup with the regime (I am one of them) and we welcome positive change and a more liberal and open minded and friendly system that would end the isolation of Syria and have friendly relations with all the neighbours.

As for the support of Christians for Hizbolla, I am the first one to be stunned from it, talking to relatives in both Lebanon and Syria. I guess they see it as a national movement rather than a religeous one...

so Nasralla for them is similar to what Yasser Arafat was (even though not really true). They saw him as the only force which inflicted damage on Israel and destroyed the undefeated army myth. They saw the Israeli agression as hapenning regardless of what Hizbolla did or did not do.

Anyway, Christians are not a major force in the middle east and they adapt to new realities pretty quickly as long as it is peaceful (Iraq scenario is to be avoided no matter what).

I think as I repeated in the past that it is time for Islamic or other kinds of oppostion to the regime to be more vocal about its peaceful intentions with the other minorities and willingness to share power with more liberal elements of the society. Until this trust is build, opposition remains a threat to minorities.

At 8/17/2006 06:28:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

I think Fadi letter is very good,I do think however,that Bashar has overdone it by attacking the arab leaders, he has to meet them in the future, and has to keep Maawya hair,King Abdullah of SAK along with the other gulf leaders will help Lebanon,generously,this is time to unite,and forgive not to attack,this was a weak point of his speech.
I strongly disagree that most of Bashar fan now are Sunni,infact they are Alawite, also christians has always been fair to the rest of syrian comunity, did we forget Fares Al Khouri?,I do hate criticising any ethinc group, we all going to be togather,someone here was definitely wrong.
I think Bashar in trouble since Hariri investigation is coming, and France and USA ignored syria, and refused to make a deal with Syria.

At 8/17/2006 07:39:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

The predicament of Bashar

الانتحار الشمشوني خيار المهزومين

في الوقت الذي يثبت فيه »حزب الله« العودة الثانية للاحتلال الإسرائيلي بإعلانه رفض الانسحاب من منطقة جنوب الليطاني إلى شماله, وفي الوقت الذي يساهم فيه هذا الحزب, بغباء سياسي مفجع, في جعل لبنان ثانية ومصير لبنان في مهب الريح, إكراماً لأحقاد النظام السوري, وغلواء النظام الإيراني الإكليريكي... في هذا الوقت الحرج نسمع صوت الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد يصرخ في الفراغ طالباً من أميركا أن تتكلم معه, وتعيد إليه التعهد باستئناف الأدوار الإقليمية, وطبعاً في لبنان, وتساعده على استئناف المفاوضات مع إسرائيل التي هدد وقال إن بديلها هو الحرب.
رئيس النظام السوري, كما بدا من خلال خطابه المكفهر, كان رجلاً خارج الأحداث والتطورات, وملتحقاً بمقاومة »حزب الله« التحاقاً طفيلياً مقززاً, وكان رجلاً مملوء الرأس بالأوهام, وأولها أن الأميركيين عاجزون عن فتح جبهة ثانية معه, غير جبهة العراق, بمعنى أنهم خائفون منه, ولن يغادروا جحورهم الكائنة في المنطقة الخضراء في بغداد.
إضافة إلى هذه الصورة التي ليست في صالح سمعته كحاكم مفروض أنه يتابع ويلاحق ويفهم الأحداث, بدا الأسد في صورة أخرى, وهي صورة الضعيف الاستفزازي الذي يستدعي الآخرين إلى ضربه, من خلال التفوه ببذاءات هو عاجز عن تحمل المسؤولية عن النطق بها.
رئيس النظام السوري كان أشبه بالكمبيوتر الذي تمت تغذيته بالبرامج الرديئة, فلم يقدر إعطاءك إلا بما فيه من رداءة, وغداً سنرى ازدحام التداول بهذه الرداءة, بقصد تجميلها عبر التفسير الركيك, على الفضائيات المتعاطفة مع المحور الإيراني السوري, وبواسطة الأبواق المناضلة بحناجرها وشعاراتها المتخشبة, كما سنرى سيلاً من المفاهيم الاسطوانية المعلبة تتدفق هي الأخرى مضمخة بالهتاف, وبالمجاملات, ساعية إلى الإشاعة بأن نصر الله معصوم ومكشوف عنه الغيب وصاحب خطوة, وولي من أولياء الله, أو موطئ لعودة إمام الزمام عجل الله فرجه.
وبما أن الواقع هو غير ذلك تماماً بدليل تمرد »حزب الله« على إرادة الشعب اللبناني, ورفضه الانسحاب إلى شمال الليطاني, وتسليمه للدولة اللبنانية, وبدليل مساهمة رئيس النظام السوري, عبر تغطيته لأفعال »نصرالله«, في إعادة جنوب لبنان ثانية إلى الاحتلال الإسرائيلي, فإن كل الجوقات التي ستطبل غداً على الفضائيات ستكون فاقدة لمناسبة التطريب, ومبررات العزف, ودوافع الغناء بالأصوات الشاذة.
خطاب الأسد هو الأصل الذي سنتلقى منه الأصداء, وكما أنه وهم وموجات من الوهم, فكذلك ستكون الأصداء... لقد حاول الأسد ممارسة الأستاذية المعرفية على الناس, بينما هؤلاء الناس السامعون يعرفون أنه رجل معزول, ونظامه معزول, وبلده معزول, ولا نوافذ له مفتوحة إلا على إيران وعلى حسن نصرالله, الذي يحاول الأسد سرقة عرقه المقاوم وتثميره سياسياً في حسابه الخاوي والمفلس.
خطاب الأسد, الذي تزامن مع خطاب نجاد الإيراني, أعطى الدليل على صحة الاستنتاج بأن الحرب التي دارت في لبنان وعلى حسابه وحساب أبنائه, كانت حرباً إيرانية سورية أميركية إسرائيلية, وبالتالي دحض هذا الخطاب كل حجج المنبطحين الأعضاء في جوقات التضليل والمنافقة, التي راح أعضاؤها يعطون التفاسير الخطأ ويصورون ما جرى جهداً مبذولاً من قبل »حزب الله« في نطاق ستراتيجية تحرير فلسطين, وإرغام اليهود على حزم حقائبهم والرحيل عنها, حسب رغبة نجاد الإيراني وطلبه.
الواقع يقول إن المحور الإيراني السوري وتابعه »حزب الله« انهزم, ولا يجوز أن نمارس الضحك على أنفسنا ونقول غير ذلك. كنا نتمنى لهذا المحور أن يحرر الجولان السوري وباقي الأراضي العربية التي احتلتها إسرائيل في حرب 1967 (الضفة الغربية والقدس وقطاع غزة), لكن كيف لمحور مهزوم, أدار »حزب الله« الحرب عنه بالوكالة, أن يتقدم لإنجاز هذه المهمات الكبيرة?
نعم... المحور الإيراني السوري مهزوم ودلائل الهزيمة هي هذا الخراب الممتد من جنوب لبنان إلى شماله, ومن شرقه إلى غربه, ومن كل مدنه إلى كل قراه وجسوره.
الوضع الآن يبدو وكأن نصرالله يسعى إلى الانقضاض على الدولة اللبنانية, وتنصيب نفسه أميراً على إمارة لبنان الإسلامية, والمغامرة مستحقة لأجل بلوغ هذا الغرض, إذا كانت فرص الوصول ممكنة.
لمواجهة كل هذا الجنون, وما يحدثه من عربدة سياسية وعسكرية ومغامرات غير محسوبة, نرى أن تنهض الدولة اللبنانية إلى مسؤولياتها, وتطبق القرارات الدولية المستحقة عليها, وتقضي على دولة »حزب الله«, على الأقل من أجل ضمان مصيرها ووجودها وبقائها, وحتى لا تقع فيما وقع فيه صدام حسين الذي ضرب بهذه القرارات عرض الحائط.
إن النفخ ب¯ »حزب الله« لم يعد من دواعي إعلان المواقف الوطنية, بعد أن أصبح هذا الحزب يهدد مصير الوطن اللبناني, فهو أولاً لم ينتصر, بل نشر الموت والخراب في كل لبنان, وثانياً لم يجبر إسرائيل على الانسحاب سنة 2000 بل كان انسحابها من جنوب لبنان في تلك السنة انسحاباً ذاتياً رأت أنه يتلاءم مع متطلباتها الأمنية ومصالحها السياسية, ومصالح سمعتها في العالم.
»حزب الله« لجأ إلى تحدي الدولة اللبنانية بعد خطاب الأسد ووضعها في مواجهة مع المجتمع الدولي, ولكن هذه الدولة هذه المرة لن تطلب نجدة هذا المجتمع الدولي لتصفية دولة »حزب الله«, وإلا ستنسحق مع هذ الحزب إذا قررت الوقوف معه ومقاتلة كل العالم.

At 8/17/2006 07:54:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

No it’s not OK for Jumblat or anyone else to call for an attacks on Syria, In the mean time; Syria need to respect the dignity and well of others.
Maybe others understood the me wrong. I respect other religions, and all minorities, BUT I disrespect alliances based on religious ties. anyware in the wrold, not just in syria. I respect and would be part of alliances based on national ties.

At 8/17/2006 07:57:00 PM, Blogger Sunni said...

I am a Syrian Sunii. I know at least 500 more Syrian Sunnis who would like to see Bashar and his regime gone. Some people feel free to speak about Sunnis even though they are not Sunnis and know nothing about Sunnis. Syria must be ruled by the Sunnis who are the majority.

At 8/17/2006 08:03:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

Stop fooling yourself. You know very well that Syria is ruled by a clan based on sectarianism!!!

At 8/17/2006 08:18:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

True Facts
Everyone knows that Syria is ruled based on sectarianism!! No one is disputing this fact!! What is your point?

At 8/17/2006 08:27:00 PM, Blogger Joe M said...

I also agree with the majority of this post by Fadi. I think this situation has done a great deal to strengthen Syria, and I am glad for that. But I am disappointed that Bashar would attack Little Hariri so quickly after the war. It is obviously true that many of the ruling elite in Lebanon are Israeli, American and Saudi agents. They gained their power by being puppets to Israel and the USA. This is true to an even greater degree then Hizbullah is an Iranian or Syrian agent, because Hizbullah also deserves its popularity and strength. But I do think it was very wrong for Bashar to insert himself into Lebanese politics now. I think the Lebanese population has plenty of ability to take care of its own back-stabbing leaders, especially since they are now totally exposed as frauds and snakes. But Bashar absolutely under estimates the hatred that many Lebanese have for Syria. And he also does not realize that his support for Hizbullah does not win him many points with the majority of Lebanese. It is surprisingly ignorant of him.

In terms of what Fadi said, his big mistake is in reference to the Israeli killing of Lebanese leaders. I have no doubt that Israel could try such a thing, or that Israel is cruel enough to do it, but I just don't think they are dumb enough to kill a group of leaders who are already in their pocket. But Fadi indirectly references how much the Lebanese hate the Syrian government when he expresses how such a murder would hurt Syria. This is a theme that gets too little play.

Actually, this whole episode is a reflection of the problems caused by lack of democracy in the Arab world. Bashar just doesn't get it. He will never understand either, because he doesn't have an ear for the people. It is really too bad too, because now could have been a chance for Syria and Lebanon to get closer and mend fences. As the pro-American Arabs have been fully discredited, Bashar was in a position to simply sit back and watch things turn in his favor, but instead he seems to think of himself as an agent for change in the Middle East and is trying to shape things in his own image. Had he shown some tact and pragmatism, things would have continued to fall into his hands. Now, if he keeps this up, he will fail and further discredit Syria in Lebanon. That really is too bad.

Nasrallah, on the other hand, is showing amazing tact and pragmatism. He knows he does not need to attack his internal enemies to win power or prestige. And he is showing every day that he wants what's best for Lebanon by compromising and being respectful of even his enemies. He seems to know that the Lebanese people will put the American and Israeli agents in their place when the time comes, and he doesn't seem to want to force it to happen. Very smart, and good for him. I credit this to both Nasrallah’s ability as a tactician and also to Hizbullah being a true movement of the people. His ear is on the ground and he hears what is happening. I think it is a testament to democracy to see Nasrallah compromise and seek strength in unity.

Lastly, I just want to ask ESHANI2 whether he realizes now that everything he had been saying before the war was wrong. I wonder whether he accepts that the real danger in the region is the influence of the USA/Israel? Hopefully ESHANI2 now sees why views like his are/were totally wrong about our region. I hope it is clear that people of your views are 1 in 1,000,000 in the Arab world.

I, like ESHANI2, agree in the need for democracy in the region. But I think the inhumane destruction of Lebanon by Israel and the USA has made it even more obvious where the real danger is, and why it is necessary to maintain resistance to American colonialism. They talk about “free trade” and “democracy” but those are just “Kalam Faudi,” as the saying goes. Those who believe in the USA as God must reevaluate their views. We, who are against the USA, do not deny their power, but we do deny their morality and justice. And while I may disagree with much that Bashar does, I think his crimes are small potatoes when weighed against those of the USA or Israel. The reason why I can support Syria now is because they are closer to the side of right, and Arab public opinion makes that 100% clear today. I think, first, we have to deal with the larger problem of regional hegemony, when we finish with that, then we can turn our swords to the smaller problems of local dictators (unless, of course, they are like Mubarak or the Saudis. In that case, it is killing two birds with one stone to go for their throats). What do you think ESHANI?

At 8/17/2006 08:33:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

Very good observation Philip I. I would say this Fadi may well be living and working on this side of the globe. He most likely never saw the war. This is typical desperate Syrian propaganda written by some North American sympathizer that may have some professional credentials. Reality is polls made recently in the Arab world suggest that over 35% of respondents believe Hezbollah surrendered to Israel by pleading for a ceasefire. Another 23% believe it was a tactical move. Surrender is not looked upon with much favor in the Arab world - So much for heroism, it was indeed adventurism. Tactical retreats on the other hand may suggest something other than victory. Nevertheless it is further proof of the delusional nature Bashar and Injad. Please see link

At 8/17/2006 08:39:00 PM, Blogger Joe M said...

of course, i mean EHSANI2, not ESHANI2. my apologies. it has been a while since i had a fight with you...

At 8/17/2006 08:47:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

My point Atassi is that if you live in Syria then you are bound by the sectarian rules of the regime. This is of course reality. What you may want is not part of this reality. On the other hand nationalism has very few takers these days not to mention being on a course of accelerated regression. So at one point you may have to come to grips with reality!

At 8/17/2006 09:13:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Never will be sectarian, I will always advocate Syria first, the sectarian rules of the regime” may I call it the Hama rules!!!” Is bonded by a sect\clan. And it will be broken up by a true National group...

At 8/17/2006 09:42:00 PM, Blogger Fares said...

lebanon Survives once again, But will Syria of Assad

At 8/17/2006 10:12:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

How long has it been now Atassi? I would say almost 40 years of sectarianism continually breaking up nationalism!! Hasn't the sectarianism of Hafez and Co. triumphed over the so-called nationalism of Al-Baath? This is historical reality not some kind of a 'true National group' fantasy!!!

At 8/17/2006 10:39:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

On its inceptions, Al-Baath was National party “until the late 50’s”; Hafez used the Baath as tool to accomplish his true hidden agendas. Again it's a known fact that he used sectarianism to secure his regime. You keep repeating known facts. Now what I am advocating is united Syria under the SYRIA simple. And reject\avoid sectarianisms.

At 8/17/2006 11:24:00 PM, Blogger True Facts said...

Atassi, I prefer to keep repeating facts than living in fantasy world!!! By the way, any relation to Atassi that was overthrown by the crook?

At 8/18/2006 08:48:00 AM, Blogger Atassi said...


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