• Co-Director, Center for Middle East Studies, 2006-
  • Principal on NSEP Grant for $1,300,000 to expand Arabic at OU, 2008
  •  Assist. Prof. of  Middle East Studies, School of International & Area Studies

2006 to Persent NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY: teach annual mini-course on Syria and its Neighbors.
1998-99 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Lecturer, Dept. Near Eastern Studies
1997-98 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Visiting Fellow, Dept. Near Eastern Studies
1994-97 WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY, Visiting Instructor; Middle East History
1991-94 SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE, Guest Instructor; Middle East History
1989-91 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Lecturer & Assistant Master of Stevenson College
1979-81 INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, Beirut, Lebanon, Teacher: History and English Literature

1984-97 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Ph.D. Dept. of Near East Studies
1982-84 HARVARD UNIVERSITY, MA, Center for Middle East Studies
1975-79 SWARTHMORE COLLEGE, BA, Honors in European history and French
· University of Grenoble, France, 1976-77 study abroad


  • I appeared in print, radio, and TV over 80 times in 2008. See Landis in the News
  • TV: Frequent TV commentator: CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS and BBC. Lehrer News Hour, Charlie Rose Show. I have also spoken in Arabic on Middle Eastern stations, including hour-long interviews on al-Jazeera and Syrian National TV.
  • Radio appearances are frequent on BBC & NPR.  
  • In 2008, I was quoted in the New York Times, Le Monde, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Time Magazine, and Foreign Policy among others.


2009 Syria: 1 month in Damascus and travel
2005 SYRIA : 12 months as Fulbright Senior Research Fellow
2002 MOROCCO and SYRIA : Summer Research Grant from OU
2000 SYRIA and LEBANON : Summer research Grant from OU
1987-88 DAMASCUS , SYRIA : Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Research
1986-87 CAIRO , EGYPT : American University , CASA program
1985 ISTANBUL , TURKEY Bosporus University summer language program
1981-82 DAMASCUS , SYRIA : Fulbright Scholar, study at University of Damascus
1979-81 BEIRUT , LEBANON : International College , teacher
1958-67 SAUDI ARABIA , LEBANON : Grew up in the Middle East; father banker


2000-‘07 OU Travel Grants, $7000
2005 FULBRIGHT SENIOR RESEARCH AWARD – 12 months to carry out research in Syria and Lebanon . Granted by the Fulbright Middle East , North Africa , South Asia Research Program.
2003, '02, '00 JUNIOR FACULTY RESEARCH GRANT, OU, $15,000 research in Syria
2002, PRESIDENTIAL TRAVEL GRANT, Morocco, $1,000
1997 M. H. KERR DISSERTATION PRIZE, Awarded by Middle East Studies Ass. for best dissertation in the social sciences
1987-88 FULBRIGHT-HAYES, Diss. research in Washington, London, Paris & Damascus
1988 SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL, Dissertation research and write-up
1986-87 CASA Fellow, language study at American University in Cairo
1985 FLAS, Intensive summer program in Turkish, Istanbul
1982-86 FLAS, Tuition and stipend at Harvard & Princeton
1983 HARVARD TRAVEL GRANT, Summer study in Syria
1981-82 FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR, Study at University of Damascus

"Nationalism and the Politics of Za'ama: the Collapse of Republican Syria, 1945-1949"
· Awarded the Middle East Studies Association 1997 Malcolm H. Kerr Prize for best dissertation in the social sciences


Syria Comment, Web newsletter on Syrian politics and history, updated daily.

  • Written up by The New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, etc.
  • Read by government officials and analysts in Washington and European capitals.
  • It receives 2000 to 3000 visits a day and has 1100 email subscribers. In 2008, it was visited 412,780 times by an average of 30,000 unique visitors a month. I posted 225 articles in 2008, which received 945,708 page views. Go to


  • Democracy in Syria (Palgrave-McMillan, forthcoming)

Articles in Scholarly Journals and Books

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Articles for Think Tanks, Magazines, Newspapers

 Book Reviews

  • Al-Abhath, volume 53, (2004).
  • International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 30, No. 1, Aug. 1998.
  • MESA Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 2, Dec. 1994. David W. Lesch, Syria and the United States: Eisenhower’s Cold War in the Middle East (Reviewed by Joshua Landis)


2009 Feb.     "Syria,What Lies Ahead" Weatherhead Center, Harvard. Feb 19.
2009 Feb.     “Balancing between unilateralism and multilateralism in the larger Middle East,” for Department of State's annual Institute on U.S. National Security Policy Making at the University of Delaware. Feb. 6.
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2008 Aug      “Engaging Syria,” Public Library, Rochester, Vt. Aug 3.
2008 June     “Leadership and Regime Dynamics in Syria,” for the National Intelligence Council’s “Syria: Domestic Dynamics and Foreign Policy Workshop,” in preparation of new National Intelligence Assessment on Syria and Lebanon. Panel convened at Eurasia Group offices in Washington, DC. June 25.
2008 May     “The Middle East and US-China Relations,” conference, Huangshan, China
2008 Apr.     “Is engaging Syria and Iran important for a new Democratic President” Democratic Party Chapter, Norman, OK, April 25.
2008 Mar.     “Iraq Workshop: Steps toward Peace in Iraq,” March 7. Center for International Affairs at Harvard University.
2008 Feb.     “What Syria Wants from Iraq,” for conference: “Iraq: Promoting Engagement and Reconciliation” February 20-21: Virginia. Sponsored by Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Iraq Analysis.
2007 Dec.     “The Relationship between Hezbollah and Iran,” Dec. 11: Springfield, VA. For Army Directed Studies Office.
2007 Dec.     “Political Reform in Syria, “Dec. 2: Chicago, Ill. Keynote Address at annual meeting of Syrian American Congress.
2007 Nov.    “US-Israeli dialogue,” Nov 8-9: NYC. Council on Foreign Relations.
2007 Oct.      “What Do Syrians Want?” October 20-2: Waltham, MA. Brandeis University.
2007 July      “The Battle of Maysaloun,” July 22: Damascus, Syria. Kalamoun University.
2007 May     “How to Manage Syria,” May 14-15: Paris, France. “Transatlantic Dialogue on the Levant,” sponsored by US Center for Naval Analysis and French Ministry of Defense.    
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2006 June     “Modern Syria and Its Neighbors,” 3 day seminar for National Security Agency in Baltimore, MD.

2006 Feb. “The Battle between Lebanon and Syria ,” Council on Foreign Relations, Houston , TX .
2006 Feb. “Democracy in the Middle East : Where is it Heading,” OU Club, Houston , TX
2006 Feb .“The Syria-Lebanon Crisis: How Bashar Lost Beirut to Win Damascus” at invited conference: “Lebanon & Syria Face the Future,” Univ. of Mich. , Ann Arbor .
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1988 April "L'armée et l'état en Syrie, 1949-1954," French Institute (delivered in French) Damascus, Syria

2004-05 Advisory Board of Al-Sharaka, OU based organization spending $5,000,000 of USAID money to develop Iraqi education.
2003 Helped establish OU Arabic Language Program with Hashemite University in Jordan.
2003 & 04 Raised $10,000 for St. Elijah’s Travel Fund to send students for summer study in Middle East . St. Elijah’s has promised $5,000 a year.
2003 & 04 National Nominating Panel of the NSEP David L. Boren Graduate Fellowships, Washington D.C.
2003-1 Web master, Syrian Studies Association -
2001 Designed and Middle East website -
2000-01 Editor, The Syria Studies Association Newsletter

History of Islam
Islamic Politics Today
Society and Culture in the Modern Middle East
Religion in Modern Middle Eastern Politics
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Topics in U.S. Diplomatic Relations in the Middle East
(Research seminar based on US and British archival sources)
International Relations in the Middle East, 1800-1956
International Relations in the Middle East, 1956-1992
Introduction to the Middle East, 600-1918
Introduction to the Middle East, 1918-1992
Modern World Civilization, 1500 to the Present

ARABIC, fluent, speak Egyptian and Syrian dialects
FRENCH, fluent
TURKISH, read, 3 years at Princeton and Bosporus University, Istanbul
OTTOMAN, 1 year at Princeton
ITALIAN, read, 1 year intensive course at Harvard

I was brought up in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon until the age of ten. After college, I spent five years teaching and studying in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Turkey. I went to University in Grenoble, France for a year and have traveled in most European and Middle Eastern countries.