Harvey's Inn: Phone 802.767.4273. Please call them with your name and credit card. The price is $55.00 per person per night, less for children. Breakfast included. Pool on premises. If you have kids, bring a sleeping bag, as they don't have any rollout beds. Friday arrival is a must. Leave on Sunday by noon. Here is the list of those who will stay at Harvey's:

Jude and Ethan Landis, Stuart and Jake
Betsy and George Lane
Richard Cudahy and Victoria Nourse
Michael Herz and Jeanne Roiphe and Rachel
Debbie Jones and Mark Petrini
Ilan Auerbuch and Alka Mansukhani and Maya
Irma Elo and Antonio Ferros
(one more room available?)

Cooper-Webber House: Charming bed and breakfast on the green in Rochester. $70.00 per double room, I think. Breakfast included. Ron and Sandy Brown, proprietors. Please call and make a firm reservation. They would appreciate two nights, but one is fine. Must be out on Sunday. Phone 802.767.4742

Jack Saul and Esther Perel and two children
Patti Cohen and Eddy Sutton and child
Danny Williams and Yumi Hwang?

Sweet Onion: Clean and convenient. On Rte. 100 in Hancock. Phone: 802.767.3734. Ron and Cathie Heatley, owners. Vegetarian cuisine and breakfasts (Old Hancock Hotel across street serves hearty breakfast too if you need bacon or sausage?)

David and Peggy Dodge
Nina Dodge
Simon Dodge
Bayard and P.J.if they come
Brooks Buxton and Naveed?

Trask House: Owned by Michael and Ann van Deusen. On Rte.100 in Rochester. Four double bedrooms, one pullout couch, loft with ten beds. Big kitchen, which will have breakfast food in it. No charge but a small donation is welcome for their house fund. There will be some housekeeping tasks at Trask like change sheets. Unisex loft. Convenient to charming Rochester stores and green. If you are to stay there, we will tell you how to get in and when available. (We might have the Friday night party here in case of rain.)

Matt Gordon and Susan Wahrose and Catherine and Jeremiah
Michael and Jane Keenan and Josie and Sarah Frances
Kahloud Odeh
Uncle Kamal Mohamed and Aunt Barbara Dunlop
Ruth and Stephen Adams

New Homestead: 802.767.4751 $45:00 per night per double with
breakfast. Owned by Sandy Haas (our lawyer) and her husband, David
Marmor. Not fancy. Must stay two nights and Sandy would like to talk
to each guest by phone first. She doesn't take credit cards.

Other places to stay:

Huntington House: on the green in Rochester. Newly re-done. Great food. Six rooms ranging in price from $125-175 per night. 802.767.4868 (I

Liberty Hill Farm: 802.767.3926 Delightful farm inn, cows get milked
at 5:30 a.m. and p.m. $60.00 per person per night with breakfast.

Tupper Farm Lodge: on Rte.100 below Rochester bikers do use this but
clean and comfortable.802.767.4243

(All prices are subject to checking.)

If you want a really fancy place, The Pitcher Inn in Warren is recommended.