From Joan Hutton Landis to MANAR KACHOUR LANDIS

Miraculously, from afar, Manar - whose name means "beacon,"-

An arcing light that guides audacious tars home alive from wild anfractuous seas,

Nears our nation's shores. It is November. Nervously, nine wait for her

At a borrowed abode on the Atlantic.We anticipate our Alawite, attempt our antiquated Arabic;she arrives, .

Receives our rudimentary marhabas with rarest grace and ready tact.

Keep this radiant beauty close! Knit her, knot her to you! kindly kin

Advise, aware that Joshua's amours of yore, abandoned Ariadnes all across America, Algeria, Afghanistan, Antarctica and other shores -

Chart a custom cavilled at, condemned- that of non-commitment! (some claim he could not cut the silver cord!)

Hope, however, hovers;.happy hours hold her and him and we behold

Ostensive osculations.

Ululation? No! Union is the utimatum.We overhear "Oh Manar, my Ultima Thule!"
(You can tell that Josh has been to many an expensive school!)

Rejoice! Redemption is ahead! Reprieve repairs the sins that rest on his red head!

Latakia laments, having lost her loveliest lady to

Amor, that god without a nationality; Alawite and Atheist attuned. May

Norman, that nugatory niche in Oklahoma, nurture her and any nascent nestlings she may name

Damascus deem them darlings, draw them back to dance, dream, domesticate.

Illuminate us all; iconoclasts, idealists and ironists of every ilk! We

Salute our shining Syrian with song and sweet salaams; stand and cheer, Manar, our star, our newest seraphim is here.