Wedding Announcement & Wedding Toasts

From Chris Landis to
From Joan Hutton Landis to
Ethan Landis to Josh and Manar:

Wedding Announcement

Manar Kachour, the daughter of Sha'aban Kachour and Seham Mohamed of Latakia, Syria, was married on April 18th to Joshua Mead Landis, son of Kendall and Joan Hutton Landis of Media, Pa. and Granville, Vermont. A Justice of the Peace performed the ceremony in Arlington, Virginia. It was attended by the bridegrooms' immediate family; two brothers, two sister-in-laws, four nephews and his parents. A July celebration is planned in Vermont.

Mrs. Landis, 31, graduated from the Teshreen University in Latakia with an M.D. and was, until recently, a Program Assistant with Unicef in Damascus where the couple met last summer. She also worked for the Canadian Arab Federation in Toronto. Her father is a retired Admiral with the Syrian Navy. Her mother, also a graduate of Teshereen University, with an M.A. in Arabic Language, taught Arabic for many years.

Mr. Landis, 45, is an Asst. Professor of Middle Eastern History at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. He graduated with Honors from Swarthmore College, received an M.A.from Harvard in Middle Eastern Studies and a PhD. from Princeton University. He has taught at International College in Beirut as well as at Wake Forest University and Princeton. His father is a retired Vice President of Swarthmore College; his mother was until recently a Professor of English and Chair of the Liberal Arts Dept. at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Joan and Kendall Landis
450 Osage Lane,
Media, Pa.19063