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Some Lebanese Want to be More Like Iraq

The last few days have seen Italy's PM Prodi claim that Syria would allow foreign border guards along its Lebanon frontier only to have it denied by Syria.

Prodi says Syria's Assad has agreed 'in principle' to EU presence on border with Lebanon

Syria denies Assad has agreed to European guards on border with Lebanon

Prodi's spokesman, Silvio Sircana, said later Saturday that Syria's denial was accurate, adding that Prodi had not said "border guards" would be deployed and that ANSA and the premier's office were mistaken.

"I confirm that Prodi and Assad did not discuss troops or guards, but only EU personnel without uniforms or arms that will be at the disposal of the Syrian forces," Sircana said.
Meanwhile, Israel's outspoken MK Bishara is visiting Damascus with other Israeli MK's. He warns Syria of Israeli attack.
Roee Nahmias 09.09.06

Arab MK arrives in Damascus with his party members, sends alarming message that 'Israel may launch onslaught in bid to restore deterrence'
Roee Nahmias Published: 09.09.06, 19:46

National Democratic Assembly chairman, Knesset Member Azmi Bishara, arrived in Damascus on Friday and immediately began making public statements condemning the Israeli occupation of the territories.

Bishara joined his party members, MKs Jamal Zahalka and Wasil Taha, as well as former MKs Muhammad Kanan and Mohammed Miari, who have been in the city since Thursday.

In the course of his meeting with senior members of the ruling Baath party, Bishara warned Syria of the possibility that "Israel launch a preliminary offensive in more than one place, in a bid to overcome the internal crisis in the country and in an attempt to restore its deterrence capability."

During the meeting, Bishara lauded Syria's support for the national rights of the Palestinians and Lebanon, and stressed that the motivation
for the "American-Israeli attack" against Syria lies in Damascus' firm stances. "Syria is the last barrier standing before the strike," MK Bishara said. "The Palestinians living under the occupation have long realized the importance of adhering to the Arab option, in light of the scope of adventurous attempts to hurt their cultural and Arab identity," he added.

In an interview with the Syrian news agency SANA, Bishara expressed support for Syria's position and the struggle it was conducting for "the liberation of its occupied lands." Bishara also stated that Syria had been put "under pressure due to the fact it has stood by the resistance and rejected the American hegemony in the region, because it insisted on freeing the occupied Arab outside the 1967 lines, and because it has stood up for the nations' right o resist the occupation."

During the interview, Bishara declared: "We are Syria's allies and will continue to be in contact with it on the national level, through our well-known views."

MK Zahalka explained that the visit in Damascus "was aimed at expressing solidarity with Syria, as well as discussing the recent developments in the region, particularly following the wild Israeli aggression against Lebanon."
This has predictably provoked outcries in Israel that he is a traitor. (See the comment section on the above article.)

Lebanon is in the full throws of post-war debate. This NY Times article quotes two major Maronite za`ims - Gemayel and Chamoun. They believe the war has demonstrated the power of Hizbullah. Their answer to growing Muslim power is to advocate greater federalism a la Iraq, so Christians can protect themselves from Hizbullah, which they expect to gain greater parliamentary power. As Hizbullah makes its way into the center of Lebanese politics, the Maronites want to move toward the fringes. Washington can take some satisfaction from the fact that the Iraqi democratic example is having some impact.

Lebanon Left to Face Most Basic of Issues
War Exposes Deep Conflicts About the Nation's Identity and Its Future
By Edward Cody
Washington Post
September 10, 2006; Page A20

Perhaps more important, they noted, was Nasrallah's postwar assertion that Hezbollah must be taken into account in government deliberations from here on out. The party ran for office in the last elections, gaining seats in parliament and two ministers in Siniora's cabinet. But Nasrallah seemed to be saying his group will be seeking more power now that, in his words, it has fought a war on Lebanon's behalf.

A share of power that reflects the Shiites' true place in the population would probably change Lebanon's orientation significantly, the Sunni and Maronite observers predicted. But a refusal to acknowledge the demographic change and Hezbollah's enhanced status after the war, they said, would be a recipe for more intercommunal conflict. As a result, the timeless view from Gemayel's terrace may be in for a change.

"I don't see Lebanon surviving as it is today," said Dori Chamoun, leader of the Maronite-based National Liberal party and son of a former president and longtime political figure, the late Camille Chamoun. "It is inevitable that the Christians will have a smaller share of the country. I only see one solution, cantonization. Everybody wants it. Nobody says it out loud."

In a recent book, Gemayel proposed abandoning Lebanon's current system and replacing it with election of the president by popular vote and decentralization along the geographical lines that largely define where Muslims and Christians live in any case. "The institutions of Lebanon are tired," he said. "They are drained of their blood."

The losers in such a change would largely be Sunni Muslims, Chamoun pointed out, because by and large they have not carved out sections of the country as theirs. Public Works Minister Mohamad Safadi, a Sunni who lives in Beirut, said he was discussing the problem with his wife recently and reassured her that, if worse comes to worst, they could always live in their weekend house -- in the quintessentially Christian port of Byblos.

General Aoun - the other Maronite leader is hoping to ride the Hizbullah wave right over the walls of Baabda.
INTERVIEW-Christian leader flays Lebanon's "mafia" cabinet
By Alistair Lyon, Special Correspondent
RABIYEH, Lebanon, Sept 10 (Reuters) -
Lebanon's government is clinging to power so it can steal foreign aid meant for reconstruction after Israel's war with Hizbollah guerrillas, Christian opposition leader Michel Aoun said on Sunday....

Aoun said he was not demanding at the moment that the incumbent, Syrian-backed President Emile Lahoud, resign. Parliament, which elects the president, has been dominated by an anti-Syrian coalition led by Saad Hariri, the son of slain former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, since the election. Aoun says the results were skewed by an unfair electoral law.

"We can dissolve parliament and we can do elections," he said. "If not, okay, it will favour conflict and confrontation."...Some of Aoun's sympathisers found this baffling, while his critics accused him of political opportunism, but he dismisses as a "media plot" the suggestion that there is anything incongruous about his relationship with Hizbollah.

He says his discussions with the group prompted it to tone down rhetoric about liberating Palestine and limit its demands to the release of Lebanese prisoners in Israel and an end to Israeli occupation of the disputed Shebaa Farms area. His accord with Hizbollah, which has resisted U.N. demands for its disarmament, calls for the issue to be solved in the context of a national defence strategy for Lebanon.

"Since we don't have force to solve the problem, we have to develop trust and then to have an honest broker to build confidence between Hizbollah and (Saad) Hariri," Aoun said....With the war over, Aoun says the need for political change is urgent, though his critics say it would be disruptive.

"We need to have a government really representative of the people, sharing power and decision-making," he declared. Reuters
More leaders in the States are beginning to speak out about the wrong direction the US is heading in:

Top military leaders insist new U.S. strategy is desperately needed in Revive American diplomacy in the Middle East.
"Everything we are doing brings Iran and Syria closer together when we ought to be doing everything we can to split them apart," said the senior general. "We need a U.S. ambassador in Syria. (The Bush administration recalled the U.S. ambassador, who hasn't returned.) It would help in Iraq and have spin-off benefits in Lebanon. You can't exert influence if you are not there. We need to be talking to the Syrians. Hell, we need to be talking to the Iranians. This whole axis of evil thing is bull! All it did was drive our enemies closer together.

"Wilkerson said the administration should "bring in the surrounding states, not just Iran, though it is the most important one, and get them to share the load moneywise and diplomatically. The Bedouins have got to stop putting their money on all sides, hoping that one will win. They must put their money exclusively on the government in Baghdad. They have to understand that the U.S. is not leaving until the situation is stable."

Wilkerson said the United States also has to start a "rational dialogue" with Iran that encompasses everything from the MEK guerrillas to al-Qaeda to nuclear weapons to Hezbollah, Iraq and the Persian Gulf. He said the administration also should start negotiations to settle, once and for all, the Israel-Palestinian situation, including talks with Syria on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, with Lebanon and with the Palestinians themselves.

"The U.S. must be an honest broker in all of these talks — not Israel's lawyer," Wilkerson said. "The U.S. must be willing to bang heads, all of them if necessary."

Finally, Wilkerson argued that the United States must ask international institutions such as the United Nations to help. "You have to cajole and wheedle and coerce your allies to do likewise. If this means eating a little crow, you just ask for the pepper and the cayenne," he said. Joseph L. Galloway
Syria wants peace on basis of relevant UN resolutions -- official
(KUNA) -- Syria expressed hope that the US administration and other western nations would acknowledge the keenness of Arab countries, including itself, to achieve comprehensive and just peace in the Middle East.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said in statements published Sunday in Al-Thawra newspaper that his country hopes that America's efforts would head in the right direction and would reach practical solutions for the conflicts that face the people of the Middle East.

Mekdad said "the recent victory in Lebanon encourages us to be optimistic...we cannot remain silent about losing rights...and the occupation of our lands." Syria wants comprehensive peace in the region based on the UN Security Council's resolutions 242, 338 and 497 which was issued 1981 regarding the occupation of the Golan heights and which declares Israel annexation of the heights as illegal.

Syria wants peace according to the land-for-peace accord reached during the Arab-Israeli peace conference, held in Madrid in the early 90s, as well as the Arab peace initiative that genuinely calls for establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

On the investigative committee of the assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafic Al-Hariri, he said those who planned the plot aimed at destroying the special relationship between Syria and Lebanon and at creating instability in the region, he added. He expressed Syria's keenness on cooperating with the investigative committee in order to show that Israel was the one to benefit from assassinating Al-Hariri.

On terrorism, he said, Syria condemns and combats international terrorism and it differentiates between terrorism and people who fight for their rights and freedom.
جنرال امريكي: لا دليل على ان ايران تدعم متشددين في شمال العراق An American General announces that their is no evidence that Iran is supporting extremists in the North of Iraq.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Bush was behind the Khatami visit. Is he looking for a way to climb down?

WSJ: Bush personally signed off on Khatami visit to U.S.
By Reuters 10/09/2006
U.S. President George W. Bush personally signed off on a visa allowing former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami to visit the United States because he wanted to hear his views, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.

Khatami, Iran's president from 1997 to 2005, is the most prominent Iranian in decades to visit the United States, outside of the United Nations' New York headquarters.

His five-city speaking tour is controversial given U.S. accusations that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, sponsors terrorism and arms Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

"I was interested to hear what he had to say," Bush told the Wall Street Journal in an interview. "I'm interested in learning more about the Iranian government, how they think, what people think within the government."
The INDEPENDENT, 10 September 2006, explains that:
The "war on terror" - and by terrorists - has directly killed a minimum of 62,006 people, created 4.5 million refugees and cost the US more than the sum needed to pay off the debts of every poor nation on earth.

If estimates of other, unquantified, deaths - of insurgents, the Iraq military during the 2003 invasion, those not recorded individually by Western media, and those dying from wounds - are included, then the toll could reach as high as 180,000.


At 9/10/2006 12:57:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

Blair in Lebanon, he supported Bush and Isreal to bomb Lebanon,prevented UN resolution to stop killing lebanese,and to stop slautering children, How dare he visits Lebanon, all lebanese must come out to the streets demonstrate against him,and Seniora who invited him,you do not kill us and get welcome in Lebanon.

At 9/10/2006 02:21:00 PM, Blogger Ausamaa said...

Sometimes, one gets overwhelmed with too many contradictory "signals", conflicting "opinions" and "confusing" events which "can" lead to a certain impairment in ones ability to interpert events and draw conclusions. In such a case, the best way to get a proper prespective is to to go to the basic facts as they have revealed themselves on the ground and start from there.

What are those facts??? Whether we one like them or not, and wether they fall in line with his conscious or sub-conscious list of "wishes". Facts remain facts. And what are the facts today?

As I see them, they can be summerised as follows:

1- A disintegrating Bush-neo-con action plan that has failed in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Where the best outcome is a "face saving" exit strategy is desperately needed. Control can be still maintained to a limited degree, but total and unconditional control is out of the question.
2- The above is compounded by a "strategic" defeat for Israel and the US and the Traditional Arab governments.The implications of this defeat for Israel does not stop at the door of " a defeat in a battle at the hands of Hizbullah". It extends to reach the core of the Israeli sense of security, survivabilty, purpose and role in the are.
3- The limits of military power has demonstrated their limitations in a way that could not be imaginable few years ago.
4- By extension, the effectiveness and the staying power of the opposing forces has proven to have been grossly underestimated, and has shown that Nationalism, Determination, Resistance, Steadfastedness, and Human Will can absorb "shock and awe", live with its consequences and bounce back and turn the tide against it.
5- The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the collapse of the British Empire, and the current situation the US Administration finds itself in, are all clear examples of the above. Israel defeat did not start in Lebanon only in 2006 or in 2000, nor did it start in its hasty withdrawl from Gaza, nor in its signing of the Oslo Accords, nor when Yasser Arafat returned with tens of thousands of fighters from Tunis to Gaza. The begining of its strategic chain of defeats started when it failed to defeat the Palestinan Resistance in Jordan during the Karama battle. Then, the myth was really shattered in the afternoon of 6 October 1973 at the hands of the Syrian and Egyptian Army. Those two events broke Israel's shield of "invencibility" in the Arab psych. Those were the turning points. One at the popular level, the other at the official level. And from there on, the billions of Dollars in military aid, and the accompanying billions spent on brain-washing the Arab Nation was a total waste. It was a down hill walk. 1982, 1993, 1996, the first and second intifada, the 2000 shamefull withdrawl from Lebanon, and the July 2006 war were an extension of those two events.
6- And the US camp never learned. Lesson were not learned from all this, nor were lessons learned from Vietnam, nor from Cuba, nor from the Somalia, nor from the fall of the Soviet Union. Strategists kept analysing figures. Kept planning actions. They never really gave considerable thought to the eventual wieght and magnitude of the "reactions". And they miscalculated at each step. They saw what they thought were signs of "submission" in what was really expressions of "absorbing' blows, "regroupings" and "determination". They sang for victories while the opposition was "vowing" venegence. They failed to break the will, thought to have intimidated the "hearts" but woke up to discover that they have galvenised the soles and wills against them. They saw things and thought in terms of "numbers", but in terms of "beliefs", "wills" and "aspirations". They forgot the aying: If there is a will, there is a way. And the "will" has proved to be stronger than the think tanks and the "numbers".
7- Those seemingly intangible "minor items" are FACTS. Not poetry. Not Agendas, and not "philosophical comcepts". Those "intangibles" brought the Roman Empire, the British Empire, The Turkish Empire to thier knees. And those intangibles are now manifisting themselves across the world from China, to Korea, to Iran, to Palestine to Lebanon to South America.
8- Where does all this lead us. An invasion of Iran? An attack on Syria? A crushing of the Intifada? A disarming of Hizbullah? A hastly concieved battle against Islamofachism? Not by a long shot. The power of the will belong to the
opposing camp. Do you think Israel will hesitate one second to attack Syria if it though it could get through it in one piece? No it would not. Would Bush hesitate one second if he was assured of success in removing Iran -nukes, Mullahs and all- from the face of the earth? No, he would not. Why??? read the newspapers. And keep in mind that the bigger battles in Southeast Asia and South America have not been engaged yet.
9-If you can not defeat Nassrallah, if you can not attack Syria or Iran, if you can not defeat Muqtada al Sader and the former regime supporters in Iraq,if you can not force North Korea to listen, and if you can not crush a premitively armed intifada in Palestine, then you are better off trying a new approach. Get rid of your think tank advisors and try to live with the fact that this area is called the Arab World, not the Middle East. And act accordingly. Go for the cause of the problem, not the symptoms. And acknowledge that your foe is more determined than you are. The foe is defending its "existance", while you are defending your "interests".
10- As I see it. That is the only option left to you. If you are in the US Administration Camp. The tide is continuing to turn against you. Unless your faith in Karazai Saad Al Harriri's 14th Feb Inc.,in an IDF that got so used to using its Merkavas against the unarmed population in Palestine that it forget how to use it in a real war, unless those current supporters of yours gurantee you victory, change course and get out while the getting out is still good.
11- The above of course is no more than a bag full of acrap, except to the families of the dead soldiers in Iraq, the lost and defeated US and Israeli Generals in Israel and the US CENTCOM, a couple of "wise" Arab leaders who are feeling the heat of your actions, the families of the still unreturned two Israeli soldiers captured and still unreleased in Lebanon, and to a few other billions of people around the globe who have access to the news combined with an ability to watch and think clearly.

At 9/11/2006 12:17:00 AM, Blogger kachumbali said...

concerning Federalism in Lebanon:

The debate on federalism in Lebanon is a long one and has been going on for years. Lebanon has always had a lively debate whether and how to implement a federal system to try and minimize sectarian compromise where possible, and there has been a comission discussing different options and the best way to change or modify the current system before the way. The Iraqi example has not until recently entered this discourse.

At 9/11/2006 07:22:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

For the new theorists of jihad, Al Qaeda is just the beginning.

Fouad Hussein is a radical Jordanian journalist who met Zarqawi and Maqdisi in 1996, when, he writes, “a career of trouble led me to Suwaqah Prison."

In 2005, Hussein produced what is perhaps the most definitive outline of Al Qaeda’s master plan: a book titled “Al-Zarqawi: The Second Generation of Al Qaeda.”

Al Qaeda, he writes, also expects the Americans to go after Iran’s principal ally in the region, Syria. The removal of the Assad regime—a longtime goal of jihadis—will allow the country to be infiltrated by Al Qaeda, putting the terrorists within reach, at last, of Israel.

Al Qaeda’s twenty-year plan began on September 11th, with a stage that Hussein calls “The Awakening.” ...
The second, “Eye-Opening” stage will last until the end of 2006, Hussein writes. ...
The third stage, “Arising and Standing Up,” will last from 2007 to 2010. Al Qaeda’s focus will be on Syria and Turkey, but it will also begin to directly confront Israel, in order to gain more credibility among the Muslim population.
The New Yorker

At 9/11/2006 01:58:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Good article. The risks associated with fundementalists and their dream of reaching power should never be taken lightly.

At 9/11/2006 04:51:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Nationalist Party said...

الجبهة القومية السورية

Syrian Nationalist Front
Members Combined Pool Media Comments

SET TIME=60:00
POST PERIOD: 091006-101006
TITLE: Analysis in response to comment
REPORT NO: 4017 Combined Pool

[The comments posted here are combined pool release and may or may not be the opinion of the Syrian Nationalist Party, Syrian Republican Party, or any other member organization of the Syrian Nationalist Front. The opinion and comment expressed belongs exclusively to the author who may or may not be operating and posting anonymously. Reproduction and distribution are hereby granted-copy and distribute freely with or without credit].


“……The losers in such a change would largely be Sunni Muslims, Chamoun pointed out, because by and large they have not carved out sections of the country as theirs…….”

Of course not, they are the only sane segment of Lebanon insanely sectarian society. The friendliest and most accommodating of all other sects, the one in fact that kept Lebanon together, and saw to it to stay independent and united for all those years. Someone needs to tell Shamoon to take a realistic approach, not Civil War. I guess the warlord need more cash.

“…….I don't see Lebanon surviving as it is today," said Dori Chamoun, leader of the Maronite-based National Liberal party and son of a former president and longtime political figure, the late Camille Chamoun. "It is inevitable that the Christians will have a smaller share of the country. I only see one solution, cantonization. Everybody wants it. Nobody says it out loud……..."


I don't see THE WEST ALLOWING Lebanon surviving as it is today," said Dori Chamoun, leader of the Maronite-based National Liberal party and son of a former WARLOARD AND CIVIL WAR INSTIGATOR president and longtime political PUPPET OF FRANCE figure, the late Camille Chamoun. "It is inevitable that the Christians will have a smaller share of the country. I only see one solution, cantonization. ISRAEL, CHENEY AND PERL wants it. NO LEBANESE WANTED AND says it out loud."



“…..Top military leaders insist new U.S. strategy is desperately needed in Revive American diplomacy in the Middle East……..”

Someone needs to tell these “tops” in ranks and “Lows” in knowledge to stick to what they knows best and are trained for. Whoever plotted the Iraq strategies are cheering every hour all the way running to the offshore banks. They will keep the same strategy of fleecing Two countries until 2016 Why would they change it? For a better Diplomacy? That Diplomacy went out the window with International Laws and the disco dance floor ball years ago. Today Diplomacy is much simpler, you get Blair’s conman yell to the Jews kill, kill, kill those dam it Lebanese, rack up the body counts, and then have your Diplomatic Agent SENIORA invites you for visit to Lebanon famous district, not the red light one, I mean the Banking District. Where BANK AUDI headquartered.


“……..Syria expressed hope that the US administration and other western nations would acknowledge the keenness of Arab countries, including itself, to achieve comprehensive and just peace in the Middle East……..”

Good News for you, they do acknowledge it, I can assure you of that. For your Amen sake, Arabs/JARAB and Assad have been begging Israel and the World on their knees for more than Four decades, they acknowledge Arab and Moslem impotence, the desperation and cries. They will send you a Holy messenger named Kissinger to let you know that (pacify you for another 40 years). Now feeeeeeel gooooooooood and go shout Baathiye, Baathiye, Baathiye, Allah wa Akbar.


“……….U.S. President George W. Bush personally signed off on a visa allowing former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami to visit the United States because he wanted to hear his views, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday….” "……….I was interested to hear what he had to say," Bush told the Wall Street Journal in an interview. "I'm interested in learning more about the Iranian government, how they think, what people think within the government…………."

Why not invite Jesus in person, why the imposter. If Bush really wants to hear the opinion of Iranians, then he should have accepted the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ahmadi Nizhad invitation for Televised debate. Rather, he is listening to someone that have no more authority or popularity than a GORBI wannabe, an irrelevant. Khatami remind me with (Monpair Sara) the Chieftain of the Jesuit Monestray in Homs, Syria where I attended the Elementary school. As soon as the Jesuit Chieftain found the lady of his dream, he dumped the robe, shaved the beard and sported gold trim glasses and pinstripe suite. He looked really odd and comicky in this new attire but that is how Khatami will look when he first get the chance. He will not deceive me for sure.

At 9/11/2006 05:00:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

Seniora shaked hand with Blair,hugged him and kissed him, knowing that he supported Isreal in destroying Lebanon,killing many Lebanese, including children, in that he put himself as friend to Blair who is equal to Olmert,and Bush, the enemies of Lebanon and the whole arab,Seniora damaged his stature with the lebanese, demonstrators should continue in lebanon against Seniora, and we need new election.

At 9/11/2006 05:25:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

> NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP)--Cypriot authorities are pondering what to do with a
>cargo of suspected air defense systems found on a Syria-bound freighter, the
>government said Monday.
> Justice Minister Sofocles Sofocleous said it was up to the foreign ministry
>to decide a course of action on the suspected illegal weapons, which were not
>declared in the ship's papers.
> "Cyprus will enforce the law, nothing more and nothing less," Sofocleous
>said. "Of course, the political position will be expressed by the foreign
> Foreign Minister George Lilikas was not available for comment.
> Police said 18 of 21 trucks found on the freighter are fitted with radars and
>"it appears they are air defense systems." They did not elaborate.
> The three other trucks appeared to be command and control vehicles, police
> No orders have been given to confiscate the cargo which - according to the
>vessel's manifest and the Syrian government - which is claiming the shipment -
>consisted of irrigation pipes and meteorological equipment.
> The Panamanian-flagged Gregorio I was detained in the southern port of
>Limassol last Tuesday following a tip off. Its crew of 15 - Ukrainian and
>Russian nationals - have been forbidden to leave the vessel.
> Authorities determined that some 2,400 pipes found in the ship's hold were
>for irrigation purposes.
> Media reports said Interpol had told Cypriot authorities the vessel was
>carrying ballistic missile components.
> The Gregorio I had been loaded in China and North Korea and was destined for
>Latakia, Syria. It had stopped at Port Said in Egypt on the way.

At 9/12/2006 10:42:00 AM, Blogger 10452 said...

You forgot one headline :

Joshua Landis continues to act as the leading apologist for the Syrian totalitarian regime.

Oklahoma, September 10th 2006

In an unsurprising move, Joshua Landis, self proclaimed expert in the Middle East, has decided to continue his apologist stands concerning Syria's totalitarian regime.

To read full article, click here.

At 9/12/2006 12:47:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Syria accuses US of fueling terrorism after embassy attack
51 words
12 September 2006
Agence France Presse
Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2006 All reproduction and presentation rights reserved.
WASHINGTON, Sept 12, 2006 (AFP) -

Syria's embassy in Washington on Tuesday accused the United States of fueling extremism, terrorism and anti-US sentiment in the Middle East, following a foiled attack on the US embassy in Damascus.


To All;
We hope this is an isolated incident. We regret the loss of innocent lives. I was watching the CNN clips for this Incident; it looks, smile as the work of armatures!!
Did they really intend to damage the embassy? Or harm anyone. The embassy walls are three meters high!! My dog \ cat can throw hand grenades over a wall that high.
Skilled people!! I don’t think they are. Are they coned individuals? Yes for sure.


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