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"The Syrian Opposition Gather in the US," by Joe Pace

Joe Pace attended the meeting of the Syrian Opposition across the Potomac in Northern Virginia at the Crystal City Marriott this weekend. It was organized by the Syrian National Council in the US, in cooperation with the Ahrar Movement and the Syrian National Council in Canada. I believe Joe was the only non-Syrian American to attend. He wrote this exclusive report for "Syria Comment." Thank you Joe, our intrepid man on the spot.

"Syria Opposition Meeting In Washington DC, January 29-30"
By Joe Pace
For "Syria Comment"
January 31, 2006

The conference, organized by the Syrian National Council and the Syrian Democratic Assembly of Canada, kicked off Saturday morning with speeches from prominent opposition figures who couldn’t attend, including Haythem al-Maleh (founder of the Human Rights Association of Syria), Najati Tayar (one of the founders of the Committee for the Revival of Civil Society) and Kamal al-Labwani (head of the Liberal Democratic Union who was arrested after returning from DC in November).

The conversation topics were human and women’s rights in Syria; coordination between the internal and external opposition for democratic change; strengthening dialogue with other Arab nations.

The most important moment came on the second day when the five recently release Damascus Spring prisoners and Suhar al-Attasi (head of the al-Attasi forum) made a conference call from Syria to address the Washington attendees. Former MP Riad Seif said referring to Syrian expatriates, “those outside of Syria are part of the Syrian people and there must be as much cooperation between us as possible.” Another former MP Mamum al-Homsi said “we need you to build Syria and to save the country.” The endorsement of coordination with expatriate groups by such prominent voices is going to weaken the contingent of the Syrian opposition that opposes any assistance from the West. An oft-repeated message throughout the conference was that expatriates need to make use of their proximity to elected officials and lobby for their respective governments to support human rights.

By most accounts, the conference was a success. The internal opposition figures came largely to scout out the opposition-in-exile since many activists in Syria remain skeptical about its agenda. I witnessed a pleasant surprise among all of them; one remarked that the most conservative Muslims at the conference were more enlightened and committed to democracy than many moderate Muslims in Syria. Others said that this meeting enhanced their faith in the Syrian opposition in North American and that they were convinced that further cooperation was crucial to pushing reform in Syria.

Six people from Syria participated: Samir Nashar who heads a liberal party in Aleppo; Jihad Masuti who is on the administrative committee for the Jamal al-Atassi forum; George Katan…..; Amar Qurabi who is the press spokesman for the Arab Organization for Human Rights; and Baheya Maradini who is a correspondent from al-Elaph (the website which is blocked in Syria because its main beat is the opposition). None of them wore fake nametags as reportedly happened at the Paris conference and none shied away from the cameras.

Opposition gatherings have a reputation of being hijacked by petty disagreements, clashing egos, and recriminations, but several participants expressed their pleasure at the cordiality and productiveness of this conference. “When I was in Germany for a meeting of intellectuals, nothing got accomplished because we couldn’t even bring people to sit down at the same table and talk to one another,” said one participant from Syria.

In fact, the only mudslinging came from a non-participant, Farid Ghadry, the president of the Reform Party of Syria who split off from the Syrian National Council last September, accusing the executive committee of being “Islamists loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood.” According to a story by the New York Sun, he impugned the Council’s credibility by pointing out that the father of one of its members, Husam ad-Dairi, was a Ba’thist and ambassador under Saddam Hussein. He also accused Husam of associating with Saddam’s two sons during his youth.

I had the following conversation with Husam ad-Dairi to clear up the accusations. (I requested an interview from Farid, but he declined.

Husam: Ghadry did not split off from the group because we are Baathists or Islamists. He split off because he was not willing to be part of the group; he only wanted to be a leader. He wanted to start a Syrian government in exile with 19 people in Washington DC. Who does that represent? So we opposed it. We said that we would not accept any attacks on religion. Many of us want a separation of religion and politics, but the Syrian National Council is a neutral assembly—it’s supposed to be a gathering of groups where everyone can discuss their viewpoint. We will not attack another opposition group, even if it has a religious orientation. It’s funny though that he should accuse us of being Islamists. I, for example, represent a liberal, democratic part.

Pace: What was your father’s relationship with the Iraqi Ba’ath party and your relationship with Saddam’s sons?

Husam: I left Iraq for the last time in 1988. For the last year and a half, I was not aloud to exist in the same vicinity as the sons because I had a personal conflict with Udday Hussein. This was an order by Saddam Hussein himself. As for my father, he was the Ambassador to Switzerland and he resigned in 1991 because he opposed the invasion of Kuwait. He never returned to Iraq.
Abdu ad-Dairi’s [the father] history is an open book. He stood against the Ba’ath party as it was under Saddam. If we want to talk about fathers, how about we open the book on Farid’s father? I’d like an open conversation about that. [he is referring to the fact that Farid’s father still has connections with the Syrian regime]

Of course, Mr. Ghadry, who heads the Reform Party of Syria is no novice at mudslinging. According to Riad at-Turk, Mr. Ghadry tried to secure his support but Riad refused. A month after an interview was published in which Riad called Ghadry’s analysis of the opposition “nonsense” and said that he had “absolutely no support” in Syria, Ghadry published an op-ed in the Washington Times calling Riad—one of the most liberal, vocal advocates for democracy in Syria—a “Stalinist.”

On the opposition:
Ammar Abdul Hamid, who participated in the conference wrote this summary on "Amarji."

Concern Mounts on Syria As Opposition Gathers - January 27, 2006 - NY Newspaper... The conference, to be held this Saturday and Sunday across the Potomac in Northern Virginia at the Crystal City Marriott, will gather about 100 activists against the dictatorship of Bashar Assad, drawing opposition leaders from America, Canada, France, Germany, and inside Syria. According to organizers, the summit - sponsored by an umbrella organization, the Syrian National Council - is meant to address, among its principal topics: cooperating with the West in order to bring about a peaceful democratic transition; highlighting and ending the human rights abuses of the Assad regime, and prompting the various parties of opposition operating in exile to "get together and get to know each other."

In phone interviews yesterday, Messrs. Aljbaili and Ghadry expressed concern and disappointment about their non-participation and the divide in the reform movement, tracing it to their opposition to a Baathist or Islamist Syria.

See this interview with Riad Said.: An Nahar Exclusive: Interview with released former Syrian MP Riad Saif (An Nahar) -1/2006. It has been translated, and is one of the three free translated articles offered by each day. This is an important new service. Check it out.


At 1/31/2006 02:57:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...


PLEASE, pretty please with sugar on top. Stop giving Ghadry the attention he does not deserve. We all know he is a scumbag and a joke. but what you are doing here is fueling his fire and its counter-productive. when you attack someone publicly you are acknowledging his/her importance and Farid Ghadry is as important as a sheep’s appendage. If the opposition ignored him then I would suggest you do to so he can crawl back to the sewers he crawled from.


At 1/31/2006 08:32:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, on dialogue with Syria and gradual transformation:

"Today, Syria presents an historic opportunity for the United States. Rather than just threatening Syria, we should talk directly to Bashir Assad, encouraging him to lay the foundations for economic and political opening and gradual transformation, cut off insurgent access through Syria into Iraq, and end the sponsorship of Iranian-backed terrorist institutions, in return for stabilizing his administration during the ongoing UN investigations."
(TPMCafe; full transcript here.)

At 1/31/2006 09:43:00 AM, Blogger Atassi said...

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At 1/31/2006 09:47:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

It turns out that the 13 suspects were indeed connected to al-Qa'ida:

Qaida Conscripted Lebanese, Palestinians for Suicide Attacks in Iraq

Members of an al-Qaida cell arrested recently in Lebanon had recruited Lebanese and Palestinian nationals in the country to carry out suicide attacks in Iraq, As Safir reported on Tuesday.
Several of the 13 alleged members confessed that they were able to convince Lebanese and Palestinians living in northern Lebanon, Bekaa and refugee camps to join groups planning to conduct suicide operations in Iraq, security sources were quoted as saying in As Safir.

How are they related to Khaled Midhat Taha?

This could be a major development in the Hariri case.

At 1/31/2006 09:51:00 AM, Blogger Atassi said...

Will the Assad regime ever learns form other tyrant’s mistakes and downfall? I don't believe Bashar or his cronies capable of understanding the boiling point is near, this lead me to think the demise of his role is accelerating .

Syria bars freed dissidents from holding press conference

31 January 2006
DAMASCUS, Jan 31, 2006 -
Syrian authorities Tuesday prohibited five political dissidents who were released from prison from holding a press conference, the Association for Human Rights in Syria (AHRS) announced.

"The security services prevented the holding of a press conference with the detainees of the 'Damascus Spring,'" a short-lived period of liberalisation in 2001, who were freed on January 18, a statement said.

The meeting with journalists had been set to discuss "the human rights situation in Syria", the statement added.

Opposition MPs Riad Seif and Maamun Homsi and three other opposition figures were released after spending nearly five years in jail.

Seif, 54, and Homsi, 45, were jailed on charges of working "to change the constitution through illegal means," an offence punishable by between five years and life in jail.

The other three released were Habib Issa, Fawaz Tello and Walid Bunni.

AHRS chairman Ahmed Fayez Fawaz had been due to make a speech during the press conference.

Fawaz has called on President Bashar al-Assad to introduce "an historic initiative to make amends for injustices" suffered by hundreds of political prisoners and tens of thousands of Syrian exiles."

Damascus has been under heavy Western pressure since a UN investigation implicated Syrian intelligence in last year's assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri.

US President George W. Bush called on the Syrian government in December "to immediately and unconditionally release ... all prisoners of conscience

At 1/31/2006 10:10:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

This is a re-post: It fit more in this section that the past one.

I mentioned last night in a previous post, not sure on this thread or not, that those “Action points” drafted by the so called Syrian Opposition meeting that was held in Washington at Abrahamof Hall and expense were copy of a 1975 points issued by Al Ahrar.

Well what do you know, this morning I read on some blog this:

“…our first conference for the Syrian opposition groups in the US. The conference was organized by the Syrian National Council in the US, in cooperation with the Ahrar Movement and the Syrian National Council in Canada. It featured…”

I wonder did anyone in Washington (Americans) ever read the secret 600 zerox copied pages book that used to be distributed secretly to top members of Al Ahrar back in the 70’s!

In one “OP” to obtain a copy back then, I managed to pull a stunt and sleep a night at one member apartment. In the middle of the night, I found the copy well hidden.

It did not take past the first page of the document (it was about an inch thick of 2 pages up copy, on A4 size paper) to be shocked and turn red face. It was something Al qaida yet to publish, a diadrad of Anti Americanism, Anti Christian Crussaders. The Second paragraph state (and I am relying on memory here, warn you that I have very selelctive one and really bad, but something just sink in my brain and never lost) to the effect that it is wrong to just blaim the U.S. Government and congress for all the evil America is doing to Moslems, American Citizens must be held accountable, because, they elect the Government and they are liable so they must be held accountable and punished for all the U.S. Governement crimes on Arabs and Moslems.

I remember, turning red faces then, at that time that was outrageous statement to make. The prevailing thought at that time was that American are just happy people doing own things, enjoying life, ignorant of world’s affairs. And that, only few in the Administration controlled by Zionists are doing all the evil deeds to Moslems and Arabs.

My thought at that time after going few pages in that document is that either they were a fanatic, extreamest group, or a CIA operation under cover to flush radicals living and working in America. I concluded that it was an “op” and left them alone.

Now I see that they are dusting off the same 1975 points and promoting them. Still don’t know if they were CIA cover or Moslem Fanatics. Maybe someone can refresh me with any information about this AL AHRAR group since I lost track of them back in early 80’s.

This also a repost
Looks like they copied the same points for action plan introduced back in 1975 by the
Syrian / California based AL AHRAR Party (not to be confused with Hizbu AL Tahrir or Al Tahrir Al Jimai Party). Since then this exact daydream action plan was dreamt by about half dozen opposition parties in Europe and USA. At least the others got money and some even has guns and bombers, what the hell these guys have that the other did not? NEOCON SUPPORT, ABRHAMOF BACKING?


You can meet in the U.S. Canada, on the moon. You aint going nowhere. The only meeting you need to arrange for and strive for is in Damascus with President of the Fertile Crescent Federation, BASHAR ASSAD.

P.S. I understand you are all illiterate morons and you stole all these action points plan from other parties, but whose dumb idea is that to steal TAHIA SOURIA, the Nationalist Parties salute, was it this GURU of yours Mahishi, Mahiyoshi Bayanooni. Or that other GURU Mahishi Mahiyoshi Mahatma Abrhamof

اللقاء الأول للقوى الوطنية السورية في اميركا الشمالية – واشنطن

المرحلة الانتقالية
1- الخيار السلمي للتغيير و دون تدخل اجنبي بالقوة هو الخيار الوحيد الذي يرغب به الشعب السوري و المعارضة في الداخل و الخارج معا
2- أن تبدأ مرحلة سقوط النظام على الطريقة اليوكرانية و ليس على الطريقة العراقية و هذا يتطلب :
3- الدعوة العامة لكل الشعب و المؤسسات المدنية و النقابات و الهيئات و القوى الداخلية و التنسيق معهم لبدأ العصيان المدني و ذلك عن طريق النزول للشوارع و الاعتصام أمام مباني المحافظة و الساحات العامة في كل المدن و المناطق و الأرياف السورية و اعلان الاضراب العام حتى سقوط النظام
4- أن تبدأ المعارضة في الخارج تنظيم مظاهرات احتجاج و اعتصامات أمام السفارات السورية بالخارج و دعوة الشعوب العربية للتتضامن مع الشعب السوري و يواكب ذلك فترة العصيان المدني بالداخل
5- العمل على تهيئة غطاء دولي سياسي اعلامي و ليس عسكري و ذلك عن طريق تشجيع العصيان المدني بالداخل و حث الشعب على الاستمرار و الصبر و عدم الخوف من النظام الدكتاتوري و الاتصال مع الجهات الدولية المعنية بالملف السوري و راغبة بالتغييرو طلب الدعم السياسي لسوريا و القيام بتغطية اعلامية مباشرة للأحداث بالداخل و ذلك لتحذير السلطات القمعية بعدم محاولة قمع الشعب بالقوة فالعالم كله يشاهد ما يحدث.
6- العمل بشكل جاد و دؤوب لتجميع أقطاب المعارضة بالخارج و توحيد اهدافهم المرحلية و العمل بشكل جاد مع المعارضة بالداخل و الاتصال برموزها و أخذ توصياتهم لأنهم هم المعنيون بشكل كبير بكل أنواع الاضطهاد الذي يمارس عليهم يوميا من النظام القمعي السوري
7- تمويل المعارضة الداخلية بأموال نظيفة فهم بأشد الحاجة الى المال اذ ان المعارضة تعاني من فاقة اقتصادية كبيرة لدرجة انهم لا يملكون اجرة صالة لاستئجارها للتجمع او عقد منتدى سياسي
8- دعوة الجيش السوري و الأجهزة الأمنية و مناشدتهم بالوقوف الى جانب الشعب في هذه الظروف الصعبة و التخلي عن حكومة الاستبداد و ذلك عن طريق ترغيبهم بالأمان في حالة سقوط النظام المنهار و تخويفهم من عاقبة قمعهم لو لا سمح الله بدأ قمع الشعب اللأعزل بالسلاح
9- دعوة الدول العربية بأن تقف مع الشعب السوري في فترته الانتقالية
10- أن يستمر العصيان المدني حتى و لو تجاوز الشهرين حتى سقوط النظام ولا عودة للوراء
11- ابقاء المؤسسات الحكومية البلدية و اجهزة الشرطة فقط على حالها في الفترة الانتقالية و عدم المساس بها حتى ينتهي العصيان المدني الى حكومة انتقالية مؤقتة بحد أقصى سنتين للأشراف على انتخابات نزيهة و ذلك حتى لايترك فراغ حكومي كما حصل في دول اخرى مما قد يؤدي الى حالة فوضى في البلاد
كما ادعو الأخوة بأن يأخذو بعين الاعتبار بأن يعقدو مؤتمرا بغضون شهرين يكون مكانه كندا تورنتو و ذلك حتى نتمكن من توجيه دعوة لأكبر عدد ممكن من المعارضة السورية بالداخل و الخارج للحضور اذ ان البعض يتحسس من الولايات المتحدة كمكان للانعقاد او من الحصول على تأشيرة الدخول
كما اوصي الأخوة بأن يعملوا جاهدين على استقطاب أكبر عدد ممكن من السوريين في شمال اميريكا للعمل معهم و ضمهم لصفوف المعارضة
تحيا سوريا الحرة .. وان غدا لناظره قريب ..
عمار تسقية / عضو التجمع الديمقراطي السوري الكندي ..

At 1/31/2006 10:24:00 AM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

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At 1/31/2006 10:45:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I have been ignoring any post SRP writes, but for some reason I read the last one and oh boy did I not regret it.


Do you sometimes think, while spreading your body with peanut butter, wow I am really a nut job? Does that ever cross your mind? And if you are not crazy and just some 14 years old boy, don’t you ever get bored?

At 1/31/2006 11:08:00 AM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

While my heart wants to believe otherwise, I cannot help but think that this Syrian regime is not going anywhere unless Bashar is personally implicated in the Hariri murder or the U.S. explicitly calls for its ouster. To this regime, Internal security is paramount. Opposition can protest all they want. For Asef, every inch they give to the so-called opposition is a yard they lose in internal control and security. To the inner circle and party leadership, appeasing the reformists is a slippery slope that will be met with a lot of trepidation.

SRP, Metaz...etc

I would like to follow up on what I-C said:

You have every right to opine on whatever you want in whichever way you like. It is clear, however, that the vast majority of people on this forum find your comments distasteful, weird, silly, long and irrelevant. No one is interested in the land you lost or in your defense endeavor. Please spare us the foul language too. My suspicion is that you will not take this criticism at heart and that you will. Please try to prove me wrong.

At 1/31/2006 11:28:00 AM, Blogger ugarit said...

Disarming Hizbullah, Distabilizing Damascus
US Prods Lebanon Towards Civil War


Since the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon in March 2005, the U.S. Administration has played an increasingly imperious role in Lebanon, exacerbating divisions in an already fiercely sectarian country.

Against a backdrop of bombings and assassinations which have filled the security vacuum left by Damascus, Lebanon is now sharply polarized into two camps: one resolutely opposed to the growing American presence in their country; the other united through its opposition to Syria.

Hizbullah, Lebanon's largest political party, allied with the other main Shiite group Amal and a collection of Leftists/Arabists are rejecting the U.S. embrace. This group's less than outraged response to allegations that Damascus was behind a string of attacks on anti-Syrian figures has created tremendous animosity toward Lebanon's large Shiite community, who are now known to number between 40 and 50 per cent of the population.

America's major Lebanese allies: the mostly Sunni entourage of the murdered former Prime Minister Hariri allied with Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, leftists funded by the Hariri camp and the remnants of Lebanon's Christian far right are spearheading the anti Syrian camp.

George W. Bush's meeting last Friday with Hariri's son, Saad, who heads the parliamentary majority but is technically a mere member of Parliament, is unprecedented in the history of White House protocol and indicated the extent to which he and his father's empire are critical to America's embrace of Lebanon.

While few Lebanese were sad to see the Syrians and their murderous security regime leave, many are unwilling to watch Washington replace Damascus.

As Bush rhapsodised about the "Cedar Revolution's" victory over Syria, many Lebanese felt it absurd to talk of a struggle for Lebanon's sovereignty while cosying up to the invaders of Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the prime sponsors of Israel's invasion of Beirut and 25-year occupation of the South.

On March 8 last year the largely Shiite anti-US camp, starkly underrepresented in the international and Hariri-dominated local media, took to the streets in record numbers in a rejection of foreign interference and a show of solidarity with Syria as it prepared to pull out under international pressure. In what was then considered one of the largest mobilizations in Lebanese history, around 600,000 mostly Shiite demonstrators voiced their rejection of the US-inspired resolution 1559 which had called for the Syrian withdrawal but also demands the disarmament of Hizbullah.

The response of the million-dollar anti-Syrian PR media machine driving what has been described as the most well branded popular movement in history was to declare the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators not Lebanese; they were all Syrians, and if not Syrians, cattle. Four days later what became known as the Forces of March 14 marched on Beirut's Martyrs Square, numbering around a million people, to reiterate calls for the Syrian withdrawal.

Some analysts have since described the massive gathering as an anti Shiite demonstration, an attempt to undermine the new significance and distinct unity of Lebanon's historically less assertive plurality.

The anti-Syrian camp, which took on real momentum in the outpouring of popular grief that followed Hariri's murder, has been represented in western media as a truly nationalist, united, cross-sectarian phenomenon. In fact it's very much divided, united largely by the attacks on anti Syrian figures and alarm at growing Shiite dominance in Lebanon and its links with an increasingly significant Iran.

Tensions in the March 14 camp are frequent, with sectarian party flags prominent at each of their rallies, and in recent weeks many Christians have protested the subservience of their Sunni and Druze allies to Saudi Arabia.

In reality, the much-lauded Lebanese nationalism seems only to manifest itself in a narrow hatred of Syrians. There have now been over 40 unsolved killings of Syrian workers since Hariri's assassination.

Meanwhile, the U.S., who knows a hostile Hizbullah, legitimised by its role in Cabinet, will significantly impede effective control over the country, is now explicitly dictating to the government how it should operate.

U.S. Assistant Undersecretary of State David Welch recently appeared on Lebanese television telling viewers Hizbullah, which is supported by a significant portion of the country, is neither a militia, nor a resistance group, but a terrorist organization that should not be part of the Cabinet.

The remarks followed from an ongoing cabinet crisis which began on December 12 when Shiite ministers walked out of a cabinet session in protest of not being consulted over an international tribunal into the recent killings and to what they saw as the cabinet majority's increasing subservience to America.

Several successful attempts by Saudi and Egyptian mediators - the Hariri clan's strongest Arab backers - to reconcile the division and bring the ministers back into the cabinet were reportedly scuppered by Lebanon's U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman, who has been pressuring the prime minister to keep Hizbullah outside the Cabinet.

Hizbullah's participation in the government makes it difficult for opponents to classify it as a militia, effectively circumventing attempts through Resolution 1559 to disarm it. Hizbullah analysts say this is the main reason the group joined the government, and to ensure the Cabinet doesn't get Lebanon too embroiled in American or Israeli designs for the region.

Fears that Lebanon's new intimacy with the U.S. will bring Israel closer to regaining a hold in Lebanon were reinforced last week when Jumblatt told a TV interviewer "Israel is not my enemy today, Syria is my enemy."

As the schism deepens, each side vies for the key support of recently returned former Army commander General Michel Aoun who remains outside the anti-Syrian camp and frequently criticizes the inconsistency of its positions.

Aoun, who enjoys the support of the majority of Lebanon's increasingly marginalized Christian community, has his sights fixed squarely on the presidency. Despite campaigning on a cross-confessional ticket, he is being very much tagged as a Christian leader.

Though an advocate of Hizbullah's disarmament, Aoun believes there is a continued threat from Israel and shares the group's political stands on corruption and political reform.

As the demonstrations and counter demonstrations continue, the rallying cry of the anti-Syrian camp: "freedom, sovereignty and independence" grows increasingly redundant, with Lebanese interpreting these concepts in two radically different ways.

One camp welcomes American and French meddling but considers relations with Syria and Iran a violation of sovereignty. The other sees the U.S. engagement in the context of a pro-Israeli onslaught against the Palestinian cause and its last remaining allies Syria and Iran.

As the U.S. entrenches itself further in Lebanese politics, its plans to disarm Hizbullah and possibly destabilize the regime in Damascus are only likely to deepen division and push the country further into chaos.

Clancy Chassay lives in Beirut. He can be reached at

At 1/31/2006 11:50:00 AM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Needless to say, the good old outfit is at it again.
This is like Fox News in reverse. Bashar and the Baath party could certainly use a lot of ammunition from its pages.

At 1/31/2006 12:22:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

Junblatt said (isreal is not my enemy, syria is my enemy)
Junblatt is a traitor, and must regret what he said.

At 1/31/2006 12:32:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...


No, I am so happy to disappoint you and especially causing you so much pain and suffering. We do not post here for you or the others to read. Your opinion, character and barking means nothing to us. We are not here to read your trash nor we really bother going through your comments.

If you notice, we only respond to attacks. Otherwise we leave the comment section peacefully. If you really not interested in our comments, then do not attack us. We leave comment for our own audience, we have 278 members that signed up to read and log to the Comment section. We also have other interested sane and smart individuals that write us and command us for the great job, expressing how they are interested in reading our comments.

If you and the others INSECTS unfortunately decided to live and stay on this forum, then just leave SSPRS and the other posters, and our comments alone. And we will leave you and your silly comments alone as well.

You have no right to deprive us from this free speech and free expression section. I will spare you the insult this one time, but I do expect that you will head the above and act accordingly. Other wise you will hear from us.

At 1/31/2006 12:52:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


I must finally congratulate JOSHUA LANDIS for being on the same side as SRP, METAZ, "I RATHER BORN..haha", "ALWOUITES FOR SYRIA...", and I am sure I am forgetting few other aliases.

Congratulations to the regime Supporters and especially to Joshua Landis for having SRP and his aliases on your side.


At 1/31/2006 01:03:00 PM, Blogger ugarit said...


So let's discuss what's wrong with the CounterPunch article.

At 1/31/2006 01:04:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

The word traitor, especially when heard in Arabic is a very deep word. Some times, it is over used, and some times people do not understand what they are talking about when they use it.

Treason is not some thing any one can be proud of. it is almost a certainty that being a traitor always deserves execution when it comes to the political scenes and states. Junblat is a traitor of this "great" Arab Nation. please count me on his side, and execute me.

Thank you


At 1/31/2006 01:23:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

There are over 2000 readers for this comment daily. Only less than half a dozen attack Metaz and SSPRS. And that attack is recent, when he gone back to his startup position, not as some think that he made 180 degree turn.

We receive on the average 20-40 emails requesting information and expressing support.
So IHSANI, we can see why you want to shuts us up. We also were told of your identity by couple of emails we received.

We are thanksful for the support we received from over 860 responders from all over the world. Thank you very much.

At 1/31/2006 01:24:00 PM, Blogger Yabroud said...

"860 responders "



At 1/31/2006 01:44:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

Syria and Lebanon are one country, and so is Palastine,and jordan and Iraq, Junblatt hate syrian, I donot care about him, at the end he will loose, obviously he is trator, who must be eliminated, this homosexual is a shame to the lebenese,and Arab, all what we need now is to change the regime in Syria, change it to a free democratic country, and you will see that Hariri will cooperate with new syria, and sunni and shiites will get togather again, and Lebanese support Syria again, and Syria love Lebanon again, this division that divide Syria from Lebanon,is due to Bashar killing the great Hariri, If Syria is FREE again with free Lebanon ,these two countries will unite again, and Isreal will loose, Isreal support syrian regime.
I want you to know that I am syrian, and from the heart of Damascus

At 1/31/2006 01:50:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Okay, the new comment posting policy (out of respect to Prof. Joshua Landis).
1- No cussing.
2- No debating with other posters.
3- No response to assaulters
4- Include email address and request that comments regarding this post should be forwarded by email.
5- When you respond to email, use Decorum for polite ones, and be as nasty as you can for those faggots agitators.
6- Finally, use this rule for reply by email: (never sleep with the help)
7- Report repeated violators and use the forwarding technique (054) for emails. So those that spying will get empty time on their hand. Report all emails on page: 4500091-30-6+

Finally promote these rules on for 10 days. This is out of respect to Mr. Landis, and to show a good faith effort on our part.

At 1/31/2006 01:53:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

SRP, Metaz..

I have neither the right nor the power to “shut you up”. Indeed, it will be against my principles and what free speech is all about. The Baath has survived by shutting us all up. I would love for you and everyone else to keep on posting and arguing about the issues. If we all agreed on everything, this forum would be pointless. If you read what I said, my criticism of you was about specific issues. Most importantly, it would be great if the foul language were to stop. Let us debate each other on the issues. No name-calling or personal insults. This would lead to a healthy virtuous circle not a vicious circle which this forum had become on certain occasions. I do not want to sound like Mr. Perfect throwing sage advice words. I will conclude by reiterating to you that I do not want you to “shut up” as you said. Who am I to do so anyway? While on topic, I know that a lot of people disagree with my views here. That is understandable. We should not let this drive smart people away. I know that JAM will hate to hear this, but Alterion is a good example. We may disagree but we must remain civil.

As to the couple of emails that told of my identity, I would love for you to advertise it right here. I beg you to do so.

At 1/31/2006 01:58:00 PM, Blogger t_desco said...

Khaled Midhat Taha is suspected of being the head of the Lebanese al-Qaeda cell:

"The alleged head of the Lebanese al-Qaeda cell, a Syrian national named Khaled Taha, was not captured in the December raid and is still at large, the sources told as-Safir.

Taha apparently recruited Abu Adas, an Islamic extremist who appeared in a video after the February 2005 assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri, claiming that he was responsible for the attack. However Lebanese investigators, as well as a United Nations commission of inquiry into the bomb blast that killed Hariri and 20 others, have ruled out any al-Qaeda involvement.

Still, Lebanese authorities believe that besides dispatching fighters to Iraq, the al-Qaeda cell also planned terrorist attacks in Lebanon, the as-Safir report said."

It was Mehlis who ruled out any al-Qa'ida involvement. He was wrong about Saddik. Perhaps he was wrong about al-Qa'ida too. I don't understand why he didn't mention that there was a clear link between Abu Obeida and Ahmed Mikati and why he didn't say anything about the fact that Abu Adas had worked for a "member of the Ahmed Miqati and Ismaíl Al-Khatib network" or about the family background of Khaled Midhat Taha (notably the links of some of his relatives to Islamist groups).

At 1/31/2006 02:04:00 PM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I am sorry Ehsani but I disagree with you. freedom of speech is fine and if someone disagrees with me is not only allowed but encouraged and welcomed. but telling us stories on how he stumbled upon a CIA conspiracy and how he runs the non-existing Orontes corp along with his meetings with US officials is not an opinion but an insult to you and everyone here. Correction!!! I much rather be cursed, this is just plain retarded. And it’s negatively affecting our discussions.


At 1/31/2006 02:35:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


I am not saying that anything is “wrong” with the article.
I am saying that if anyone visits Counterpunch, it is clear that the site is an anti Bush, anti Pentagon and anti conservative platform. Every single publication and article that they publish will most likely try to portray the same image. There are similar ones on the other side of the isle of course. I mentioned Fox news as an example. I am sure there are others. I, for one, read a articles from such sources with a grain of salt. These guys have an agenda and it clear that they spin their work in one direction only. I know that every media outlet does the same to some extent. This one, in particular, strikes me as way over the top in its intentions. This is my personal opinion of course.

At 1/31/2006 02:52:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

The United States stands no chance of Destabilizing Lebanon, and they will be fools to listen to dumb Israeli and Zionist plotters, trying their luck on this front, when they failed on all others so miserably. Americans will be lucky to keep a foot there when the first shot is fired.

If Civil War started, Americans and Israeli will be the first and most to suffer. Westerners, will be taken hostage by radical Palestinian and Moslem groups, even by Christians.

The Southern Lebanon part will be wide open for Alqaida recruits to attack Israel and kidnap Jews from Israel. Shia army of Amal and Hizbullah will swell and control most of the Lebanese area from Palestine border to Jouneh, Half of Lebanon Mountain region (From Hermil to Shiba farms) will be under control of the Shiat armies and Syrian backers. In Northern Lebanon, Forces of Sunni Moslems, like Karami and others will side with Syria, if America and Israel are involved in any remote way. They will be joined by Zugharta boss Christian forces of Frenjieh to the east in the mountain area, stretching south to meet allied forces of Hizbullah in Hermil. In the Center of North Lebanon, Sunni Moslem will rule and on Syria’s side, they will be aided by the Palestinian forces from the refugee camps, they are heavily armed and well trained Urban Fighters.

Beirut, will be controlled by Amal, Hizbullah, Syrian Supporters, SSNP militias, and Jibril’s Palestinian forces.

That will leave few square foots the size of a football field in East North Beirut for the Christians and Jouneh area. That is all. They have no forces whatsoever or trained militias, and if they are counting on Israeli Naval forces or the U.S. Six fleet, good luck surviving a week after the conflict. Unfortunately, the will be literally slaughtered forthwith and the Entire Lebanon is now controlled by Radicals, supported by Syria and Iran among others, awhile radical Moslem roam the south boarder with Israel.

Let’s see, are the Israeli ready to move up north gain, when they retreated against one “Hizbullah” militias that was at 10% of it’s current strength. Very doubtful. Are the Americans ready to send 242 marines again to Lebanon, thinking this will scare the shit of the “rag-tag” militias, extremely doubtful. Is the United States ready to carpet bomb Lebanon in a continuation in the war on terror in Lebanon and destroy it in another “ZIONIST JEW FAITH STYLE” Shock and Awe campaign, they will not dare. Neither Israel, Nor Arabs and Moslem, for sure not Europeans, France or anyone will permit this to happen.

And what the Vatican going to do about all those slaughtered Christians that will be the remnant of the last Christians in the Middle East. All the carnage, all the adoption agencies records that will be filled.

That will get us to the Druze and their idiotic boss Walid Junblat ( An Israeli agent for long time). He will be killed by his own people if he try this Civil War in Lebanon. Druzes are the weakest and smallest of all the people and militias, not to mention that they are the poorest. They will be annihilated

So who the United States is fooling! Beside Hariri, no one. Everyone, except Hariri the kid knows America and Israel is got no chance anymore, not only in Lebanon, but the entire Middle East. The Greedy Zionist blown it big for genuine Middle East Initiative that could have transferred the Middle East.

So what is the deal here? Just getting some cash from Hariri the kid for arm sale deal and try to scare and pressure Bashar. That is all for the Bush Administration and France. For the Israeli planners, well, just another dumb move in the wrong direction for all the ulterior evil motives that none will ever lead to Israel economic and defense security as they are planning.

Good luck Iran. Guess we are back to Iran tomorrow, this is going to be one of the longest lame duck President period ever. After all that wait, we get Clinton the Chick for President of the United States of America. At this point, this is sound really good. And trust me President Assad in no pressure at all, he is enjoying all the attention the worlds is giving him and he will come out of this a true powerful leader.

At 1/31/2006 02:54:00 PM, Blogger ActiveListener said...

I noticed a couple of Metaz/SRP's posts were removed a couple of days ago by a web administrator.

What a sweet relief!

But apparently the warning has not worked.

This manic offessive poster should switch to fixing his own derelict site - soon to be his only outlet.

At 1/31/2006 02:56:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Mr. Landis, we want to respect your comment section. We will abide by the guidelines set by the Agha, but we also expect that you will remove and ban those offending and insulting commnet heralded at others. Thank you.

At 1/31/2006 03:15:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Should someone whish to respond to my post please do so by email:

Allow a week for response as this email server is forwarded to Russia and accessed only on Saturday Morning from a secure location.

And since I have no email server here, I would appreciate if someone sould email the above post regarding Lebanon in reply to the article above here. The eamil is:

Clancy Chassay lives in Beirut. He can be reached at

Thank you

At 1/31/2006 03:21:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...


At 1/31/2006 03:24:00 PM, Blogger ActiveListener said...

"Allow a week for response as this email server is forwarded to Russia and accessed only on Saturday Morning from a secure location." Metaz/SRP

In the meantime, if anyone wants to know more about the above poster, go to

At 1/31/2006 03:55:00 PM, Blogger ActiveListner daughter said...

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(crying) then he stood outside the street for an hour and came back with six black heavy guys and told them they can have my mother for buck each. He went and bought one roll with cash, and left us all hungry. Please tell him to stop this, please.

At 1/31/2006 04:08:00 PM, Blogger t_desco said...

Some of the suspects have links to the Dinniyeh group, i.e. the group of Ahmad Salim Mikati !!!

"Among the Lebanese were Khader and Malek Nab'a, who are relatives of the suspects in the Dinnieh incidents of 2000 (see the indictment in Lebanon-based al-Nahar newspaper, July 11, 2000).

In addition, Khader Nab'a is associated with the appearance of the Salafi-Jihadist movement in Lebanon, when the leader of the al-Ahbash religious sect, Nizar Halabi, was assassinated in 1995."

Al-Qaeda's Presence in Lebanon
Murad Al-Shishani

So Khaled Taha and Ahmad Mikati are linked. Al Qa'ida is responsible for the assassination of Hariri.

At 1/31/2006 04:23:00 PM, Blogger ugarit said...


I think CounterPunch is much closer to the truth than Fox News. Of course, I'm biased :-). I wish that there is an equivelant to CP on TV. If more americans know about CP they would be better educated.

At 1/31/2006 04:25:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


You are trying very hard.

Cool down. Nothing bad will happen to your regime in the immediate vicinity. You and your regime are safe for now.

Just take it easy.

At 1/31/2006 05:00:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

In his speech tonight, President Bush is reportedly going to say, “America is addicted to oil” and must break its dependence on foreign suppliers in unstable parts of the world.
Other quotes “Our nation is committed to an historic, long-term goal—we seek the end of tyranny in our world. The future security of America depends on it”

At 1/31/2006 05:31:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Nationalism Eternally said...

You right, searched back 3 months of syriacomment postings of his. Found Quotes from Ainstine (spell) to Mandela to Ceasar. Always commenting on other posters, never original material and nothing specific at all to the region, Syria or Lebanon. comparison to China, South America etc. Who is this Joker Active Listner. He is not Lebanese or Syrian. And for sure a Jew, because he always seems to respond angerly to comments relating to Jews.

At 1/31/2006 06:03:00 PM, Blogger t_desco said...


an ad hominem attack is a logical fallacy. It does nothing to prove your point. Think about it.


At 1/31/2006 06:10:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

So EHSANI2, we “we also were told of your identity by couple of emails we received”.

I am still waiting for my identity to be revealed.

At 1/31/2006 07:07:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

avian flu is spreading in Iraq, american soldiers are fleeing Iraq,they are afraid of avian flu,Iraq is liberated.

At 1/31/2006 07:44:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/31/2006 07:46:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Ghadry is the only respectable in the whole bunch. Which is probably why he is not and will never be popular in Syria.

First the Syrians supported the Baath and then the Islamists. And then the they complain about their politicians.

Maybe the Syrian people is the one responsible for its problems, and not some politicians eh?

At 1/31/2006 07:48:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"How are they related to Khaled Midhat Taha?

This could be a major development in the Hariri case."

T_desco, even a stupid Lebanese like me got your point after ten posts on the subject, really.

At 1/31/2006 07:52:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Junblatt said (isreal is not my enemy, syria is my enemy)
Junblatt is a traitor, and must regret what he said. "

Actually, the exact words of Jumblart were "Israel did not kill my father, Syria killed my father".

But I can't blame you, you're just a victim of the Syrian indoctrination system. Forgive them father, because they don't know what they are saying.

At 1/31/2006 08:09:00 PM, Blogger ugarit said...

Vox P.

If you think Ghadri is the best of them then you're terribly ignorant.

At 1/31/2006 09:30:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...


Sorry, you're right, there are more respectable dissidents, especially in the internal opposition.

But still, Ghadry's reputation is undeserved. It's mainly because he has allied himself to the neo-cons. You may find them despicable, but if the Assad rule is going to be shaken it will be because of the neo-cons.

If the Syrian prefer the MB to the neo-cons, well be my guest. I think that it's an error but I mainly care about Assad's removal anyway.

Maybe that a Sunni fundamentalist takeover will affect the Lebanese Shias' relationship with Syria. This is not certain because the MB is more moderate than Al Qaida when it comes to the Shias, but still.

At 1/31/2006 09:35:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


The Stupid Opposition parties and group do nothing but complain, and they act totally without any credibility by repeating what the regime says, and try to prove to the Regime that they are "patriotic" and that they do not agree with getting help from outside.

Bunch of lunatics. they know fully well that their people , the Syrian people has gotten used to the dictatorship, and the corruptions, and that this people is weak, and can not and will not get into a single demonstration against the regime.

So, yes, Ghadry is the most respectable, in my opinion, and he is not lieing to himself or to the people.

Syria will not be liberated from the inside as those bunch of lunatic parties inside declare. They are persecuted, assassinated and imprisonned and yet: They try to seek the regime's blessings and get the patriotic Certification from it.


At 1/31/2006 10:14:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

Mr. Bush speech was boring, nothing new, he refused to acknolidge mistakes in Iraq, he does not understand that resistance in Iraq is due to american occupation of Iraq,just like Isreal , they dont uncderstan that their occupation of Palastine is the reason of Intifada, he mentioned Syria once with no meaningful sentence.
we need to recruit people to send letters to the syrian embassy, flood them with letters condemning this regime in Syria,demonstrate outside the embassies,this is where we start.

At 1/31/2006 11:03:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

What occupation pal? There's no occupation. The elected representants of the Iraq have legalized America's friendly assistance.

The terrorists in Iraq blow women and children not because of an imaginary occupation, but because of their hatred towards Shias and their fanatical fantasies about reestablishing a caliphate (I kid you not).

Anyway the US has already begun to diminish the level of its troops since the Iraqi Defence Forces are becoming more and more effective. Their presence will become residual in 1-2 years.

As a Lebanese who was oppressed by 30 years of Baath rule in Lebanon, I wish to thank president Bush for liberating the Iraqi people from the Baath dictatorship. But he shouldn't forget that the Syrian people are desperatly waiting of his help.

At 2/01/2006 12:31:00 AM, Blogger Nafdik said...

State of the Union Speach - Number of references:

Syria 1 - Iran 6

It seems that Bashar will make it until thsi time :(

At 2/01/2006 12:50:00 AM, Blogger annie said...

Sorry JOsh, but the comment section looks like a dump and is a bad reflection on your readers. Only solution is to skip it altogether.

At 2/01/2006 01:44:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

Vox said

"There's no occupation. The elected representants of the Iraq have legalized America's friendly assistance."

Then you also agree that Syria did not occupy Lebanon because its elected reps also legalized syria's presence. or are you gonna try to spin it off somehow? anyways i dont feel this is what defines an occupation or not, and cleary Iraq is occupied even the americans admit that

At 2/01/2006 03:41:00 AM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...

In his speech, Bush said:

At the start of 2006, more than half the people of our world live in democratic nations. And we do not forget the other half -- in places like Syria and Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Iran -- because the demands of justice, and the peace of this world, require their freedom, as well.

Woohoo, now we're classed alongside Burma and Zimbabwe, how could he forget about Borkina Faso?
so what is this, the Axis of Evil + two random countries thrown in for misdirection?

Oh, and apparently, the above-mentioned countries represent the majority of the other half of the world population, or around 3 Billion people.

/getting this warm feeling inside knowing that the beloved NSA is watching me as I type this. Thanks Bush, you've really taught us the real meaning of freedom.

At 2/01/2006 05:06:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Vox said

"There's no occupation. The elected representants of the Iraq have legalized America's friendly assistance."

Then you also agree that Syria did not occupy Lebanon because its elected reps also legalized syria's presence. or are you gonna try to spin it off somehow? anyways i dont feel this is what defines an occupation or not, and cleary Iraq is occupied even the americans admit that"

Nope, elections in Lebanon were highly irregular and it's an euphemism.

At 2/01/2006 06:38:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...


the article did not mention Khaled Taha (nor did the article in the "Middle East's Leading English Newspaper"), yet the question about how he is related to that al-Qa'ida cell seems to suggest itself, particularly if one is interested in the truth about the assassination of Hariri.

Another interesting question: was Hizbullah involved in the arrest of the al-Qa'ida suspects?

Although it is not yet clear whether the detainees had anything to do with Al-Qaeda, a senior Israeli intelligence officer told JDW that the arrests signal Hizbullah's growing discomfort with Al-Qaeda's "encroachment in their backyard".

Sayyed Nasrallah made some interesting remarks in his Dar Al-Hayat interview:

"I know that in the Ain al-Hilweh (Palestinian refugee) camp, there are some people who have pledged their loyalty to al-Zarqawi."

As I have stated earlier, Ain al-Hilweh happens to be the base of the Dinniyeh group. Nasrallah spoke about the implications for Lebanon if the al-Qa'ida hypothesis turns out to be correct:

"It might be a bit too "heavy" for some of those in the 14 March movement, meaning that if the truth comes out, and it turns out that Syria has no link to the assassination of Prime Minister al-Hariri, what does that mean? It means that every political, psychological, and social foundation, and everything built on the idea of accusing Syria, will collapse in a single moment."

At 2/01/2006 07:02:00 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

I wonder if Nasrallah will continue to praise the Iraqi 'resistance' if al Qaida begins to send trucks to blow Shia mosque in Lebanon.

It would be very amusing to see Nasrallah's reaction if the risks of civil war between Sunni and Shias weren't real.

At 2/01/2006 07:56:00 AM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

One of the posters above thought that Bush’s speech last night was boring and nothing new. It was also suggested that the President refused to acknowledge mistakes in Iraq.

It is very clear that a number of people are yet to understand how seriously convinced this Administration is about its foreign policy goals. Let me quote the President:

“Abroad, our nation is committed to a historic long-term goal. We seek the end of tyranny in our world”

“Some dismiss that goal as misguided idealism. In reality, the future security of America depends on it”

On that day (referring to Sep 11th), “we found that problems originating in a failed and oppressive state 7,000 miles away could bring murder and destruction to our country”

“Dictatorships shelter terrorists, feed resentment and radicalism, and seek weapons of mass destruction. Democracies replace resentment with hope, respect the rights of their citizens and their neighbors, and join the fight against terror. Every step toward freedom in the world makes our country safer, and so we will act boldly in freedom’s cause.”

“In a time of testing, we cannot find security by abandoning our commitments and retreating within our borders. If we were to leave these vicious attackers alone, they would not leave us alone. They would simply move the battlefield to our shores. There is no lace for retreat. By allowing radial Islam to work its will—by leaving an assaulted world to fend for itself—we would signal to all that we longer believe in our own ideals, or even in our own courage. But our enemies and our friends can be certain: the U.S. will not retreat from the world, and we will never surrender to evil”

Acknowledge mistakes?

I say to the contrary. This is an Administration that is very clear about its national foreign policy goals. Rather than acknowledging mistakes, this President even broadened the scope from one on terror to one against all “tyrannies” everywhere.

The Arab world and its leaders better start to understand the seriousness of this message. This Administration still has three years left to run. Rather than retreat, the President gives every sign that he is will remain an activist leader who is not afraid to make enemies and confront them wherever they may reside around the world.

He may make your blood boil. You may hate him and what he stands for. But you cannot accuse him of not being clear about his goals and vision.

President Bashar:

Would you please articulate “your” vision and goals?

At 2/01/2006 08:33:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...


No one said that Bush is not dedicated to what he believes, please note I am talking about Dubya personally and not the rest of the Neo-con gang. Because I highly doubt that most of them actually believe in the crap their leader utters. Its just sugar coating to purely strategic philosophy (and not for the sake of democracy & liberty)

His danger lies, like fundamentalist of all religions, not in his stupidity but in the belief that he is a God sent, so please spare us the propaganda speeches.


At 2/01/2006 08:34:00 AM, Blogger ugarit said...

Vox said: "The terrorists in Iraq blow women and children ...."

The US has killed more Iraqi women and children. They've killed tens of thousands of them. Please don't tell me it was'nt deliberate. It does'nt matter to the survivors.

Clearly Lebanese elections during Syria's occupation of Lebanon were questionable. The same goes for Iraq.

At 2/01/2006 09:36:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

{{{ The US has killed more Iraqi women and children. }}}} Ugarit


Is there a competition in Iraq as to who can kill more Iraqui children and women? What about killing men, is that fine?

The argument that the US killed more of those than the so called "Resistance" is truly sad, and it can be ridiculous. If the US (The occupier) in your words kills children and women, and not to forget , men, then the "Resistance" has to kill of them too?

Baathists have truly lost all the circuits in the their supposedly human brain that can make it work as a human mind, with logic that is essential for its proper functioning.

I am sad that this is how many Arabs see humanity and the world.

Just think about the above fact or point for a minute: The US is presumably "losing" the war in Iraq, -- because-- because it can not maintain security in the Iraqi streets to prevent killing of Iraqis by "other Iraqis, the Resistance".. So, the US feels the guilt of killing Iraqis and considers that it is losing the war --because -- it can not prevent Iraqis from killing Iraqis.

Well, praise this occupier that has more human feelings towards the killings of human beings, in this case, iraquis, than the so called "Resistance"!!!


At 2/01/2006 09:51:00 AM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

for Ehsani2;
september 11 has nothing to do with Iraq, invasion of Iraq was based on wrong informations,WMD, this adminstration admit there is no WMD,they admit that they are surprised by the level of resistance, it is obvious at one point they will have to withdraw, withdraw means DEFEAT, president Bush Ordered the invasion of Iraq , he made the decision, not his military comander,so he is the one to order withdrawal, the casualties are high, the cost is tremendous, the american are tired of it ,they see no promise fulfilled,next election will reflect dissatisfaction, the republican party will loose members in the house of representative,and in the senate.
to correct the situation,prior to september 11,is to change the american policy, which is heavily tilted toward Isreal,this adminstration confrontation policy, will lead to emergence of radicals in the arab world islamist win in Egypt, Hamas win in Palastine, this reflect more hatred toward america in the middle east, more threat to america.
President Bush speach ,reflects frustration,he sees no good outcome in the near future, he reflected confusion, he is obviously heavy spender,republican want less goverment spending.the radical christians are supporting Bush, these are more dangerous than the radical moslems, fortunately majority of american disapprove of Bush policy, his approval is less than 43%.

At 2/01/2006 10:16:00 AM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Let me remind you that this President won the election while the American people had the facts that you mentioned at their disposal when they entered that booth.

I-C above reminds us that the U.S. did not come to the region for the “sake of democracy & liberty” but for “purely strategic philosophy”.

No one is naïve enough to suggest otherwise. Of course the U.S. has broad strategic philosophy and it is in the business of actively implementing it. Syria also had its own “strategic philosophy” when it entered Lebanon and when it continues to support certain Palestinian factions. Iran has its own in the shape of Hezbollah. Why are we frustrated, surprised and heart broken when America’s leadership implements its own “strategic philosophy”? This Administration has concluded that the Dictatorships of the Mid East have done nothing but promote resentment rather than hope, trash the rights of their citizens rather than respect them. They also concluded that terrorist needs a home and dictators are typically hospitable to such guests. We can argue all we want, but this philosophy has been articulated to the American people and they bought it by giving this President a second term. This is more than we have received from our own leaders. What is their vision? What is their strategic philosophy? Will we have a chance to vote on it? Can we have a glimpse of our future? Where are heading? Where are we likely to be 5 years from now and 10 years from now? I challenge our own President to answer only one question of the above, if not all. I will safely assume that he will not oblige, for simply that he has no clue.

At 2/01/2006 10:24:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

{{{ President Bush speach ,reflects frustration }}}


Who wouldn't be frustrated when dealing with gangs that kill of their own people to maintain their hegemony over the majority of the people? Yes, a minority is rendering life unbearable for Iraqis, because they want to maintain their previous decades lasting freedom of running the country as their own private farm.

Had the Japanese opted for the Iraqi(baathy-Islamist) option of "Resistance" to the American help, Japan would have been the garbage can of Asia today, but the Japanese took advantage of the presence of a great nation on their soil, worked with it, and achieved their grand status very fast.

The Arabs will always be good at screaming, killing their own, and above all: Maintaining their usual slogans of "fighting" aganst Zionism, Imperliaism, Colonialism, and the "Crusaders". But they will stay the longest among all world populations under all of the above forces mentioned above because that is all they see, and in fact those leading Arabs are happy to use the above adjectives to maintain their own hegemony over tha vast uneducated and poor populace, and to do so, they push to the front a mentally sick class they have formed with crazy education pointed to by undeserved "Phd's" they have acquired from many places. Yes, the so called "elites" among Arabs is the predominant reactionary factor to the start of the Arab push toward modernism.


At 2/01/2006 10:37:00 AM, Blogger Atassi said...

Read the Syrian official response to last weekend oppositions meeting in the US.
the regime thinking is below the bankrupted stage.

At 2/01/2006 11:27:00 AM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

After the long wait, civilian and military employees working for the public sector received a 5% rise in salaries. The night before, a leading Government expert predicted that the country’s current inflation rate is “about 5%”. What matters when it comes to purchasing power of course is the “real” wage rate. After adjusting for inflation the announced 5% rise in salaries was therefore “zero” when it comes to reality. That same expert predicted that as subsidies get lifted, the inflation rate is likely to be higher. What he is effectively saying is that the real purchasing power of close to half the population is likely to be heading in reverse, as wage growth rates will fall short of inflation.

The insanity of this economic model has to stop. The country urgently needs much faster economic growth rates to be able to survive. Only through the full and unconditional embrace of free markets can this ever happen. So long as the Baath party is in power, this is unlikely to happen. Handing a Tylenol to a cancer stricken patient will not do it. Half pregnant measures and foolish reform ideas will not do it. This country’s economy and its poor people need urgent help, and they need it now. Sadly, no one believes in the severity or the urgency of the situation. Instead, the country is busy attacking the U.S, Neocons, Israel, France and the U.N. What a travesty!

At 2/01/2006 12:14:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/01/2006 12:28:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

George Bush is frustrated because he is not winning in Iraq,what he anticipated was totally wrong, and he is bankrupt,american soldiers are still dying in Falujeh, the city of Mosques,and money are wasyed in Iraq,he is doomed to fail, and will be forced to withdraw, and that is a defeat.
5% ibcrease in salaries,is too low the gas went up 25%,syria income from oil is over 10 billions of Dollars, the president and his family and gang stole away over 45 billions, the people in syria are poor, the assad family think they own syria, and inherited the country, they think of their family as above the people, the fact the money belong to the people, and they have to return it to the syrian people, where do they think they will hide? nowhere.
the goverment must SERVE the people, the goverment must not control the people, the goverment must facilitate the people voluntary interaction, and to protect the people from outside and inside threats, syrian goverment instead they enslaved the people,stole their money, and made their lives difficult, if the syrian people are alive, they must rise,demonstrate, speak out,the JASMINE REVOLUTION, we hope, we dream, the winds blow different from what the ships desire,I guess I am frustrated too, but forever O will be hopeful.

At 2/01/2006 12:43:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

When will the Baath party or the current regime declares it has miserabl and disastrous system and admit to the Syrian peoples that its economics, social and internal \external polices failed them? I think it's fair to say they had a good 40 years to prove themselves. The dominant role of the Baath party needs to be reduced to allow the real oppositions groups to participate in a program of transition to a democratic and free society to facilitate a free and fair election

Syria to raise state pay 5 pct, pensions 10 pct
175 words
1 February 2006
Reuters News
(c) 2006 Reuters Limited
DAMASCUS, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Syria will raise all government and military salaries this year by over 5 percent and all government retirement pensions by 10 percent, the state news agency SANA said on Wednesday.

The increase decreed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, follows a 20 percent rise in petrol prices last month, taking the gallon to the equivalent of over $2.

It was not clear when the salary increase would take effect.

A university-educated state employee in the socialist country makes about $100 per month. A city flat without modern plumbing and heating facilities can start at $200, and a kilo of camel meat, a staple for many poor families, costs about $4.

Many young people in Syria, which is battling unemployment rates around 20 percent, complain they can't afford to start their own families at current salaries

At 2/01/2006 12:44:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

"Rise, demonstrate, speak out, the jasmine revolution, we hope, we dream"

I am afraid this means nothing and will accomplish nothing. Were it not for the pressure from the people that you seem to hate, you could not even "dream" of rising, demonstrating, speaking out, hoping and dreaming. Only through outside pressure (whatever this means)should you even imagine a non-Assad ruling this country during your and my life time

At 2/01/2006 01:00:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

In all frankness, the massive Arab population characterized with poverty, illetracy, and of being oppressed by few families that take control of them should, in thoery, worship President George W. Bush. Though I am sure he does not like to be worshipped, inlike the Arab dictators such as saddam and hafez Assad and their ilks who built statues for themselves all over, and made no other voice but their names shouted every minute and every day and every where in their perspective countries. George Bush is a modest man, and he is not asking any one to even thank him, and we should be seeing the clear difference between leaders in the West and Arab thugs. Arab leaders are egomaniacs, small in status and accomplishments and big in their egoes to the point where they think they deserve to be worshipped and oblige others to worship them.

President Bush will be thanked in generations to come, generations of new Arabs who, without his intervention in Iraq , would have never ever hopped of seeing those few Arab families out of their sights or on their way out soon.

I just can not understand how a young "educated" Syrian for example accepts to be governed by people who have had 40 years of experiments to do something good, and all they did was to enrich themselves and kill a nation? How they accept to be governed by one family as if God never created any other in their country? I am puzzled at seeing Syrians worship Bashar and prior to Bashar had worshiped his father!///

So, Arabs will be thanking the real humble and real hero that asks none of the grandiose other leaders may ask for, and thank to George W. Bush, millions of Arabs have hope now, and soon they will be liberated, not only from their thuguery retarded regimes and kings and dictators, but also their minds will be free to see the simplicity that life outside of their borders is.

Thank you President George W. Bush.


At 2/01/2006 01:31:00 PM, Blogger Freedom For Syria said...

Do you want Cheese with that whine!

At 2/01/2006 01:34:00 PM, Blogger Freedom For Syria said...

Only desperate and destituted people will wait for Miracles from Bush and Jesus. Real men go out and do something when someone messes with them. So little woossy girls, stop the bitching.

At 2/01/2006 01:40:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

LOL, SRP comes, yet again with a new nick sand says this:

{{{Only desperate and destituted people will wait for Miracles from Bush and Jesus. Real men go out and do something when someone messes with them. So little woossy girls, stop the bitching.}}}

Sure sure, the Iraquis should have waited 100 more years to get liberated. I know that. The same applies in syria, and I can see that the dicatorship has ensured itself few decades at least on top of the Syrian people.

I admit, Syrians can not liberate themselves, and they will continue to be as you have described them above until they have help from an outside power. It is a simple fact, and I personally have no power to liberate them. May be you can. Please try.

Thank you.

At 2/01/2006 01:50:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"President Bashar:

Would you please articulate “your” vision and goals?"

Considering his last speech the questions should be:

"President Bashar, will you please articulate?"


Ehsani, president Bashar knows everything about vision he has studied it in London.

His vision is simple: get richer and then get richer.

At 2/01/2006 01:54:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

the poet said:
the red liberty has a door, that is knocked by bloody hands

At 2/01/2006 02:11:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

"World gives Iran 'final chance'
Ahmadinejad rejects international pressure, hits out at Bush"

Ahmadi Nizhad are afraid of Allah, not some weakling earthling rulers, or coward and helpless Jews.

Keep on dreaming, Keep on draming, Keep on dreaming



At 2/01/2006 02:12:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/01/2006 02:17:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Good .. Now you are talking you BIG Houmar..
You are just a Den-Houmar

At 2/01/2006 02:22:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said... deleted an earlier story published on it's website about a two governments officials criticizing the oppositions conference in DC last weekend and calling the participants "agents and un patriotic"..
the story was replaced with:

At 2/01/2006 02:40:00 PM, Blogger ugarit said...

EHSANI2: "Let me remind you that this President won the election while the American people had the facts ... "

Ha! Funny. It's debateable if he was elected legitimately. The election system in the US is of questionable quality and accuracy.

At 2/01/2006 02:51:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

So are you saying that the man is the illegitmate President of his people?
This is a democracy. The system works to the best of its ability. People in the second term still saw National security as a critical issue and voted for him. The fact that you don't like the outcome does not mean that the American election system is rigged. Please stop it. You sound like Al Gore's spokesman who keeps talking about 2 elections ago

At 2/01/2006 02:53:00 PM, Blogger All of Atassi Whores said...

We attasi whores are so apset at the injustices in Syria. So many clients simply they do us and never pay the chatges we ask. They just make a deal with the local PIMP who is usually either an X Nasserite, X Socialist or X Communist that fought so hard to trash Syria and steal all the wealth. Now we have a more powerful masters nad they make deals with the pimps. We have no food to eat, they just use our fat body for free. We call on all the whores in the world to stand up for this injustics and inequality. We demand that we are left alone and never get punished for our previous crimes against Syria.
Help us please.

The Socialist, Nasserite Union of Attasis whores. Do Something. GEt active and help us collect what is ours from the Nasserite pimps.

At 2/01/2006 03:12:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


This "REPublican Syrian party" has amassed a big war machine. So many nicks that no one else can match its number!!

Also in addition to this out of the world technology, as described by their Web machine, "Orontes", and may be some more Web war machines that can create more illusions and strike terror in the hearts of America..LOL, the Republican Syrian party will use to the full extent its great ability to use the most uncivilised language the world has ever known!

Beware America!

At 2/01/2006 03:19:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

SRP.. El Houmar.. Hahah

At 2/01/2006 03:46:00 PM, Blogger Socialist Nasserite Union of Atassi Whores said...

اهلا وسهلا الى جمعية الناصرية لشراميط الأتاسي

We Union of Attasi whores are so upset at the injustices in Syria. So many clients simply fuck as really hard, piss in our mouth and never pay the hourely rate we charge. They just make a deal with the local PIMP who is usually either an X Nasserite, X Socialist or X Communist that fought so hard to trash Syria and steal all the wealth. Now we have a more powerful masters and they make deals with the pimps. We have no food to eat, they just fuck our fat body for free. We call on all the whores in the world to stand up for this injustics and inequality. We demand that we are left alone and never get punished for our previous crimes against Syria.

Help us please.

The Socialist, Nasserite Union of Attasis whores. Do Something. Get active and help us collect what is ours from the Nasserite pimps.

At 2/01/2006 04:11:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Joshua, I propose that you enforce a policy that will ban all comments with the word "fuck", "whore", "shit" etc... no matter what the content is.

At 2/01/2006 04:12:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Not to mention the biggest insult ever which is "baathist"

That one was a joke of course (was it?)

At 2/01/2006 04:35:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...


I am surprised that a person with your intelligence could miss this bad:

First, anyone who studies American Civics 101 knows that the US is not truly a democracy: Rich guys in the Senate pick and choose 2 equally rich white guys to represent them and the lobbies that drown them with money. These people have as much in common with the middle-class American as Bashar has with the Syrian citizen.

Furthermore, anyone who dares to be the 3rd wheel in this race is branded as a loser and an attention whore, who has no chance in hell of winning, ever (except in 1913, when the Bull Moose party was formed to pass the highly illegal Federal Reserve Act).

The other point that you missed is this: the increase, although meager, is not really 5%. It's progressive, since the increase is 5% + 800 liras

so if salary is 5000, after increase it's 6050, or over 20%

for 7500, it becomes 8675, or 15.7%, and so on.

At 2/01/2006 04:52:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

even if the salary is 10,000 lira it is still less than $200 a month, this is still very low

At 2/01/2006 04:56:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Hahaha, the "bloodydamascene", the ass licker of the regime's men, especially Bashar Ass-ad spoke!

Yes, as hafez Assad said to Diane Sawyer in her interview with him: Who is more democratic, the US or Syria? You have two parties, and they are in comptetition. We have 11 parties in GOVERNMENT, governing in what we call "The Progressist Front" hahahaha

That must clearly explain why the US is so retarded in every field, from Litterature to Sciences..., from Sports to theatres, and so on, while democratic Syria has been the thoughts donnor to the world, and the water spring of the hungry minds.

Syria is at least as democratic as the USA, per "Bloodydamascene". This guy was sent at peoples' expense to the West, most probably to the USA, and he got some kind of a degree, and enjoyed our money spending on himself on everything that gave him the vocabulary to speak, in English as well as in Arabic, but has he really learned anything?

Such are those I called in my earlier post, the false "elites" of Syria holding some kind of degrees, but are the real obstacles to Syria's jump out of mediocrity, toward modernism.

Yes, of course, Syria is much more democratic than the US. LOL.. Congratulations to you Baathies for this discovery!


At 2/01/2006 04:57:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


I had not noticed the 800 Syp that gets added after the 5% is applied. A base of 5000 Syp will indeed become 6050 which is 21%. I stand corrected.

As for the American election system, I think volumes has been written on the way it works. I see no point in attempting to defend it or criticise it. All I can say is that no system is perfect and the American one is not an exception. I am sure the vast majority of Syrian would love to have it though

At 2/01/2006 04:59:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

The United States officially is not a Democracy. It is classified officially as Representative Republic. In Democracy each vote is counted. In the United States it is not. Even if 49% of voters in California voted for a Republican runner, The entire State vote is counted for the Democratic one. You do have a local and National representative though, one that you can address your issue with.

At 2/01/2006 05:02:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...

to Mr. Mentally-Retarded:

I never said that Syria is democratic anywhere, but of course, you're too stupid to comprehend. I never got a penny from Syria, and I've made all my money in the USA. So yes, I love the USA, but I hate what Bush and Co. are doing, they slowly transforming it into another dictatorship, similar to Syria.

Of course, don't let these explanations bother you, everyone, together:

"DB is an Assadist"
"DB is a Baathist"
"DB is a Mukhabarat Agent"

I know that I said I will not answer your stupid posts, but when you start putting words into my mouth, I'll make sure you don't get the last word. Moron.

At 2/01/2006 05:10:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...


Fair enough.

I know that the US is not a popular democracy, but of course, I get your point. The US has a mostly open and transparent system. I don't think people care much who's elected or how (even in Syria) as long as the country is fixed ecnonomically.

As they say in the US: "It's the economy, stupid". We all know that presidents win or lose based on how the economy is doing (except for Bushy, who's taking his lessons from the Arab dictators with their shady elections).

If everyone was making $50,000/year in Syria, you'd hear very few people complain, or care about the Golan Heights or the corruption. Of course, the problem is that this is possible in Syria, but the guys on top have decided to eat the whole pie, and leave the poor Syrians with the crumbs. What disgusts me the most is that these guys don't seem to get enough, their greed is infinite.

At 2/01/2006 05:13:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Some are confusing how a Federal Republic is made out and how it is being constructed with their views of democracy as a simple one man vote.

The US is made of 50 States and Israel (as some say). democracy is at the bottom of its constutuencies, and the way the federal system works is as you have have described, but that is the most genius way to form a federation. However, democracy starts at the school board of each quarter, and represenatations of peoples' will is at the core of every little village. The System has worked for more than 230 years, and will work for few more to acheive the miracle humanity has witnessed in most fields.

There are 50 states, and you will have to look at each state's democratic representation before you jump into criticising the "undemocratic' nature of the Federal system.

The System is working fine, and making the US enviable even to Baathies such as BloodyDamascene who just claimed that he did not steal money from Syria, but made all of his money in the great USA.

Either way ass hole, whether you stole money from Syria to get education in the US, or that you made money in the US to finance such education, you disprove your shouts about how the US is not such a great place, and how its democracy is no better than Syria's.

At 2/01/2006 05:19:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood Mother and Sister said...

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But you can use a condom. WALLAH the price is right. $2 for each fuck + 25 lira for the condomn.

write my son: you find him here at

At 2/01/2006 06:15:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

I really wonder who's the troll above...

At 2/01/2006 06:56:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

Syria is thinking of publishing a daily newspaper in New York which will serve the East coast. A team has been formed to study the issue in more detail. Once successful, they will contemplate also issuing it in London and Paris(thank God for that). This is going to send shockwaves into the offices of the New York Times. May be with a strong business section, the Wall Street Journal will have reasons to panic too. This is going to be a very interesting endeavor. On further thought, may be Dr. Landis could undertake the launch.

At 2/01/2006 08:27:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...

Hmmm, my comment disappeared for some reason.

Either way, I was just thanking JAM for showing us what a low-class POS he is. When you're mentally and morally bankrupt like JAM here, and when you cannot a make single argument to save your life, just resort to attacking one's character and family. Brilliant.

At 2/01/2006 08:33:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

We aew always ready to help Syria and President Assad build anything he wants. T.V. Station, an entire Televesion network, a cable network, A celular network with news broadcasting, Magazines, Newspapers (although that is an outdated one, most going under). New Search engine with news. You name it, we got Mr. Landis will cover the White house and be the Washington Office head. Ihsani, handles the cash. And don't forget about Metaz offer to help you build some missile that will actually work, not like those off the shelf strella that every kid in Israel and America knows how to make them obsolete. Whatever Syria wants, It is a hell a lot better better idea than spending 15.5 billion on ski resort on Mount Hermon.

At 2/01/2006 08:46:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

I say way better. At least they don't think like the Arabs and start up Casinos. In fact, that is a good way to invest all of Saddam's cash than handed to the bottomless pit banking system that has a cover name: Iraq Fund.

My suggetion though will be, cut the crap and go to the desision maker, rather than the American Public. Invest in the new Arbusto Grande LLC, that Bush-Cheney will be starting soon. or make your bet on investment in the NEW Whitewater Development Corporation of New York, since the boss will be for sure sitting in the White House.

At 2/01/2006 09:00:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

Ehsani2 ,It is smart of Syria to start a newspaper on the east coast,that might inform Arecan of all the good deeds that Syria did for the American people from helping freeing American hosteges and fighting with the US in leberating Kuwait saving American lives by sharing intelegence,may be these stirie will reach the American people and they will see that Syria is their freind where no American ever killed ,kidnaped or put in front of congaroo court that is syria that the american people needs to know and appreciate not the one we see on Fox news and all the american media.

At 2/01/2006 09:16:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

Ehsani,recently more than fourty prcent think that president Bush lied about Iraq and more than fifty percent think that he is taking the country in the wrong direction.yes at least in this country we can evaluate the govornment .

At 2/01/2006 09:18:00 PM, Blogger ahnad said...

I am so impressed by one poster here in particlar!

Yes, you guessed it, it is "norman".

Bright mind, elegant style, great logic, and full of it at the same time.

At 2/02/2006 03:35:00 AM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...

Shouldn't the Syrian gov. allow people to freely print their own papers in Syria first???

This is a very strange move. I mean, you don't see the Chinese or Russians or French publishing government-sponsored papers in the US.

Welcome to Tishreen Times: because you can't get enough of Bashar (and because he can't make it to NY)

At 2/02/2006 04:10:00 AM, Blogger ActiveListener said...


Look back and see how “srp/ssprs/metaz aldendeshe" is a virus that attacks this site in cycles.

Six months ago it precipitated the closure of the comments section, and it seems to be reaching that stage again.

I remember someone posting this web site address so we could see the bizarre, delusional character behind it, with no clear links or interest in Syria. His failed businesses in waterbeds, neckties, hosiery and rare earth magnets. The book he is writing: “A chronicle of Amen/Marduk struggle to become king of kings”. His admission that he has “fluent English only. Rudimentary oral Arabic. Oral tourist lingo French, Russian Japanese”

Have a look:

Stand back for another tidal wave of manic obscenity. He cannot control the compulsion to do it.

What a tragedy for SyriaComment that he became fixated on it.

At 2/02/2006 05:45:00 AM, Blogger t_desco said...

BEIRUT (Reuters) - A bomb exploded near a Lebanese army barracks in Beirut early on Thursday, destroying a car and slightly wounding a soldier, security sources said.

The sources said a local newspaper had received a telephone call from someone claiming to speak on behalf of al Qaeda and declaring that a security target would be bombed in Beirut in retaliation for the arrest last month of 13 group members. ...

Al-Balad newspaper reported in its morning edition that it had received a phone call in which a man claiming to be al Qaeda's representative in Lebanon gave the authorities two weeks to release two women detainees.

"The caller threatened to launch three qualitative military operations simultaneously and clash with the security forces if the two women... are not freed," al-Balad said in a report.

The women are the fiancée and mother of an al Qaeda member who was recently executed for murdering three military intelligence agents.

The women are the fiancée and mother of Abu Obeida. Further evidence for a link between Khaled Taha's cell and the group of Mikati and Obeida.

At 2/02/2006 09:40:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

We are under attack again, we are winning. They are sore.

SAY WHO.......IT'S NIZHAD........


At 2/02/2006 10:05:00 AM, Blogger Atassi said...

Syrian president holds onto power
By Kim Ghattas, BBC News, Damascus
930 words
2 February 2006
BBC News Online
(c) BBC News Limited 2006. Supplied via BBC Worldwide and not available for redistribution. This and other BBC News material is available free to the British TV licence fee payers at
Waving the Syrian flag, the actors trot onto the stage singing the national anthem as ushers encourage the audience to stand up to attention.

If there was any doubt left, two hours into Sit Down, Shut Up, Stand Up, the final act makes it blatantly clear the performance's aim is to stoke the fires of nationalism.

"We are deploying art for the sake of national unity," said the play's producer and main actor, Zuhayr Abdul Karim.

"We are not politicians, we listen to the government and we agree with what they say, we trust them to lead us in the right direction."

The sell out play is an endless tirade about Syria's perceived enemies, from Lebanon to the US and even the UN - a rallying cry for Syrians to unite around their beleaguered leadership.


But this is only one of the means deployed by the Syrian leadership to mobilise the people against the outside world.

So-called solidarity tents have mushroomed around Damascus, where some Syrians have been holding sit-ins to denounce the pressures their country is facing.

Huge Syrian flags have gone up on billboards in major Syrian cities and pictures of the president, Bashar al-Assad, have also made a come back on the streets.

When he came to power five years ago, Mr Assad brought down the huge posters of his father, Hafez, Syria's president for three decades, in an attempt to move away from the cult of personality.

In the play, there are no words about Syria's foreign policy blunders and the president is, of course, untouchable - increasingly popular despite the dire straits his country is in.

"The president is my idol, an example to follow, the one and only," said theatre goer Haytham.

"Maybe there are many other good men, but I can't hear or see them out there, so he is the only one."


After Hafez al-Assad came to power in 1970, dissenters were crushed ruthlessly, leaving Syria with almost no serious opposition.

Five years after his son took over, there is still no challenge or alternative to the Assad regime, which is partly why the international community has been treading very carefully when putting pressure on Syria for fear of unleashing Iraq-like chaos.

President Assad has been in the dock for more than a year now, because of his alleged support of the insurgency in Iraq, and because of his government's suspected involvement in the assassination of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

A UN investigation has implicated top Syrian and Lebanese officials, though Damascus claims the investigation is meant to frame Syria.

But in December, Syria's former Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam started a scathing campaign against President Assad from exile in Paris.

A pillar of the Syrian leadership under the late president, Mr Khaddam gave countless media interviews and announced he was forming a government in exile.

"The regime freaked out after the interview, today Khaddam is more of an enemy than Israel," said Sami Mubayid, a Syrian author and commentator.

"The opposition has welcomed Khaddam, they see him as a heavy weight politician who could be an alternative, either to lead a transition period or as a person who could come in handy at this stage to weaken or shake the regime."

Losing friends

Earlier this month, President Assad made another defiant speech in Damascus, stressing again he would not bow to international pressures.

Observers believe the address was a sign of weakness, while analyst Marwan Qabalan from the US National Defense University also said Syria was losing its friends fast.

"The situation in Syria is starting to resemble the situation of Saddam Hussein in Iraq before the US invasion - very isolated," said Mr Qabalan.

"Syria doesn't have many friends any more, except Iran, and Iran is not a friend that so many people like to have," he added.

"But more damaging, is the isolation within the Arab world. Today, Egypt and Saudi Arabia can't really be called friends of Syria anymore."

The international pressure on Syria, the drive for internal mobilisation and the regional isolation are sources of worry for many Syrians.

Biding time

There have also been increasingly loud calls from inside Syria for change. Syria's Islamists, who have been violently repressed since the 1980s, have been involved.

"We are looking for full democracy", said Mohamed Habash, the lone Islamist in Syria's parliament.

"Our leadership said they achieved security and stability in Syria, and we agree with them on that point," he explained.

"But it is not necessary to have emergency laws. I can understand having emergency laws for a limited time but not for 40 years."

But there is still no immediate threat from the inside to the Syrian leadership which appears to be hunkering down for the long haul.

"The strategy is to keep the balances in the area and calm the situation as much as possible," said George Jabbur, a long time member of the ruling Baath party.

"If you have a difficult time, you have to bide your time and wait for a crisis to escalate somewhere else. This is something we teach our students, it is the thesis of Machiavelli."

Bashar took down posters of him when he took power, but now they're back; Thousands of Syrians have staged pro-Assad demonstrations; Iran is one of Syria's few allies, and it too is more and more isolated

At 2/02/2006 11:08:00 AM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...


It seems srp/sspr/ etc etc have been annoying you and others. While I can imagine your frustration, I myself really am not that annoyed because I haven't read a single one of their comments in a couple weeks. I just keep on scrolling. It is refreshing and invigorating.

Here is a good site for strategies for dealing with the SRP kind:
What do I need to know about childhood habits and bad behaviors?

I think the best strategy is simply to ignore whatever they say. If everyone ignores them, they will not achieve whatever their aims are. In the short term it is difficult because they will be even more annoying but in the long-term it works if a unified front is presented. I think SRP either has some mental illness, is operating under the theory that 'any publicity is good publicity', or is out to deliberately torpedo the comment section for whatever reason. The remedy for all this is to eimply ignore them. (which admittedly I am not doing a good job of)

Also remember, to post on this service, we all have to adhere to terms of service Terms of Service which in include "You agree to not use the Service to: (a) upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable" and "17. VIOLATIONS Please report any violations of the TOS via the Blogger Support home page" So if somebody is violating terms, they could always be reported if you have the time to follow through with it. Because there are many idiots in the world, I am sure the mechanism is established and simple to have their IP address blocked and/or username canceled.

At 2/02/2006 11:44:00 AM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

We are under attack again, we are winning. They are sore.

SAY WHO.......IT'S NIZHAD........


At 2/02/2006 11:56:00 AM, Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

I think the SRP problem plus other spammers will be solved shortly. so hang on a bit more guys

At 2/02/2006 11:59:00 AM, Blogger Freedom For Syria said...

So far the past month, the only one that seams to post the best and informed comments here are SRP and Metaz. All the others are either cussing them, whining or fighting among each others.

I have not read one comment by SRP that in anyway is an attack on others, except after those morons come up here and attack them. It is a fact that SRP has contributed the best comments in here that are based not on news articles but analytics.

So why don't you leave them alone. It looks like you are loosing and you are coming here attacking for no apparent purpose except to try to shut down the comment.

For example I checked the past 3 months of comments posted by Active Listener. Not one contain any information relating to Syria or Lebanon, not one contain evidence of any knowledge where those countries even are located. Worse of all, more than seventy percent of his comments posted here were an provoked attack directly at SRP and Metaz.

Strange HA? Why don’t you idiots leave this well informed people alone. Especially if you don’t like what they say. Why you just come here to attack and leave, what a bunch of wild buffalos.

At 2/02/2006 12:08:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

I would like to second what EC said above. This group will say what they want. No one can or should stop them. Dr. Landis has that sole authority. Anyone who engages in a conversation, discussion or argument with this group is guilty of elevating them to the status of others. From this point on, people who do not want SRP and its affiliates to continue posting here have the responsibility of not responding to them or engaging with them in any shape or form. The countdown starts now. Anyone who refers to them or mentions them after this post is guilty himself. Sorry for being presumptuous and setting rules for others when I don’t have the right to do so.

At 2/02/2006 12:13:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Thank you Freedom for Syria. We believe that freedom for Syria can be attained through direct appeal to President Assad. However, we do appreciate your kind support.

SSPRS is more that anyone else would like to see this comment section either moderated or some means are installed to prevent these kind of unwarranted direct attacks on us by as you noticed posters that know nothing about neither Syria or Lebanon. We did note that the majority of posts left here by at least 3 posters are direct attack on SSPRS. We also noted the knowledge defecit these posters have.

At any rate we usually try not resopond directly when SRP members are provoked. We settle for generic comment. So far the new posting rule set up by SRP is working well.

At 2/02/2006 12:34:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

At 2/02/2006 12:52:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

Thank you IHSANI2, we take that as support from you, We doubt they will stop. We agree heartdely with you that they should leave us alone, not elevate us please. Not that we care about these bugs but, we are willing to make this sacrifice out of respect to Professor Landis.

At 2/02/2006 01:03:00 PM, Blogger Alawites for Syria said...

The strange part about it. Is that, the same posters here ravished SRP and demonized them when SRP faked this anti Assad stand to test the water as an opposition group and flush out enemies. Then demonized them more when they took neutral stand and stayed out of all the Harriri and Lebanon topics. Then, the very same people and idiotic posters here demonized SRP and attacked them when the gone back to the original position of supporting Assad as the only mean to bring change to Syria.

And what is this obsession with Metaz and his companies? It is obvious that these are nothing more than site hecklers and agents on pay from someone pushing a personal attack on Metaz no matter what position he takes.

At 2/02/2006 01:06:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/02/2006 01:10:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


Thank you for the good write-up. As a number of people have stated here before, the question we must ask ourselves is:

Is this man qualified to lead a nation of 20 million people? As my own father remarked when he assumed the Presidency at the tender age of 34:

“Are there no other men left in this country?”

This man avoids domestic policy issues for a simple reason:

He has no agenda. He has no credible solutions. He is not willing to make the hard choices. The country’s economy will continue to suffer slow death. No amount of reforms will address the severity of the obstacles facing it. In a nutshell, this President is bankrupt. Not personally of course but he suffers from a bankruptcy of ideas, vision, agenda, plans, solutions, implementation and delivery. Every day that passes, this country sinks further and its people fall further behind. Do not kid yourself believing otherwise.

On a related note:

The recent decision to increase the fees on car sales has resulted in the well-advertised jump in car prices. This has upset a lot of people. Most were waiting for prices to come down in the new year as rumors were abound that the import tariffs were going to be cut by half. The reverse happened of course. The recent lifting of subsidies on cement and benzene, coupled with this jump in car prices has not been received well at all. The latest talk is that diesel (Mazot) subsidies will be gradually removed starting this April. That is going to be hitting people the hardest. Note, that this item is one of the most subsidized products. Its local prices are 10 times cheaper than neighboring Turkey, which is astounding. The government must stop this drain on its treasury but doing so now can be very difficult to pass to an already disgruntled population. I am not suggesting that the situation is dire enough to threaten the regime’s hold on power. People can complain all they want. The regime has perfected the art of survival and there is no sign that it is losing its grip on anything right now. Having said this, the population has recently seen the prices of everything go up dramatically. They are openly blaming corruption and the government for their predicament. Perhaps this is why the country’s premier business tycoon has decided to extend his stay in Dubai. My suspicion is that he has been asked to stay out of the Damascus limelight for the time being.

At 2/02/2006 01:50:00 PM, Blogger O.D.M said...

Stop all these useless farts in the air..

Start funding my movement so I can reach Syrian streets and let them know that the Miovement has started.

I need to run a couple of TV commercials on Future TV and LBC after I send the press release informing the world about the Civil Disobedience Movement.

No other TV station would accept interviews and ads..they say it is "provocative"..

Not a traditional way to ask for funding..throwing the nest wouldn't hurt.

refer to my blog for more info.

Syria Forever,


At 2/02/2006 02:52:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/02/2006 03:10:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

As noble as your idea is, I do not think it is effective. It is better than opining on an Internet site for sure though. I grant you that. In my opinion, the only way forward is for the international community’s decision makers to have the confidence that changing this regime is not going to create chaos. More specifically, only when the U.S. explicitly calls for the regime’s downfall would this country has a chance of a different leadership. This is very important even if it is symbolic and not backed by a direct use of force. For people to rise or for a civil disobedience to work, the populace has to know that they have the support or backing from a credible and powerful party. Without that, you are essentially asking them to go for a Kamikaze mission. We are on the outside asking those inside to start a disobedience movement that would put their lives and their families lives at risk. This is unfair. They will rightly ask you to fly in and start the movement there and in the trenches not through an advertisement on some media outlet.

At 2/02/2006 03:19:00 PM, Blogger ahnad said...

I am also very impressed by few other posters who poped up just after I expressed my valuation for "norman".

t-disco, freedom of espression, Alawouites for Russia, Changing Engineering..etc..

the above are very impressive too.

I think Thyria should be broud of you all.

At 2/02/2006 03:21:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...


SRP, I really don't understand how you can act like that. I mean, how desperate must your life be man? How old are you? Do you suffer from schizophrenia from something?

Joshua should ban you, but I don't think he can do that with a blogger account!

At 2/02/2006 03:36:00 PM, Blogger O.D.M said...

"Well I disagee, "

"I think that I disagree"

I say you guys don't know s*it.

Ehsani, please go to my latest post, in it I say why everything that we are doing is nothing as long as we don't do one of two things:

1- appeal to the public, and trigger revolution

2-Go to Tel Aviv with an agenda and get their approval.

cut the crap...there is nothing but Civil Disobedience that would bring about RADICAL change.

if not, this regime would last for another year, only to be handed into another regime with Israel/ US blessing.

Syria Forever

The One and Only,


At 2/02/2006 03:42:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

I am sure Metaz really enjoy this massive attention from all the Animals, especially when he never said a word. He is an animal lovers you know. That is why he does not eat cow ass (steak and burger) and whatever comes out of the chicken ass (eggs).

He got 6 cats and 2 Eskimo huskies dogs. Funny, each morning, he puts out a neckties and teh dogs start barking. At first he ignored them, but kept on barking every morning. Finally, he thought, I must have intelligent dogs, unlike those that bark at me on syriacomment when I am just minding my own business and daily routine. So he started changing the ties until the dog staoped barking and sat down. It turn out to be very intelligent dogs, knows exactly what they want teh Agha to wear. Now to those barking at him here on, why don't you learn from asmart couple douggy, find out what the hell do you want.

At 2/02/2006 03:47:00 PM, Blogger VIVA LIBAN said...

It is obvious, they are stupid dogs, and all they know is the stupid dog tricks.

At 2/02/2006 03:49:00 PM, Blogger DamasceneBlood said...

I think the main problem we have is that we lack any well-funded, highly-educated agent provocateurs living in Syria.

Recipe for Revolution

If you study the French Revolution of 1789, you'll see that it wasn't a purely popular movement. The people were being led/bribed by agents all over France to get out on the streets and demonstrate. This was all timed very well for maximum effect. After the mobs did the dirty work killing and looting, the path was clear for the new elite to take over. Many suggest that the revolution was hatched in Masonic Lodges, and the interesting thing is that Benjamin Franklin had a lot to do with the planning while he was there.

This can be done in Syria (in theory) but one needs massive amounts of money and organization. Good timing, and the backing of some internal regime elements.

At 2/02/2006 03:55:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Hey SSPRS smart dogs. What the hell is going on with all this attacks on me for the last 2 days. And why the website registered 2843 visitors in 2 days. Normally under 40. Were we in the news or someone mentioned me, or is it the attention from all this barking here. I never promoted this site ever since the last 50 emails sent out last April.

Email me securely please.

At 2/02/2006 04:21:00 PM, Blogger Atassi said...

Did the French Connection kill Hariri?
David Ignatius
855 words
3 February 2006
Daily Star
Beirut -- Once every five or six weeks, a French presidential adviser named Maurice Gourdault-Montagne flies to Washington to meet with his American counterpart, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. They spend several hours coordinating strategy on Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other hot spots, and then the Frenchman flies home. In between trips, the two men talk often on the phone, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Welcome to the French Connection. Though the link between the top foreign-policy advisers of Presidents George W. Bush and Jacques Chirac is almost unknown to the outside world, it has emerged as an increasingly important element of United States planning. On a public level, France may still be the butt of jokes among American politicians, but in these private diplomatic contacts, the Elysee Palace has become one of the White House's most important and effective allies.

During a visit to Paris this week, I had a chance to talk with French sources who know some of the closely held details. It's an intriguing story of back channels and secret missions, but it illustrates a larger change in America's approach: Bruised by the war in Iraq, the administration is now working hard to conduct its foreign policy in tandem with international allies and, where possible, through the United Nations.

America's key intermediary in this search for international consensus has been France. Senator Hillary Clinton may have been using political hyperbole when she charged last month that the administration has been "outsourcing" its Iran policy to France and other European countries, but she wasn't entirely wrong. An administration that was blasted during its first term for being overly unilateralist has indeed decided to work more closely with allies. Contrary to Clinton, I think that's a positive development - and one that's likely to make U.S. policy more effective.

The French Connection's impact is clear from some examples. Let's start with a secret trip to Damascus by Gourdault-Montagne in November 2003 to see Syrian President Bashar Assad. At the time, French-American relations were still in the deep freeze because of Chirac's refusal to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq, but the French were doing some early damage control. Gourdault-Montagne brought the Syrian leader a message from Chirac and two other critics of the Iraq war, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The message to Assad was: The war has changed things in the Middle East and you have to show you have changed, too - by visiting Jerusalem or taking some other bold step for peace with Israel. The French were probably hoping to gain some diplomatic leverage with Washington by acting as a peace broker, but that's not how Assad took it. "Are you the spokesman of the Americans?" he asked Gourdault-Montagne. Worried that France, Germany and Russia were joining a U.S. pressure campaign, a nervous Assad soon began trying to consolidate his control over Lebanon. He forced the re-election of Lebanon's pliant pro-Syrian president, Emile Lahoud, and began squeezing Syria's nemesis, Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. That process culminated in Hariri's murder in February 2005.

Gourdault-Montagne began making his quiet trips to Washington in August 2004 to coordinate French-American efforts on UN Security Council Resolution 1559, calling for a Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon. It was in the midst of a presidential campaign, and the French were obviously hedging their bets. After Hariri's murder, Washington and Paris collaborated in forcing a Syrian withdrawal under Resolution 1559. To discourage mischief by the Shiite militia Hizbullah, Gourdault-Montagne told the Iranians during a secret visit to Tehran in February 2005 to advise Hizbullah to play it cool.

In framing policy on Syria and Iran, the French and Americans have consciously played a good cop-bad cop routine. The Americans demand tough UN language; the French bring the Russians and Chinese on board for a slightly watered-down version. It's a classic diplomatic minuet, but it has probably produced tougher and better resolutions than would have emerged if either side went alone. An illustration is the compromise that came this week - to refer Iran to the Security Council for its violations of nuclear agreements, but also to give Iran another month to comply before any formal recommendation. The French argue that it's crucial now to maintain international solidarity on Iran, even at the price of a brief delay. What's interesting is that the Bush administration seems to agree.

Hadley and Gourdault-Montagne even look a bit alike. Both are thin, dapper, bespectacled advisers - men for whom the term "buttoned down" was invented. Paris and Washington still disagree sharply on the substance of many issues, but they seem to have concluded that they'll get more of what they want if they collaborate rather than bicker. Indeed, the quiet partnership has probably benefited from the fact that the world still thinks France and America are enemies.

At 2/02/2006 04:50:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

There are people who think that we should appeal to Bashar Assad, I cant believe what I read, can a lamb talk to the wolf and ask him to reason with, last time Rafiq Hariri appealed to Assad, ,it ended with Assad killing Hariri,dont expect to talk to a dictator to be wise and talk rationally, to ask him to remove emergency rule, he will not do it, he will never give up power, everyone must be smart enough to know this, he understand only one language, the language of force, and power,force to remove him,we are fed up with peaceful measures, we need to revolt,all across syria .
to get help from outside will only hurt us,and we have to pay for it later, we need voice of syria radio to be directed toward syria, we need television programs to show syrian goverment mistakes, we need to talk,about freedom, anyone who talk about socialism ,I will be mad of we need to collect money to finance this movement, to watch,listen,and do nothing is wrong.

At 2/02/2006 05:21:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

OK, so now it's Chirac who's responsible for Hariri's death?

Everybody seems to be responsible except Bashar of course.

At 2/02/2006 05:38:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


I don't think this is what the article implied. I thought it pointed the finger at Bashar:

"Worried that France, Germany and Russia were joining a U.S. pressure campaign, a nervous Assad soon began trying to consolidate his control over Lebanon's pliant pro-Syrian President, and began squeezing Syria's nemesis, Hariri. That process culiminated in Hariri's murder in Feb 2005".

At 2/02/2006 06:02:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


Your “leadership will first undergo closed-door meetings with the current regime, to try to have them meet every Syrians demand without the hassle, in other words, their last chance to save face. If they don’t accept, the campaign will officially start once our first release is faxed to Al Jazeera”?

I sure would not want to be in that so-called leadership group during that meeting.

I also would like to be amongst the 100 Syrians looking out their balcony rather than being part of that “bunch of people” marching with banners asking for freedom and democracy.

As you can see, I did visit your site. Forgive me, but I have not changed my mind.

I do wish you the best of luck though.

At 2/02/2006 06:31:00 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...


I was being ironic of course :)

At 2/03/2006 05:57:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

The most realistic theory that is possible to believe is that Hariri killed himself. here is why:

- Harriri is a Muslim. he believes in jihad, and in sacrificing one's self for the national purpose.

- Hariri was an intelligent man who can calculate and discover what is the best way to achieve a purpose.

- Hariri gave up on Assad, as far as giving lebanon its independence. He was mad that Assad was not respecting him, so mad that he decided to do some thing drastic and end this comedy once and for all.

- Hariri studied the International atmospehre that was charged against Syria, and saw that France and the US started to put pressure on Assad. he wanted to take advantage of this international situation. His having all of the necessary ingredients described above: _Knowing what he wants. _wanting to do everything he can to achieve what he wants. _Convinced that world reaction over a his own assassination would be huge and most certainly would achieve lebanon's independence from Syria, he dicided to go ahead and offer himself as the most important Suicide Bomber.

He knew that the existing mood at the time would automatically accuse Assad, and that would be enough to force him to leave Lebanon. SOOOOOOOOO He arranged with Abu Addass, and supplied him with the explosives, paid Abu Addas family one million dollars and they both executed the plan. He died as any Musilm Suicide Bomber dies and went to heaven instantly where he was met with what is promised.

His plan was genius, it seems. Syrians withdrew from Lebanon almost instantly, and in that way, he took revenge from Assad, and may take Assad completly out of Syria as well.

God bless his soul.

The above is only a theory, that may exonrate Assad from his troubles if he advances it in the UN circles. May be it was the case, may be not.

At 2/03/2006 05:58:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/03/2006 08:37:00 AM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

What you just said does not make sense, stop posting

At 2/03/2006 08:41:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


I am helping you find a way out for your regime.

Take the idea and expand it, mr. majed.

At 2/03/2006 08:58:00 AM, Blogger KarimHalab said...

Dear all,

It has been a while since I last had a chance to post anything, but with work and the kid, I don’t have much of this luxury referred to as “time”. The exchanges in the comment section have been quite interesting and I do regularly follow you, so please keep up the good exchange of ideas, this is the right way forward (this comment does not refer to SRP, JAM, and the likes, but the serious sensible ones).

I won’t be able to share much for now, although I have loads on my mind, but I couldn’t resist sharing with you all an article from the Oxford Business Group. The article is not in about Syria but about Morocco and its attempt to reform its civil service. I would love to read something like this about Syria one day, but alas!! I’m sure Ehsani would have some comments about this and I look forward to reading them.

Best Regards,

Morocco: Slimming the Service
3 February 2006

Businesses and ordinary Moroccans alike have been closely following recent government attempts to reform the public service. With the state accounting for a large part of the country's employment - and its GDP - any far reaching changes here will have far reaching effects elsewhere.

Against this backdrop, the spotlight last week was on Mohamed Boussaid, the minister for public sector modernisation, as he unveiled a bold strategy aimed at finally delivering the results the government has long failed to achieve.

Indeed, with a payroll weighing a hefty Dh67bn (6.15bn euros), Morocco was until recently spending around 13% of its GDP on public service wages - that is 2 to 3% more than in other countries of the region. To make matters worse, public wages have surged 7.8% per year over the last eight years - roughly twice the economic growth rate, which has averaged 4% over the same period.

While surging energy prices have clearly increased budgetary pressure, one must credit the government for having realised that the public service as it stands today is not only a financial deadweight the country can no longer shoulder, but also a key factor in the economy's structural lack of efficiency and competitiveness.

Boussaid was hence nominated in June 2004 with the challenging mission of kick-starting a far-reaching public sector reform, with a view to transforming this into a cost-effective public services provider.

The authorities briskly carried out the first stage of the reform - an operation code-named Intilaka. This consisted in downsizing the public sector by offering Morocco's 540,000 civil servants the chance to retire and give up their job security in exchange for generous severance allowances.

With 75% of civil servants aged over 50, the operation was a success, as over 38,000 staff accepted the voluntary departure scheme, each pocketing a tidy Dh272,000 (25,000 euros) on average. While this is estimated to have cost state coffers Dh10.5bn (963m euros or 1.9% of GDP) in the short term, the government underlined it should be seen as an investment.

According to the authorities' calculations, the operation will actually allow the state to save some Dh17bn (1.56bn euros) over 35 years. When expected savings linked to improved management, forecast at Dh2bn, and potential tax revenue to be derived from private activities developed by some of the former civil servants are factored in, the net benefit could reach Dh25bn (2.3bn euros).

Moreover, the government achieved another important step recently with the abolition of the sacrosanct lunch break in the civil service, thus making public services more accessible.

The next challenge on Boussaid's agenda is to streamline administrative organisation and processes, so as to eradicate the civil service's widely criticised flaws: rigid and lengthy procedures, excessive centralisation of decision-making, lack of responsibility of middle management, not to mention a sometimes arbitrary implementation of regulations.

While the minister is well aware that achieving this will require a revolution of mindsets, he has expressed confidence in the fact that the battle can be fought step by step, starting with a number of targeted reforms based on managerial common sense.

The next stage of the ongoing reform will thus aim at rationalising human resources recruitment and management. For that, Boussaid has proposed a thorough analysis of positions to be offered and relevant candidate profiles, with a view to improving the recruitment process and facilitating mobility between services.

This will allow the public sector to overhaul its recruitment policy, by no longer hiring at the lowest grade, since these tasks can easily be outsourced. In addition, new recruits will be selected on the results of a competitive exam, and an increasing proportion of them will be hired on fixed-term contracts.

Another key priority is to develop in-house training, as Morocco currently spends just 0.28% of GDP of public payroll on training, while the international standard is 2.5%. Boussaid aims at boosting this to 1% by 2008.

The minister also proposed an overhaul of the public sector's promotions policy, based on a new evaluation and merit rating system, and an end to the existing confusion between promotion and seniority-linked salary rises.

Combined with public servants' status decompartmentalisation, these changes should help the civil service achieve better internal mobility, and thus improve their flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Yet seeing this reform through successfully will doubtless require the government to perform a reorganisation of the public sector's core structure. Boussaid hence presented the Finance Ministry with a new, private-sector-inspired organisational model. This provides for the establishment of five support functions within each department, in order to better handle human resources and training, litigation and legal affairs, audit and internal control, IT, and budget planning.

Now that the minister has laid most of his cards on the table, it remains to be seen whether the government will have the authority and the political will to carry such a bold set of reforms through. While collectively, Moroccan society seems to have recently become aware of its flaws and is determined to mend matters, getting individuals across the board to permanently change long-standing habits - and for many of them, long-standing privileges - might turn out to be quite a different matter.

At 2/03/2006 09:12:00 AM, Blogger VIVA LIBAN said...

No one care about Moroccon African / berber slave opinion.
GO free yourself from slavery first, before you come here and post silly articles about your desert bedouin and the camel industry suffering. Casablanca, is not in fashion since 50 years ago and cars roam the streets.

At 2/03/2006 09:31:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

Strange how they keep inventing nicks, and trying to present Syrians as pro-regime when most Syrians hate the regime and all of those who support it from the bottom of their hearts.

The Syrian regime has a school, whose students are the least respcatbel in Syria, those who were absolutely nothing and were unable to get up on their feet on their own, and this school is responsible for raising them up for the sole purpose of spewing poison in the media and defend this awful regime. They all speak with the same illogic, repeat the same lies, or even pretend at times to be criticising the reime in order to give themselves some credibility when they defend it later on. Such students included among many others, Butheina Shaaban, Ryad Naasan, Shueibi, IDAF here who is not telling us his real name, and then, the little employees at the "Al Amn Al Syassi, that is the Political security bureau that is dedicated to responding to world media, and especially to Internet Sites. This site has been "blessed' with a great attention from that so called "security institution", and a good percentage of its "cadre" has been dedicated to it. This is why you see much more Nicks defending the regime here on Syria Comment than on any other Web Site that speaks about Syria.

So, the new "Humar", called KarimHalab came back to re-enforce the troops and presented us with an article he copied about Moroco which I am not reading anywa. The Regime is also starting a massive media campaign here in Washington DC to defend "Syria" in the US. Read about it here:

May God save the Queen!


At 2/03/2006 11:10:00 AM, Blogger BP said...

No, we are not interested in camel industry.

I support danish cows and JAM.

At 2/03/2006 11:31:00 AM, Blogger ForFreedomOfExpression said...

Democracy in a Cartoon

By Ibn Warraq

A democracy cannot survive long without freedom of expression, the freedom to argue, to dissent, even to insult and offend. It is a freedom sorely lacking in the Islamic world, and without it Islam will remain unassailed in its dogmatic, fanatical, medieval fortress; ossified, totalitarian and intolerant. Without this fundamental freedom, Islam will continue to stifle thought, human rights, individuality; originality and truth.

Unless, we show some solidarity, unashamed, noisy, public solidarity with the Danish cartoonists, then the forces that are trying to impose on the Free West a totalitarian ideology will have won; the Islamization of Europe will have begun in earnest. Do not apologize.

This raises another more general problem: the inability of the West to defend itself intellectually and culturally. Be proud, do not apologize. Do we have to go on apologizing for the sins our fathers? Do we still have to apologize, for example, for the British Empire, when, in fact, the British presence in India led to the Indian Renaissance, resulted in famine relief, railways, roads and irrigation schemes, eradication of cholera, the civil service, the establishment of a universal educational system where none existed before, the institution of elected parliamentary democracy and the rule of law? What of the British architecture of Bombay and Calcutta? The British even gave back to the Indians their own past: it was European scholarship, archaeology and research that uncovered the greatness that was India; it was British government that did its best to save and conserve the monuments that were a witness to that past glory. British Imperialism preserved where earlier Islamic Imperialism destroyed thousands of Hindu temples.

The west is the source of the liberating ideas of individual liberty, political democracy, the rule of law, human rights and cultural freedom. It is the west that has raised the status of women, fought against slavery, defended freedom of enquiry, expression and conscience. No, the west needs no lectures on the superior virtue of societies who keep their women in subjection, cut off their clitorises, stone them to death for alleged adultery, throw acid on their faces, or deny the human rights of those considered to belong to lower castes.

At 2/03/2006 11:58:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

You may be surprised to learn that I am indeed Ibn Warraq.

At 2/03/2006 01:04:00 PM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

Thanks for the post Karim. Syrian economic planners should definitely learn from the successes or mistakes of neighboring countries in similiar situations.

At 2/03/2006 01:19:00 PM, Blogger BP said...

Am not surprised, no way. I know your comments and understood you well. Whatever they say here about JAM, dont give up. We Allawis should vote for lebanese citizenship and leave the Assad (btw "ad" means "farewell")company and their fellows in the sunny area damascus.

Today secular Syria recalled its ambassador from copenhagen.

May God bless JAM and the freedom of speech.

At 2/03/2006 01:31:00 PM, Blogger BP said...

The Pope has it but he does not use it.

Your father has it but your mother uses it.

Nuns do not need it.

The President has it and his wife uses it.

What is it?


At 2/03/2006 01:49:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...


The Morocco story was very interesting indeed. As you know, they are only one of three Arab countries who have signed a Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. (Bahrain and the U.A.E) are the other two. The article though highlights the amazingly bold and detailed plan that Morocco has adopted. The new King is very business friendly and the country is experiencing an economic revival.

For countries to implement reform of this sort, there are two prerequisites: the will and the conviction. I am not sure whether Syria has either. What I found most interesting in the article is the way they “downsized” the public sector by offering 540,000 civil servants the chance to retire. 75% of those over age 50, decided to take the offer with each pocketing Euro 25,000. Were Syria to decide to copy this, the good news is that I don’t think it will have to pay as much. Assuming an average salary of SYP 6,000, the amount Morocco paid will be the equivalent of 23 years of salary for our civil servants. I can guarantee that there will not be a single person who would turn up to work if this exact deal were offered. The public sector in Syria will be finished and over with. The plants are not worth a dime anyway. The Government can sell them as scrap perhaps. The private sector will take over all the current products and services, which are the monopoly of the current public sector. Most, if not all, of these civil servants will be hired back by the new vibrant private sector.

Wishful thinking EHSANI2?

You bet.

Only when the Baath party is history, can we dream of such scenarios. Barring that, don’t expect anything but more unemployment, a bloated bureaucracy, a bleeding public sector, widespread corruption, falling standards of living and a widening gap between rich and poor. In a nutshell, depressing and very frustrating.

At 2/03/2006 01:59:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/03/2006 02:03:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

""" Only when the Baath party is history, can we dream of such scenarios. """

Of course, and any scenario they present to us, or to their people has only one goal, and that is to lengthen their regime's life, nothing else. Any scenario they have presented since 1970 was used to fool the people, and drug them, nothing else. We are fed up with these thugs that are defedning the indefensible. We have lived through 36 years of lies, magic, and false scenarios, and the result is that we keep hearing that a new experiment by who else but the regime --- should be started..and that we should "wait again". We keep hearing lies, and those who promote those lies deserve nothing less than execution in the martyrs' square in the middle of Damascus where they should be hung from their testicules.

Those people who pretend to be falling for these lies are also Regime Supporters who are benefitting from the regime and do not wish to see their benefits cut by a new age and a new page in Syria. They also deserve the same hung from their testicules. If they are women, then just get hung from the usual place anyway.

Joshua Landis should also be hung from his testicules. If the Pope intervenes on his behalf, we shall be merciful, and send him to a labour camp along with his master, Bashar Assad somwhere where people can piss on their heads every day.

At 2/03/2006 03:35:00 PM, Blogger why-discuss said...

JAM your vulgarity only matches your hysteria.
Please consult a therapist before it is too late for you and us!

At 2/03/2006 03:56:00 PM, Blogger BP said...

why-discuss....yes, learn to respect the freedom of spreech and expression.

Any good arguments???


At 2/03/2006 04:06:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


You may give lessons in civility to your masters at syria's prisons, especialy, the so caled "palestine branch'. there, you may find some use for your extra sensory civility. we know you and what you are, so stop pretending that you are something, you are exactly the opposite of.

At 2/03/2006 04:53:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/03/2006 04:56:00 PM, Blogger EHSANI2 said...

While people are entitled to disagree with Dr. Landis’s political views, I simply do not see the rationale of using vulgar language against the man, especially when it takes place on his own site. This is not about giving lessons in civility. This is about urging everyone to exercise basic common sense. Is it really necessary to use this type of language to express an opinion? Frankly, this is embarrassing. A lot of smart people stay out when they do not want to engage in a tit for tat when foul language takes over and becomes the mode of expressions and attacks. Without civility, a forum like this loses its meaning and purpose.

At 2/03/2006 07:22:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

""" a forum like this loses its meaning and purpose.



A forum like this was created especially to promote the defense of a dictatorship by some one who has never lived under a dictatorship, and would never in his life ever accept to live under such a regime. That I call, disgusting.

Landis takes advantage of any news item any where to diminish and insult the Oppositions in Syria what ever they are, and we have seen that most recently in attacking without cause Aref dalila. Though that thread was full of talks about Dalila, he chose what was convenient for him to diminish Dalila, and he always search all of the news items to find excus3es for Bashar assad. The Meida called him an Expert in Syrian affairs which is a big lie, and I can clearly see a difference in the posting positions between "before" he closed this
comment section, and "after" he re-opened it. For it seems that he was promised by the Syrian regime of sending him Syrian support from that which is called "Amn Sisassy" bureau, which is specialized in the propagnda issues and the replies on Internt sites and some newspapers by the regime against its enemies. I can see clearly that he is not working alone here, and that he got the support he was seeking.

The word testicule is not vulgar, mr. ehsani. It is in the dictionary, and is used in medicne and medicinal books, and also used on TV shows that are popular in the US. So, please keep your criticism to youself.

I am aware of your role here in support of Jushua.


At 2/03/2006 08:02:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

In the US we have medicaid,food stamps, unemployment insurence and the salvation army in addition to the churches and the food bank ,In Syria they enploy people they do not need in the public secter to prevent masive increase in unemployment and revolution ,what Syria needs is free market economy that will make it easier for the private secter to florish and start taking bigger rule in providing employment while the people in the public secter are directed toward providing better services in areas which needs the goverment to get envolved in like better mail service with Zip codes in small areas so the mail can be delivered on time,people will get their bill by mail and pay by checks instead of waiting two hours to pay their electric or phone bills ,pay by chech will make the put money in the bank so the bank will have capital to lent the private secter to open buisnesses and employ more Syrians so they do not have to to the gulf states to work,The govorment should work on more organized motor vehicle department and a transporation autherity that will cllect talls to mentain the highways from rvenue paid by the vehicles which use these roads ,these ideas do not need masive amount of investment but they need organizational skills .

At 2/03/2006 08:13:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

I would appoint "norman' as the Minister of Open Market, the let him design a new Syria for he sounds so intelligent and knowledgeable. He should be raised in level right now. I am going to send an express letter to Bashar assad to suggest to him taking you to Syria right away, and help you get out of the unemployment you are not happy with.

At 2/03/2006 08:31:00 PM, Blogger Metaz K. M. Aldendeshe said...

Checked out those Prophet Mohammad cartoons and I have to say they are offensive and deliberately designed to show Islam’s as evil religion. In fact there is nothing creative about them and they are stupid. This is coming from devout Atheist, who could care less about any religion. Sure we can produce volumes and volumes of cartoons about Jesus, his disciple and Christians so as about the Jews. They will be much more creative and condemning to these religions as well. But it is stupid idea to do so in that way. There are other means that can be used to express your anger than caricature. Something that will make people think and contemplate than plain offend and insult, nothing else.

Since this raised such an uproar everywhere and made Moslem get unto the streets. Would it be a good idea to do the same and keep it worse and worse until, Israel return the Golan to Syria, U.S. Withdraw from Iraq, and Israel disarm from WMD, just like they are asking Iran to do. What do you think? I think we can get few hundred Millions in the streets daily and possibly destabilize those countries we love so much, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Maybe I will get Jews and Christian acting too. Hell I think you Syrian can start your global revolution right away, it cost nothing but creative ad campaign.

Nothing serious, but you can cast your opinion if you like. Just don't assault me, I have nothing to do with these cartoons and disapprove of them. I am not Dane, and although got accepted to the Danish Academy of Fine arts, I only lived there for 3 month, then left to California were the real blonds live. This is a hell of a powerful medium to drive people mad for sure though.

At 2/03/2006 08:51:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

Muslims are the biggest hypocrites the world over.

- Few years ago, Taliban (muslims) destroyed Budist monuments and human treasures despite the urge of most countries and many leaders, and they considered those monuments "pagan" statues that deserved to be destoryed. They did destroy something of a great human importance. They did not just draw some cartoons that were offensive to a billion or more Budists, but they went ahead and destoryed what is sacred to those budists. Not a single Muslim country decided to come up with its own demonstration to protest such a savage act.

Muslims, from the begining of Islam, and I can now cite the most famous of their clergy men , that of Ibn Teimieh gave "fatwas" (Legal and binding opinons) to Muslims making it a duty to kill "heretics" sects from among the Muslims themselves. Until today, Muslims give fatwa from time to time against others. They have even forced an Egyptian doctor of divorcing his wife because he spoke in criticism of their religion. Muslims want now to boycott the Norwegians for these Cartoons, and among those Muslims are those in the palestinian territories who are manifesting their anger against Norway and the Danemark, forgetting how many of them, palestinains have been accepted as refugees since 1967, getting all kinds of aids and marrying women from there or simply enjoying themselves in sexual realtionships. They simply do not remember how great the Norway was to Palestinians throughout mnodern history.

I say Muslims want other people to respect their religion, and yet they insult every body else's religion in every occasion, and consider Shiaas or Alawis, or Druzes, or christians, or jews as "Kufar" who can "legally" be killed only if they Muslim had the power to do so, and they mock them all of the times, and think they are less of humans than themselves, and think that "Allah" their god has chosen them among all other creatures because they are so much better, yet they are in fact, the dirtiest among all human beings.

So, don't give me this bs that the little cartoons were so offensive.

At 2/03/2006 08:54:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

Pascal ,Syria needs ideas not empty shouting matches which will lead to nothing good for Syria ,that is if you care!.

At 2/03/2006 09:11:00 PM, Blogger norman said...

I am christian and some people know nothing about islam and how good islam was to christians in Syria and palestine and other areas they reached and how good they were to Jews in spain during the church of EU crusade against them,wake up islam was never hostile to Jesus or Mosses and they never chritisized christianity or Judism in spite of the relentless attack against their religion ,i actualy fault them for being so passive about the attack at their religion and the islamic teaching.

At 2/03/2006 10:07:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/03/2006 10:19:00 PM, Blogger Pascal said...

Hey norman, play this game with some one else. I know this game played by zealous Moslems when they pretend to be Christians to defend their Islam.

Just remember this: Just after the death of Mahamet, his successor, Abu Baker went into rampage of killing against all individuals who renounced their Islam and killed all of them in what was called "the wars on reversists".

No true Christian would say what you just said about how good these Muslims were with you giving your self the status of a dog thanking his master for the food he gives it

At 2/03/2006 11:39:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

the newspaper action was condemn by Washington,and the vatican, did the same, Norman sees nothing wrong with the Demark newspaper, how Ironic.

At 2/04/2006 05:53:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

According to, the Lebanese investigators are discovering a clear link between Harir's assassination and the Quaeda which most people thought it was a hoax at first:

تطور في اغتيال الحريري : القاعدة تعترف بعلاقتها بأبو عدس

At 2/04/2006 10:35:00 AM, Blogger adonis syria said...

new moukhabarati game....

Syria protestors set Danish embassy ablaze

Reuters News Service

DAMASCUS, Syria - Hundreds of Syrian demonstrators set the Danish embassy on fire today to protest the printing by a Danish newspaper of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, a Reuters witness said.

The fire badly damaged the embassy's building and fire engines went to the scene.

Protestors also threw stones at the building shattering its windows.

Chanting "God is Great," they stormed the embassy, burned the Danish flag and replaced it with another flag reading "No God but Allah, Mohammad is His Prophet."

The embassy was closed on Saturday but it was not immediately clear if it was empty when the protests started.

Cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, one depicting the Prophet Mohammad with a turban resembling a bomb, have caused uproar across the Muslim world.

At 2/04/2006 11:00:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

"""Chanting "God is Great," they stormed the embassy, burned the Danish flag and replaced it with another flag reading "No God but Allah, Mohammad is His Prophet."""""

all of that happened, and we all know that nothing of this sort can take place in Syria without the direct organization of the Syrian (assadist) authority and planning and execution. Syrians can never voice a free word about anything, and Joshua Landis knows this as well, and very much.

This is all happening in the so called: Secular Country., and by who? by the same "secular" dictatorship that Joshua Landis has been finding all excuses and priases for it.

This is the lie they perpetrate. Whether in Syria, Egypt, Saudi arabia, or any where else in the Islamic world, their kings dicatators,and semi kings like Assad all claim that if they leave the God Sent Office they occupy, their countries will be turned to "Islamic Fundamentalists" and they even use such demonstrations they themselves have organised to point to that "fact".

Little does the world know that the real oppression even in Saudi arabia is not against those so called Islamist Fundamentalists, but against the real Secular people who want to be advancing their nations into the modern age.

But people like Joshua Landis want us to stay retarded so their forces acting behind the scene can protect those dicatstors from Saudi to Syria, and so on.


At 2/04/2006 11:01:00 AM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

check out this well-written op-ed by Damascus-based Hamas chief Khaled Meshal:

We shall never recognize... a Zionist state on our soil

At 2/04/2006 11:16:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/04/2006 11:32:00 AM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/04/2006 11:43:00 AM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

"""" But in Syria, mobs go on a rampage and burns down the Danish and Norwegian embassies. """

Don't make me laugh!

We all know that the Syrian regime is the one that organizes any demonstration in Syria.

I say it again: the opporession in Syria is not against Muslim Fanatics, but it is against the real thinking and secular people.

Enough lieying to the world about what those "secular" regimes are doing !

At 2/04/2006 11:44:00 AM, Blogger EngineeringChange said...

What I fear most if Syria was ever taken over by Islamists or Muslim Brotherhood is the danger and power of incited and illogical mobs. While it is right to protest the publishing of these cartoons in Denmark, there is a right and wrong way to go about this protest.

In America, Muslims organize letter and email writing campaigns when there is an injustice to protest. And these protests and economic boycotts are very effective. But in Syria, mobs go on a rampage and burns down the Danish and Norwegian embassies. And you know they were probaly being incited by somebody with an larger agenda. How sad. While trying to bring justice to their religion, they only perpetuate further the stereotype of the angry crazy Muslim mob. How sad.

“The mob has many heads but no brain.” Thomas Fuller

At 2/04/2006 11:47:00 AM, Blogger Yabroud said...

the game contniues.

At 2/04/2006 12:19:00 PM, Blogger Syrian Republican Party said...

This incompetent, ineffective and weakling Syrian ambassador to Washington (more like a damascene weakling. Syrians are much more intelligent than this geek). Said:

أضاف في معرض حديثه عن المعارضة السورية في الخارج، لا سيما أنها بدأت تنشط جهودها، أن كثيراً من المعارضة السورية في الخارج مرتزقة ولهم طموحاتهم الفردية،

We think there is nothing wrong of being an ambitious individual. That is a good trait, most Ambassadors by profession do not have. Most of them are like this Damascene Ambassador to Washington, an order taker underdog.

As to the Agent/ Ambassador wannabee saying that the Syrian external oppositions being "MOURTAZIKA" we say, the only MOURTAZEK, is you. We do not know of any Syrian opposition member or group that earned one penny from his opposition activities. Most, like SSPRS members used own personal funds, resources and time. Compromising on personal comforts and financial well being to keep the opposition activities on going.

A Mourtazek like this lousy dude that is representing Syrians and Syria’s interests, well most likely abandon his position, even switch sides like his ex boss Khddam, when his luxury or salary is reduced by a percent.

At 2/04/2006 12:46:00 PM, Blogger zobahhan said...

Yes defenitely a bigger agenda. Syria would like to see the embassies of norway and denmark burnt wouldnt it? Defenite advantage in its everbright confrontation with the west. Are you two morons?

At 2/04/2006 12:59:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...

"" Yes defenitely a bigger agenda. Syria would like to see the embassies of norway and denmark burnt wouldnt it? Defenite advantage in its everbright confrontation with the west. Are you two morons?""

No, you are the Moron.

The Syrian Regime achieves two goals by orchastrating the so called demonstration, and the burning of the Norway Embassy.

1- Claim to its locals that it is still defnsding Islam, and that it is indeed more Muslim than they think. The Regime tries always to be more fanatic in its dealing with religious issues than the real religionists do. the regime has a complex of being called "Alawi regime" in a country with a Suni majority. It always tries to punish Alawis twice as much as it punishes Sunis, to show its "unbias" in sectarian issues. Shabaan writes in AsharqAlawsat a weekly article, and for the past 4 years she has been portraying herself and her regime as the last "defender' of Muslims and Islam..

2- By orchestrating such violent "Islmaic" acts, it tells the world that the Syrian Society is becoming more and more Islamist, and that since it is portraying itself with help from some Americans such as landis as a "Secular" force and a 'secular" regime then, it is sublimnally asking the US and the West to look again, and understand that getting rid of such a fantastically "secular" regime will mean bringing in Islamists to power in SYria, so, WestL: BE careful, and do not push hard for what your pressures can bring is an "Islamist" force in Syria. it is a game the regime has been playing very skillfully indeed.

The Syrian authority speaks in a fork tongue: One side (in Arabic) that is dedicated to Arabs or Syrians, and the other, in English , to the Western audience.

At 2/04/2006 04:22:00 PM, Blogger majedkhaldoon said...

some one said if Denmark has free country, syria has one too, they burned the denmark embassy, they are free, and syrian goverment must not stop them, I think everyone is getting crasy,this is the result of unlimited freedom,both in denmark, and in Syria.
these demonstrations, however are great, it tell me the the people there, are alive they are ready to explode, what they did, was spontaneous, it was not arranged by the goverment, this to me, it means they can get excited they will demonstrate, and that there is a religous ferver , wide and strong, this power can be used to free them ,they can rise, they just need a spark, the goverment has two choices, let them do what they want, this will strengthen them, or stop them, the they will turn against the goverment, there is a chance, there is hope, God help the syrian people, God,I hope, will give them freedom and liberty, soon.

At 2/04/2006 04:51:00 PM, Blogger Joseph ALi Mohammed said...


{{{ ,this is the result of unlimited freedom,both in denmark, and in Syria.}}}


The Assadists spoke. Aren't they full of shit?

At 3/25/2007 07:23:00 AM, Blogger biltongboy said...

The US is the only country pushing the uneccessary aggression across the world.


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