Toast to Josh and Manar: IN LUCK AND IN LOVE


Friends and family for Josh once worried
For finding a life-mate he seemed unhurried
In a culture of couples and offspring
Josh appeared content to wait for next spring
We thought him destined to stay a Minority
He had not yet met Manarti.


Are there people meant for each other?
Who when apart are unfilled by affection from another?
Destiny led these two across an ocean,
Their romantic fate at last in motion.
Fate ruled neither would find love in a neighbor
Or with someone each did labor,
Nor within some school, as classmates.
As Allah would have it, they were “BUSMATES”.


With Josh’s fair bride, Manar
His future beacons like a Star.
Together they are far greater than the parts
Which will surely be the case, even as old farts
In sickness and in health
In each other they have great wealth.


Here I know a man as brother,
A bond unlike any other.
And from Brother to in-law, Sister,
She was family from first he kissed her.
Now three Landis bro’s are each anchored with wife
Our friendship and love the glue of life.
Greater than career, fortune or fame
We are rich with family and name.